Chances to get a legendary card

The legendary cards are the most rare and most desirable class of cards in the piano culsh. Due to the excellent characteristics of their characters, these cards are highly appreciated by almost all players! Considering their extremely high rarity, in "ordinary" chests (silver and golden chests) they practically do not come across ... And if they fall - it is very rare! In this post, I will share information about what chances to get a legendary card has a player opening different chests.

Note: Information on the chests for Arena 12 (maximum chest size) ... Although I do not think that for other arenas, the probability is significantly different.

So let's go:

Chests that can be obtained as a reward for victory and a free chest of quests:

Chest The probability of the presence of "legenda"
Loose chestFree chest (wooden) 0.23%
Silver chestSilver chest 0.09%
Golden chestGolden chest 0.51%
Royal ChestRoyal Chest 1.47%
Giant chestGiant chest 2.05%
Magic chestMagic chest 14.67%
Super magic chestSuper magic chest 88%

Chest, which can be bought in the store:

Chest The probability of the presence of "legenda"
Chest with lightningChest with lightning 1.04%
Fortune chestFortune chest 10%
Legendary king chestLegendary king chest 100%

Note: As you specify, the probability of getting a legendary card in Fortune chest Total 10% (or in other words, the card is only in one of the 10 chests!). In the same time лEgendar King's Chest guarantees the presence of one card and There is no chance to get in it the second!

Chests with a choice of maps (given to the players league at the end of each season):

Card selection chest

League "Seeker I" - 33.667% of the Finder II league - 50.333% of the "Finder III" League - 67% of the Master I League - 83.667% of the Master II league - is guaranteed one legendary card and chances to get a second amount to 0.333% of the League "Master III" - one legendary card and chances of getting the second make up 17% of the Champion League - is guaranteed one legendary map and chances to get a second amount to 33.67% of the League "Big Champion" - is guaranteed one legendary card and chances to get the second make up 50,333 % League "Absolute Champion" - is guaranteed one legendary card and chances to get the second amount to 67%

Channel Chest:

Clan chest

1/10 - 0.6% 2/10 - 1.267% 3/10 - 2% 4/10 - 2.8% 5/10 - 3.667% 6/10 - 4.6% 7/10 - 5.6% 8/10 - 6.667% 9/10 - 7.8% 10/10 - 9%

Chests for victory in trials (in the case of 12 victories):

Classic Test - 3.333% Big Test - 36,667%

As you can see the greatest probability of the presence of a legendary card in a super magic chest, as well as in chests with a choice of cards! That's all. If you have other information about the likelihood of getting a legendary map in Clash Royal - Share it with me.

Good luck!

Do not think that Clash Royale's cards will allow you to flush into a fool in a placentar or help in a fight with Sorvigolova - in the game it is only a way to call units. But still need a small encyclopedia, where everything will be in one place.

How to pump cards? How to get them in general? The answer is one - to open the chests. Free Hemes in Clash RoyaleA few words about pumping. For example, you want to raise the witch level. Then pray that it fell out of the boxes. The more you collect cards with one character, the higher its level.

By the way, here is the table of drawing the chests in the game Clash Royale - find out what will collapse on your head after the next round.

List of maps


  • Grey - ordinary;
  • Orange - rare;
  • Purple - epic;
  • Legendary - put into a separate list;
  • Opposite new cards from the last update Standmark ;



Open spells list



Who are these?

While this information is regarded as rumors, but rumors are more or less reliable. Supercell is developing a new type of cards - heroes in Clash Royale.

It will be a separate class . Notice - not uncommon. Heroes will be legendary, epic, usual and so on. Probably.

Features of such characters:

  • Slow down enemies;
  • Call friendly units;
  • Beat
  • Cloning friends;
  • Raise the speed of movement of your associates.

Not all at once, of course. According to such criteria for "Heroes", ice sorcerer, a sturperzitz, witch and others come across.

Release date is unknown.

Legendary - list

February 29, when the game became available in all countries, two new units appeared. Get them hard, but the benefits of them are great. It's time to find out how to get the legendary Clash Royale cards and what are their advantages. A small spoiler - read on and after 5 minutes you will learn how to make it guaranteed to get one card per week.

Now such cards are already eight - they are put in a separate list above. In fact, these are the rarest cards in the game. What are they allocated so?

The wizard, as if sab-ziro, not only causes opponents damage, but slows down their movement and speed of attack. Imagine what space for action! You can suspend the enemy horde, freeze units and get a huge advantage.

The princess resembles a lunch with something, only there is one difference. The girl shoots in opponents, without moving across the river. In addition, it causes damage around the area. With good snarling, you will be able to beat the enemy reinforcement or tower.

For a detailed description of each character and statistics, see links.

New legendas

New legendar in March 2017

From now on, all the details about new maps will be in a separate article - for convenience.

In the spring of 2017, two cards will be delighted at once: a gangster who can literally jump towards the enemies, and the night witch is the lady of bats.

In December, Thunderzhaz comes out - this character is perfectly protected with electricity and is ready to share a free discharge with each willing (and not wishing).

On the last day of September, a fiery dragon was added. Attacks one goal, and the longer attacks - the more damage. And on October 28, the cemetery began in the game - it appears anywhere in the field and produces 20 skeletons.

In July update, four cards were added in July, but two of them are legendary - woodcutters and logs. The first is a real alcoholic. Drink even on the battlefield. But he drinks rage. When the woodcutter dies, then this very rage drops, which accelerates the surcharges of unions. The log, in turn, rolls on the ground and knocks all on the way.

In May update, you added the ability to get a legendary map in Clash Royale - even three more. This is a hellish hound, Sparky and Shakhtar.

The first is a tank that attacks only buildings. After death, the character disintegrates on six lava guys, which also cheerfully attack opponents. The second is suitable for covering your troops. It hits with electricity, and very painful. True, this design needs 5 seconds to recharge.

The third card is Shakhtar - will allow the enemy unexpected strikes. The guy is reborn at any point of the card. In general, any. Specify your finger - and he breaks the tunnel there. Given the price of only 3 points of the elixir, it is not bad.

Algorithm and chance of falling out

Know about new legens in Clash Royale cool, but I want to understand when we can get them. To do this, I recommend to get acquainted with the scheme of loss of these cards. Rather, not with the scheme, but with an approximate percentage.

Before updating on May 3, a chance to get a diamond character from a super magic chest was approximately 13% . We know thanks to the strippers on YouTube. Now this percentage has increased.

  • Bentim1 received 8 legendary cards when opened 22 chest - chance 36.4%
  • Chief Pat took 10 cards from 25 boxes chance - 40%
  • Molt grabbed 33 cards from 100 boxes - chance 34%

If you take the average, then the chance of the legendary card in Clash Royale Now it is 37%!

But you know what? How about 100%? And for free? Read on.

Get 1 card a week through the chest

To pump out more money from us, the developers have added a legendary chest to Clash Royale. You buy it for 500 gems - you get 1 card with any arena. It seems to be an honest deal. If you have a machine for printing money.

But wait. Why do we need the machine when you can get free hemes for 2000 pieces a week? Will my thought catch?

Here is a step-by-step recipe:

  1. Go to the Hyde of the mining of crystals;
  2. Perform all the requirements and get from 1700 to 2000 green stones per week;
  3. Waiting until the legendary chest appears in the store;
  4. Buy it and get 1 card;
  5. Go to the arena and defeat;


Highlighted in tables purple color.

This is not imba characters. If you make a deck of them, no one guarantees you victory. Even if you insert the legendary Clash Royale cards. Each unit has its pros and cons.

The status of the card affects the rarity of its falling in the chests.

But among the epic CLASH ROYALE cards much more useful units. For example, the prince. He falls into the epic category. Very useful even on the last arena.

There is one small chip. If epic characters rarely come across, you can buy them in a shop on free gold. The way read on.

Donat and prices

In the update of December 15, it was possible to tear epic characters. This can be done only on one day of the week. Read about the epic sunday by reference. For such generosity give 500 units of gold and 10 xp.

Also, prices for these maps are now reduced twice: one character can be purchased for 1000 coins. For each subsequent purchase it will be necessary to throw an extra thousand.

Help the clan - and buy cards for free

In the game you can give part of your units clan. By this you earn XP and some gold. Someone will say that it is nonsense - why sell cards in Clash Royale by some unknown people. But let's just consider.

On the day you can give 60 cards. For the usual you will receive 5 gold coins, for rare - 50. If you give sixty usual, then on the day you will earn 300 coins. This is 2100 gold per week. This money can be spent on one or two epic cards in the store.

So do not greading. You have all the inventory clogged with buildings and spells that you do not even pump. Sell ​​those cards that you have not surrendered at all, copy precious metals and improve your deck.


Clash Royale is an interesting card game, which is an outcomes from the Universe of another, for sure you have a famous project. At the moment, Taitle Proud is the title "Celebrating discipline", tournaments and events from the Supercell studio are held on it, and the number of players exceeded 100 million.

Among the analogues, the product is allocated with one important advantage - it is possible to collect a strong deck without investments, the main thing is to acquire patience and prerequisites. As part of this article, we will analyze the process of forming good decks, which will be useful for newbies.

How to get legendary cards

  • The first way is the easiest, and it consists in buying super magic chests - they are expensive, (from 1600 to 4,600 coins), but the chance to find the legendary card in them is quite high. But to acquire gigantic or magical chests with the same goal is not the best idea - you can dial them a lot, and nothing will fall out.
  • The second way is not suitable for everyone, because you need to reach the 9th arena - then there is a chance that the legends will periodically appear in the store, and the price will be about 40,000 gold, which is equivalent to 2,000 crystals. If you got to the jungle and have a solid stock of gold, and a cherished item is available in the shop - boldly buy, otherwise you will not have time. However, you can wait here for a very long time.
  • The third way is banal - legendary cards, although with a minimum chance fall out of ordinary chests, which are given to you after a won battle. Up to the fourth arena, it is meaningless to wait for cards, since the first of them, the hellish hound, opens only on the 4th location. In the "workshop of the builder" four more four are available. Copy the hemes from the chests, subsequently you will change them on gold and you will have the capital to buy the desired legendary in the shop. It all depends on your good luck: pray to God Random and hope for the best
Table of the chance of legendary cards
Table of the chance of legendary cards


According to the type, the princess resembles one of the missions, only dressed in a more expensive outfit. In fact, with them, it has little common, with the exception of weapons. The character inflicts damage around the area and shoots very far away, reaching even to enemy towers, while at the same time on its half of the field. It needs protection because it has little hitpoints and is easily vulnerable for almost all creatures.

Screenplay application :If you need to effectively destroy the structures of the enemy, and especially not risking the health of most units, place the princess behind the back of a powerful hero with a large margin of health - for example, giant.

How to defend :If the princess crossed the river and already on your database, throw a strong unit with a near-type attack under it, and the problem will disappear by itself. Fear for your tower? Use pumping spells capable of one volley kill the hero.

Ice sorcerer

By the form of the ice sorcerer a little bit like the usual, only he lost his hood and changed the hair color. In comparison with the fellow character, the character causes much less damage, but his main chip in freezing attacks - the affected targets slow down and move at a lesser speed, which gives time for maneuvers.

Screenplay application :The card can be used in almost any game moments. For example, if the base attacks some kind of giant skeleton or P.K.K.A, the ice sorcerer will be effectively slow and will give the opportunity to other, more powerful units to deal with the enemy. They are also easy to destroy small but annoying skeletons and other low-hp soldiers.

How to defend : Ice sorcerer, though I can beat around the square, but he does it with a small distance. Place the heroes of long battle against him and they are quickly shared with the enemy. You can also just throw him under the feet of Valkyrius, or something like that.


According to the concept of the banding, looks like a prince - it is just as attacked in the jerk, and in the process it becomes invulnerable. However, the character has few hitpoints, a little damage and requires less mana - only 3 units of elixir, which is not sorry.

Screenplay application :The supply of HP allows the gangster to get to the tower and make several shots on it, so it is effective to use it if you need to achieve an important goal. Did not work out? Nothing terrible, you have not spent many resources.

How to defend :It is easy to stop the gangster can a bunch of simple units, by type army of skeletons or goblins. The main thing is not to give the hero to make a jerk, and reach the victim. Otherwise, it's not difficult to defend it.


The main feature of Sparky is a colossal damage in the area and a lot of health. The installation copes even with the most dense creatures, and does not feel the obstacles in its path. But it shoots units once every 5 seconds, and during this time, fast characters can destroy it.

Screenplay application :In the attack, Sparks is used with those who will cover it, especially while recharging is going - powerful arrows are perfect. In the protection of the base, the structure is placed so that the creation of like giants could not approach him - then the card will not be offended by your buildings, and will help repel the attack.

How to defend :Sparks do not hit air targets, and it is better to exhibit a flame dragon or hordes of minions against it. The knight with his acceleration also effectively destroys this card, but in general it all depends on the specific situation - for example, if the installation is defended by strong guys, you need to change the strategy.

Hell Hound + Hell Puppies

Hell Hound - Excellent Shield for Building a Multiple Combinations. The creature attacks only buildings and does not pay attention to other units, it has small rates of damage and speed, but surpasses all others by the number of health.

Screenplay application :The hellish race acts as a reliable fortress, taking damage to air beings, as well as heroes with a long-range attack type. Behind the "doggy" you can put powerful flying characters that will calmly beat the tower.

How to defend :Even if the hell's horse will be flown to the tower, it is worth remembering that it is too weak attack - much more important than those who follow the back of this card. To protect the ice sorcerer with a slowing effect, a hellish tower, attracting attention to herself, or the Horde of Minions in a pair with a dragon.


The card's chip is that it can be used anywhere in the arena, and become an unexpected surprise for the opponent. The character has a high damage and a good health stock, but the main thing is his mobility.

Screenplay application :In the defense miner is never used, but rather suitable for a counterattack or a regular attack. Need to break the tower or turn off the annoying unit, according to the type of princess? For this guy, this is not a problem.

How to defend :If you know that the opponent has a miner, it is better to keep the army of skeletons or mini p. K.K. - they can lightly destroy this hero. Everything works by analogy with the defense of the giant - exhibit a bunch of creatures, effective against a warrior without damage in the region.

Hell Dragon

The character looks on his more "simple" fellow of a small dragon, is closed in armor from what it looks even fun. Attacks not in the area, but hits the beam by analogy with the Hell Tower, gradually accumulating damage.

Scenario of application: Mostly the card is used in protecting the base from strong guys like a giant or P.K.K.a - those who do not get air objects. But against the Horde of Minions, the hellish dragon copes badly - when attacking the enemy half the base, it is better to provide him with protection.

How to defend: the simplest goblins-speakers calmly beat off the attack of this card, and distract the attention of the creatures from the tower. For a large number of units, the card is very vulnerable - she needs time to increase the attack.


Spell mechanics are similar to poison or rage. When used in the specified area, skeletons appear - 20 pieces in 10 seconds.

Screenplay application :In the attack, the cemetery is combined with the same rage or frost - useful buffs, in the bundle they have a huge damage of buildings. The enemy will have to respond to such a move, otherwise it will quickly lose the tower. As for protection, the spell is not so efficient, but serves as a "thunder".

How to defend :If you see that the tower has "grown" the cemetery, throw the cheap units, which is not pity - linens, skeletons, etc. They will hit themselves, and you will save beneficial cards for contraunting.


The woodcutter is famous for a good damage and impressive reserves of HP, but its main feature is Buff, activating after death - namely the rage, which is charged between all the standing creatures.

Screenplay application :The character is well suited as a living shield for other, not protected heroes, such as: Lien, demolition, Musketeer, etc. It turns out a confident combination of tank + DD, which at the moment of death also gives the allies with a powerful spell. As for protection, the card is effective all thanks to the same rage acting on towers.

How to defend :The tactics of defense from the woodcutter varies depending on the units moving behind his back. So, small creatures like goblins-speakers can be easily destroyed with a fiery ball.


Useful skill that can be used only on its base. It helps to deal with chili beings like the army of skeletons or missions, causes a little damage, but throws enemies back, giving unnecessary time to the allied troops. Does not affect air goals, from which it is not so effective as arrows, but it requires less mana.

Screenplay application :The ability is suitable as an analogue of similar attacking spells to destroy small units or quickly finish the opponent's tower.

How to defend :It is impossible to escape from the log, and if it was released, you can say goodbye to some of your warriors. So that this does not happen, analyze the actions of the opponent, and prevail the moment when it is going to use the skill.

Night witch

The main feature of the night witness, and the difference from the usual, is the ability to call 2 volatile mice, damage both air and ground targets. The character himself attacks only the infantry, and in the near battle, and it copes well with strong creatures. After death, the map calls another 4 volatile mouse.

Screenplay application :Night Witch - a character destroying everything around, which means to perfectly cope with the hellish hound or a balloon. At the same time, it does not have impressive parameters, and the emphasis is placed on the volatile mice following her.

How to defend :The near type of attack does not promise a night witch anything good in a collision with the army of skeletons, barbarians or the same Valkyrie - these guys will quickly send a girl into non-existence, the main thing is to let her closer towards the towers.

Electric wizard

A vulnerable and slightly disheveled electric wizard stuns enemies at its appearance, attacking with lightning maximum two goals. If the character is one creature before the character, it will receive a double damage. The main weakness of the card can be considered its high cost, and complexity in use - it is important to choose a competent strategy, otherwise you can simply waste the resources.

Screenplay application :The electrical wizard is better to put behind the strong guys according to the type of giant or a giant skeleton that will be able to accept the bulk of themselves. By analogy with spells, the hero also easily kills the crowd of small creatures, if you encounter it into the thick of the battle.

How to protect: Against numerous units, it is effective only at the time of the electric discharge, in other cases some goblins are easily shared with it.

How to beat the legend to Clash Royale


With the help of a legendary card in Clash Royale, you can win any fight. The question is how to knock out or increase the chances of receipt.

Absolutely any player can find a legendary in Clash Royale opening the chests. The main thing is to do it daily, because the more discoveries, the higher the probability. This indicates statistics and various tables.

Methods for obtaining.

To begin with, the legendary card is best acquired for hemes (crystals). In the "Store" tab in Clash Royale there are paid suggestions: a handful, wallet, diamond bucket and so on. Then buy maps in the "Daily Shares" section.

The minus of this method is an overestimated price, but there is an opportunity to extrude cherished legens. Much lower chance when opening simple straps to get a cherished.

One card will be very expensive. It is more profitable to take the chest, because there are other things there, but there is no guarantee that there is a legendade.

Legendary Chest

If the collection of cards do not contain the necessary, then its appearance in the game store is a rare event. The system gives only those that you play, suggests to improve them. The update takes place every day, do not forget to look there.

The following way depends on your luck. It can be calculated using mathematics. The percentage of the desired legens in ordinary chests that you are awarded after battles varies in the range of 0.03-0.04%.

If there is no desire to open super magic, then you will be given royal free. This table should reinforce the expectations that the level of the arena affects the number of displayed boxes.

  • Valley Char - 0.07%;
  • Builder's workshop - 0.08%;
  • Caban Mountain - 0.11%.

Most of all those who own such characters are those who actively play and often wins.

You can grab the desired legendary cards using gold coins. They will be presented in the store as soon as you reach the Arena number nine.

how to beat the legendary card

Provided that the player is in the arena called "Goblin Stadium". Then, when the following sites are achieved, the probability increases, because it becomes more difficult to play and win. However, the volume of reached buns is growing.

Sometimes crystals fall out of them that can be spent on gold, and then take a legendary unit. Simple strategy in order to accumulate resources.

Another way is Donat (donation) for gaming currency. To start, join the clan. After that, unsubscribe to the Slagens that you are ready to give unused warriors, for this you will receive up to 50 gold! Pleasant bonus - experience points.

There are also tests in the Clash Royale game. I passed them several times and won! Coincidence or pure luck, but the number of reached units from leading players is great, and therefore this is the right strategy. The more rewards in the tests, the higher the chance.

Hello everyone, today we will touch on the question of how to get a legendary map in Clash Royale? And then someone is lucky, and he has it, and maybe even a few.

And someone is waiting for months, and did not see the long-awaited.

3 best ways to get a legendary in Clash Royale

Consider 3 ways to acquire the desired card for free, without investing your own funds. After all, if you are ready to spend, you can just buy a legendary chest.

And already from it you will fall out a random legendary. Well, if it is still wondering how to do it for free, then proceed.

Legendary Claim Chest

The first way to knock down the legendar is to increase the likelihood of its falling out of the clan chest.

To do this, you need to know a couple of chips. The first is the level of your arena. What he is higher, the greater the chance for success.

How often the legendary map falls
Percentage of legendary drops from the chest depending on the arena

The second chip requires attention. To open the clang box you need to participate in clan battles. Crowns are given for victory. For these crowns pump Level. All of them are 10. So when we see at 10 level that one crown remained, then I don't do anything, but just wait.

Our task is to be the first one who will open it, because the first opener has the highest chance that the legendary map falls.

So wait and try to click on the chest first and of course find the long-awaited prize.

Leightener for 10 hems

The second way is to be able to get the desired treasure in just 10 hems. Agree, the price is worth.

After all, it is not a problem with 10 crystals. All you need is to participate in the tests. But not in classical, but in large, where crystals need to pay for the entrance.

In order to participate in them: the 8th level and good deck. Starting with 4-6 victories, you can knock down the legendary.

Naturally, the more than more than you wick over the opponent, the higher the possibility. A good advantage will also be bonuses that you are for testing.

True, if your deck is weak and in your account more defeats, it is better to think about whether you should spend crystals, or you can go to another way.

Leightener from scratch.

The third method works when creating a new account or you just registered and you just have to start playing Clash Royale.

In general, Supercell is a company that has developed this game makes it possible to get several epics at the start. More precisely, then after 11 victories.

But if you want a legendary, then enter as follows. From the start we collect a decent deck, since at first even epics can fall.

In general, with this deck shakes up to the 5th arena without getting chests. It is not so hard to do, as it seems. So, they shake to the 5th arena, if you have enough patience, it is better to the 6th or even the 7th.

After that, open the panel and you drop out the magic box or even the supermargic, which gives you a greater chance of knocking out the legendary card.


And now a small video about how to beat the legendary.

Well, friends. That's all.

Successful to you games and only victories in this wonderful game!

How to beat the legend to Clash Royale

Not all players know that Clash Royale has about 80 game cards. But even newcomers know that there is nothing better than to knock down in their collection of cards. With it, you will become the winner of almost any fight against the opponent. The total number of legens is 14. This means that the chance to get at least one card out of 14 is extremely small. But still, to increase your chance to loss such a card, there are several tips that can perform any player culsh piano.

Tip №1 Super Magic Chest

Open the super magic chest. This is the largest chest in the game. It is considered to be much due to the fact that he keeps a lot of cards in himself in contrast to others. It can be obtained after the fight, but the likelihood of such an event is extremely small. There is another option - buying such a chest. It will vary it depending on your last isna, but this amount will not exceed 1600 hemes. If you did not spend them from the very beginning of the game, then such an amount during the game you had to have accumulated.

Tip №2. Purchase for coins

Buying legendar for coins. Such proposals will begin to appear as soon as you open the ninth arena. The price announced by the map is approximately 40 thousand gold coins, which is equivalent to 2 thousand hems. This advice will be more practical than the first, because the chance of falling out the legendary card from the chest is not quite high, although it is permissible to exist. I advise you to look into the store every day, so as not to miss the probable legendar offer that you need. Therefore, pardimate patience and nerves for a long time, because everything comes from the first time and not from the first day.

Tip number 3. Simple chest

Believe and morally pump your human luck. The chance of falling out the legendary card is even from a simple chest, which accumulate after fights. But this is possible only if you have a fourth isna. It is from her who begins the moment of "entry" into the world of legendary cards. And the first of them is hellish hound. And the more the arens you have openly, the more legens can fall. Do not forget about the possibility of translating gems into gold coins. Making a day of 20 crystals from the chests, one can be a good condition for converting the currency to the opening of the eighth arena.

Table of probability of finding the legendary card in the chest Table probability

Legendary maps

As you already know, in the game at the moment 14 legendary cards, each of which has its own characteristics. Some will be very well fit against any enemy deck, some with complaints. To experiment, of course, you can. But let's look at them better and try to identify which one is better than others.

Available with 4 Arena:

Flame dragon (creature)

Flame Dragon

Description: Films with a concentrated fiery beam. Damage eventually rises. Wears a helmet - safety equipment is most important.

Value: 4.

It is an improved copy of a small dragon, except that all damage will now be distributed into one goal, and not in the area with a small radius of the lesion. It becomes clear from the description that the damage will be proportionally to grow with the time spent on the attack of one object. If the dragon proceeds to the next target, the increase factor returns to the initial value.

Tips for use: if the opponent against you put P.E.K.K.A. or giant, then boldly put against them a fiery dragon. The flow of the directional beam will quickly deal with the target, and it is impossible to get it in the earth's goals plus to the survivability.

Hell Hound (Creature)

Hell's Helling

Council on confrontation: If the enemy put the dragon against you, you can absolutely counterattack it with any shooters. Goblins-speaker or apart are perfect for this purpose. Simply put, it is necessary to crush it with quantities.

Description: Hellic Hound - Majestic Flying Creation, Attacking Buildings. Hellic puppies are not so majestic, but very evil, and attack everything in a row.

Value: 7.

Pretty powerful card even for 4 arena. Great Health Agend allows her to survive a large number of damage caused to her. The goals for attack always chooses buildings, so move (fly) will be to the enemy tower, despite possible threats in the form of enemy characters. If the hell's hound was destroyed, the hell's puppies appear in her place, which will revenge and attack all the enemy goals nearby.

Tips for use: when the enemy will expose a large number of shooters, and then it will put the hut of the goblin, then boldly release the hell riding. Your other warriors will understand the crowd of enemies as quickly with the crowd of enemies, because they will be distracted by riding with a huge amount of health.

Council on confrontation: to destroy the enemy's hounds, any flying warriors will need. Ideally, the Horde of Minions or the Hell Tower is suitable, but it is necessary to put it before the hell's horse will reach the buildings. Puppies Poles can be achieved by a simple spell - arrows. I advise you to put this card into each deck.

Available from 5 Arena:

Cemetery (spell)


Description: Surprise! This is a party. Skeletal party anywhere arena. Hooray!

Value: 5.

Spell capable of visiting skeletons on your side anywhere. Attack skeletons of the nearest opponent. The spell duration is 10 seconds, the total number of skeletons that will appear - 20.

Tips for use: the use of this card can be two. If you have the opportunity to make an attack, then apply this card between the tower and the opponent's fortress. There you throw the "rage" spell. As the result is a large number of damage to the rival buildings, and even the victory in the match, if your opponent did not have time to react on time. The second way of application is the protection of buildings and units from severe beings.

Ice sorcerer (creature)

Ice sorcerer

Council on confrontation: protect against the enemy "skeleton cemeter" will help the demolution with his bombs, which will destroy the crowd of weak skeletons with one bomb. If it is not in the deck, then use maps that call a few creatures (spearkers, linens, skeletons, etc.). In this case, you need to freeze cards in this case, but it can be protected as follows: the first thing you play cheap cards, and after expensive spell.

Description: Already goosebumps! He shoots into enemies with pieces of ice, slowing the speed of movement and attack. Let him and Ice, but he has a mustache of a hot guy.

Value: 3.

Ice sorcerer is an improved copy of a simple sorcerer. Someone can say: "Yes, he has a damage less! How can he be better? " The secret lies in the ability to slow down both the speed of movement and the rate of attack of enemy units. Due to the attack with the area of ​​action, it can freeze an enemy bunch, imagining your buildings. Also, he can transfer a large number of damage by itself, due to increased health, which ordinary sorcerer cannot.

Tips for use: Ice sorcerer will be an excellent addition to a more powerful creature in the siege of the tower. It will also be convenient to use it for the destruction of small crowd of weak units or to delay the major enemy being.

Council on confrontation: to destroy the enemy "Sab-Ziro" with the help of a strong creature, which attacks not only the structure, but also creatures (i.e. the giant is not suitable here). Nearby you can put someone with a distant type of attack, so that they do not fall into the radius of the attack of the sorcerer.

Available from 6 Arena:

Log (spell)


Description: Randomly spilled bottle of rage turned the usual brave tree in the "log". It crareshes revenge, crushing everything on her way!

Value: 2.

A tool capable of destroying the Horde of Chile enemies. The principle of action is reminiscent of the arrows, but this is not right. The log is striking the enemies moving along the ground. That is, the enemies that are in the air, will not affect. Another distinctive feature of the log is repulsive property and the ability to reflect the goblin barrel.

Tips for use: to produce a log stands when you see that the opponent puts on the field of goblins, barbarians or skeletons. They will be swept away from the battlefield. Another chip, allowing to demolish the almost destroyed tower: release a log in the center of the mobble, and the case is in a hat.

Sparks (creature)


Council on confrontation: knowing that in his hand the opponent has this tool, be alert when we release your crowds creatures. And best of all will be if you do not arrange them, becoming easy prey.

Description: Sparks attack slowly, but its blow attacks a huge damage. She is unfamiliar to the phrase "overdo it."

Value: 6.

Giant electric gun, appreciating a large damage to enemies that fell into the shelling zone. The health of this thing may approach one and a half thousand (depends on the level). Its is the only and significant minus - a break between the shots is equal to 5 seconds. So you understand it is only 12 times per minute.

Tips for use: Installing Sparks need from behind other earth units, so they will defend each other from a possible threat. This car can be actively used against giants or P.K.K.A.. It will destroy them for a couple of shots. Another trick that will help not lose the gift of the power of the installation, is to draw the creature behind Sparks. This will not be distracted by him on the thrillies, but to inflict damage to more dense enemies.

Shakhtar (creature)


Council on confrontation: against the enemy sparkle boldly let all flying units. If they do not cope, then send to the face, or guards, or a prince (the dark prince is also suitable), or barbarians. If there are skeletons in your hand, you can safely be able to send them to the tower, because at low speed attacks to kill such an oral - problematic.

Description: Miner can move under the ground and appear anywhere in the arena. This is not magic, it is a shovel.

Value: 3.

The digger, which can be installed almost anywhere isna. This allows him to get to him to the most secure plants of the opponent or to catch the surprise unexpected attack. Make such a trick will help good health and attack indicators.

Tips for use: taking with them a card by spawn skeletons, you can make a tricky move, put them first to the tower, and then the miner. The main thing is to make the most quickly enough, so that the opponent did not have time to come to himself, and in the meantime they destroyed one tower and head to the royal tower.

Council on confrontation: the same skeletons will help you to "deal with" an enemy miner. Just surround it with them. If you did not take them or there are no, then the help will come from mini P.K.K.A. or hordes of minions.

Available with 7 Arena:

Studzyz (creature)


Description: It appears with the sound of Piou, paralyzes the nearest opponents and throws the lightning with both hands! That's why the showroom.

Value: 4.

Thunderstroke, or as it is still called it, an electric magician. It has a scant amount of health, in exchange for what has the ability to attack two enemies at once. But if nearly one enemy near, then the damage one will be multiplied by two (naturally, after all, lightning will be allowed from two hands). Also, when attacking there is a possibility that the enemy will be stunned by half a second.

Tips for use: due to the thumbnail, the stume is not suitable for tanning. Therefore, it should be allowed as support to the giant (the royal giant will also be consolidated). Just if there is a prince in an enemy deck (or a dark prince), then the magician will not give them to use their speed that increases damage.

Princess (creature)


Council on confrontation: the same minus is a small amount of health. You can send the rivets to the next light can the usual fireball (fireball). With its absence, you can try to kill it with a large number of creatures, because the wizard attacks only two goals, no more.

Description: This charming princess shoots from a long distance lit by arrows. If you have warm feelings, it is most likely because you are burning!

Value: 3.

A special type of flight with a special bow, which she can hit targets from their half cards. So, for example, she will easily be able to break, standing behind the pavement. However, she will need support, so that no one can get to her and kill, because the number of lives at her at the lowest level.

Tips for use: Due to damage in the area, it will be effectively used against the collisions in the form of skeletons, minions or goblins. Ideally will put in front of her giant or knight, which will take the whole blow to yourself. When defending the Royal Fort, place the princess from behind. Its radius will allow attacking enemies from a safe distance.

Council on confrontation: an incredibly low amount of health. This means that any damage that can be caused by a spell is able to kill the princess. If there are no spell cards in hand, then use strong units that will have time to reach it and damage.

Available with 8 Arena:

Woodcutter (creature)


Description: During the day he rubs the trees, and at night hunts on a log. Dying, spills a bottle of rage.

Value: 4.

Tight, strong and fast warrior, and even with "spraying" rage spells finally. What could be even better for 4 drops of elixir? As for me, this is the best map in the entire game, in the Council on Use will learn why.

Tips for use: Woodcutter - the leader of any troops. Attack? Well, let us go through the Horde of your creatures. Leader killed? Excellent! Your army under the action of rage demolings everything in its path, and eventually wins the entire match. Not bad? What if we defend? We put the woodcutter in place closer to the tower. He was killed again? We are not upset, but remember the action of the spell of the rage that applies to the construction.

Night Witch (creature)

Night witch

Council on confrontation: do not panic if the crazy woodcutter was released against you. Try to oppose it a strong warrior, and warriors that behind him, destroy. It is advisable to do this first, so as not to give them to take advantage of the spell action. Fireball will help you in this matter.

Description: Encourages volatile mice, performing the orders of the night witness, even after her death. But if it gets too close to it, it does not circulate and the enemy itself itself is a terrible staff.

Value: 4.

Again an improved copy of another creature. This time the witch, which instead of skeletons encourages volatile mice. They attack both earthly and air targets. The witch herself loses the possibility of attacking from afar. Now for battle, it uses the near battle. If the night witch dies, then 4 bats appear in her place.

Tips for use: We put the witch in the lower strip under the royal fortress. So, on the way to the enemy fortress, it will interfere with enough mice to destroy it. Also night witch will be very effective against hellish hounds and balloons.

Council on confrontation: Night Witch has insufficiently impressive characteristics. For its destruction, a strong creature will be required or a bunch of skeletons. After the destruction, it is advisable to put the shooters who, together with your tower, destroy the mice.

Available from 9 Arena:

Bandine (creature)


Description: The gangster rushes to the goal and causes a merciless blow! When it moves, it is impossible to get to it. The mask hides the face ... and adds to her coolness.

Value: 3.

Attack in the jerk - this is what makes the gangster unique among other characters. During the jerk, the whole damage will pass by it, which looks like the ability of the prince. But the gangster has a low health supply, the attack is also not so strong. But the cost of 3 drops of elixir explains why.

Tips for use: if one strike remained an enemy tower, and the time is about at the end, then boldly release the gangster, which in the jerk will do its job and save you from the defeat.

Council on confrontation: if you put a powerful creature, and the enemy of the gangster, the skeletons will help you to distract it. Prevent her to make a jerk can spell "discharge", but after him again need to distract her attention to small creatures (for example, goblins).

Available from 10 Arena:

Royal Ghost (Creature)

Royal Ghost

Description: He suffers imperceptibly over the arena, until someone from enemies frightened him. Then he is started into battle! And then again becomes invisible. Hey, where are you?

Value: 3.

Creature with unusual mechanics - invisibility. He appears in the event that it will take place past him. Then he will be visible and destroying the enemies around him.

Tips for use: the ghost will be effective against the horde of opponents with a small amount of lives, because The damage of the ghost king is applied in the area. Against sorcerers and musketeers will also have good results.

Megaryzar (creature)


Council on confrontation: seeing the ghost's enemy, issue a knight, Valkiria or Prince to him. They are capable of challenging them.

Description: Possessing the strength of thousands of mustache, it easily straightens with enemies, causing a huge damage in the area. Strangle!

Value: 7.

Another powerful trump card in the deck is Megaryzar. He would go well for the role of a tanker hero (a great health stock + big damage), but it can distract to other earthly goals.

Tips for use: Knight's damage will help you protect your army and towers from enemy attacks in time. When attacking enemy buildings, support from the rear is desirable.

Council on confrontation: whom it is worth afraid of the Megaryzar, so it is P.K.K.A. .. both small and usual. Remember this and use on the enemy opponent.

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