Chlorella: beneficial properties and contraindications

Chlorella - This is alga capable of rapid growth, therefore it is considered a good food source of protein and vitamins. As part of algae vitamin A, B2, B3, as well as iron, magnesium and zinc.

The closest relative of Chlorella can be considered spirulina, another variety of blue-green algae. A little later, we compare the nutritional properties of these two superfudov.

This Support from Taiwan and Japan is rich in phytonutrients, including amino acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, magnesium and complex of vitamins B.

Studies have shown that Chlorella Supports healthy hormone function , helps to eliminate the effects of chemotherapy and irradiation, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and participates in the detoxification of the body.

Her saturated green color of Chlorell is obliged to high concentration of chlorophyll. We all know that to maintain health it is necessary to eat more green vegetables. However, it is often enough to eat enough to eat 5-7 servings of vegetables per day, because it is so much recommended that specialists in nutrition and doctors are recommended.

Vegetable juices are an excellent alternative to salads and vegetable garniram. However, many of us have absolutely no time. And, we will be frank, in comparison with the benefit of Chlorella, many green vegetables are blunt.

Choosing an organic, obtained at low temperatures of chlorella extract, you get all the benefits of this plant in a comfortable form: in the form of tablets or powder.


The nutritional value of Chlorell

As you will see now, Chlorella is a superfood with the highest density of nutrients.

One portion (3 tablespoons) chlorella contains:

  • Proteins - 19 grams
  • Vitamin A - 287% of the recommended daily rate
  • Vitamin B2 - 71% of the recommended daily rate
  • Vitamin B3 - 33% of the recommended daily rate
  • Iron - 202% of the recommended daily rate
  • Magnesium - 22% of the recommended daily rate
  • Zinc - 133% of the recommended daily rate

In addition, Chlorella contains a significant amount of vitamin B1 and B9, as well as phosphorus.

Just look at all these density indicators of nutrients to understand why Chlorella is included in the top 10 most useful products in the world. In one gram, Chlorella contains more nutrients than in other green vegetables, including keyl, spinach and broccoli!

7 beneficial properties

The following presents 7 scientifically confirmed advantages of daily reception of this superfid.

1. Displays heavy metals from the body

If you have a seal from materials containing mercury if you have been vaccinated, eat regularly fish, subjected to radiation or consumed foods from China, then heavy metals can be hidden in your organism. For health and well-being, it is important to actively eliminate the body from heavy metals and toxins.

One of the most striking advantages of Chlorella is its ability to turn around the toxins (even the most stubborn), such as lead, cadmium, mercury and uranium, and not allow them to reabsorb. Regular consumption of chlorella may even help prevent the accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues and organs of our body. (12)

2. Displays ionizing radiation and chemotherapy

To date, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the most common forms of cancer treatment. Anyone who passed such a treatment, or a sign with someone who came across this, knows what price has to pay the body. It was found that the high content in chlorine chlorophyll protects the body from ultraviolet radiation and removes radioactive particles from the body.

According to researchers from Medical College of the University of Commonwealth of Virginia:

The cell components and the function of the immune system remain on the normal or normal level and are less susceptible to adverse effects of chemotherapy and / or receiving immunosuppressants, such as steroids.

A two-year university study allowed scientists to note that the reception of chlorella patients with glioma reduced the likelihood of respiratory infections and flu-like diseases. (3)

3. Supports the immune system

In the course of the study published in 2012 in the magazine "Nutrition Journal", scientists have discovered an improvement in the activity of natural killer cells after 8 weeks of reception of Chlorella.

Researchers from University Jonsey in Seoul, South Korea, studied healthy people and the reaction of their immune system on the addition of chlorella.

The results showed that Chlorella supports a healthy immune system reaction and promotes the activity of natural killer cells. (four)

4. Promotes weight loss

Weightness is a difficult process, which becomes only more difficult with age. In a study published in the journal "Journal of Medicinal Food", scientists stated that "the intake of chlorella leads to a significant decrease in the percentage of fat in the body, the level of cholesterol in serum and the blood glucose level of an empty shop." (five)

Chlorella participates in the regulation of hormones, helping the metabolism, improving blood circulation and contributing to an increase in energy level. In addition, it helps to reduce weight and burn fat, and also removes toxins from the body.

As we lose weight, toxins are released, which can be re-absorbed. Therefore, it is important to bring such toxins from the body as quickly as possible. The ability of chlorells to surround toxins and heavy metals, settled in our body, contributes to the rapid removal, and also prevents re-absorption.

5. Helps you look younger

Studies continue to confirm that Chlorella is able to slow down the aging processes, helping you look younger. According to a study published in the magazine "Clinical Laboratory", Chlorella significantly reduces the oxidative stress, which can be caused by environmental pollution, stress or improper power. (6)

The reason why Chlorella effectively helps you look younger is its ability to naturally increase the level of vitamin A, C and glutathione in the body, which contributes to the elimination of free radicals and protects cells.

Taking just one teaspoon or a few Capsules Chlorella every day, you will notice the result in two weeks.

6. Helps fight cancer

It is believed that in every human body, cancer cells are developing at some point. A normally functioning immune system is able to attack and destroy such cells before they are enshrined in the body and will begin to form a tumor. Recent medical studies have revealed that Chlorella helps fight cancer in several ways. (7)

First, in advance, it strengthens the immune system, so that our body properly reacts to such cells. Secondly, since Chlorella removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, we are less prone to cancer related to environmental conditions. Thirdly, studies have shown that in cancer patients, the intake of chlorella enhances the effect of T cells, helping the body to deal with new anomalous cells.

And, as already mentioned earlier, if the cancer is already diagnosed, and the patient passes chemotherapy or radiation therapy, Chlorella helps to fight the side effects of such treatment.

7. Reduces blood sugar levels and cholesterol

Type 2 diabetes and elevated cholesterol are two serious chronic diseases that many Americans are facing today. Years of improper nutrition, stress and lack of sleep can lead to one or at once with these states.

As part of the study published in the journal "Journal of Medicinal Food", scientists found that the daily reception of 8000 mg of chlorella (divided by 2 doses) helps reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

At first, the researchers noticed the decrease in cholesterol, and then improving blood glucose levels. They believe that Chlorell activates a number of genes at the cellular level that help improve insulin sensitivity and restore a healthy balance. (8, 9)

What to buy: Chlorella or Spirulina?

Many Americans have not heard anything about Chlorell, but for many years they accept Spirulina. Both of these superfud are water organisms, but at the cellular level they are completely different. Both spirulina and chlorella is characterized by a high concentration of nutrients that contribute to the purification of the body and the derivation of toxins, as well as the high concentration of proteins that maintains the energy level.

Spirulina was used as part of the World Health Organization programs aimed at helping starving children in third world countries. Just one gram of spirulina per day is able to confront the deficiency of vitamin A, which can lead to blindness.

The level of proteins and the combination of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients put the chlorella one step above the spirulina. If you use these superfids together, their strength increases.

The outer walls of chlorella cells are highly density, they are difficult to digest. It took many years of research, studies, experiments and mistakes to find out how our body can effectively digest this superfood. It is believed that the substance in the walls of the Spirulina cells surrounds heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins and helps to remove them from our body.

Therefore, gaining supplements of chlorella, choose chlorella "with a split cell shell", since this type of additive is completely absorbed by the body.

Side effects

Chlorella can cause side effects in some people. Such symptoms include swelling of the face or sensitivity of the language to sunlight, disorder of digestion, acne, fatigue, lethargy, headaches, dizziness and fever.

Most of these side effects and symptoms of chlorella are characteristic of any detoxification program.

However, patients with allergies on iodine or those who accept drugs such as warfarin, it is recommended to consult with a doctor about the possibility of receiving chlorella additives.

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Chlorella - trendy superfood with fantastic properties

The ability to see the Great in Mall will help us to reveal the amazing properties of this tiny size of single-cell algae. Chlorella as Superfood - True World Trend. And we are convinced that you will appreciate her unique abilities!

Cost of useful substances

Chlorella is a treasury of nutrient components and biologically active substances. First of all, it is characterized by an unprecedented high protein content - more than 55% of the dry mass! And he, in turn, contains 20 Amino acids , including indispensable. So the vegetarians of Chlorella replace meat perfectly well.

More than 80% of fatty acids in Chlorell are polyunsaturated and have the highest biological activity.

And that is not all! Chlorella - the most valuable source of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, K, PP, E, Pantothenic acid, folic acid, Biotin ), as well as micro and macroelements: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, sulfur, zinc, cobalt, etc.

In addition, chlorella cells contain a lot of iodine. They are also rich in chlorophyll - "Green Gold".

Do you know that ... ... in 3 g of chlorellas contained about 100 mg of valuable omega-3 acids. ... iron content in 100 g of chlorella powder is an average of 167 mg. His assimilation contributes to Vitamin C, which in Chlorell also a lot.

Chlorella Bio, 100 g, orgtium

Bad. Is not a drug

Application Chlorella: Who needs to make friends with her?

If this unique microbacterium had its own page in the social network, then in the number of friends she would be ahead of all world celebrities. Without a doubt, there are a lot of people among us who should make friends with her as soon as possible! Chlorella for what to take?

Now we will list the basic properties of Chlorella, useful for each person and for individual categories of people.

Chlorella for each person:

  • Strengthens common immunity and fights inflammation;
  • Being a powerful antioxidant, slows down the aging processes;
  • Supports the work of the intestine and its microflora;
  • Cleans the body from slags and toxins;
  • Improves the work of the brain, activates mental activity, positively affects the memory;
  • increases stress resistance;
  • helps maintain blood pressure in the norm;
  • accelerates metabolism, helping to get rid of extra kilograms;
  • helps to reduce cholesterol;
  • helps to maintain a blood sugar in normal;
  • Accelerates healing wounds, burns, ulcers and fractures.

For athletes:

  • helps to improve sports achievements;
  • contributes to an effective increase in training loads;
  • derives from the body the products of lactic and uric acids formed during loads;
  • Accelerates recovery after training and competitions, as well as sports injuries.

For vegetarians:

  • satures the body by protein and important amino acids;
  • improves the assimilation of nutrients from plant products;
  • Makes the diet of nutrition more balanced by the content of vitamins and minerals.
Chlorella Powder, 100 gr, Super Green Food

Bad. Is not a drug

Is there any contraindications and restrictions on the reception of Chlorella?

They are relatively few, but still they are.

  1. Abandoning Chlorells stands during pregnancy and during breastfeeding period (at least before consulting a doctor).
  2. It is impossible to use this superfood when impaired iron exchange (hemochromatosis).
  3. It is not recommended to take Chlorella to people suffering from autoimmune diseases.
  4. With immunity to iodine, as well as with increased blood coagulation, chlorella should be taken with extreme caution and only after consulting with a specialist.
  5. If you are prescribed a drug warfarin, before starting reception, Chlorella needs to be additionally consulted with the doctor, as it reduces the effectiveness of the medicine.

In some cases, Chlorella can cause discomfort in the stomach and intestinal disorder. To reduce the likelihood of their development, it is recommended to start receiving the superfid in a small amount, gradually increasing it.

What forms is chlorella and how to take it?

Chlorella is produced in the form of powder, tablets, granules, capsules, in liquid forms. Superfudov fans especially often buy Powder Chlorella And add it to porridge, muesli, smoothies-pools, cocktails, yogurts, gravies. Detailed recommendations for receiving Chlorella in other forms you will always find in instructions for use.

Chlorella pressed in tablets, 100 g, orgtium

Bad. Is not a drug

Where you can buy chlorella

It is important to know that Chlorell, grown not in sterile conditions and without the necessary laboratory equipment, may be contaminated potentially dangerous and even toxic substances.

Purchase high quality chlorella You can in specialized zozh shops. In our "Evalar phytomarket" you will always find Certified Chlorella from the suppliers proven.

8 beneficial properties of chlorella

Chlorella is a single-mea-delicious microalgae, which lives on Earth about 2 billion years. In 19Wek, the Dutch scientist discovered Chlorella and since then it began its detail.

This alga is so rich in chlorophyll that it simply couldn't be called an inachkeeper as Chlorella.

Here are some facts about Chlorelle that this superproduct attracts attention to itself as celebrities and alone.

  • The popularity of Chlorella began to dial a post, as they were used in cosmonaut nutrition
  • Hundreds of years, Chlorella is used in Chinese Iyurvedkiy medicine
  • It supports the imune system
  • makes you younger and slimmer
  • Holds in the norm of cholesterol, Isahar blood pressure
  • and helps to fight cancer

You have already understood that Chlorell is a superproduct that has a natural origin, has a richest composition and so rich in protein that can replace meat if necessary in your diet.

Chlorella is sold in specialized stores in the form of dried powder, capsules or compressed in tablets.

What is useful to Chlorella?

First of all, the content of vitamins and minerals in its own way:

Chlorella contains:

  1. Vitamins of groups in especially vitamin B5;
  2. Water-soluble vitamin C;
  3. Beta carotene;
  4. Folic acid;
  5. Vitamin-like choline substances and niacin;
  6. Fat-soluble vitamins E and K;
  7. Flavonids;
  8. Glycoproteins.
  9. Calcium;
  10. Sulfur;
  11. Iodine;
  12. Cellulose;
  13. As well as silicon and chrome.
  14. Particular attention is drawn to the presence of a large amount of protein about 50%, its quality comparable to animal protein in meat and fish.
Thanks to the rich composition, Chlorell so love to include in all sorts of diets, especially in the veganism.

Separately, it is worth mentioning chlorophyll. Chemically chlorophyllochine looks like hemoglobin protein in human blood. Therefore, the use of chlorelevaleelubles the supply of oxygen with tissues and organs.

8 advances in chlorella

  1. Displays toxins and heavy beymemetals from the body

Metals such as iron or copper are needed by the body of outstanding quantities, but entering large quantities can be toxic. Do you have heavy metals in the human body?

  • Polluted air, poor ecology. Forest foods for the most part contain excess of heavy metals, which are not outlined in the body.
  • One of them is dioxin, which comes to a kchelkuka with animal food. Help the body to derive an excess of heavy metals maychlorella. Studies have shown that Chlorella helps reduce the number of maliciousness encountered in food and in styled out of contaminated air.
  • Supports the immune system

Studies published in 2012 in magazine Nutrition Journal, It has shown that after 8 weeks of taking Chlorella, the activity of NK cells (natural killers) has improved. Researchers from University Jonsey in Seoul (Korea) studied the reaction of healthy and their immune system on the additives of Chlorella.

The results show that Chlorella supports Healthy Answer Immune System And helps the body to improve its own protection at the cellular level.

Lose weight is difficult, especially with age. IN Journal "Medicinal Products" Journal of Medicinal Food, published research results proving that the use of chlorella leads to a noticeable decrease in fat percentage in the body, total cholesterol in blood serum and blood glucose level on an empty shop "

JuiceLells for weight loss operates in the following directions:

  • adjust the torch
  • Improvement of substances,
  • Improvers
  • Increases the amount of energy

All this is helped by weight and fat deposits, and also removes toxins accumulated in the body.

It is worthwhile to remember that when weighing weight, the toxins are released that need to be made of the organism as quickly as possible. The ability of chlorella surrounds and heavy metals present in our body helps to make it easier to speed up their natural elimination.

  • Chlorella helps look like

Are there any advantages of chlorells for the skin? For sure there! Studies continue to show that Chlorella can also slow down the aging process, making you younger. Research published in the journal Clinical Laboratory, It showed that Chlorella significantly reduces the oxidative stress, which can be caused by pollution, stress and improper power.

The reason why Chlorella is so effective to impart your skin, is that it naturally increases the level of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione in your body, which eliminates free radicals and protects cells.

Take a teaspoon or a couple of capsules per day with the addition of chlorella, you will see the result in 2 weeks.

It is believed that all human bodies at some point are developing congesters. A properly functioning immune system has the ability to be able and destroy these cells before they appear a chance to develop. The recentlyeedycinsky study showed that Chlorella helps to fight cancerine methods.

First, if you take Chlorell in advance for prevention, it is a fortified system, therefore the protective functions of the body work correctly.

Secondly, since Chlorella removes heavy metals and toxins from our body, a person is less prone to cancer that can be caused from a polluted environment.

Thirdly, studies have shown that people once diagnosed with cancer, chlorellulates the effect of T cells, helping to fight with new abnormal cells.

And in the fourth, if the cancer is diagnosed and the patient is subject to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, Chlorella can help in the fight against side effects and used in addition to the natural treatment of this disease. It was shown that the high level of chlorophyll in Chlorell protects the body from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and at the same time removes radioactive particles from the body.

  • Reduces the level of sugar in the blood of Imeolesterine

Diabetes type 2 and High cholesterol - Two serious chronic diseases that people of different ages are facing today. Years of irregular nutrition, stress and lack of sleep led many to one or both of these diagnoses.

Wisdom published in Journal "Medicinal Products" The researchers found that the doses of 8000 mg chlorella per day (divided into 2 receptions) help reduce cholesterol and glucose levels.

Researchers first reducing cholesterol levels, and then improving blood glucose. Scientists believe that Chlorella activates a number of genes on cellular, which improves insulin sensitivity, contributing to healthy-domed.

  • Help Control blood pressure

Chlorella helps to strengthen the health of the heart and kidney, which is necessary for normal blood pressure. In one study, people were made by twilight high blood pressure on 4 g of Chlorells daily wage 12 weeks. As a result, they had lower pressure indicators than the jellows who took placebo.

What else is about Chlorell?

As you already, Chlorella is one of the most nutritious superfood in the world. But:

  • It is among the top ten products for health in the world due to the density of nutrients in the minimum amount of the product.
  • Used B. Traditional Chinese medicine It is believed that Chlorella has a soothing effect on the nervous system, eating and restoring the body as a whole.
  • In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed that Chlorell gives "vitality" to people who feel depleted or if the body requires additional energy.


With caution, it is worth considering Kpriem Chlorella in the following cases:

  • People with blood clotting problems
  • with allergies to iodine or observing it
  • During pregnancy and lactation

Despite the indisputable benefits of Chlorella, in all these cases before use it is better to consult with the doctor.

You can buy Finnish Chlorella in our store on this link, and below the video about the benefits of chlorella and possible contraindications.

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