Rating of the best text editors for PC with Windows

Text editors for Windows

Our review addressed the best programs for editing text on Windows computers. Each considered text editor provides high speed with different document formats and provides a wide range of tools for high-quality text data processing. It remains only to choose the best!

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Main functions:

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Doc / docx







Microsoft Office 2016. - Multifunctional office of office programs for working with texts, spreadsheets and presentations. It has a friendly user interface in Russian.

It is worth noting advanced database management tools. It is characterized by supporting a large number of file formats, including: TXT, Doc, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, DBF, and many others. Contains a variety of useful features: search by text, adjusting its size and color, translation from foreign languages, checking spelling, add images, video, audio content and so on.

In the new version of MS Office 2016, it is possible to collaborate with documents in real time. Integration with cloud storage allows you to access your projects from any computer or mobile device based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There is an option for sending materials to popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedLN. There is a built-in Microsoft Outlook email client, as well as a notebook, calendar and a good organizer.

Key advantages :

  • Adding schemes and graphs;
  • Knows how to work with a PDF format;
  • Manual tuning page background;
  • Many fonts and writing styles;
  • Convenient presentation creation tool;
  • Close integration with the Skype messenger;
  • Technology of hardware acceleration for weak PCs;
  • Support for Windows 10 and Mac OS X operating system;
  • Quick saving file to hard drive or cloud;
  • Regular updates of office applications from the official Microsoft website.
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Microsoft Office Word 2010 - A fast and powerful text editor with a decent set of functions. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. When you first start the software, a convenient prompt will appear, which allows you to master all the osses of management of any user.

Practically does not give up the latest version of Word 2016. Includes the most necessary tools, opens different formats. It is noteworthy that here you can also place your projects in the cloud and work with text documents in sharing.

Main features :

  • Opening PDF format files;
  • Built-in clipboard;
  • Support for a virtual printer;
  • Extensive library of markers and numbering;
  • Customizable control panel and external type of interface;
  • Text editor works with images, tables and graphs;
  • Automatic spelling of spelling and punctuation errors.
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LibreOffice. - Multifunctional text editor supporting any office formats. Excellent alternative to MS Office 2007, which has identical functionality. Contains tools for building tables, presentations and databases. There is a convenient tip system for beginners. The option to create and edit mathematical formulas can be especially useful.

Features Libre Office Writer :

  • High quality and simple menu;
  • Fast opening of the document in a new window;
  • Exchange of large files by email;
  • The possibility of free use of functions;
  • Working with text data and graphic images.
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WPS Office Writter. It enters the free package of office applications from Kingsoft Software. Contains advanced text processing tools. Allows you to easily create presentations and spreadsheets. Note the built-in Google Search panel, with which you can find the necessary information on the Internet.

Export / import files from Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint software set. There is a special night mode with a vision protection function. There is an office version office for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android.

Main advantages :

  • Supports PDF format;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Excellent alternative to Microsoft Office;
  • It is possible to work with tables;
  • Auto updates utilities from the official site;
  • The presence of an advanced table and text processor;
  • Convenient text set and instant spell check;
  • Integration with cloud storage of Dropbox and Google Drive.
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IBM Lotus Symphony - A set of free applications for processing office documents based on the engine OpenOffice.org. Built-in plug-in support allows you to expand the capabilities of software. The list of files opens includes standards from Microsoft programs 2003 / XP / 2000/97.

It has its own browser in the arsenal, similar to Internet Explorer. Provides the option automatic spelling and punctuation errors. Available adding pictures and hyperlinks to text.

Key advantages :

  • The preview function of documents;
  • Displays a full list of projects;
  • Opens the most popular formats;
  • Fast switching between tabs;
  • Drawing tables with a pencil;
  • Various templates for creating presentations.
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MS Word 2007. - Free text editor from Microsoft Corporation, popular among a huge number of users. It is distinguished by a simple and understandable interface, convenient control, low system requirements and a wide range of tools for working with text files.

It is possible to create doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, MHT, MHTML, RTF, WPS, ODT, XML. Software allows you to view documents in the form of a web page. You can add various pictures, hyperlinks, markers and numbering to the text. There are options for printing and sending email. Included in the Office 2007 Office Package.

Main advantages :

  • Highlighting syntax;
  • Built-in translator;
  • Availability of reading mode;
  • Option counting the number of words;
  • Allows you to create html files;
  • Adjustment of size and font style;
  • Preview your work;
  • Opening several documents at the same time;
  • The ability to quickly connect official plug-ins to expand functionality.
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NotePad ++. It is a simple text editor created as an analogue of the Windows standard notepad. The latest version of the program received a built-in project manager. There is a text encryption tool using special characters. It is worth noting the support of plugins. There is an option to automatize the name of the word called.

Strengths :

  • Built-in FTP manager;
  • Syntax highlighting is available;
  • Text formatting function;
  • Convenient scaling of characters;
  • Recording and playing macros;
  • Data backup tool;
  • Works with various text formats
  • Ability to check for spelling errors.
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Adobe Brackets. - Software for working with JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages. Includes a means of convenient backlight code and errors detected in it. Thanks to integration with Google Chrome browser, you can view changes in the web browser window in real time, for this press the Live Preview key. You can download files to the FTP server, as well as sending materials to print either by email.

Advantages of the utility :

  • Manual configuration of the workspace;
  • Control using hot keys;
  • Built-in code debug mode;
  • Integration into the context menu;
  • Ability to format text in HTML;
  • Availability of prompt for inexperienced users;
  • Automatic structure markup.
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Sublime Text It has the capabilities of the editor of the text and program code. Supports various languages, including: Java, JavaScript, C ++, Erlang, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Lua, Matlab, SQL, Perl, TCL, Markdown and many others. There is a function of auto storage documents.

Able to check spelling, contains options for selecting columns, multiple edits and add bookmarks in the right places. Search is available using regular expressions. Built-in multipals allow you to work immediately with multiple files. There is a window and full-screen mode. The only drawback of the utility is the English-language menu.

Main advantages :

  • The presence of an open source code;
  • Expansion due to the installation of plugins;
  • Available control with hot keys;
  • Offers options for completing the word dial;
  • Support for a large number of programming languages;
  • Convenient selection, marking and processing of code fragments.
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Akelpad. - Small, fast and free open source editor, which is a worthy replacement for the standard Windows notepad. Easy to use, undemanding to computer resources.

It can open documents in one-binding and multi-meter modes. It is noteworthy that the editable file is not limited in size. Leads a list of modified and recently viewed materials. Supports absolutely all code encodings, including Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 and others. It has an interesting feature of memorizing the position of the cursor and the position of the carriage.

Notepad features :

  • Preview option;
  • Saves in TXT format;
  • Destination hot keys;
  • Multi-level rollback of actions;
  • Built-in macros support;
  • Use of regular expressions;
  • Working with large files;
  • Definition of the printer and transfer data to printing;
  • Starting a program on computers with Windows from XP and above;
  • Many available plug-ins and linguistic modules (everyone can download free).
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We reviewed the most popular text editors capable of creating, opening, edit files. Each program is characterized by a unique interface and different functionality. In your choice, focus on the options that satisfy your text needs.

Microsoft Office 2016. , LibreOffice. и IBM Lotus Symphony Are full-fledged office packages and have a wide range of tools for creating and editing text and tabular data. Of course, The most advanced features can be found in Microsoft application . What is only worth integration with cloud storage and the ability to remote access to large projects from any computer or gadget. On the other hand, rather high system requirements will pull not every PC. Libobofis It boasts the support of a huge number of formats and advanced editor of the formula. Lotus Symphony. - To this day a decent analogue to the two competitors. Contains a user-friendly interface and supports expansion by plugins. And yet, their number is limited, and the official website has not been updated the utility for a long time.

MS Word 2007. и 2010. - Excellent and proven programs of programs with a developed set of functions. They are distinguished by a high-quality text search system, a means of testing spelling and punctuation, built-in translator and so on. Version 2010. Received a more modern interface, support for more formats and the possibility of storing documents in the cloud. If the latest facts do not have much importance for you, you can safely use less demanding to computer resources Wheel 2007. . Approximately the same advanced text editor contains the OpenOffice package with its Writer, which is completely free.

Akelpad. и NotePad ++. - Fast, lungs and easy-to-manage the analogues of the standard Notepad Windows. Both programs They have an open source code, allow you to assign a variety of hotkeys and maintain a multi-level actions, contain automation settings. Notepad Includes data backup option and text encryption tool. In anxalpade, the unicode strings and other useful chips are perfectly implemented.

It is worth noting, the NotePade application is universal: it will be useful novice and experienced programmers due to the presence of an integrated development environment, and the usual users are used as an advanced version of the notepad - a small and fast text editor. No less developed functionality is in WPS Office Writter. In addition, the utility has received a very convenient night mode for people with weak vision.

Sublime Text и Adobe Brackets. Created as tools to work with different programming languages. They include good alternative editors for Windows, MacOS. Applications are popular among programmers, vertellors and web-page developers who are looking for a new free visual editor.

Our review did not include several programs, which should also pay attention, it is - Editpad Lite. , Softmaker Office. , RJ Texted , CRIMSON EDITOR, A Tlantis Word Processor, Comodo Edit and TextMaker. . The latter supports all versions of MS Word and opens documents in .docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm, .doc, .dotx, .dt, .doc, .dot, odt, .ott, .sxw, .rtf, .psw, .pwd, .htm,. HTML, .txt., .tmv, .tmd.

Text editors: basic concepts and opportunities.

Text editors are designed to work with text files in the interactive mode. They allow you to view the contents of text files and produce various actions over them - insert, delete and copy text, contextual search and replacement, sorting strings, viewing characters and conversion codes codings ,Printing, etc.

Often interactive text editors contain additional functionality designed to automate editing actions, or display text data in a special way (for example, with Backlit syntax ).

Many text editors are Editors of the source code , that is, they are focused on working with texts of programs on certain Computer languages .

Text editors capable of modifying the content of the document are also called text processors.

Text processors are focused on the design and formatting of texts and the introduction of third-party objects (fonts, tables, formulas, formulas, charts, etc.) and are characterized by the presence of WYSIWYG modes. Since text format does not provide for the storage of information about the design of text, text processors operate either with files in which texts are presented in the frame of any Language markup like HTML or with files in own " binary »Formats.

Types of text editors.

Word text editor with automatic spell check.

Microsoft Word Text Editor - Powerful application with lots of functions. In this program, you can recruit and edit texts, use different fonts and styles, change text color, format documents, insert images, links, tables, diagrams, formulas, tuning. Editor alone Checks spelling , offers options for writing words, follows the alignment of punctuation marks. Microsoft Word. Contains a large number of characters and autofigur, allows you to use artistic text, make simple presentations and web pages. For the convenience of working in the appendix there are many auxiliary functions that allow you to quickly find the desired phrases and excerpts of the text, replace one word to others in the whole document and much more.

You also need to mention a convenient interface that allows you to quickly master the application. It would seem why to look for something else, but ... there is one "but". Microsoft Word is not a free app. Of course, for whom work at home on the Internet, for example, on a set of text has become a source of stable and sufficiently high income, it makes sense to buy this editor. But, if a person uses such a rather rarely, you can choose something similar, only for free.

Text editor LibreOffice Writer. LibreOffice Write. r- At the moment it is the most powerful among free text editors. It allows you to work with Microsoft Word, RTF documents, create HTML documents. It can also be inserted into the texts of the table, pictures, multimedia objects and other elements. LibreOffice Writer has an editable dictionary and spell check function. The program interface resembles early Word versions, so it is easy to master it. Especially since there is a Russian version of the application. In a word, this editor can be called a free analogue or simplified version of Microsoft Word. There are other free applications (Abiword, OpenOffice), but judging by user reviews, they are far from LibreOffice Writer.

Text editor notepad.

Notebook - This is the easiest text editor that enters the standard Windows system installation package. It works with the TXT extension, but can open the files of the INF, INI, LOG files.

The notepad editor has a very small set of functions. It allows you to type texts, choose fonts, search, automatically replace words, save documents and send them to print. Features such as formatting, spellchecking , Inserting images, the use of different colors in this application is not available.

However, notepad is useful not only beginners, but also experienced users, as a simple and convenient auxiliary tool. Here are just some possibilities of this program:

Notepad works with texts in Unicode, UTF-8 and ANSI encodings and allows you to transform one encoding to another. To do this, you can simply select the desired encoding while saving the file.

If you type the text in Microsoft Word or other similar editor, and then publish on the website or blog, there will be a lot of extra. Of course, if the engine is normal, this will not happen. But it is better to first insert the text in the notebook, and already copied it from there to publish it. For this you can Use hot keys Ctrl + C (Copy) and Ctrl + V (Paste).

In notepad you can do or edit uncomplicated Web pages. To save the file in HTML format, it is enough in the File Name field "name.html" field, and select "All Files" in the File Type field.

Notepad allows you to remove the "garbage" that may appear when copying text from any editors. For example, there is such a program to recognize the text that decrypts scanned documents. It is very convenient, but it can not recognize everything, and many incomprehensible icons remain in the text. To remove them, it is enough to copy the result in the notebook.

Google text editor that allows you to print text online for free.

Google has a wonderful editor that allows typing Right in the browser, online, without installing the application to the computer. True to get access to it, you need Create Accutant in Google Or take advantage of existing ones. After that, the user will be available convenient services to work with documents, including Text editor online I want to say a few words about.

This online service is in the "Disc" tab, which appears at the top of the browser when you select Google Search System. To begin Print text , You must click on the bright red button "Create", then "Document", after that the editor will open in the new tab.

According to its functionality, the Google text editor is something mean between Microsoft Word and notepad. It supports several text formats (DOCX, RTF, TXT), as well as HTML, PDF. It can format texts, use different fonts and styles, change the color of the text, insert tables, drawings, formulas, links, special characters, page numbers, footnotes and comments, search and checking spelling (editor emphasizes words with errors and offers their options writing). Another unique feature is Text translation For different languages. The translated text opens in a new window, which allows you to compare it with the original.

All documents are automatically saved in the "My Disk" section, where they can be left if the texts are still needed, or download to the computer. By the way, all this can be done from a mobile phone.

In general, in the online editor Google there is everything you need to work with the texts. If it were still allowed in automatic mode Check the document on antiplagiat That would be the best free editor at the moment. Unfortunately, there is no such text editor online in Yandex.

Free NotePad Text Editor for Programmers and Webmasters.

There is another editor, which I would like to mention, as I use it myself. This is notepad, which is an analogue of the notepad and focused on working with the original PHP and HTML source code. It is an indispensable tool for bloggers and those who are interested in creating sites on their own, and who has already come across the problem of cleaning and editing the code.

The application is distributed free of charge Download NotePad Text Editor You can on the site developers. The program is very lightweight and provides maximum speed. Unfortunately, it will not work in detail about the editor in this material, I will not pay only some features:

 В NotePad Plus. There is a syntax backlight, that is, different elements of the code are highlighted by certain colors, and the usual text remains black.

The editor makes it easy to find closing tags, highlighting them with color, it is enough to click on the operating tag to do.

There is a numbering of strings, which is also very convenient. You can remove and display individual sections of the text. To do this, it is enough to click on the icon (-) or (+) on the vertical strip, located along the scale with line numbers.

It is important that the NotePad editor supports Russian language.

The editor allows you to cancel actions an unlimited number of times using the return arrow. • The built-in NotePad FTP client allows you to edit files directly on the hosting.

There is a NotePad and search function, which allows you to save a lot of time.

According to statistics, the NotePad Plus editor uses up to 70% of Webmaster.

Perhaps this can also complete a brief overview of the most popular text editors. I wish everyone good luck and success!

  1. What is a text editor
  2. Types of text editors
  3. Common text editors
  4. What is a text processor
  5. Communicated text processors

Very often in the work at the computer, users faced with texts. There are several types of software to work with text data. These are text processors and text editors.

The text editor is used for dialing, editing and storing text data. This is a program or an application that can be independent, as well as be part of some software package.

Note 1.

The main functions of the text editor are to enter and edit text data, it does not give the opportunity to give the text a specific view, that is, format it.

That is why text editors are used in the case when formatting and type of text do not matter. For example, to create an email. However, the text editor makes it possible to copy the text, allocate, move, sort, search for information in the text, as well as view characters and print codes on paper media. If necessary, format the text, it can always be copied and moved to the appropriate program.

Along with simple text editors, there are also interactive, which have additional functions that are intended to automate operations with text data. For example, such a function as checking spelling.

To date, text editors meet several species, such as:

  • Contextual editor - allows you to perform operations with text data in their current position. This, for example, editor ESSA;
  • The last text editor - regards text as serial lines with numbers. For example, EDLIN is the MS-DOS system editor;
  • Screen editor - makes it possible to move the cursor on the text using the mouse, keyboard or other special devices. For example, the standard editor of the Microsoft Windows software package is notepad.

Difficult to understand yourself?

Try to seek help to teachers.

  • NotePad is the simplest text editor for use by regular users and programmers.
  • Notepad is the simplest text editor that is contained in Microsoft Windows.
  • TEA is a free cross-platform text editor with many text data processing functional, spelling and highlighting the syntax. There is a markup in Lout, Docbook, LaTEX, HTML.
  • Kate - This editor has the possibilities of flexible interface settings. It is one of the very powerful expandable free text editors that have a syntax highlight feature for most programming languages.
  • Vim - has widespread use among administrators and programmers. This is a very powerful free modal editor that has functions for automation. It can work in two modes - text and team.
  • Keypad + is intended for use by ordinary users, as well as programmers. This is a simple editor that developed Russian programmers.
  • Emacs - This free editor can be used for programming. It is considered one of the most powerful multipurpose editors that have significant capabilities and having functions of multi-mode operation.

Text processors have special programs designed to set, edit, storing text data with the possibility of formatting and layout, also has the WYSIWYG function (preview of the external image of the document before printing).

Note 2.

In contrast to the text data editor, the processor is applicable when the appearance of the text is important, that is, the presence of the formatting function. For example, both in official letters, orders, orders and other documents.

With the help of currently existing processors for text data, you can format paragraphs, fonts, check syntax and spelling, create and paste the table, drawing and another object. Some of them even contain features that use desktop publishing systems.

Text documents created using text processors, in addition to the code codes, also contain invisible formatting codes.

Sometimes there may be occurrence of cases with formats when transferring text from one text processor to another. This is due to the fact that different text processors use different formatting codes, so when transferring text from one system to another, it usually needs to be re-formatted from zero.


Did not you find what you were looking for?

Just write and we will help

  • One of the most popular and most powerful text processors is Microsoft Word. It is designed to create, edit, format and store text information. Allows you to create documents of any complexity and any request. This text processor is part of the Microsoft Office system package, which exists in the market since 1983. This program contains a VBA macro-language (Visual Basic), which gives additionally special features for creating macro volumes.
  • Another text processor included in the Microsoft Windows operating system is WordPad processor. It is not so powerful as Microsoft Word processor, but is much more powerful than notepad editor. With this processor, you can format and print text, but it does not allow you to insert a table, a graphic or other object into it, and also does not have the ability to check spelling and spelling.
  • The OpenOffice.org.Writer software package contains an OpenOffice.org.writer processor. It is almost the same as Microsoft Word, but is a little different with its functionality.
  • In the system of computer layout Tex, the most popular macropower is the LATEX text processor. It allows you to automate most of the operations with texts, such as inserting formulas, numbering of text blocks, inserting links, tables, drawings, and so on. Allows you to work in several languages.

Thus, considering the possibility of text editors and processors, we see that today there are a huge set. This allows you to create various texts, even with the most sophisticated requirements of customers.

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