The reason for the cutting replacement of the actress in the series "Magnificent Century: Kösem Empire."

If you watched the series "Magnificent Century: Ködesem Empire", then probably were surprised by a sharp change of the actress, coming on one of the main roles in the series. At first, the viewers appears blonde Anastasia Tsilmoow, and then, when no one expects a trick, replaced by Beren Sat. In this article, I want to tell the true cause of such a replacement.

The reason for the cutting replacement of the actress in the series "Magnificent Century: Kösem Empire."

For Anastasia, the role in this series was debut. Nothing reminds? At one time, Merry Primelli also showed itself in all its glory for the first time on such large-scale surveys. The same was with Anastasia. The series directed by the series expected the rating of the series will be very large, and clearly repeat the success of the "magnificent century". However, something went wrong. The series ratings were rather low.

In Turkey, almost no one knew the new actress, many did not like her game. Some considered it a little for this role, since at that time Anastasia was only 17 years old.

The reason for the cutting replacement of the actress in the series "Magnificent Century: Kösem Empire."

Because of dissatisfaction with the actress, as well as because of its insufficient rating, the director of the series decided to virtually immediately replace the actress. On the main role they invited Bern - one of the most popular actresses of Turkey. Many of her knew in a beautiful appearance, as well as a high-quality game. Of course, Bern could not abandon such a large-scale project.

Immediately after changing the actress, the series rating was really higher, since the fans of Beren were pulled up to his viewing, and those who were interested in changing the actress.

The reason for the cutting replacement of the actress in the series "Magnificent Century: Kösem Empire."
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After the release of the 7th series of the first season of the series, many Russian viewers were surprised, seeing the role of Makhpeker (Ködesem) not young Greek Anastasia Tsilmpore, and mature and judicial berred Saat. Such a move of the creators of the series caused a wave of bewilderment from fans. But as soon as the audience got used to the new main actress, in the second season she changed Nurgul Eshilla. The actresses are completely different on each other, they are fundamentally different by the type of appearance and even the color of the hair. So what did the project creators want to achieve?

The creators of the series answered the question, so tormented by the audience. It turned out that the change of the actress was planned in advance, and each of them symbolizes a new stage of the life of Kydesem.

First stage.

Anastasia Tsilimple shows us a young girl, not yet familiar with the customs of the palace, distinguished by its emotionality, stubbornness and a wonderful character and the love of his first in life. It is still too inexperienced and often makes thoughtless actions, and a storm of emotions rages in her soul: pain from separation from relatives, insult due to injustices in a harem and an emerging passionate and desperate love for Sultan Ahmed. The girl is full of sincere intentions and thirst for justice and is ready to go for all sake of his beloved: she was not afraid of nor rivals, no terrible disease that struck Sultan. It is these feelings at this stage forced to move forward by the heroine, like a non-blurred flower.

Second phase.

In the seventh series of the first season, Bern Sat appears in the role of Kyösem. The heroine makes a serious and brave act: coming out of the palace to the angry yanychars to protect the Sultan of his heart, while the rest hops the topkaps. For the sake of Ahmed, the girl was ready for self-sacrifice. This scene clearly gives the viewer to understand that his childhood ended, and the new stage of her life was completed: we are no longer a child, and the judgment, the tricky and bold lady, who has a sharp mind and a big heart and has already known the happiness of motherhood. She gladly helps people, but can give seriously repulse with their enemies: sometimes with the help of tactics and tricks, and sometimes with a sword in hand.

Third stage.

In the second season, we already see the mature and domineering Valid Ködesem Sultan performed by Nurgul Eshilla, who passed through the storms and thunderstorms, survived the death of her husband, achieved unprecedented power and thanks to the mind, tricks and scenario, began to rule the state as a regency.

After the sensational series, the magnificent century, its continuation came to the screens, the magnificent century of the Empire Keshem.

Actions in it occurred after several generations. Many fans of the series emerged the question of why so sharply and often replace the main heroine Keshe Sultan.

The role of Keshe Sultan, three actresses played.
The role of Keshe Sultan, three actresses played.

It is about the causes of cutting replacement actresses I will tell today in this article.

In the first series of the Empire Kesem, the main role was played by the Blonde Greek Anastasia Tsilimampow.

Scripts wanted to highlight the image of Keshe Sultan, as in due time the red-haired Hurrem Sultan in the magnificent century.

But here they calculated, charming and young Anastasia could not conquer the hearts of fans and the series ratings were very low.

Anastasia Tsilimampow.
Anastasia Tsilimampow.

There were rumors that Anastasia will be replaced by a more experienced and successful actress Bern Sat in the 13th series, but the producers did not delay the replacement of the actress, and already in the 7th series, a new Keshe Sultan appears in front of us.

Beren Saat is a famous Turkish actress, her talent and beauty conquered the hearts of many fans, thank her on her after entering the screens of the series "What wine Fatmagul".

The scripts were hoping for the fact that in the series Empire Keshem, Beren will be able to raise the ratings and attract the audience.

Beren Saat in the role of Keshe Sultan.
Beren Saat in the role of Keshe Sultan.

The viewers for replacing the actress were not unambiguously reacted, someone was outraged, which was only used to Anastasia, why were they replaced by Beren, someone outraged that the actresses are not at all like the type, age and color of the hair.

But as a result, the replacement occurred, and did not have time to show the writers as a young kaem became an adult, as the news appears that in the new season, the actress Beren Sat is replaced by Nurgul Eshilla.

Despite the fact that Bern still managed to raise the ratings of the series and bring it to the top, she decides to leave.

Nurgul Eshilla in the role of Keshe Sultan.
Nurgul Eshilla in the role of Keshe Sultan.

The reason for the departure lies in the following, according to the scenario of the film, the events are developing rapidly, and the main character must not grow by day, but by the hour, and Beren Sat did not want to get old on the screen.

You can see that by the end of the first season of the series of Empire Keshe, the series left many actors. The new season will begin with Nurgul as Keshe, events 10 years later, on the throne of Sultan Murad.

Nurgul Eshilla is a famous and successful actress, on her account a lot of successful casting roles in cinema, as well as it is a famous artist in Turkey.

Nurgul played an experienced board and the last years of the life of Keshe Sultan in the series of Empire Keshe.

Which of the three actresses did you like best? And which of the actresses coped with his role better? Write your opinion in the comments.

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Blonde Keshe (Anastasia Tsilimampow, on the left) is about to suddenly become a brunette (Beren Sat, right). Photo: Canal "Home"

Blonde Keshe (Anastasia Tsilimampow, on the left) is about to suddenly become a brunette (Beren Sat, right). Photo: Canal "Home"

The historic Turkish Saga "Empire Keshem", which started in early January, successfully continued the sensational series "Magnificent Century". The fate of young Greek woman Anastasia, taken away from the father for the sake of the sake of the Ottoman Sultan, again forced TV viewers to get the handkerchiefs.

And everything in the life of a girl who received a new name Keshem was improved: in Sultan Ahmet, she successfully fell in love, began to fix her authority in the empire. But today in the 5th - 6 series of the project you will see an actress Anastasia Cilimampow for the last time. Although until the end of the season, Oh, how far (in total there are 30 episodes).

It's all about the specifics of serial production in Turkey. About the Stanislavsky system there, of course, heard, but when the scenario instructs the heroes to change the hardening, the producers prefer not to demand from the actors of a sharp reincarnation, but change them on new ones. The Greek star of ciligamo screens with her emphasis was organic at the beginning of the project, but now, in the plot, she is no longer the trembling lan. Keshe is about to pick up power on the Ottoman, here you need a strong hand! And this was found from the actress Bern Sat, which externally does not look much like a ciligamo - look at yourself. Saat will appear in the frame next week, from the 7th series.

But that's not all. In Turkey, it is about to start showing the second season already! And there Keshe play the third actress - Nurgul Eshilla.

And we also scold our series ...

By the way, in addition to Russia, two dozen countries bought "Empire Keshe".

By the way

Sultan Ahmet seemed in the first series. This is a state, quite an adult handsome man (the actor Ekin Kochu to the beginning of the filming was 22). In fact, Ahmet climbed the throne at the beginning of the XVII century, being a 13-year-old kid. But for the beauty of beauty, the scripts made it immediately mature: as more interesting. This is another sweet feature of the Turkish TV series: they spoiled there on such conventions as the historical truth.

Home. "Magnificent century. Empire Keshe ". Saturday, 19.00.

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