Cache Management on Android-Smartphone: What, Removal, Where is keen

Each application for work requires space used to perform operations. The location of these files is called cache. Through time, it will be filled, which will lead to a decrease in the speed of the phone. To clear the cache on android will need to follow a clear instruction.

What is cache

Cache is a space where applications data is stored. This speeds up loading files (photos, music, videos, lists of cases, browser history and so on). An example of the work can be disassembled on listening to the song: the action is remembered after execution and postponed as a file in the cache. After that, the same song that the owner of the phone will launch, will load faster.

Types of cache

If what cached data in the phone is understandable, then additionally you need to understand what it is. Decision on types is due to the type of application that creates files. From this will depend on the place in which it is stored. Cash Types:

  1. Dalvik-Cache. The space allocated for the Dalvik virtual machine. It can be cleaned, but problematic. This will have to do it yourself through the developer mode. The inexperienced user is better not to do this.

Cleaning Dalvik-Cache in Android

  1. System, in the Cache section. Here the system applications and operating system are stored here. It is better not to deal with it, as it will delete passwords and other data.
  2. For applications. This includes data from programs that are installed by the user. Its cleaning cannot adversely affect the smartphone.
Cleaning Kesha in Chrome Appendix
Kesha data in Chrome Appendix

Therefore, only the third cache type is almost always cleared. Dalvik-Cache takes up little space, and it will have to do a difficult path for cleaning it, so the small number of users deals with the deletion of files from it. The system partition is not affected not to damage the important data of the phone owner and Android OS files.

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Where to find cache

Temporary user application files can be found in the Android special folder, which can be found on the device itself or memory card. It is impossible to delete it, as it keeps in itself and other important information. To understand where the cache is on android, you need to open Andriod. , and here there are folders Data. и OBB. .

Data and OBB folders in Android

These both folders store cached data, but in different form. IN Data. they are located in the format of individual files, and in OBB. - in the form of archives. For each application, a separate folder with the same name is created here.

Application data in the DATA folder in Android

You can also delete data in this way, but it is better to use system or installed programs that will find out and remove the accumulated garbage.

Why cache must be cleaned

Permanent cache cleaning is not required to each user. If he uses only a pair of applications, then the memory is filled in slowly, which will not negatively affect the performance of the smartphone. Another thing is when there are many applications that are constantly removed and installed by replacing each other.

Trash on android device

Attention ! Deleting the cache, you can not continue working with the application from the place where the owner of the smartphone has stopped using it.

Today, the average number of RAM is 4-8 GB. This volume of space is quickly clogged with unnecessary files, because the data is cached constantly, postponing in the device's memory. It is easy to notice the lack of necessary space - the phone will cease to work correctly, since the number of free resources will not be enough to function the operating system.

Cleaning RAM and Android Device

Attention! How often it is necessary to clean, depends on the characteristics of the phone. It is easier to cleanse the space when it is filled.

It is also not recommended to clean my memory too often. This will lead to the fact that temporary files will be constantly deleted, because of which the applications and the system will work slowly, constantly downloading new files, instead of using data from the storage. It means that it is worth cleaning the cache on the phone only if it is necessary when there is no more space.

How to Clean Cash

Clear cache can be in several ways. This uses standard features on android or special applications from GooglePlay. The latter are eliminated from more garbage, thereby increasing the performance of the smartphone.

Important! Before starting cache cleaning, it is necessary to close applications that will not be involved in the procedure.

Through the standard android interface

Most users apply standard smartphone tools. This will require:

  1. Open phone settings.

Android phone settings

  1. Find section "Storage" where there should be a line "Kesha data" .
Storage on android
All cache phone android
  1. Press this line and confirm the data cleaning.

Removing the entire cache for android

It remains to be expected until the system scans and independently deletes unnecessary files. In chapter "Storage" You can also familiarize yourself with the number of free and busy memory space. If the memory is not filled to the end, then you should not clean.

Size of available free memory on android

On some phones, the path to the cache cleaning button is changed. For example, on Samsung Galaxy, where in the settings menu it is necessary to find item "Service" Devices and follow the link "Memory" . There is a line "Optimize" , it will make the necessary action.

Clean Master program

This application is specifically created to delete unnecessary data that are not used.

Clean Master for Android

To clean the cache, you will need to follow the instructions:

  1. Download the app Clean Master Having found in Play Market.

Download Clean Master from Google Market

  1. Open the program and find a section "Rubbish" (icon of the garbage basket).

Cleaning garbage in Clean Master for Android

  1. Next, the application will independently analyze the data stored on the phone to find unnecessary files whose removal will unload the OS.

System Scanning in Clean Master for Android

  1. Put a tick opposite item "Unnecessary cache" . Then the cached data found will be deleted.
Unnecessary cache for cleaning in Clean Master for Android
Deleting cache applications in Clean Master for android

Clean Master is distributed free of charge. But a number of functions are available only after purchasing the program. If the phone has an insufficient memory, then the full version will be useful thanks to the translation of inactive applications into sleep mode.

Piriform CCleaner

The CCleaner software gained fame when the program was used exclusively on computers. When smartphones began to gain popularity, the company immediately released software for mobile devices. The cache deletion procedure itself is similar to the one that is used in the Clean Master application. To delete files, you will need to follow the instructions:

  1. Download Piriform application CCleaner In Play Market.

Download CCleaner from Google Market for Android

  1. Run the program and perform the task "Analyze" .

Starting Analysis in CCleaner for Android

  1. Put a tick opposite two items: "Hidden Cash Memory" и "Visible cache memory" .

Deleting Cache in CCleaner for Android

  1. Confirm action.
Hidden Cache Removal Process in CCleaner for Android
Completion of garbage cleaning using CCleaner for Android

The program will independently clear unnecessary files. CCleaner like I. Clean Master It is distributed free of charge, but some functions are available only when buying a paid subscription.

Similar applications that analyze and remove trash, a lot. At the same time, most of them work according to the same principle, only the names of the buttons change, and the actions themselves remain the same. Therefore, the user can choose any of the most popular programs for cleaning cached data. They clean up memory, allowing you to delete files from the most hard to reach places. Less popular programs destroy only external data to which it is easy to walk.

Important! Clearing the data is necessary, but it is not necessary to do this. The fact is that too frequent cleaning can lead to negative consequences associated with the slowdown in the phone's work and the advent of bugs.

After reading the article, now everyone knows what it is - cached data and whether it is possible to remove them. In this case, the choice of a cleaning method remains for the user. In fact, they are not very different from each other, then the programs also find other garbage files that can be removed with the cache.

Keschy data in the phone - what is it, can I remove?

We continue to consider issues related to mobile technologies. Today, learn what cached data in the Samsung phone is and is it possible to delete them? In fact, this manual is relevant not only for Samsung, but also for smartphones of any other manufacturer based on Android.

What is caching

What is cache?

Literal translation from English "Cache" means "secret warehouse". But in our case we are talking about a hidden area in the memory of the device, where information is written to different applications.

Why do you need it?

For example, you regularly visit the same sites in the browser (web pages). To the next time they loaded faster, the data is kept, that is, they are placed in the "ultra-speed" storage. There are images, some scripts and other content.

You can open the same resource as an experiment several times, and should notice the speed gain (especially if you do not wifi, but a mobile 3G Internet). Then clean the browser's cache and start the same page again. Now the download process is longer?

The same applies to any program installed on the smartphone. If it has access to working with information (photo, video, animation), then files will be sent to Cache.

Cache in the phone - what is it simple words? Many are better understood if you use the concepts of "buffer", "gasket", "intermediate memory". I am not a designer, not an artist, but I will try to graphically portray the above in the scheme:

Scheme of using cached data in the phone

  • The owner of the Gadget sends a request to the application (for example, open the image in the "gallery");
  • The utility refers to the "Secret Storage": if there finds the necessary file there, the cached data is displayed on the screen. If they are not, then there is an entry for subsequent appeals.

Hopefully explained.

Little space on the phone - what to do?

Many faces such a problem. More "savvy users" know the cleaning secrets - using third-party programs or manually. But newcomers or people who are not particularly wanting to delve into the essence of what is happening, often seek help to masters, pay money for the simplest services.

In any case, it is worth installing any file manager (if it is not integrated into your smartphone). Xiaomi uses the corporate "MI conductor". But it can be downloaded for any other device. Or download ES File Manager.

The task is to open the specified software and view which objects consume memory (embedded or microSD). Remove unnecessary video, audio files, programs. But now I will not focus on obvious things.

This article about cached data - can it be cleaned how to do it right? It is quite logical that the more software on the device, the faster "clogs" the repository. The leader in garbage collection are browsers. There is nothing surprising here, because modern people spend a lot of time on the Internet. The same applies to the messengers (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram), customers of social networks (VKontakte, Facebook).

How to clean the cache?

Do not be afraid to do everything yourself, remove without fear, there will be no negative consequences! By the way, if interested in - here is the instruction for the iPhone


Here are three ways:

  • Simple, automatic - install any official memory optimizer, set the removal periodicity in the settings. A huge number of similar software. But I advise you to download only from Google Play, and only proven utilities

These tools are tested by time and hundreds of millions of users. For other options, I recommend it with attentiveness, read reviews.

  • Removing the entire cache, semi-automatic method - if you do not want to install "left" programs, it is enough to go to the Android settings, find the "Memory" item (in newer versions - "storage". Then click on the "Casha data" item, we will offer to get rid of From everything immediately. We agree!

Android Kesha Data 7

Or so:

Keshe Android 5.

  • Clearing files for specific applications, manual method - takes more time. In some cases, such options should be searched directly in the utility itself. Here is an example for Yandex Browser:

How to remove cache in Yandex on phone

But you can do otherwise - we go to Android settings, looking for the string "all applications". We look at what "eat" the most memory. Click on the selected item to go to the window with detailed information. We are looking for the "Clear" button (can be placed in the submenu, be called a little differently, but the essence is similar).

Clearing cache application

And maybe it:

Cleaning button for a specific Android application

If you regularly execute one of the above procedures, then you will never have problems with a lack of space on the smartphone. Additionally, I recommend viewing the video about the Thumbnails folder, which can also consume a lot of memory:

So we figured out in the subject matter what cached data in the phone and can you delete them. Questions, wishes, criticism - we accept everything in any quantity (commenting form at the very end of the page).

Hello everyone! I noticed that there are practically no information notes on the blog, and then I was asked a question ... And what is cache in the phone and why does he take so much free space?! On the offer to google was puzzled - b ОThe more part of the resources were told about the computer's cache, which nothing to do with the concept of caching on the phone does not have. People are confused, trying to understand and they do not work anything - it is not surprising.

What is cache in the phone

So what is the cache in the phone android? - When you use applications, they save part of the data on the phone for subsequent use (so as not to load again from the Internet). These files are stored in the application cache.

A simple example. Surely everyone knows the VKontakte application - it will save images and other data on the phone to do not download them from the Internet again. Avatars, post history - probably you noticed that this data is partially available even without accessing the Internet, so they have been loaded from your device and thus increase the download speed and significantly saves traffic.

What is cache in the phone? - Let's give a clear definition

What is cached data in the phone android? - These are temporary data that is stored in the memory of your device for faster application and save your Internet traffic.

You can view how much cache applications or toys can be in the settings of your device, for example, on Xioami smartphones in their Miui branded firmware there is a separate point in the settings that all these nuances analyzes and can help clear your cache applications.

Cached data that is

To prevent the wave of comments about what I did not quite rightly definition - I know what the cache is, but in the context of the phones my definition will be more faithful and understandable for ordinary people

Is it possible to remove cached data in the phone

Of course you can remove, but is it necessary?! - This is a completely different question. If you do not have any problems with free space on the phone, then I don't have any special needs to delete cached data.

Cached data in the phone

Clearing cached data does not delete other information (logins, passwords or save your favorite toys), so if any problems occur with the cashem you can not think about it.

Clear cache or erase application data? - What to choose…

Surely with the "Clear Kesh" function, you drew attention to the "Erase Data" button - these are extreme measures ... These most you are clearing the cache application and delete all the program settings. After that, the application or the game will start from scratch (as if you were installed for the first time).

If you erase the data of the VKontakte application, then you will have to re-enter your credentials at startup. Similarly and with toys - all gameplay you lose and start from the very beginning (if you are not using cloud saving)

Is it possible to delete cached data from the phone

After cleaning the application data or toys, try to run it ... Without outdated data and cache, you run the program for the first time, just check if you solve this problem if you searched the "Erase Data" function to resolve problems with the operation of the application.

When it is worth cleaning cache or data

Now let's go to the eternal question - is it worth cleaning the cache in the phone forcibly?! Most likely this does not have to do, however, some applications may not work correctly ... If you notice that one of the start programs eat Place in the device's memory - you can safely clean the cache.

If the application or the game works frankly badly or does not work at all (and it is possible, you just want to start it as the first time) - you can "erase the data" and follow the initial setting. Be careful - you can not restore the data!

Conclusion - what we learned about cache

So we disassembled what the cache is in the phone and why it takes so much space. I hope my neat note helped you understand these terms and you are no longer afraid of these incomprehensible expressions - always happy to see you in the comments!

When a person has a bad Internet and he downloads some kind of site, then the text appears first, and then the pictures. When visiting the same page, the download occurs much faster. Each new site opens longer than the resources that you constantly visit. It's all about caching, we will tell more about this process further.

Cached data in the phone what is it and how to remove them

What is cache?

The cached data is an intermediate quick access buffer, which contains periodically requested information. That is, some files are specifically stored on the phone so that the person gets quick access to the site.

For example, you opened your favorite social network. The first news was the post with the cats, but the image was loaded for a long time. After it opened, you spent another 30 minutes and came out. An hour later, we decided to open the ribbon and saw this photo, but now she boot instantly.

Acceleration of this process occurred due to caching. The first time the picture was loaded from the Internet, which took a lot of time. In the second load, it happened faster, because some information about it was preserved in the smartphone.

On Android, the described buffer happens 3 species:

  • Dalvik-Cache. This information is generated by a virtual machine. It makes no sense to delete it, because everything will be restored soon.
  • Cache applications. Such information appears after the use of certain programs.
  • System data. Here files are stored from different applications that are on Android.

Location and use

Temporary files are in special folders on a device or memory card. It is impossible to completely delete them, because objects are erased for normal operation. There are temporary files in the DATA and OBB folder. In the first they have the form of files, and in the second - archives. When installing, each application creates a folder with the same name and fills it with temporary files that increase the download speed of already viewed pages.

Cached data in the phone what is it and how to remove them


Cache information is not dangerous because it contains only those files that are needed to download sites and serviceable applications.

The disadvantage of temporary files is that they occupy a place on the device. Most of all, the owners of smartphones are complaining of, whose memory is limited. Because of this, the icon periodically appears that free space ended.

Cached data in the phone what is it and how to remove them

Deleting files

Clearing data is a useful feature on Android, which allows you to quickly free the place. Naturally, it should not be abused. Daily cleaning will not always allow the phone "clean", and sometimes can lead to a violation of system processes. The procedure is performed only as needed. It is resorted to it when the phone begins to slow down or, if the application weighs too much.

With regular cleaning, the gadget will not deteriorate, but its frequent execution will lead to the loss of settings and part of the saved information. It will have to accumulate it again.

Cached data in the phone what is it and how to remove them

Cleaning methods

On smartphones with the version of Android 8.0 Oreo and above, there is no cache cleaning function, the developers decided to remove this opportunity. In such devices, the system automatically manages the data. When some application has an installed quota, the intermediate buffer is erased. Users may not worry about this issue.

In other cases, you have to clean manually or using the profile program.

Manual cleaning

It will not work out the universal instruction, since the features of the settings depend on the version of the operating system. We will tell about the general rules that should be observed:

Cached data in the phone what is it and how to remove them

  1. Go to the settings and find the "Storage" section. It provides information about how much memory is occupied and what exactly.
  2. Go to the Applications section, sort the size.
  3. Go inside the hardest, find the "Clear Cache" button.

Clean Master

If you do not want to go to each application, you can use a special program that performs comprehensive cleaning. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Download Clean Master in Play Market.
  2. Open the program and go to the "Garbage" section.
  3. The application will begin to analyze information and search for available files. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. The screen will appear the total file size available for removal. Make sure the lines "Unnecessary Cache" stood a check mark.
  5. Press the green button at the bottom of the screen, cleaning will begin.

The application works for free, but its functionality is limited. In the paid version there are opportunities to optimize the main processes, cooling the smartphone, analyzing all applications and how they affect the device.

There are other analogs that cope with their task. For example, OneBooster, Avast Cleanup, Avg Cleaner, SD MAID. They have similar functionality and minimal differences. Everyone is installed for free, so you can test multiple applications and watch the device works, then make a choice.

Cached data in the phone what is it and how to remove them

All such applications have a minus - the use of system resources. Therefore, despite the fact that they accelerate some processes and perform comprehensive actions, the slowing down of the device also occurs.

Possible consequences

Cache is cleaned not only to speed up the phone. In addition, other problems arise:

  • hanging all system processes;
  • malfunctions in applications;
  • Fast charge loss even with minimal use of a smartphone;
  • The impossibility of sending or taking photos and video.

Periodic cache cleaning will prevent a number of problems due to the overload of system software. You should not be afraid of this process, because, subject to all rules, you will not lose any important data. If the choice is made in favor of the application, then make sure that the checkboxes are opposite the corresponding positions. When using a manual method, the risk is not at all, but it will take more time and strength to perform it.

Cached data - what is it? Is it possible to remove the cache?


With a decrease in the internal memory of the phone, the user faces interruptions in the work of already installed applications. Download new programs and is becoming problematic. Recommendation In most cases, only one is to delete cached data. What is cache and can it be cleaned?

What is cache in the phone?

Modern smartphones on android and other operating systems are distinguished by incredible speed. Music and applications are loaded almost instantly. However, over time, the speed of the phone becomes lower. The device for each software creates a separate folder in which the reports of the program itself, custom settings or downloaded from the Internet files.

Cache data is necessary to increase the speed of downloading the application and save traffic. (Files are downloaded from the internal memory of the phone, and not from the Internet). However, large amounts of cache over time reduce the speed of the smartphone. And this is typical of both for android and IOS.

Attention: caching occurs in automatic mode. File record starts after the user first opens a new application.

As can be seen, the cache on the computer and the phone does not differ in principle from each other. The essence of this concept is the same.

Is it possible to delete cached data?

The users immediately arises a reasonable question: if the cache helps to improve the application speed of applications, then is it possible to delete this data? Not only possible, but also need. Over time, due to the large number of cached files, the internal memory of the phone will score . The result is "glitches", failed applications, "departures" from your favorite games and even the appearance of outdated information in the browser.

Some users in this case decide to even reset android to the factory settings. The method is effective, but unnecessarily radical. Along with the cache, all installed applications will be deleted.

How to delete cached data on android?

Many utilities automatically carry caching, while even the removal of the program itself will not help get rid of unnecessary files. But clean android from the cache is not more difficult than copying contacts from the phone to a computer or download your favorite music from the social network. Clear smartphone can be activated by different methods:

  • internal phone resources;
  • Installed applications.

There is no fundamental difference. It all depends only on user convenience.

Through the internal resources of the phone

The advantage of the method is that it does not require pre-install any applications. Clear cached data in the phone settings themselves:

  • Select the section "Applications".

  • Go to the folder "Installed" and choose the desired application.

  • All, unnecessary files are removed. The disadvantage of this method is that the user will have to mess with each installed application separately. Automate the process of deleting cached data will not work.

Using installed applications

Various utilities designed specifically for cleaning the phone can be called alone among the most useful programs for Android. The Clean Master application showed greater efficiency in removing the cache:

  • Go to Google Play, we are looking for Clean Master and click "Set".

  • Go to the "Garbage" section.

  • We provide annex access to work with other utilities.

  • After scanning, click "Clear Garbage".

  • In addition to cached data, Clean Master will delete other unnecessary files. The utility allows you to optimize the work of android.

Let's sum up

Even listening to music on the social network will lead to caching files. Clear extra data can be on phones of different brands (Samsung, Fly, etc.). There is no fundamental difference in deleting cache.

Cache is an intermediate memory buffer in mobile devices designed to store temporal information. The cache has rapid access, so applications can receive the necessary data as quickly as possible. Thanks to this feature of the application, work quickly and without errors. In view of the limited space of temporary memory, for some applications, the operating system exhibits an increased priority that ensures the stable functioning of the phone.

Information from cache is used extremely often. It is designed to maintain the work of various applications. After turning on the phone, the most frequently used files are loaded into the cache, resulting in a high speed of program launch or other operating system elements.

Cash memory in the smartphone: what is it and why you need?

Consider a visual example - when working in the browser, local copies of viewed photos are created. They allow you to save online traffic upon subsequent visit to the page. The smartphone user saves time and cash due to the presence of temporary memory. Usually such information is automatically deleted after closing the program, but there are exceptions.

Cleaning cache phone

The main disadvantage of the cache is its limited size. If the smartphone works long enough, the user inevitably notices the appearing program errors. Cause - clogging of temporal memory. To prevent such a situation, it is important to clean the cache regularly. You can perform such a procedure with standard means of the system or our Detailed instructions .

Cash memory in the smartphone: what is it and why you need?

As a result of the actions, the smartphone will work faster. If the mobile device functions stable, the cache is better not to touch.

Also, third-party developers have created many utilities intended for automatic cache removal. Such programs have advanced capabilities, for example, allow you to clean up temporary memory on a schedule and without user intervention. But it is important to note that such applications for cache cleaning have recently been caused Mass questions and doubts.

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