Where to spend bonuses thanks from Sberbank in 2021

Updated May 6, 2021. The date of the first publication is January 22, 2021.

Anyone who pays the Sberbank card always has some quantity thanks on his bonus account, but does not always know how they are optimally disposed of. We found out where at the beginning of 2021 you can earn more Sberbank bonuses (with everyday, not special spending) and where they are most profitable to spend.

As a rule, Sberbank charges 0.5% of the purchase if the client is at the level of "Many thanks" and above. That is for every spent 100 rubles you will be charged to half thanks. In the partner stores of the bank - more. And if you have a "huge thank you" or higher, then the loyalty program will allow you to choose increased categories to accrual bonuses. Many maps have increased categories depending on spending.

View your privilege levels and accrued bonuses are very simple. At the end of December, the Bank has updated the platform for the savings and the mobile application of SberBibe X. It became pleasant and clearer.

Note a few changes.

Login by QR-code

In the new version, the possibility of entering the QR code appeared (click the "Logging ID" button and select QR code). We scan the camera from the mobile application Sberline QR code from the computer screen, confirm the input and fall into the personal account of the loyalty program. No passwords do not need to enter.

Privilege levels

The conditions for changing the level are spelled out in a clear form. Easy to see what tasks you need to go to the next level in the next quarter.

In order to enhance your level, it is necessary to perform simple tasks each month (the number of tasks depends on the level).

1) Make purchases in the amount of 5000 rubles per month. A simple condition, but it is necessary to spend on the cards that participate in the bonus program. Aeroflot card will not suit.

2) Pay any service through Sberline. Cards participating in the loyalty program are also taken into account.

3) pay more than 50% (for maximum levels - 85%) shopping on the map

4) Open the contribution and replenish it monthly. This may be a cumulative account. The rate is small, but just enough to throw a small amount on this score. If there is a loan, the replenishment of the savings account monthly payment is also counted.

Performing such conditions can be enhanced by the next quarter of your privilege levels: Thank you, thank you very much, thank you so much, more than thanks. From the second level, the basic 0.5% on any purchases are charged. At the third level, 2 elevated categories can be connected, in the fourth - four. Total 18 elevated categories. Some categories of paid, for example: supermarkets 1.5%, gas stations 5%, cafes and restaurants 5%. Cost in bonuses is indicated when choosing categories. The categories themselves can be changed once a quarter.

Attention! From February 5, 2021, Sberbank will accrue bonuses Thanks for payment: - Digital cards made in mobile application - telephones with Sberpay - via QR code provided by the commercial enterprise - through the QR code formed in the personal bonuses of the Bonuses normal - 0.5 % (on stocks more)

Operations history

All card operations are now located on the main screen. Here, each operation, we see the number of accrued bonuses.

In the screenshot, we see points accrued for purchases in the Pyaterochka supermarket - from 0.5 to 2% bonuses. For some purchases it was possible to get 2% bonuses (apparently randomly), But from January 26, 2021, such a long-term cooperation of Sberbank and "pyat stroke" stops. And, accordingly, we will receive only 0.5% thanks from Sberbank himself. We will remind, in order to get at least these minimum bonuses, you must often pay the cards (spend more non-cash than to remove cash), and the amount of purchases per month by cards (participating in the loyalty program) should exceed 5,000 rubles. Otherwise, there is a chance to get to the level where Sberbank even 0.5% does not accrue.

Where can I earn high bonuses now?

We must pay tribute, Sberbank always launches additional shares with grocery stores. So, from January 18, an action started in the carousel supermarket, where you can get 7% bonuses thanks, however, the purchase should be from 1,500 rubles. The maximum for one purchase is charged 500 bonuses, and for the entire period of the action - 1500 bonuses. The action is valid until February 28, 2021. Although this campaign is not so relevant for the residents of Yekaterinburg, because the last store of this network left the Ural capital at the end of last year.

The increased interest per buying can also be obtained in fast food restaurants Burger King and KFC, in the Kari shoe store, in the Rainbow pharmacy, at the Tatneft gas stations (in Yekaterinburg there are only two of them!), In the communication salons MegaFon and Svyaznoy, Yandex.Market and Of course, in the services of the ecosystem of the Sale itself. Full list of partners on the site site.

Update from 17 Ferval 2021:

From February 17 to March 19, 2021, a new campaign "Happy purchase" starts. Customers, paying for the attempt by the VISA card in the amount of more than 2500 rubles in the "Crossroads" stores, will get the ability to return to 100% the check amount to the bonus account.

Update dated May 6, 2021:

A little about savings cards.

These cards participate in the Bonus Program of Savings. In addition, the savingskart allows to obtain elevated bonuses in certain categories. The cachek size depends on the total spending and does not depend on the level of privileges: 5% cafes and restaurants during spending from 20 thousand rubles per month (no more than 2000 bonuses) and an additional 10% gas stations when spending from 75 thousand rubles per month (no more 1000 bonuses). If you spend less than 20 thousand rubles per month, then such increased categories on this map are available only at certain levels of privileges (Terms of execution. See above) and for bonuses: Author on a regular map (do not save) It is proposed to buy a 5% cafe for 700 bonuses and 5% gas stations for 600 bonuses.

But the owners of the youth will save (age from 14 to 21 inclusive) is immediately proposed to choose one of four elevated categories: transport - 5%, restaurants and cafes - 1.5%, clothing and shoes - 1.5% and supermarkets - 1%. With common spending from 5000 rubles a month, it will receive an additional cachex 0.5% for all other purchases. Example: Increased category of restaurants and cafes selected. Then, when spending less than 5000 rubles per month, cachek will only be accrued in the selected category 1.5% (the client at the "Thank you" level). When spent more than 5,000 rubles per month (during the quarter), the client will reach the next level of the privileges "Many thanks". At this level, all other purchases are charged 0.5% by bonuses thanks.

Where can I spend the bonuses thanks?

1. Exchange on coupons

The site has a large selection of coupons. You can also buy them there. We will celebrate coupons of the supermarket "Crossroads", which can be bought until February 28, and use - until March 14, 2021 and only in the retail stores "Crossroads". Coupons are offered with a par value of 200, 300, 500 and 1500 rubles. 1 Thank you = 1 ruble.

An attractive version of both the exchange rate and the choice of goods (in the "crossroads" it is large), but the obvious minus - it is possible to get a coupon, only having a sufficient number of bonuses.

Update from April 2 2021

From April 1, 2021, the coupons of the intersection appeared on the site. They can be purchased from June 30, 2021. Course 1 Thank you = 1 ruble. 4 coupons options: 300, 500, 700, 1000. Each coupon gives a discount when purchases from 1000 rubles, 1500, 2000, 3000 rubles, respectively. Coupons can only be used in retail stores. You need to show the seller QR code of the acquired coupon.

Also on the site you can buy Coupons of the Reserved Clothing Store (until December 31, 2021).

2. Purchase for bonuses

In the services of the Sberbank and other partners ecosystems, you can directly pay for bonuses on the course 1 thanks = 1 ruble. In Kari, it is possible to pay up to 70%, Kari Kids up to 99% of the purchase price, Burger King, Yandex.Market - up to 99%, Son's daughters - up to 50% (from 02.04.21). The full list of offers and partners are on the program site. You can still exchange thanks for the scores of social networks Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. The course is also one to one.

How to use bonuses Thanks for Yandex.Market?

We choose the goods on the Yandex.Market website. Now, for example, until May 9, an action is valid at a discount of up to 50% for goods for the cottage and garden.

Add goods to the basket. When placing an order, choose the method of payment by "Thank you" (by default, the option "Map Online"). With any other payment method, the bonuses are not taken into account. Thus, you can pay up to 99% by bonuses thanks from the purchase price. 1 bonus = 1 ruble.

Update on April 30, 2021: In the new Saving of the Mega Market (former Goods.ru), the bonuses cannot be used. But Sber plans to make such an opportunity.

3. Mile and points travelers

Travelers on the website of the program are invited to exchange bonuses on railway tickets, air tickets and hotels. However, now it is not too relevant. It is possible to translate bonuses to the future. Thanks to the miles of Aeroflot or Russian Railways points - this is done in the Personal Account on the site or in a mobile application. The exchange rate depends on the level of privileges.

4. Reimbursement of housing and communal services and taxes

It is worth paying attention to a new opportunity - to refund the payment of utilities and taxes. Such an opportunity is in your personal account both on the site and in the mobile application Savingsprobo X.

The possibility of interesting, but the exchange is unfavorable. For 152 bonuses (on the screenshot), it is possible to reimburse only 76 rubles. At the level, the real cachek is twice as smaller. Change the coupons "Cross" is more profitable.

Exchange courses, as a rule, depends on the level of privileges - 1 bonus is from 0.5 to 0.75 rubles.

5. Reimbursement of a part of the monthly payment on consumer loan or mortgage

The possibility is similar to the previous one - choose from the list the desired payment for compensation. The exchange rate depends on the level of privileges - 1 bonus is from 0.5 to 0.75 rubles.

6. Exchange of bonuses for rubles

Such an opportunity appears at the fourth level of privileges.

7. Translation Customer Sberbank

Well, if thanks you do not need at all, you can translate them (at the rate just below the nominal) to your friend, for example, as a gift for the birthday. He will be nice!

That's basically it. We hope that the article was useful for you. Also, you can place maps on the Bank's website on Special Links Sbercarpery or youth save. Maps are available in individual design (+ 500 rubles), including in the design of savings.

Information on the promotions and conditions of the program is relevant at the time of the first publication 22.01.2021, unless otherwise indicated.

Partner material. The opinion of the author may not coincide with the opinion of the editorial office.

Any Sberbank card holder can become a member of the bonus program thanks. The essence of the program is to accumulate "thanksgiving" for purchases from partners of the bank. As a rule, they are accrued for purchases in stores, where in the future you can spend them.

Below is a list of popular partners Thanks from Sberbank in Moscow in 2021. Total program partners are more than 100 thousand outlets and Internet sites in Russia.

Top 5 partners

You can find out where to spend the bonuses by reference https://spaSibosberbank.ru/partners/ by selecting your region. Here you can also set the category of goods and type of card.

Burger King

One of the popular snack packers - Burger King. Only in Moscow is 194 network restaurants. Visiting this institution, the client can get the following privileges:

  • 11% of the amount are returned for the payment of the youth card.
  • 6% Kesbek when paying any other bank card.
  • Exchange from 299 points on an equal discount in restaurants.

Bonuses cannot be used when ordering food through a mobile application.

Be healthy

Offer a large selection of medicines, personal hygiene and care products for all family members - Pharmacy "Be His". All buyers in Moscow can get:

  • From 2% to 7% keshback for the purchase of bonuses thanks (the size of the cachesback differs from the type of map);
  • A discount of up to 50% for the purchase of goods, the total amount of 500 rubles.

When used at the ticket office of bonus plastic "Pipe Wallet", bonuses are not accrued.


The network of Russian restaurants, in which traditional cuisine known to all dishes are "teremok". The company tries to use only high-quality natural cooking products. The partner of the program where you can spend in Moscow Thank you from Sberbank, offers visitors:

  • Cashback 4% of the amount in the check in the form of points.
  • 99% discount when spending from 249 points.


The network of branded shoe stores, accessories - "Kari". There are about fifty network stores in the capital. By purchasing things in Kari, customers get:

  • 2.5% KesbEK from the total amount of up to 1,500 rubles.
  • 4.5% of points Thanks for purchasing from 1 500 rubles.
  • Discount up to 70% when paying at the checkout in Kari stores, thanks from Sberbank.

Points will not be able to write off the goods of some brands.

Sushi City

Shops engaged in the sale of oriental cuisine - "Sushi City". In some outlets you can also buy pizza or shawarma. In addition to the delicious meal, the program participants from Sberbank can receive:

  • Cashback in the amount of 12% when calculating the social card and 8% of the amount of acquisition when paying by the remaining bank cards.
  • Discount of up to 50% when paying for food by bonuses.

All partners Thank you from Sberbank in Moscow

one 2. 3. four five 6. 7. eight nine 10 eleven 12 13 fourteen fifteen sixteen 17. eighteen nineteen twenty 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 2.

Sberbank of Russia provides the opportunity to all the holders of salary cards, take part in the "Thank you" bonus program

. Bonuses will be accrued as the cards are used in partner stores.

. In this regard, the question arises: how does the bonuses of Sberbank occurs, what are their equivalents to the ruble and what stores take the "Thank you" points?

Features of the activation of the bonus program

In order to become a member of the program "Thank you"

You need to activate it on one of your cards. All other cards will automatically accumulate bonuses on the main account.

A number of shops and companies, have become partners of Sberbank, leaving the right to develop promotional proposals and establish a bet of accrualing points "Thank you"

. The partner stores participating in the promotion is most of all in such cities as: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Perm, Volgograd, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Tyumen, etc. Before you know how "Thank you" accumulate from Sberbank and where to spend accumulated points

, you need to register

. To do this, you can use one way:

  1. With ATM . Inserting a card, dial a pin code. In the main menu, find the "Bonus Program" section and enter the mobile phone number there, after which the number of access code with the contact center will be specified on the number.
  2. Take advantage of online banking . After registration, you need to go to the "Thank you" section from Sberbank, enter the email address and phone number. The login confirmation code will come to the specified phone number.
  3. Through Mobile Bank . Send a message with the code word " THANK YOU "By adding four last numbers of your card numbers through a space. Next will be sent a message with a one-time access code, to confirm the consent with the terms of the promotion. After that, the code will come to work with the "Thank you" program.
Program activation Thank you from SberbankTo content ↑

How to get the scores "Thank you"

Stores that accept the "Thank you" points from Sberbank, and are engaged in their accrual. You only need to pay a plastic card in one of the points listed below, after which points will be accrued to the bonus account, depending on the purchase price (a similar accrual program is valid on Credit Cards of Tinkoff Bank 55-120 days without interest

). In each store, the percentage of accrual is individual:

  • Shoe store and Kari accessories - 4.5%, Kari Kids - 7%;
  • Pierre Cardin shoe store - no more than 4.5%;
  • shop of goods of mass demand and food "Pyaterochka" - 0.5%;
  • OODJI clothing store - up to 5%.

With the full list of partner stores "Thank you" from Sberbank, you can find on the bank page

. Sberbank's partners are more than ten thousand companies specializing in various fields of activity, including in the field of online maintenance. Part of the shops and companies regularly launch promotions, during which users can get an increased percentage of bonuses.

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In which stores you can spend the bonuses "Thank you" from Sberbank

Where to spend accumulated points can be seen on the bank page

. Pointinging Pointing Procedure

looks like that:

  1. Select a product.
  2. Tell the seller that part of the purchase will be paid by bonuses.
  3. The cashier will write the indicated percentage of "Thank you" points from the score.
  4. The balance of the amount is paid for money.

One bonus is equivalent to one ruble. Maximum can be paid by scores 99% of the purchase price.

Purchase in a virtual store using "Thank you" looks like this:

  • The selected item is sent to the "Basket";
  • To pay for services, the method "Payment Thank you" is selected;
  • It is indicated part of the amount that will be written off in the form of points;
  • The bonuses will be written off and the remaining amount of money.

The practical experience of using the program forced Sberbank to make a number of amendments. The maximum number of accumulated points is 20 thousand. If for three years, the points will not be pulled, it will take automatic cancellation, after which the accumulative process will be restored.

It is important to know when points burn


  1. If points are not involved in one year.
  2. If the invoice is closed.
  3. If the goods are returned for which bonuses were charged.
  4. If the store has come out of the list of partners or opted its activities.
  5. If the bonuses arrived at the expense as a result of the technical failures of the program.
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How to check the balance of points "Thank you"

Find out how many points already accumulated

, it is possible through:

  • The Internet;
  • Mobile Bank;
  • Call centre.

The most convenient is the online service, as it allows you to check not only a bonus account, but also follow the shares passing in partner stores

. To do this, report code issued when activated.

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List of stores that accept "Thank you" bonuses from Sberbank

"Thank you" from Sberbank, where to spend accumulated points?

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