What and how to clean natural coat at home, depending on the material of manufacturing and color things

Dublinka - Winter Outerwear, stitched from the selected sheep skins. This practical and universal product has long been firmly entered our life, "settling" in the wardrobes and average housewives, and businesswomen, and students, and secular liones.

Sooner or later, every woman faces the problem of pollution things. And few knows that it is possible to clean the natural coat at home without resorting to the services of dry cleaning.


How to clean natural coat at home

how to clean the coat at home

Before you begin cleaning the winter thing, you need to carefully study all the labels, wash icons that are on the product: it will help to establish, from which the thing is sewn, what are the cleaning requirements exist. Naturally, when cleaning, it is necessary to strictly adhere to existing instructions and instructions. Without knowledge of the material from which the thing is sewn, you can forget about high-quality cleaning: suede products will destroy wet cleaning, dry cleaning for leather coats will be ineffective.

Wash natural coat can not be erected: Water will have a destructive effect on genuine leather and fur, they will lose elasticity, color, texture, and the skin can give shrinkage.

Before proceeding with cleaning, it is advisable to go around the product with a soft brush for clothes or a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for chairs and sofas. Also before using any means for cleaning pollution, it is necessary to conduct preliminary testing, in order to avoid more damage. To do this, a small portion of the substance should be applied to the place of a coat, which is invisible for prying eyes (exhaust, lap).

When cleaning the contaminants, specially cooked tools should try to change cotton swabs or discs as possible, so as not to create additional dirty divorces. Wipe any stain from the edge to the center.

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Effective household chemicals

Clean the sucker can be both special means that can be purchased at household chemicals store. The main condition is strictly compliance with the instruction placed on the bottle or the box of the purchased drug.

For a long time, the line of trademarks of trademarks "Salamandr", "Dezamsh", in the same network "AMVEY", you can find an effective means "Lok".

Many owners of suede products speak well about the Salamander's special cleaner, which effectively removes any contamination and is suitable for any colors. There is a special grinding cube, which quickly copes with rubbing fresh spots on velor products.

Cleaning of suede products

Clean the bunch of natural home conditions

Verified methods and means:

  • Loose places along the buttons, pockets and cuffs can be treated with a school white eraser or a special rubber brush. This will help restore the velvety texture of suede.
  • Fresh fat stains can be easily removed using breadfall (you can use white and black bread) or grinding starch (or baby powder). To do this, ride breadfall and intensely "ride" it into contaminated areas. Starch should be poured on a problem zone and, slightly lost, leave for 20 to 30 minutes. After the specified time and bread crumbs expires, and starch must be brushed with a soft brush for clothes.
  • If the coat is not contaminated, and its kind is only a bit lightly refresh, it will help the stalking crust of bread (the variety values ​​does not have). It simply wipes the surface of the product, upon completion of the processing of crumbs, it is necessary to make a soft brush for clothes.
  • Excellent copes with fresh fatty pollution, while restoring the velvety structure of the coat, the usual semolina cereal. To do this, it is necessary, putting on the hand knit glove and shops the workplace sheets, take a handful of cereals and grate it into a polluted area. It follows it until the stain will disappear, while changing the semoliar after it will be dark from dirt. Upon completion of the work, the residues of the cereals must be shaken and walk through the winter stuff.
  • The lighted floors and cuff cuffs are easy to clean, applying a dental powder or talc and slightly losing the desired brushes.
  • Small garbage, villi, threads are easily removed with the help of an ordinary stationery scotch: it is enough to "stick" it on a clogged surface and remove the particles with the additions. There are brushes with special sticky rollers, the action of which is constructed by the same principle as with scotch. Such an attribute is conveniently worn in the lady's handbag and, if necessary, immediately use on purpose.


The coated with a laser paper cannot be cleaned mechanically: rub the semolina, brushing, handle eraser. Such a surface should be wiped with a wet flannel napkin and dried on her shoulders.

how to clean the sheep at home

If the thing is too contaminated, it can be cleaned with a foam washcloth moistened in the following solution:

  • 1 teaspoon shampoo,
  • 0.5 teaspoon of ammonia,
  • 1 cup of water.

At the end of the procedure, the product is recommended to decompose on the table, eliminated by terry towels and wait for it to complete drying.

Leather Dublin

Rules and methods for cleansing leather coats:

  • A piece of flannel tissue moisten in soapy water (you can use the dishwashing detergent, shampoo, shower gel: 1 liter of water 2 tbsp. Means) and lose them polluted places.
  • Effectively clean the contamination will help the vinegar solution (2 -3 tablespoons of vinegar per 1 cup of water), which moisturize the tissue napkin and wipe the problem areas.

Light item Gardersob

For cleaning, white, gray, light beige coats are usually used milk or ammonia:

  • 1 teaspoon of food soda must be dissolved in a glass of low-fat milk. Contaminated areas are cleaned with a cotton disk, moistened in the solution. The places treated in a similar way should be rinsed with a little acidified with vinegar water in order to remove the remnants of the cleaning agent. Wet spots at the end you need to get into a paper towel.
  • The resulting dirty stains can be cleaned with an ammonia aqueous solution: 10% ammonia is mixed with water in a 1: 4 ratio. The flap gauze is immersed in a similar solution, and then with its help the most contaminated areas are processed. The remnants of the ammonia and its exhaust smell is neutralized by a weak solution of the cutlery (per 1 liter of water 1 - 2 tablespoons of vinegar), after which the residues of moisture absorbed with paper towel or napkins.
  • On 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia alcohol should be poured into a glass of low-fat milk, after which in the resulting solution, the tissue napkin and it will lose a contaminated place in the resulting solution.

[Warning] A warning! In no case in order to clean the bright velor coat, salt can not be used: it will spoil the texture and cause irreparable damage to the product. It is worth forgetting about gasoline, kerosene - all those substances that are able to change the original color of things by adding yellow divorces. [/ Warning]

Dark product

How to clean the Dublenka

An aqueous solution of oxalic acid can be used to clean the natural coat of dark color: 1 tablespoon of acid is divorced in a glass of water, 2 tbsp is added to the solution. Food soda. The tool is applied to the site to be cleaned, slightly rubs the tissue napkin, and after is washed to remove the remains of the chemical mixture with a foam sponge, moistened in clean water.

Clear forged fat stains on a dark dubbing can be tasted with gasoline (including for lighters) or purified kerosene. To do this, a small flap of canvas tissue should be moistened in the substance and lose the stain.

In the store you can purchase a special spray paint for dark suede dubbing: it is enough to spray the tool, and as the dirt will disappear as drying.

As in the case of bright colors of suede dubbling color, For dark flowers, salt cleaning is unacceptable, After all, this substance is considered rather aggressive, capable of "corporate" of the product surface and leave behind the faded spot. It should not be experimenting with ammonia alcohol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide - the reaction of dark material for these chemicals is unpredictable.

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How to return the initial kind of fur

Excellent means for cleaning sheepskin and other types of fur are bran, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide:

  • Wheat brans are sent to a dry frying pan, slightly warm up and falling on sheepskin. Slightly losing them into the fur, the coat must be well stood out and knock out a thin stick. The remaining particles can be "combed" with a brush for clothes.
  • The foam sponge can be moistened in lemon juice and treat it the surface of the sweatless fur, after which the fur should comb on comb with rare teeth.
  • The yellowed white fur can be sprayed from a pulverizer with a solution of hydrogen peroxide: 1 tablespoon of substance by 0.5 glasses of water. After such manipulations, the coat must necessarily dry.
  • Help Return the primordial view of the fur collar or cuffs will help with a damp cloth moistened in a soamy alcohol. After drying, fur places should be combined with a comb.
  • A special emulsion from water and fish fat can be returned to the fur, which can be applied using a brush or spray gun.

Useful recommendations

There are several elementary paper care rules, systematic observance of which will ensure the cleaning of the product only in extreme cases.

Useful tips:

how to clean natural coat

  • Before removing the sheep at the wardrobe after the winter season, it must be cleaned with a dry brush.
  • Store the product is needed in a closet that is not too clogged with things, on the shoulders, pre-packing it into a special case for storing winter things.
  • Similarly, a drying of the wet oblanski is made: on her shoulders, away from the battery or other source of heat.
  • In the Winter Pocket, you can put a handkerchief or a cotton disk, which is pre-applied several drops of lavender oil. In this way, a natural product from moths and other insects can be protected.
  • If possible, it should be avoided excessive wetting of the coat in the rain or wet snow. To this end, its surface is systematically necessary to process with water-repellent drugs.
  • It is impossible to make the faded places. The only way out is to buy a special paint and, following the instructions, paint the faded surface.
  • If a stain appeared, then it is necessary to try it immediately: dried and forged spots are with difficulty and require the use of special means. In addition, the lighted place will immediately rush into the eyes.
  • Systematically suede suckers need to be asked to a special brush made of brass (rigid pile, rubber).

[NOTE] Clean the coat at home is not much difficult. But if the stains have been soaked, then it is still better to trust the professionals and pass the thing into dry cleaning. A favorite thing must be worn neatly, then there will be no problems with the restoration of the original view. [/ Note]

In the next video, more useful information on how to clean the sheep on its own and with the help of what funds you can get rid of stains:

How to understand that the duck needs full cleaning

It is necessary to clean the dumble regularly so that it keeps the proper look for a long time. It is advisable to do this with a systematic wearing and consistently unfavorable weather. The stains that appeared are recommended immediately deleted, otherwise it will be more difficult then. If the dumble is heavily polluted and lost the gloss, then it is already required to be fully clean.

Where to clean - at home or in dry cleaning

Of course, clean the duck in a dry cleaning less work, But it does not guarantee a 100% positive result. And this service will cost, it will be expensive (depends on the material, length and type of pollution): artificial leather - 1900-2000 rubles., Natural - up to 6000 rubles.

It is rational to go to dry cleaning when it is discovered difficult to outlook stains (fuel oil, fat, wax, ink, green). Especially when the blick is bright or expensive dublin and you fear to spoil it with your actions. Then choose exceptionally proven institutions with positive feedback. It is impossible to be chemical cleaning the product with a mark on the ban on the ban to do it.

Remember that after dry cleaning, the skin can become coarse, and the product as a whole will lose a worthy view.

In most cases, preference is given to cleaning the duck at home ready-made industrial or remedies.

What to clean the duck - the choice of funds

Special means for cleaning the bats and other products made of natural and artificial material that are sold in economic departments will help to quickly and efficiently reduce spots.

Since the bats can be different (velor, suede, out of smooth skin or sheepskin, with laser coating, artificial), then pick up with a benchmark for it. Most often acquire the following brands:

  • Salamander;
  • Amway;
  • Vanish;
  • "Dezamsh".

It is also recommended to use paints to restore color and water-repellent compositions to protect against dirt and moisture.

To clean the natural duck yourself, you can take advantage of undergraduate means, which will always be found in home ...

  • ammonia and ammonia;
  • glycerol;
  • Manka;
  • dentifrice;
  • gasoline, kerosene;
  • starch;
  • salt.

Dublinki from leatherette and laser coating are effectively cleaned:

  • gel for washing dishes;
  • ammonia;
  • solution cooked from washing powder or household soap;
  • Industrial stains (for example, Vanish).

What is the difference in dry cleaning from wet

If you intend to clean the duck yourself, you will have to choose between a dry and wet version. From the title you can understand what they differ - in the first case, the use of water is excluded. Wet cleaning is not suitable for all products. In addition, it requires more time and strength costs, as it takes drying after it.

Outerwear from synthetics (polyester, acrylic) and eco-leaves are not so demanding in care, rather than sewing from natural materials. By virtue of its elevated wear resistance, it is not contraindicated with water contact, so machine and hand washing is possible. But this is subject to the absence of a ban from the manufacturer on the tag.

But to clean the natural duck at home, it is impossible to use water in large quantities - extremely dry sweep is allowed. Inhuman leather and sheepdown from prolonged water exposure can be deformed. The exception will be a dublin with a laser coating, which has water-repellent properties - it is well tolerating wet cleaning.

Master class on cleaning dublin.

Features when cleaning the duck from different materials

Carrying out dumplings are different depending on the material and the type of coating, consider these features more:

  1. Pool with laser processingLaser with laser spraying. One of the most resistant pollution coverage, repulsive dirt and is practically not exposed to scratching. Laser cutting rooms are allowed both wet and dry cleansing. You can not clean using abrasive tools (croup, salt), rigid brushes and elasty. Dust is easily removed by a wet flannel napkin. After a wet cleaning, the product is dried on a terry towel or hanging on her shoulders.
  2. Suede DublenkaSuede leather. Doubles from suede negatively react to contact with water and rigid brushes, which can damage the skin and only aggravate the problem. It is suitable for dry cleaning and exclusively against the pile. You can clean the suede dublinki by processing steam, as a result of which the stains are twisted and then quickly removed with a soft brush.
  3. Leather DublinSmooth skin. To refresh the leather duck, it is enough to wipe it dry or slightly moistened with a cloth. And resistant spots are reduced in standard methods without using abrasive compositions.
  4. Sheepskin coatSheepskin. Dublinki from sheepskin is spoiled from contact with water and aggressive detergents, temperature drops and exposure to direct sunlight. Therefore, they are brushed only by brush and special tools for skin care and suede.
  5. Dublinka from artificial materialArtificial ducklock (polyester, polyurethane, cotton). Not revealed washing machine machine. It is possible to soak without fear that the product will lose its original form. If there are restrictions on such actions on the label, then the approach should be as natural things.

How to clean natural duck

Despite the fact that the natural duck is permissible to clean only dry, there are many methods. But before proceeding, spending the product or walk the soft brush to remove the dust ramp. Sleep dirt can be carefully lined with a brush rapidly. Consider the most effective cleaning methods:

  1. Dry cleaning of DublenkiChannel, starch or salt. This is an effective way of removing from the leather surface of greasy and old spots. Fall off one of the proposed products problem areas on the duck and leave for a while, then slightly stuff. After a couple of hours, remnants remove the napkin or vacuum cleaner. Manka and starch are suitable for a dubble of smooth skin, salt - for suede.
  2. AmmoniaAmmonia. In the dental powder, add a few drops of ammonic alcohol before getting a casczyce consistency. Apply the composition on pollution and wait until it dry. Then shake it. This is considered the most productive and faster way.
  3. Wet cleaning of DublenkaSoapy solution. With fresh stains, a solution is coped with a solution: water and any gentle detergent. For its preparation take a children's or economic soap. Swim the rag in the solution, squeeze well and shook the contaminated areas on the duck. In the final, wipe them with a dry napkin.
  4. GlycerolGlycerin. Add to water (500 ml) of 1 tbsp. l. Glycerin and Vasharya. The sponge will pass on the surface, then once again - a damp cloth moistened in a solution of water with ammonia (per 200 ml - 1 tbsp.).
  5. Soda and milkMilk with soda. This option enjoy to clean the bright duck. Mix 200-250 ml of milk and 4-5 g of food soda. Wipe the product with finished mortar. Remains remove the sponge, impregnated with acetic water (1 part of the vinexes are added to 1 liter of water). For black and brown suede, this option does not suit, because after the white divorces will remain.

How to clean an artificial duck

Artificial doubles have their advantages in front of natural - availability, low cost and practicality. The care is not so burdensome behind them, since they are not afraid of interactions with water and aggressive cleansing means.


Dublenka in foam

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Pre-remove the entire decor (for example, a fur edge) and remove everything too much from the pockets.
  2. Then go to dry cleaning - remove the dust from the surface of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Pour into the large capacitance warm water and add a liquid detergent or a special solution for care for artificial leather.
  4. Start erased without strong twisting, wiping and compression.
  5. At the end of the procedure, rinse the product in pure running water several times so as not to remain in the fibers of the detergent.

Now it remains to keep dubling properly. To do this, place it on the shoulders and hang over the bathroom so that water flows spontaneously.

Machine wash

Prepare the dumble as well as painted in the previous case.

How to erase the duck in the typewriter.

General rules for washing a dublinka from artificial material:

  • Install the delicate mode at a temperature of no more than 30 ° C, with an additional rinse and without pressing;
  • To remove excess moisture after washing, wrap the product of the terry sheet;
  • Dry on the shoulders that hang outdoors or in a well ventilated room;
  • Do not be dried with a hair dryer or near the battery.

Soap with ammonia

The dumble, which is contraindicated with soaking and machine wash, can be effectively cleaned with such a solution: add 6-7 ml of ammonic alcohol and 15 g of soap chips into a glass of warm water and 15 g of soapy chips (gel for dishes).

They wipe the most contaminated places, and one more solution is applied on top. Prepare it as follows: In 250 ml of water, 5 ml of ammonia and glycerin, 3 g of boras are added. It returns a rich color, especially black duck.

Double Cleaning with special means

On the shelves of economic departments you can find all sorts of products for cleaning products from natural and artificial leather. These include aerosols, creams, foams, and so on.

Salamander foam foam uses the greatest demand, Which effectively purifies leather things (mainly of suede and velor) from fat traces and pulp. It is enough to apply it to problem areas. Once again a week, the manufacturer recommends processing the computer with a special protective spray. After it sprayed on the surface, a film repelled moisture.

Salamander foam.
Foam Salamander

No less diverse choice from the Ochnik brand. Well established a cream. Distribute it on the surface and wrap. Then dry off the duck.

How to get rid of stains

It is enough just to clean the duck from stains with means that every hostess is always at hand. Here are some of the resulting options, depending on the origin of the stain.


Only formed stains are quickly neutralized by semolina, starch or breadfall. Bulk ingredients are poured directly to pollution and after 1.5-2 hours it is cleaned with a brush. And if you use bread, then roll it into the ball and they go through the surface.

For the information of old spots, use kerosene or pure gasoline. This option is applied only for Dark Dublin, Since light instantly yellowed. Fatty traces with white sheepskin are cleaned with a mixture of dental powder and ammonia.

How to bring a fat stain with a dublin You will learn: about features when removing spots with artificial and natural ducks; How to safely remove a fat stain with a dublin, as well as about the methods of cleaning from others ...

Ink and blood

Footprints from the handle and other persistent contaminants well removes the Powdered Vanish spot. They sprinkle stain, they drip some water from above and rubbing the composition. And blood and juice from berries with light rooms can be lined with hydrogen peroxide. The resulting foam is erased by a cotton disk. To clean the black material without any coating, it is better to take finely dispersed paper.


From mold, you can save a dubline in this way: to mix 1 h. L. Liquid soap and as much vinegar. Then add 2-3 g of soda. When the stormy reaction stops, moisten a sponge in solution and wipe her mold. Then dry the product.

How to clean dublinki in dry cleaning

The cleaning procedure in the dry cleaning includes several stages:

  1. Inspection of things and analysis of the degree of pollution. Also take into account the material from which the duck and quality is sewn and listen to the wishes of the owner.
  2. Refinement of the manufacturer's recommendations on the tag. This is important, and suddenly the chemical impact is prohibited.
  3. Selection of cleansing agents. Since there may be several of them, then the preliminary testing of each must be carried out.
  4. Directly cleaning procedure using professional cleansing agents. First handle highly contaminated areas manually.
  5. The final applying of softening and coloring compositions. It helps return the original look. Sometimes it is additionally applied a moisture-repellent solution.

When surrendering a dublinka for cleaning the driver always warns that there is no guarantee for a successful outcome. You will even be asked to sign appropriate paper so that there are no complaints in the future.

A clear example of cleaning a duck in a dry cleaning.

How to remove worship and swee

Significance and sweechs are usually localized on the bends of the sleeves and near the pockets. You can try to leve them with starch or mankey. Plush these sections and slightly cover, then shake the residues or remove the wet cloth.

For a wet stripping, prepare a mixture of water and ammonia taken in an equal proportion. First, treat the surfaces to them, then - acetic water.

To return the velvety, process the sleeves and exits from pockets with white eraser or small emery paper.

What to pay attention to the cleaning of bright dublinka

Whether it is a white artificial outdoor or sewn from a natural material, care for it is required almost daily. So that the suede article does not sweat the pile, after each walk in the fresh air it is necessary to go through it with a special brush for suede or nubuck. Just do it not immediately, but when the coat dries.

Even for cleaning bright, the following means are suitable:

  • a piece of chalk;
  • Manka;
  • soda;
  • milk;
  • Naming, peroxide.
Watch the video Instructions for cleaning the bright dublinka - the result will be very surprised!

Additional recommendations

To all of the above, you can add several important tips:

  • Regardless of the cleaning agent used, test it first: apply a little on an invisible area of ​​the skin and see if it will not lose his appearance.
  • The stains of a non-fat nature are quickly removed by a piece of rubber, which is pre-dwelled in kerosene. Only this option is effective regarding non-stains on artificial products.
  • For dark ducks do not use peroxide and other acidic compositions.

What can not be used when cleaning

It is impossible when cleaning leather upper clothes for winter Use gasoline, acetone and other potent oil refining products. They will inevitably destroy the structure of the material. Do not overdo it with soap, because in large quantities it harms any type of dumplings.

To purify a dumble with a laser spraying, even a light shade, it is unacceptable to use whiteness.

How to care for duck

So that housewives served for you more than one season without losing your commodity type, follow the basic rules of care:

  • Upon completion of the winter season, send it to storage in the closet only after cleaning;
  • Keep it on her shoulders and packed in the air-permeable case;
  • Do not hang back with other things - it should hang freely;
  • After groken weather, do not drip it near the battery, and hang on the shoulders;
  • When the stain appears, do not tighten with their removal, since then it will be harder to do.

Be sure to keep labels, warranty card and check after purchase. When the need come to clean the duck, it will be easier for you to navigate with the way, based on the information available.

Dublinki from the leatherette may not have such spectacular externally, but they are not so capricious in terms of care. It is easier to clean, since it is not contraindicated washing. But to natural things need a more careful approach - it is only suitable for dry cleaning. If there is no self-confidence, it is better not to risk and give it into dry cleaning.

Types of stains

To independently eliminate stains from fat from the surface of the dumble, you need to use gasoline. This tool is as efficient to remove this kind of pollution.

It is necessary to take a small piece of coarse tissue, gently moisten it in gasoline and lose the stain. This method cannot be called universal, since it can be used only for cleaning the dumping color.

If you need to withdraw fat stains with a bright bed, then you need to take the ammonious alcohol and dental powder. Actions should be performed using a rough brush. It is necessary to take a dental powder and to dilute it to the ammonia, and then rub the tool to the brush in the pollution sites.

To eliminate the stain from the surface from the surface of the wines, you need to quickly move to cleaning. Forward spots from wine can no longer be removed.

The stain from the wine must be sprinkled with starch or semi. These substances absorb moisture perfectly, so they will help to quickly cope with stains. When the manka or starch absorbs the remnants of the wine, it is necessary to clean the contaminated places with a dry brush.

If your favorite dumble of suede lost its attractive view with time, you can use a combination of soda and milk. This tandem will extort the product from different types of pollution, and also perfectly cleans the surrounding surface and update the old thing.

Milk and soda will not affect the color and texture of the product. Before cleaning the dublinka need to remove dust. To prepare a cleaning agent, it will be necessary on 200 ml of warm milk 1 teaspoon of soda. You need to take a cotton swab, gently moisten it in a cooked medium and light movements wipe the surface of the clothes. The polluted tampon needs to be changed to the new product during cleaning. Next, the surface must be wiped with a sponge dipped in a vinegar solution. One liter of water should be added only one teaspoon of vinegar. After cleaning, the surface of the dumble should be wiped with a dry napkin and wait for a complete drying.

There are cases when the duck need to tip from the paste of the ballpoint pen. It often concerns the male dublin, because men often work in offices and are not always careful.

You can use dry vanish. It is enough to sprinkle the powder to the pollution places, mix them a little, and then carefully rub the storolon with a washcloth to remove all traces. After cleaning the remnants of the means must be washed off with water.

Spots from ballpoint handles with ease can be eliminated using sandpaper. First you need to lose the contaminated pile of circular movements. Next, the purified place should be wiped well-spinned with a tampon. Suede should not wet greatly.

To clean the dumble of mold, the next recipe is perfect. It will be necessary to take one teaspoon of acetic acid on 200 ml of water, one teaspoon of soda and liquid soap. In the water you need to dissolve soap, then add vinegar and soda. A glass is better to put into the sink when creating a solution, since mixing of all ingredients is accompanied by a strong foaming.

First, the solution must be triggered inside on a small area to make sure that the dye holds firmly on the material. If the paint is not deleted, then with the help of a sponge you need to walk the cooked solution over the entire surface. After cleaning, the residues of the solution with clean water should be eliminated. After the procedure, the dumble is needed to dry well.

Practical recommendations

The rules of wearing a dublinka are simple, but help long time to maintain its purity, beautiful appearance and quality:

You need to think about the departure of the bats already during her purchase. The seller can get important recommendations for its storage and cleaning.

Therefore, it is important to leave and save all related documents, as well as tags, labels. Expensive things usually have a warranty card confirming the obligations of the manufacturer when any disadvantages of goods are found

In this way, you can also protect yourself from the fakes. Having complete the duck, you should buy special accessories for leaving - a sponge, a brush for cleaning and derivatives of fur. The thing should only be in the cold, dry time. If it happened so that the ducks are wetted, it is necessary to dry it away from the air conditioner, batteries or heaters. In the closet, it should be removed only in a dry form. After the winter, the thing should be carefully cleaned in a dry cleaning or at home, and is removed for summer storage in a special, breathable case. It is advisable to keep the clothes packed in this way separately from other things or at least at some distance; when wearing, even careful, the product should be regularly examined, and, finding defects, eliminate them immediately.

If you are afraid to spoil or simply do not know how to clean the natural coat at home, it is better to attribute it to specialists professionally engaged in chemical cleaning. Unfortunately, even in such institutions cannot guarantee that clothing will not suffer during the complex processing process. Therefore, probably, it makes sense to learn to care yourself to take care of your clothes, using time-tested methods of home cleaning.

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What to clean the coat at home

Several General Recommendations for Cleaning:

  1. Before trying one or another method, first experience it on a small indispensable area of ​​the product.
  2. Never attempt to wipe off with a car machine. It will deteriorate and will not be recovered.
  3. After cleaning, dry the product naturally.
  4. Do not store winter clothes in a bag of artificial material. Choose a cotton cover, place a napkin, impregnated with lavender oil.

In most cases, the coat is strongly drained on the sleeves, pockets near buttons or other fasteners. Traces of dirt can be noticeable on the collar. Often, the precipitate leaves not a spack product, not to mention the splashes from the owner of cars passing by the owner. Select the method of cleaning should be taken into account of which suicide material is made of coat. For each option there are its own funds.


Such a bunch is easiest to clean with a simple soap solution. Take a little shampoo and mix with warm water. Put the bunch on a flat surface, sprinkle it well. Moisten a soft napkin with a solution, slightly press, wipe the product. Surplus foam erase with a damp cloth. After cleaning, getting blocked the thing with a paper towel and hang indoors. It should dry naturally at room temperature. It is also effective to clean the cleaning of the coil at home by a steam generator.

From genuine leather

Recommendations for cleaning:

  1. Waste and felling places are treated with a mixture of dental powder and ammonia alcohol in the same proportions. This means with a toothbrush apply to dirty areas. If you did not have a dental powder at home, replace your baby sprinkler or a talc.
  2. Natural sheepskins can not be cleaned by a wet method. If moisture hit the skin, dry the plot well, and then squeeze the hands. Otherwise, the product can freeze.
  3. Skin that stopped glistening, wipe the glycerin.

From suede

If you want to know how to clean the suede dubble at home, remember the following tips:

  1. It is desirable for this material to purchase special care products that will refresh the color.
  2. Suede suckers preferably periodically vacuuming small nozzles.
  3. From time to time, foster a rubber or brass brush. Flames are treated with fine-grained emery paper or ordinary pencil eraser.

Recipes for cleaning:

  1. Mix four parts of the ammonia with one part of the water. Wash the fabric in this age, wipe the product. Then, very quickly wash the solution, dried with a coat.
  2. Heat the glass of milk, there a teaspoon of soda. Well let's spend the covers. Moisten a piece of cotton with this solution, wipe the coat. After dissolving 5 ml of vinegar in a liter of water, treat the product to them. Then it will remain just dried at room temperature.

With laser coating

Dry cleaning of herbs at home can be carried out by such means:

  1. Option for bright products. Divide 1 tsp. Summer alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in 250 ml of water. Apply a soft cloth to dirty covers, while those are not covered.
  2. In a glass of warm water, add 10 ml of any shampoo and 5 ml of ammonia. Mix well, process pollution on a pawn with laser spraying. After mixing the floor-liter of water with 5 ml of borants, 20 ml of glycerol and 15 ml of ammonia alcohol. This means thoroughly treat the entire surface of the sheep.

How to clean artificial coat

Leather products of light shades are dirty much more often, and linen such pollution is even more difficult, but also in such cases there is an output. Yellow pollution is cleaned with water and peroxide, mixed in the proportion of 1 st spoon to 1 teaspoon.

Fatty traces are removed using starch or talca, which is placed in unclean places and leave for a certain period. Components should absorb fat, but during the work they will have to change several times.

For contaminated artificial leather products, wet cleaning can be used. This material is not afraid of moisture.

As stains are used: alcohol, shampoo, economic soap, dishwashing agent.

Important! Light paper from artificial leather can not be treated with means, which contains chlorine!

If there are some defects on the product, then the restoration is necessary that experts can be carried out. Laser cleaning is now possible, but it does not need to be conducted independently.

The light thing is the least practical in the sock - any spots will be clearly visible on it. Posted by such a covert the updated view will help the following:

  1. A mixture of toothpaste and alcohol. Make a cashaft mixture of toothpaste and ammonia alcohol; Apply to the problem zone; handle the purified zone with a rigid brush; wipe dry
  2. Ammonia. Create a solution based on ammonia and water (can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide) in a ratio of 1: 1; Shake the coat - get rid of dust; Pure white rag dip in the solution; walk along the surface of the product; wash off a damp cloth; Dry sucker.
  3. Soda in milk. A teaspoon of soda add to a glass of milk; wipe with a suicide with a solution; get rid of residues with a cloth moistened in vinegar; dry the product.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide. In a glass of water add a teaspoon of peroxide; process yellowed stains; walk a damp cloth; Dried thing.

After cleaning, folds may form them to smooth them. It is necessary to hang the product on the hanger and stroke the brush.

In order to remove the stain on a dark coat, the following means is used:

  • For a solution, you will need: a glass of water, 1 tbsp of oxalic acid, 2 tbsp. soda;
  • Treat a problem zone;
  • Dry the thing;
  • When light divorces appear to use a wet sponge.

If the product needs to be slightly lengthened, then it is enough to wet it and hang to dry. So you can upgrade the old sheepskin.

How to clean the fur on the duck?

The fur on the inside of the dublin and the hood is also exposed to pollution. It flies, sticking out, dumps with skin fat and cosmetics. The easiest way to clean it is: slightly moiste with water, then carefully combed in the direction of the pile. This is a good way for any cluttered fur.

From the yellowness will help to get rid of hydrogen peroxide. For its preparation you need 1 l of water and 1 tsp. peroxide. You can apply the tool with a sponge, leave for a few minutes, after which it is washed away.

Other methods:

  • Shampoo for animals. His dilute in water, beat the foam to form. Apply foam on the fur for a couple of minutes, then wash off with a wet sponge.
  • Lemon juice. Imprengths of fur and breaking will be able to refresh it well.
  • Sand + Wheat bran. Such a mixture is heatled in a frying pan and labeled by massaging movements in the fur, after removing a rigid brush.

If you are the owner of a dumble with a fur Tuscany, you can use any of the proposed options, but it is necessary to implement it extremely neatly. Tuscan fur is very delicate due to a more subtle Mebra. If you doubt, it is better to trust the cleaning of such clothes to specialists.

Dry methods of cleaning

Before buying a sheepskin, you need to take into account that this thing will require special care. Clothing where suede is used is quickly contaminated, and it should be cleaned only with a dry method.

To return lost velvetiness and clear minor traces of pollution, you can use the usual salt. It is applied to the suede surface and the fabric is treated with a rubber brush. In order for the fiber structure is not damaged, it should not be applied to considerable effort. When clothes are cleaned, salts are removed with a dry sponge.

This method is not suitable for the leather product. Salt is able to change the color of the fabric or leave behind the ugly divorces.

In order to clean the suede coat with significant mud tracks at home, you can use the following recommendations:

  1. Semal cereal or starch. On a contaminated suede surface, it is necessary to evenly distribute the bulk cleanser. Using sandpaper shallow fraction or brushes with a rigid pile wipe fabric. This method is particularly well suited to remove bold spots.
  2. Dentifrice. The area of ​​pockets and collar is most often exposed to pollution. To clear defective places, you need to apply a tooth powder and carefully treat the problem area with a rubber brush.
  3. Bread. Previously need to dry the flour product. Pollution is wiped with energetic movements. The crumbs remaining on the shock are removed by the clothing brush. The method is suitable for especially delicate products.
  4. The removal of oily spots of gasoline is suitable for dark clothing. Light suede fabric can change color. To purify, it will take to take the flap of burlap and mix well in gasoline, and then wipe the fat stain.

Artificial Dublin

Clean the sheep at home from unhetable material will help the following recommendations.


  • To lose the female places by the student, the remains of the gum cleaner cleaner.
  • Talc and potato starch comes to combat fatty stains. Pollution is sprinkled with a thick layer of powder and leave for 2-3 hours. Clean clothes by hand with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • To clean the stains and pollution use a dry food soda or a crust of bread.
  • The steam generator successfully copes with contaminants on an artificial coat, raises a pile and refreshes the appearance. After the thermal procedure, go through the surface with a rubber brush for suede.

Wet method

  • Cleaning with soap solution. Prepare warm water and beat a small amount of hair shampoo or gel for washing. Take a bunch on the table. A wet napkin made of microfiber moistened in the solution several times to wipe the surface. Remove foam wet sponge and blot with a towel. Move the product on leaps for drying at room temperature.
  • For cleaning the soap solution of the household soap is suitable. To do this, 50 g of soap rubbing on the grater and pour 100 ml of water. After surface treatment, the means need to be thoroughly rinsed.
  • The solution of ammonic alcohol (250 ml per 1 liter of water) will clearly clean the surface from the accumulated dust and contamination. In the end, wipe wet, clean sponge and dry.
  • Soased and labor-based spots are effectively removed by the following composition. Mix equal parts of ammonia and glycerol, add a teaspoon of borants and dilute a mixture of 0.5 l warm water. Moisten a gauze swab in a solution and wipe pollution, moving from the edge to the center. At the end, rinse with a wet napkin from microfiber and dried in suspended.
  • Whiten of light coat of artificial material is recommended for hydrogen peroxide. The substance is bred by water in an equal ratio. In solution moisturize a soft sponge and wipe.

How to lip artificially born?

Unlike natural coat, most artificial material products are allowed to erase manually and in a washing machine. However, before doing this, it is recommended to make sure that the manufacturer pointed out the label information about the possibility of washing such a garment object. Deciding to wash the artificial bunch at home, it is recommended to carefully study the subtleties of this process.

To launch an artificial coat in the machine and do not spoil it, you need to comply with the following recommendations:

  • Emple separately from the other linen in an inside out of the form. Before turning the thing, it should be fed on all buttons and lightning, as well as release pockets from foreign objects.
  • Wash in "Delicate Wash" mode or "Hand wash" in water, the maximum temperature of which does not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Use soft detergents in liquid form (for example, gel for washing woolen things). From the use of powder, it is necessary to refuse, because its particles are poorly washed away.
  • Carefully rinse. For complete washing out of the detergent, you will need at least 2 additional rinsing cycles.
  • Disable the spin function. Artificial coat can not be pressed in the washing machine even on minimal revs - it will lead to an imminent damage. To remove an extra moisture, it is necessary to complete the wet product in a large terry towel and slightly press it on it. The procedure must be repeated 1-2 times, replacing the dry towel.

Hand wash is the most sparing way to clean such things. For this reason, it is recommended to give preference to this method of cleansing artificial acid. Deciding to wash the product with hands, it is necessary to follow the following sequence of actions:

Remove dust and other pollution from fur

To do this, we need to spend it, and then carefully combing the metal comb with rare teeth. If the pile is strongly polluted and the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner does not give the result, contaminated areas are recommended to rinse with warm water

From the use of detergents during this procedure should be refrained. After wet cleaning, the fur must be dried and combing. To give it a brilliance you can wipe it with a diluted water with vinegar. Pour warm water into the container (its temperature should not be above 30 degrees) and determine the detergent in it. Disseminate the thing with the invalid side down on the horizontal surface, pre-shyled with a glued or polyethylene. Carefully wipe contaminated areas with a sponge dipped in a soap solution. It is not recommended to wet the bunch too much. The sponge must be moderately pressed. Water treated with a damp soft napkin. Dry clean product.

What you need to know everyone who is taken for cleaning the dublin at home?

1. Availability of tools.

It is necessary to have the right tools with which the process is carried out quickly and very easily. You will need: microfiber napkin (not for glass - soft), a soft brush that will not be able to scratch and injure suede, suede funds (purchased in the supermarket department) and bottles with a sprayer. A brush can in the extreme case be replaced with a new soft sponge for washing dishes.

2. Using chemicals, read the instructions for their use carefully!

Most of the funds offered are sold in a concentrated form, so they need to be breeding, following the instructions on the packaging from the means or the manual, invested in the packaging box. Divorced funds are poured into bottles with sprayers for further use of them.

3. The cleaning of the dumble occurs in several stages.

It must be remembered that the processing of such a large product as a ducks occurs gradually. First, the strongest pollution is removed, traces of fat and other difficult stains. This stage is a wet cleaning of your product. After drying things, dry cleaning is performed. With the result that you do not satisfy the end, the processes should be repeated.

4. Duplenka can not be erased!

In no case, do not try to wash the stains from your suede clothes, even if the contamination is very strong. Forget for a while that you have a washing machine at home: it will not need it. However, manual washing is also canceled.

How to smooth off the bunch at home

If there were races or jams on the product, it will be difficult to smooth it enough. Most of the races appear in the bends of the sleeves, and on the back of the hem

It is important to regularly smooth them, as in the fields of the folds of the suede is wiping quickly and this leads to the fact that the thing is very quickly aged. Multiple chances and minced, stunned sections on the bends brightly show that things are already quite many years

The easiest and most effective way to smooth off the sucker is its treatment with a ferry. This method has a lot of advantages:

  • After such treatment, the stains and dirt are easier to be removed by ordinary means.
  • This is a good way to prevent the appearance of moths, mold and fungus.
  • Suede not only smooth, but will become fluffy.

If there are solar stains - so far the material dries it can also be cleaned.

For steam processing, it is necessary to heat the iron and enable steam emissions on the mode. Products need to be decomposed on the table and process the entire surface. Then gently decompose and get dry.

How to clean natural coat: instruction

First of all, we spend the product or walk on it soft clothes brushed. Sleep dirt Try to cleaned a small rigid brush. For the restoration of the velvety texture of suede, Las on the sets of sleeves and near the inputs in the pockets, we treat the drawing white eraser, the smallest sandpaper either with a special rubber brush, intended for cleaning suede. Washing fresh bold spots on a sheep. Try to remove with using bread crumbs or starch. To do this, blind from a white ball with a ball and ride it on a dirty area, or pour a spin of starch on the spot, slightly stuck it into the surface of the skin and watches the brush in a quarter and after a quarter of an hour. Having crawled, hardly outdated flax stains. Try to remove with gasoline or purified kerosene. Moisten the canvas flap in one of the two solvents and wipe them the dirty area. Allors and strings poured on a velvety surface of velor, collect a piece of tape or a rigid a half tape "Velcro" (in use - it is called "Velcro fastener"). If the sheepskin is not Very dirty and you only need to lightly refresh, wipe suede with a stalking bread crust and wrap the crumbs with a brush. For more deeper cleaning, use a semolina cereal. Ship the table sheet and place a suprochku on it. Push into the bowl of scarf passengers, put on knitted gloves. In turn, sprink down the stains of the cereal and lightly rub it into the suede surface. Cat with a carbon dirty mud products, and in the same way to treat all the covers

Having finished cleaning, carefully select the bunch of a twist and pass through it a rigid brush.

Ways to clean the sheep at home

It is customary to allocate two methods that allow you to clean the winter jacket from a flushed skin or artificial material. Which one to use depends on the characteristics of the material, as well as on the degree of pollution of clothing.

Wet cleaning of Dublenka

Clean the thing using water can be most effectively. The procedure is carried out using a soap solution and ammonic alcohol, shampoo or gasoline. In all cases, wet cleaning shows good results and helps to get rid of strong contaminants.

It is possible to moisturize the dubbed skin, but moderately

However, it should be borne in mind that it is impossible to scatter a jacket from drying skin or suede during cleaning. It is recommended to resort to a wet method only in extreme cases and ensure that the material gets cold. When interacting with water and especially when dried, the outerwear can be deformed. Therefore, cleaning should be local and neat, the material in the process and during drying you need to knead your hands.

Dry cleaning of Dublenki

Clean the thing with a dry way can be without any harm for the material. Suede, Nubuk and other natural materials are well transferred to the effects of brushes and homemade tools with a slight abrasive effect. The surface of clothing during processing is not deformed, the pile after cleaning becomes softer. The only drawback of the method is that with serious pollution, it may not bring results.

It is best to extrude pollution with a dry brush

Important! You can clean the dry method only natural coat or a thing from artificial suede and skin. For clothing with laser coating, the method does not fit, any abrasive effects will damage the thing.

Dublin - a natural trendy coat for the winter period. It is very warm and comfortable, protects against wind. But, this type of outerwear is rapidly contaminated. Especially noticeable plumbing dark places that are difficult to clean with ordinary methods. For most of the top wardrobe items, a professional dry cleaning will be the best way out, but not every specialist will agree with her to work with it. Cleaning natural oblenki

Natural coat is made from the treated (selected) sheep skins. The material has a velvety surface, so the cleaning of the coat is carried out only, the so-called, dry methods. Contact with water should be minimal so as not to apply an irreparable damage.

Basic Domestic Care Rules

Experienced homemade households have developed several basic rules that need to be followed if it is necessary to refresh the primordial view of the coat independently:

  • First of all, you should remove dried particles and lumps of dirt, shake dust. For this, all over the product should be a brush with bristle medium stiffness or use the vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  • If there are naslip vile, small crumbs, animal wool, then remove them will help the sticky side of the tape. Semolina
  • If the contamination is not too strong, then it will help out the fresh bread crumpled. From soft white bread, you should make the ball and take it on the surface.
  • Clear small contamination will help starch. It should be poured on a stain, not burned to the surface, and after the expiration of 15 minutes to shake the brush.
  • In an effective way, how to quickly clear the coat, is the treatment of a semi-man. To do this, it is necessary to pour a dry semolina and light circular movements into a stain on the dirty places. The manka will quickly dare, absorbing the dirt, after which it must be shaken. The processing of polluted places is carried out in stages. Soft mittens should be put on hands.

Tip! Manki's tagged in the pile is better to collect a vacuum cleaner or slightly knock out a twist.

How to clean the coat depending on the material

Natural coat has a fur velor surface. It is performed in several versions: Krek, Kansas, Silk. If there is no velvety surface, then the material is called suede. Artificial coats are made of acrylic and polyester, which makes cleaning easy and fast. Natural Dublin

From artificial materials

Artificial material of the coat allows cleaning with the use of water - polyester and acrylic is easy to clean, and after drying it is restored to your initial appearance. The easiest and most affordable method (if the contamination is not very strong) - to be treated with warm water without using detergents. It is necessary to take a sponge, moisten it in warm water and process the entire surface of the coat, paying special attention to the scorched and darkened places.

If the coat is strongly stained or there are salted places, then processing should be carried out using soap:

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to clean the surface from the nanile dirt, porcing, crumbs. You can use a vacuum cleaner, which without problems will collect all the garbage.
  2. Next should be pouring warm water in the pelvis, dissolve the detergent in it. It is best to use a special detergent solution for the skin and suede. You can also take any liquid soap or gel. Cleaning herbs
  3. Dublenka needs to be decomposed on the horizontal surface (you can keep on your hands, but it is not very convenient).
  4. To clean the microfiber napkin or any soft cloth, moisten it and gently process the product. It should not be made of great efforts and rub a foam - you can easily damage the darous surface.
  5. After all the product is processed, you need to get rid of foam - rinse the coat with clean (best running) water. For this, the product is hanging on the shoulders above the basin or bathroom, after which the flow of water is directed to it.
  6. After the glasses of excess water, it is dried on her shoulders before drying.

Important! For drying, you should choose well ventilated, shaded places. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and thermal household appliances: batteries, calorifers, heaters.


Natural suede does not tolerate water. Processing should only be using dry methods. It is allowed to use water and soap to clean small contaminated areas (point exposure). Pottle cleaning of Dublenca

For cleansing small spots use a conventional cook salt. For this, the coat is folded on the table, and the dry salt is poured on the darkened places. It rubs into small circular movements to make dirt. After treatment, salt shakes (it has a darkened look), and the surface remains clean.

To get rid of point spots, you can use sandpaper. Paper with a very small abrasive spraying, which is cleared of contaminated places. Movements should be light, without effort, so as not to spoil the material. At the end of the processing, the spot should be wiped well pressed, wet cotton swab.

If white is white, it can darken over time. The mixture of ammonia alcohol and hydrogen peroxide will help to return it to her. In 200 GR of clean warm water added 1 tablespoon of the other means. A sponge or a piece of soft fabric is wetted in the mixture, and the lungs are processed with light circular movements.


If you know how to clean the coat at home, natural, you can quickly and easily cope with this task. Natural leather material Receive only dry cleaning methods, so water is in a minimum.

Leather coat can be cleaned with a semolfish or starch. It is impossible to use the salt for these purposes, as you can permanently spoil the thing. The manka or starch is poured on a contaminated place, and gently rubbed into the stain with light movements of the hand. After that, bulk materials are shaken.

The dirtiest places (collar, challenges, pockets) can be cleaned with a dental powder. To do this, it is mixed with the ammonia, and a rigid toothbrush is applied to stains.

Very old pollution can be derived using gasoline. It is applied with a gauze tampon. For bright products, this method cannot be used. Dentifrice

Important refinement! Before using any means, you need to make sure of its safety on a small and inconspicuous area, for example, on a latch or inside the patch pocket. If the material did not suffer as a result of the impact, this method can be used for all the product.

Dry cleaning

Natural coat does not like water, so it can be cleaned only with dry ways. This means that water and detergents are not used or strongly limited.

Bread crustWith dry methods, various bulk materials are used (digging, starch), which are poured on dirty places and slightly rubbed. All dirt from the sheep passes to these materials, after which they are removed. Fat or simply dirty stains disappear without a trace.

Another way to make a natural coat at home is to use dry bread crust. Bread can be dried in the oven, then take a crust and lose the problem space slightly.

A usual school eraser can help who need to handle the location of pollution.

Wet treatment

With wet cleaning, not water, but liquids, with the help of which are getting rid of contaminants are: kerosene, ammonia, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide.

Moching a piece of marlevic tissue in kerosene, and finishing her born, you can get rid of even very old spots.

Wet cleaningTake 1 liter of water and 250 grams of ammonia alcohol. Moisten a fabric in solution and wipe it with her born. The napkin in the process will be contaminated, so it must be repaid or change it.

The mixture of ammonia and liquid soap is a potent means. It is necessary to treat this mixture, after which we rinse with acetic solution: 1 teaspoon of vinegar is taken to 1 liter of water.

After a wet processing, the product should dry. For this, it hangs on her shoulders and leave until the complete drying in the place that is well ventilated.

Household detergents for cleaning herbs

Care of the product from sheepskin with food and remedies - effective and convenient. However, the use of professional household funds will give a guaranteed and fast result.

Funds OchnikThe leader among funds is the foam from Salamander. Foam is effective only for fresh spots. Soased and very big stains she may not clean.

The cream from Ochnik is suitable for leather products. It is applied to the stain, and it must be launched.

The liquid for removing stains from Amway is applied to the coat, after which the place of application is wiped with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the coat at home with the right approach is quite complete. The main thing is to remember - before any processing it is necessary to carry out a mini-test for efficacy and harmlessness.

It is enough just to get used to regularly to care for things after the purchase so that they save their primordial appearance. It is not as difficult as it seems.

Tools for Dublin

Dublinka at all times was the most sought-after, comfortable winter product. Such a practical subject of outerwear prefer to wear not only women, but also men. With all the careful attitude to this thing, when wearing it can freeze, stain, wipe, so careful care is needed. How to clean the coat at home, if you do not give warranty in dry cleaning? Answers to many questions you will find in the article and in the video after text.

First you need to explore the manufacturer's recommendations on the label, and after select the desired cleaning option. Materials from which the product is sewn can be synthetic or natural.

Clean natural oblenku

Natural product

Such a thing is effectively processed in the conditions of the house. It can be quickly cleaned with dry (for things from suede) and wet (for sheepskin products having a laser coating) by the method. Sheepskin coats are cleaned in two ways in two ways.

Dry method

This option excludes moisturizing and gives things velvety. Clean the natural coat is needed in the dried form and on a flat surface.

Recommended means:

  • Starch and semolina. Strong pollution falls asleep by these bulk "powders", a mitten of a dense material by massaging movements of the spots rub off, ranging from the edge to the center. The surface is cleaned by shaking, if necessary, the process should be repeated. The manka and starch are well suited to light products, and the black coat is better to clean dry mustard, black bread or coffee. If the pile is too sampled, but the stains are not too delant, it rubs off against the direction - the VILLINS is well cleaned. Next, the semolina or starch is carefully distributed along the remaining surface and the rigid brush is cleaned with a sheep in the direction of the pile. The fat stain can also be removed independently using starch, which sprinkled the area of ​​the contamination, are waiting for two hours, so that everything is well absorbed, brushing with rough bristles.

Cleaning semolina

  • For bright things, white bread is best suitable for dark - black bread. They rub the problem areas, then the remaining bread crumbs are brushed with a soft bristle, cleaning the villi in their direction.
  • The rubber brush for suede will great help to remove not all-saw sacrificality on the sleeves, pockets and collar.
  • Purified gasoline will easily eliminate the product from fatty solar stains. Taking advantage of a napkin from durable fabric, from the edge to the center affects the hoping for the complete removal of the problem area. The thing is exposed to ventilating.

Use of bread

IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to clean the white bunch of this solvent, as it may lose its original color, and the material will be unreasonable.

  • If the wardrobe is just to refresh and get rid of dust, it is enough to use a simple vacuum cleaner having a nozzle for sofas, chairs and carpets.
  • Dentifrice. They sprinkle squeezed places on his pockets, collar, sleeves (more often - wrapped), and rub the dry powder with a rigid brush. When pollution disappears, the residues shake. A mixture of ammonic alcohol and dental powder (1: 1), applied to scuff, will give fresh clothes after the socks season. Such a mixture, first of all, cover highly contaminated areas, which at the end of the process is brushed with a rough brush. Next is the processing of the remaining surface with a sponge dipped by these same components.

Eraser and tooth powder

  • Dirt along the cuff, in the seams, near the pockets, buttons, in the finish, will help remove the usual school new eraser or a rubber brush for suede products.
  • Conduct with small worships and return the softness of the pile helps the food salt, which sprinkles spots and rub the rigid brush in the direction of the villi. With the help of a dry napkin, the remains are removed after an hour.

Wet method

Girls in Dublenki

Wash natural sheepskins categorically not recommended, because they can lose elasticity, the material is offended, deformed. Clothes after washing will deteriorate significantly and lose size. Therefore, wet cleaning is used as a last resort - when the wardrobe object is very polluted. At the same time, the thing should not very wet. Before damp processing, it is necessary to get rid of clothes from dried dirt and dust with a brush with a rigid bristle, or a vacuum cleaner.

Means used:

  • Soap solution. ½ teaspoon of ammonic alcohol and 10 ml of shampoo or liquid soap takes per cup of warm water. The sponge is moisturized by the composition, wipe the dirty surface. After its disappearance, wipe the dry cloth.
  • For things from sheepskin with laser coating (not white only) in a glass of water is added ammonia and glycerin (by a teaspoon), and 2 grams of boras. The fur of the coat, the sleeve, collar and completely the product itself, are pretenuated.


IMPORTANT: This method is suitable for cleaning difficult to outdoilable spots on artificial coat.

  • A vinegar solution. He will cope even with the solar stains. Dissolve in 200 ml of water two large spoons of vinegar, wet the sponge, treat the surface.

Soda and milk

  • Warm milk and soda. The method is suitable directly for bright products. In the glass of milk, they dissolve a small spoonful of soda, the contamination is wiped with a cotton swab. Tampon should often change to clean. Next, moisten a cloth with a weak acetic solution (1/2 of a large spoon on 1/2 liter of water) and process a cleaning section. Wipe with a dry napkin, to a pretty dry thing.

Dubblenka of artificial materials

Such a product is polluted stronger than a thing from a natural material. But to wash in a lot of water and all the more soak it can not, it can become less for several sizes, get rigidity and dull color. Artificial coat can be "reanimated" in two ways.

Wet treatment

  • Soap solution of economic. Water (100 ml) is poured 50 g grated on the soap grater, clean the dirty plot, soap is carefully removed.

Soap mortar

  • 125 g of amusing alcohol is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, cleaning salvation from dirt and dust. With the help of a rag, a little wet, wipe the problem space, dried the product.
  • Soap solution. In 0.5 liters of water, shampoo (gel for delicate washing, or liquid soap) is added - 2-3 large spoons. With a wet napkin from microfiber, the coat is quickly rubbed (especially contaminated zones), without strong friction. Soap remnants are cleaned with a wet napkin, wet a towel, the thing is dried on a hanger in a ventilated place at room temperature.

Dry cleaning

  • The steam generator will help to clean the artificial coat. The material is processed by steam, the remaining casualties are removed by the rubber brush, the appearance of the coat is refreshing. Do not be suited to dry such things with a hairdryer, heaters, or on the battery.

Ferry cleaning

  • Information from paragraph No. 2 and No. 6 may be used from the dry cleaning of natural sheepskin coats.
  • Food sodes will easily cope with stains and pollution (in dry).
  • Potato starch or talc is used against fatty spots that sprinkle with a thick layer and purified after 2.5-3 hours with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Fur cleaning

How to clean the fur on a covers, who lost the original species - was lying?

  • Fur is wetted by water and straighten (combing) in a pile with a soft brush.
  • The fur impregnated with lemon juice after combing will cool significantly.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is successfully fighting (0.5 liters of water 0.5 small peroxide spoons) with yellowed fur. With the help of the napkin coated with the composition of the fur, after a few minutes wash off.

Lemon juice and peroxide

  • To combat the yellow fur, children's powder or tooth powder are suitable, which sprinkled the area of ​​pollution for a while, and remove the brush.
  • A mixture of bran of wheat and sand is warm in a frying pan, with the help of massaging actions rub in the fur surface. Remove a rough brush.
  • They dissolve shampoo for animals to foam in water, cover the fur for 3-5 minutes, then wash off.

On how to wash the product, how to refresh the coat with the help of folk recipes and other methods for cleaning, read in our material "How to wash the sheepskin at home."

Video: how to clean the coat yourself (part first)

Part two

For many people, Dublin is a favorite view of winter clothes, the practicality and convenience of which in the cold season is an indisputable advantage. But with a long-term sock and improper care, it loses its original appearance, and the question arises, how to clean the coat at home. Depending on the materials from which the product is sewn, they choose its cleaning technology.

Ways than you can clean natural sheepskins

For dry cleaning and refreshments, the household vacuum cleaner with nozzles for upholstered furniture and carpets is used. If it is necessary to eliminate existing stains and pollution, then the sheep can be cleaned with ordinary household means, various options for which it is required to consider in more detail.

Dry cleaning from dirt

To carry out cleaning manipulations, you will need a brush brush brush, a rubber brush, a tissue mittens and some products available in the farm.

Several ways, how to clean the female or male sheepskin's female china:

  1. The easiest and most affordable method is the processing of coat with bread crusts. We need to stock up with several black or white dry crusts of bread and clean the contaminated places, intensively treating them spots from the edges to the center. After the procedure is completed with a rigid brush gently remove crumbs and shake the product.
  2. Quickly and effectively extort the fresh pollution on the coat can be semed with a purple or potato starch. You need to pour a little product on a stain and, wrapped your hand with a cloth, slightly rub pollution. This procedure is repeated until the manka or starch will stop changing its color and dirt from the sheep will not completely disappear.
  3. You can use a salt or dental powder that are applied to stains and rub rubber or piece of matter. After eliminating stains, the covers shake well and remove the remnants of the brush.

Methods of dry wash shells from pollution

Popular Tuscany sheepskins require more careful circulation, so all manipulations are carried out without a strong pressure.

If the specified methods cannot clear the coat, it is better to seek help to professionals, so as not to spoil the expensive thing.

Wet cleaning

Old leather coat is easy to clean with a wet way. There are several suitable options than you can clean the sheep at home:

  1. Real leather products can be cleaned with gasoline. Thus, greasy spots are perfectly removed. But this method is suitable only for dark things. We need a cotton pad to apply a small amount of gasoline to pollution and thoroughly rub. After processing, remove the remains of the smell of the substance with soapy and dry the product.
  2. Clean the coat of the house can be selected alcohol, mixed with soap solution in the proportion of 1: 2. Using a piece of fabric obtained by liquid, processed contaminants, and then the remaining traces are purified by a mixture of glycerol (40 ml), borax (10 ml) and ammonia (30 ml) divorced in 1 liter of water. The cleaned thing is left to dry on a hanger with wide shoulder.

All manipulations are taken carefully and carefully not to damage the outer layer of the skin.

How to clean a suede bunch

Clean the suede bunch in places where she lost its original appearance (along the gate, buttons, pockets and cuffs) will be possible with the help of fine-grained emery paper, which should be carefully walking along contaminated places in one direction. In order not to spoil the thing, you first need to try such a procedure on a small area from the inside of the product.

Also dirty and felling areas on suede cohesion can be cleaned with a steam cleaner, holding them over the jet of the pair of the kettle or under the iron with the steamer.

After steaming, you should clean the contamination with a rubber brush or an eraser, restoring the natural look of suede.

Light oblans

Light coat coats require a more careful relationship and careful inspection after returning from the street. It is better to remove pollution from such things right away, without waiting for the dirt absorption into the fabric. Periodically, it should be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or a special brush from dust.

At home, it is allowed to clean the light coat with a dry way with the help of chalk, starch, dental powder or mankey. Any of these components are applied to pollution and slightly rubbing, periodically replacing with a clean portion. After that, the product shake well and cleaned the remnants of a bulk substance with a brush.

White sheepskin is often complemented by fur, which in the socks process can yellow, so the question arises how to whiten the yellowed fur. You can use a talc or baby sprinkler, a crushed chalk or dental powder to clean the white fur. The specified means sprinkled with an evaporated place, and then remove the remnants of the brush.

Additionally, you can wipe the pile with a cotton swab, moistened with a hydrogen peroxide with several drops of ammonia, or to make a composition of ammonia alcohol and peroxide (0.5 liters of water, it is necessary to take 1 tbsp. L. Peroxide and ammonia), and then comb.

Calculator Calorie Calculation Apartment Calculation of the cost of cleaning

Laser coated covers can be cleaned with a shampoo and ammonic alcohol (2: 1). By processing spots to the specified composition, it should be additionally clear the contamination with a mixture of borants, glycerol and ammonia according to the prescription.

Stains and complex pollution

Election of spots and complex pollution

Methods, how to bring a fat stain with a suicide:

  1. The means cleansing from spots can be prepared from soda (25 g) with milk (0.5 l). With a cotton disk, moistened with a mixture, handle dirty places, periodically replacing cotton wool. After processing, the entire purified surface of the coat is wiped with a sponge, moistened with a weak solution of vinegar, and then wedged with a dry cloth.
  2. It is possible to remove the female and plumbing spots to wash the dishes. The liquid is applied to cotton swab and process stains. After the completion of the procedure, the purified sections with aqueous vinegar solution are wiping and wipe dry dry tissue.
  3. The removal of molds from leather or treated with a compound composition is recommended to be carried out using a mixture of vinegar (5 ml), soda (1 h. L.) And soap solution. This composition is treated by moldy areas, initially checking the resistance of paint with an inside. After treatment, wash off the residues with clean water and dried the fur coat.

To avoid difficulties with the elimination of soothed spots on the product, you should remove them immediately after the appearance.

Methods for cleaning artificial products

Cleaning things from synthetic materials does not cause difficulties, so spending money for chemical treatment of such a suicide is impractical. It is necessary to consider how to clean the artificial bunch in domestic conditions:

  1. Artificial suede products are processed with salt, talc or starch, falling asleep stains, and then cleaning the brush.
  2. Artificial skin can be cleaned with soap solution with the addition of ammonia. It should be remembered that excessive moisture can spoil the product, so it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the remnants of the cleaning solution with a dry cloth.

Cleaning from contamination of artificial coat

Ways to effectively clean the fur on the sheep

Often, the ooflock has a fur collar or cuffs that are dirty in the socks process and also need cleaning. Consider ways how you can clean the fur at the dubbing at home:

  1. If the fur is yellow, it is easy to whiten with flour, talc, starch, bran or sand, which fall asleep the fur parts of the product, are slightly rubbed, and then sharpen the remnants and combing the pile with a special brush.
  2. Fur from the sheepskin is purified by a cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide solution with water adding.
  3. It is allowed to clean the pile with salt and amusing alcohol, mixing 30 g and 5 ml of components, respectively and dissolving them in 0, 5 liters of water. Fur should be treated with the resulting composition, and then wipe with a damp cloth and dry.
  4. A mixture of vodka with vinegar in equal proportions can be cleaned natural fur.
  5. Artificial fur can be wrapped, then dried and combing.

Caution should be taken when processing painted fur, it is required to produce an initial sample on dye resistance.

Special means

Special remedies are available for cleaning the coat, which are sold in the tops of the outerwear and departments of supermarkets that implement household chemicals.

A good effect is achieved when using various cleansing foams, aerosols and spray-paints, masking dirt and rubbing on the product. The German company Salamander is the unchanged leader in this area. When buying a cleaning agent, it is important to take into account the tone of clothing so that there is no difference after processing.

You can use grinding cubes that eliminate fresh stains on suede or velor fabrics. At home it is recommended to have a special bilateral rubber brush.

Other tips:

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