8 week of pregnancy: what happens to the fruit and what feels a woman

At the eighth week, the child inside the womb is growing rapidly. All internal organs of the future infant are already laid. For crumbs is important every day of its development. All systems of his small organism will have to undergo changes and improve. The future mother remains outwardly the same, although this miracle is located inside it. The woman's uterus by the 8th week reaches the size of a small orange. The pregnant woman begins toxicosis, abdominal pain appears, the emotional background is changing.

The development of the baby at the 8th week of pregnancy

In two obstetric months of intrauterine development, rapid growth of the embryo occurs. Most organs have already managed to complete their formation, and in the future, before the end of the pregnancy, their improvement and growth will occur. The neck bending is indicated, the head of the baby is now located at a right angle to the body. Growing the oral deepening and the primary face appears. On the ultrasound you can already consider the outdoor ear. By the end of the current month, the size of the embryo will be already 4 cm and the head will be reinstated. Toddler size Compare with a small strawberry:

Fruit size for 8 weeks

Development parameters Approximate standards of the norm (on this period)
Power weight 2-3 g
Fetal size (distance from the datcher to the sacrum) ~ 13 - 20 mm
The increase in the length of the week 5 - 7 mm

What happens to the fetus organism in 8 weeks

In the formation of crumbs occurs:

  • At 8 week, the heart of the fetus completes one of the stages of its development and becomes four-chamber;
  • Hemisphere of the brain increases, they are drawn by the first gyruses;
  • Shoulder and elbow joints have finished their formation. Kroch already on this time can move the handles, sequentially bend and blends them;
  • The tiny stomach is formed and located in the abdominal area;
  • On the ultrasound, the specialist with the help of equipment will be able to consider miniature folds on the head, prompting that there are future outdoor ears there;
  • The inner ear is formed and continues to be further developed;
  • The embryo has already formed a language and the first taste receptors appear on it. A little more, and the baby will know what kind of oily fluid is taste;
  • The baby's face is not yet discerning, but this week it is denoted. It can already be noted the outlines of future lips, chin and spout. The latter already has the primitives of olfactory receptors and very soon it will be possible to consider small nostrils;
  • Toddler's eyes still do not consider - they look like small black dots. But by 8 weeks, a pigment responsible for determining the color of the child's eye is already genetically defined and formed.
  • The genital organs of the child will appear a little later, and now the internal formation of ovaries in the babies of female begins, and the testicles are in the male. In the crotch, only a miniature sexippartment is visible, and the sex of the child is still physically impossible to consider on an ultrasound examination;
  • The process of developing the bone system and connective tissue (cartilage) continues;
  • The embryonic organ - the yolk bag is still present in the nutrition of the embryo, contains a supply of nutrients and functions together with the placenta. It will lose its significance about the end of the first trimester, and while its size is approximately 4.5 - 5 mm and it still continues to grow.

Changes in the body of the future mother at week 8

The fact that pregnancy has come, the woman is already aware of this deadline. First of all, she has ceased monthly menstruation, and the delay lasts more couples weeks. Another signs and sensations of a woman who outstanding her interesting position appeared to the current duration of the baby tooling the baby.

  • nausea;
  • Changes in taste with addiction to acidic and salty;
  • increase and some soreness of the mammary glands;
  • Damage to the skin in the forehead area, nose, upper lips, near-block circles, as well as in the lower abdomen between the navel and the pubic area.
Parameters of a pregnant woman Indicators on this period
Raising weight to the current period of pregnancy 0.7 - 1 kg
HCG indicator in blood 27300 - 233000 me / ml
The norm of progesterone in the first trimester 25 ng / ml (80 nmol / l)

What does the belly look like on the 8th week

The deadline of the crumbs is still too small, so there is no speech about the external manifestations of an interesting position. At the current week of pregnancy, the tummy is not yet visible even to repeated mothers. It is possible to note a small waist growth only if the future mother from the first weeks made a photo of the belly to note even a slight increase in the uterus and a tummy. But in such a situation "on the eye", the stomach grown for a couple of centimeters would rather say about the relaxation of the muscles of the press or an increase in the weight of a pregnant woman than about the toddler's growth in the uterus.

Photo belly at 8 week of pregnant

What feels a woman in this period of baby tool

In the first weeks of pregnancy, women often do not notice their fatigue, it is easily overcome and continue to work in the same pace. But by 8 week, the new state takes his own - the future mother is easily overwhelmed, its interest in the world around the world, emotionality increases, negative reactions to others may appear.

Some changes can be associated with toxicosis and hormonal perestroika in the body, which also makes itself felt by physical manifestations of pregnancy.

  • The chest hurts when touched and significantly increases since the start of pregnancy. Already by the end of the second month, a cup of a bra may have to be changed by 1-1.5 size. The vessels on the chest and the dairy glasses are becoming bright, convex. Also dares the zone around the nipples.
  • A growing uterus is already on such a small period begins to put pressure on the bladder. A woman feels more frequent urge to visit the toilet with the same liquid consumption as before, and this may cause discomfort.
  • The mucous membranes under the influence of hormones strengthen their work, as a result of which the future mother increases salivation, the desire appears to constantly smooth out the saliva. Also, the secret is produced with great effort and in the nose pass, as a result, a "false runny nose" and nasal congestion without other explicit signs of a cold may appear.
  • A woman is experiencing a period of emotional instability: it is pursued by the mood swings at any time of the day. The sensitivity is improved so much that it seems pregnant seems to be everything around her do not understand and try to offend. Because of this, conflicts with relatives and relatives may occur.
  • Permanent drowsiness makes itself felt - a woman can fall asleep anywhere, barely touching the head of a soft surface. The fatigue prevents ability to work, at work constantly want to sleep, physical activity is reduced to a minimum.
  • The skin pleases with positive changes, acne and inflammation pass, and its surface itself becomes velvety and pleasant to the touch.

What feels pregnant at week 8

Can you have sex on this period of pregnancy

Starting with 7 weeks of pregnancy, sexual attraction in a woman may decrease that perfectly normal. Hormonal splash in the body and the beginning of early toxicosis lead to a decrease in the sexual activity of the future motley. In this period of life, she more needs attention, caressing and warm, in emotional rest than in sexual proximity.

In the absence of changes to the libido, a woman with healthy underflowing pregnancy can continue to lead a normal sex life up to 9 months, if there are no factors complicating its current. Posses for sexual intercourse should be chosen as comfortable as possible for pregnant, and with painful sensations from sex contacts, you should refrain.

Visit a doctor and examination

Speaking of 8 weeks of pregnancy, many future mothers are interested, it's how many months on an obstetric term. By calculating the deadlines in the women's consultation, 8 obstetric weeks are equal to 2 obstetric months. If you consider, this is what month from the moment of conception, then the term will be slightly less - 1.8 months.

In this period, a woman, having learned about his interesting position (usually in the absence of menstruation and a positive test on hong hgch), can contact the first appointment in a medical institution. Obster - Gynecologist puts a patient for accounting and assigns a number of analyzes for further pregnancy:

  • General blood analysis necessary to track the state of the mother and child in the womb. With the help of the analysis, the doctor assesses the indicators of erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets, neutrophils, etc. An increase in the number of certain substances in the blood can talk about the presence of an inflammatory process in the body or more serious disorders. In pathological levels, re-analysis is renovated and outpatient treatment is prescribed.
  • Common Analysis of urine The woman will take from the beginning to the end of pregnancy. Sowing on sterility is done so often because the tooling of the fetus is a large load on the female organism and directly on its excretory system, i.e. kidney. The study will allow you to recognize whether there is an inflammatory process in the urinary system.
  • Blood test for antibodies to HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and with . Since these diseases carry a huge negative impact on both the mother's organism and the embryo, doctors necessarily study the blood test for the presence of antibodies to these infectious diseases.
  • Blood on the definition of the Rh . The analysis is carried out at the very beginning of pregnancy and allows you to track the presence of reserves - the conflict between the maternal organism and the fruit. With a negative Rh - factor, the analysis is for at least once a month to control the number of antibodies.
  • Analysis on Torch infection The PCR method (rubella, toxoplasmosis, herpes and cytomegalovirus) is not included in the list of mandatory analyzes, but is recommended by doctors - gynecologists in the early period of pregnancy. According to the results of the analysis, it will be clear whether a woman is a carrier at least one of the included Torch infections. The danger of their presence in the mother's body is that in the case of infecting the fetus until 11 weeks he can die or the true defects of the development of organs / tissues may develop.
  • Mail with vagina, cervical and cervical canal He is taken by a doctor at the first reception when registering for pregnancy. It is needed to determine the presence / absence of diseases of the urogenital sphere. Before the procedure, a woman runs on the couch. General gynecological examination.
  • Ultrasound At 8 week is held to find out whether everything is normal with the intrauterine development of the fetus. In the study, the specialist notes the approximate weight and fetus size, reveals the compliance of the development of the kid by the current period of pregnancy. Of course, the future mother is wondering what the fetus looks like this week, "and the miniature oblong caller and the head of the child can be considered on the monitor. Cardigo on this period in the baby is reduced by an average of 150 ice / min. It is twice as fast as the heart of the mother itself is knocking.

Ultrasound at 8 week of pregnancy

Blood selection during pregnancy for 8 weeks

Often, women describe situations when they find out about pregnancy by chance, since the expected menstruation occurred in the beginning of the cycle, and only on concomitant signs (nausea, rejection of odors, dizziness) could be guessing about an interesting situation.

In fact, "monthly", which arose after the intended fertilization, in the first two months of pregnancy can only speak about one thing - the threat of miscarriages. Sometimes this threat coincides with the estimated start of a new menstruation, but still it is not a monthly menstruation, but a serious state, accompanied by typical symptoms: the bottom of the abdomen is painfully pulling, the muscles of the uterus are intensified, the body temperature rises, there is a weakness, chills, the laundry is noticeable. What to do in such a situation?

  • Immediately cause ambulance! Only with medical help you can save pregnancy and prevent the detachment of the fetal egg. Blood discharge is the main sign that the threat to the lives of the fetus has arisen and the abortion of pregnancy is possible. Before the appearance of a doctor, a woman must relax and comply with bed.
  • Even short-term pain in the abdominal in the eighth week and the emergence of any disclosures that differ from the norm require consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist. Ultrasound of the uterus is also required and the reason for the threat of pregnancy interruption is established. It is worth remembering that the presence of such a threat is not a sentence, the main thing is to carry out all medical examinations in time and, if possible, prevent pregnancy complications.

Diet pregnant

Proper, full, balanced food from early pregnancy - the most important condition for the normal development of the fetus, newborn and child of the first years of life. Prenatal development specialists believe that food during the nursery of the baby requires no less attention than feeding a newborn and infant child. The main "building material" for the fetal cells is protein. In large quantities it is contained in products such as milk, cheese, cottage cheese, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, grain grain.

Proper nutrition for pregnant women

Important! Improper nutrition of a pregnant woman can lead to the actual starvation of the fetus among excess nutrients. Indeed, in this case, they come in unbalanced, i.e. Little suitable for assimilation.

It is necessary that the food of the pregnant woman is diverse, - monotonous nutrition violates the appetite. For a woman with average growth and weight indicators, the daily diet must contain at least 100 g of protein, 70 g of fat, 300 g of carbohydrates. This can be achieved if daily eat boiled meat / fish, one egg, drink a glass of kefir, add creamy and vegetable oils to dishes (15-20 g per day), and there are not less than 400 g of vegetables and the same amount of fruit.

This is how the approximate menu can look at the eighth week of pregnancy:

Meal Options for dishes and drinks
First breakfast Omelet with broccoli and cheese, fruit yogurt, faint tea with lemon and honey
Lunch Cheesery with raisins and sour cream, banana, coffee drink or milk
Dinner Carrot salad, green peas and apples, broth with meatballs, french croutons, mint tea
Afternoon person Green cottage cheese with jam, drinking yogurt 1%
Dinner Buckwheat porridge in a pot with meat and mushrooms, boiled beet salad and prunes, apple quarreling, rose rosehip
Before bedtime Milk Cornkik, Glass Out

What products should be avoided by a future mother:

  • all types of alcoholic beverages;
  • strong coffee, tea, cocoa, large portions of chocolate due to the high content of caffeine and exciting influence on the nervous system;
  • poorly roasted and smoked meat - due to his bad assimilation, the dangers of poisoning and infection with helminths;
  • dishes with high salt content and sharp spices;
  • excess of confectionery products rich in carbohydrates;
  • Canned food and semi-finished products.

What could bother at 8 week of pregnancy?

In the early periods of pregnancy, a woman may have a different kind of malaise. The appearance of many of them should not be afraid, they are associated with serious restructuring in the body of the future mother and are completely normal. But it is necessary to know about possible problems so that in case of anxiety symptoms, it is immediately applied to the attending physician.

Weakness and dizziness Often found in the first half of pregnancy. Especially these symptoms can be brightly manifested in those women who have experienced similar ailments during the start of the monthly menstrual cycle. Usually they pass by themselves to 11-12 weeks, but if dizziness and weakness have become permanent satellites, they must be reported to the therapist.
Heartburn The emergence of heartburn on an early term may indicate the restructuring of the gastrointestinal tract under the influence of the progesterone hormone. To facilitate the state of borneling, pregnant is recommended to reduce the content of animal fats in its food and do not abuse flour dishes.
Pains at the bottom of the belly When there are 8 weeks of pregnancy from conception, pain in the abdomen area is most often "echo" pain in the lumbar spine. If you lie on your back and bend legs in your knees, pain usually pass. If the stomach is drawn and the pain is not removed by such a simple reception, it is quite possible that we are talking about the increased tone of the uterus. In this case, it is necessary to urgently refer to the akuster-gynecologist to find out the exact cause of the occurrence of pain.
Nausea and salivation These signs and sensations are characteristic of most future mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy. Nausea occurs in early toxicosis in aggregate with a change in sense of smell, increasing sensitivity and mood drops. With satisfactory tolerance, all listed symptoms do not require special treatment and are trained independently.
Anxiety and fear Feeling anxiety, fear and anxiety, when there are 8 obstetric weeks, can be due to hormones of pregnancy circulating in the blood. Usually, the alarming states are kept short and already by the beginning of the second trimester gradually go to no. Also, psychological discomfort can largely be associated with the experiences of future childbirth, the emergence of a child to light, changes in life plans. Help to understand thoughts and feelings may be a psychologist or a close man.

Note! Many of the ailments of pregnant women are very unpleasant, but it is worth remembering that they are temporary, and, of course, are not dangerous for life. The main thing is that they are incomparable with happily ending pregnancy.

Wardrobe for 8 weeks: what to pay attention to

For women's clothing in the early period, the crumbs are most suitable for those materials that are well passing air and spend heat, absorb sweat and easily erased. Ideal for these purposes, linen and cotton fabrics are suitable. Casual wear should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also to protect the mammage in a position from supercooling in winter and from overheating in the summer.

Important! The main thing in clothes for pregnant women - so that she does not constrain movements, did not make it difficult for breathing and corresponded to the time of year.

Here are some criteria for preparing the wardrobe of the future mother in the first trimester:

  • Clothes with laces and fasteners are preferable, it will easily expand as the term of pregnancy increases;
  • It is advisable to wear dress-shirts, skirts or sundresses with various blouses;
  • Pants and jeans with tight fit of the belt to the stomach should be avoided;
  • underwear should be free, breathable, preferably seamless and natural fabrics;
  • Already on this period you should get used to the free shoe on a small heel. The closer to childbirth, the harder the future mother will be bend, so you need to choose options without laces, - such shoes will be easy to wear and remove, without leaving.

Comfortable clothes for pregnant women

Tips for a future mother at the 8th week of pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the future mother should pay special attention to his well-being, as well as to comply with some precautions in their behavior and relationships with others.

Avoid colds and orders

It is very important in the first 12 weeks to avoid contact with people suffering from colds. The bodies and systems of the kid are laid in the first trimester, and any maternal disease can not only weaken its body, but also affect the intrauterine development of the child. For the same reason, it is necessary to temporarily abandon the places of significant accumulation of the public, public transport per hour of peak, etc.

Do not take a vitamins and medicine

Without appointing a doctor, a woman should not make any drugs. Even harmless vitamin supplements taken uncontrollably (on the advice of girlfriends, relatives), can potentially cause harm not yet born baby.

Do not do an unscheduled x-ray without reasons

X-ray studies should not be carried out without reason on such a small launch date of the child. X-ray harm is very large, and radiological research (for example, fluorography of the chest organs) is postponed at least until the date of delivery


Night sleep has an important meaning for good female well-being in the position, so its duration should be at least 8-9 hours. Daytime sleep is also very useful, and with the possibility of a future mom it is useful to allocate 1-1.5 hours to rest in the daytime day.

More sleep during pregnancy

Avoid excessive physical exertion

Large physical exertion, hard work (lifting weights, running, quick movements on the stairs) must stop at the time of pregnancy. Pregnant woman also can not stand on the legs for a long time - the overvoltage can provoke a strong tone of the muscles of the uterus, which is fraught with pain in the stomach and the occurrence of the threat of baking baby.

No - difficult working conditions

The future mother for a period of 8 weeks is unacceptable to work in harmful production, any night work is also prohibited. According to the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, a woman, providing a certificate from the female consultation on pregnancy, has the right to switch to light labor, and, if necessary, ask for a reduction in the duration of the working day.

Longer be in the fresh air

Walking is useful for future moms by the fact that during the movement the blood circulates more active, the cells are saturated with oxygen, there is an active prevention of the occurrence of all the most unpleasant "satellites" of pregnancy - swelling, varicose satellites, hemorrhoids, constipation. In addition, a good result of a daily pastime in the air will be a strong healthy sleep.

Regularly visiting the gynecologist

Timely doctor control is needed by every pregnant woman. With a regular visit to the gynecologist throughout the term, each week is celebrated in the map of the future mother, allowing you to track down its health. Only it is possible to reveal the risk factors in a timely manner and to send therapeutic efforts to eliminate them.

If the pregnancy is welcome, future parents carefully relate to the prenatal diagnosis of the fetus. To make sure that the child is developing normally, for 9 months the gynecologist sends a woman several times for an ultrasound study. Photos Uzi can tell a lot to a doctor and future parents about the baby. In addition, the snapshot will become a touching reminder for the family archive.

To make a photo of an ultrasound kid at different terms, a pregnant woman needs to be signed up for ultrasonic screening in the Medical Center "Diana".

Stock Foto Ultrasound of different types

Informativeness of ultrasound depends on the type of research. Today, such types of ultrasound are used to diagnose the fetus:

  • 2D ultrasound . This is the most common ultrasound method, which is used in all the time of pregnancy. The study passes in two parameters - in width and height. As a result, the procedure is obtained by a flat black and white photo. The study time is usually from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • 3D ultrasound . In this case, the picture is higher quality, volumetric and color. Since all details are clearly visible in the photo, it is possible to consider the features of appearance and even the expression of the baby. However, the procedure will take almost an hour.
  • 4D ultrasound. The main parameters are added time, which allows you to get an image in video format.

3D and 4D ultrasound is advisable only in the second and third trimester.

What shows the photo of ultrasound research on weeks of pregnancy?

Depending on the period, the photo defines different parameters and features of the development of the baby. Consider what can be seen in the pictures on the obstetric weeks of tolerance.

Picture of the fetal ultrasound for 3 weeks

3 Obstetrician week corresponds to 1 embryonic. This means that at this stage there is fertilization of the egg and the implantation of the embryo into the wall of the uterus. It does not make sense to carry out an ultrasound study for such an early term, since even the most modern high-resolution sensors do not show the fruit. Assign the procedure only if there is a suspicion of ectopic pregnancy.

Ultrasonic Study for 4th week

At this stage, an embryo is formed. Its dimensions are still comparable to the size of the poppy grain, and the weight does not exceed 0.5 grams. Ultrasound is carried out to confirm the conception and determination of the embryo attachment site. In the picture, the doctor sees a small point on the surface of the endometrium of the uterus.

Photo ultrasound of a child at the 5th week of pregnancy

At this time, the fruit is a nervous tube with a brain reservoir. Cells are actively divided, the nervous and respiratory system is laid. The fetus size in length is about 1.5 mm, and the weight does not exceed 1 gram. Uzi confirms the conception and implantation of the embryo in the uterus, but does not allow to identify any pathology.

Ultrasound data on week 6

The fruit is actively growing. It disappears the tail, the bone tissue is formed, the nose and eyes are formed. Ultrasound examination is usually carried out using an intrafined sensor. The doctor can hear the heartset of the fetus, and in the photo is clearly visible the place of attachment of the fetal egg. If pregnancy is multiple, it can be seen in the picture. You can also determine the date of conception with high accuracy.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 7 pregnancy week

All parts of the body of the baby grow, it straightens and stretches. The size of the embryo reaches 10-13 mm. It forms the outlines of the person, the first barely notable movements of the limbs appear. In the picture, the doctor can clearly see the contours of the baby, despite its small sizes. Ultrasonic research on such a small period can determine the fetal development of the fetus and the threat of miscarriage. Pathology are not defined.


Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 8 pregnancy week

The fetus form bends knee, elbows, fingers. The length of the embryo reaches 20 mm, it straightens, the neck is formed. In girls at this time, there is a laying of ovarian fabrics, and the boys are eggs. However, it is impossible to determine the gender of the baby on the ultrasound, since the external genital organs are not yet formed.

By image of the ultrasound, you can define such parameters:

  • Toddler heartbeat (reaches 150 shots per minute);
  • The embryo has clear outlines of man;
  • Finger fingers are visible, which kid can compress and straighten;
  • The size of the uterus and the fruit bag increase;
  • The volume of accumulating waters increases.

Photo Ultrasound of the child at the 9th week of pregnancy

During this period, there is an active formation of brain structures, in particular pituitary and cerebellum. The lower and upper limbs are lengthened, the kidney and the liver appear at the kid. Also there is a bookmark of the face. The sex of the child is not yet determined, but sex cells begin to be produced in the body of the fetus - eggs in girls and sperm predecessors in boys. The size of the fetus can be compared with the size of a large cherry.

At the ultrasound, the doctor clearly sees multiple pregnancy, and also determines the place of attachment of fruits. The heartbeat is well auditioned. The picture is not visible pathology and sex of the child.


Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 10 pregnancy week

At the tenth obstetric post, the laying of large internal organs is completed. The weight of the baby is already 5 grams. The cartilage tissue at the same time begins to be compacted, turning into bone structures.

In the photo ultrasound, the hands and legs of the baby are already clearly visible. His head is incommensurable more than the rest of the body, and the frontal part clearly acts forward. It is not necessary to scare this feature - this is the norm. Also in the picture you can clearly distinguish your lips, nose and ears. Conducting an ultrasound examination, the doctor listens to the heartbeat, sees the first weak movements of the limbs. Also, a specialist can inspect the structure of the spine.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 11 week of pregnancy

On this time, the kid increases to 45-60 mm, which allows you to clearly see it in the exposure of the ultrasound. His heartbeat lies within 120-160 beats per minute. There is a respiratory system.

The photo shows such changes in the fetus:

  • The hands of the baby, longer than the legs, and the sizes of the head are comparable in size with the rest of the whole body;
  • The fetus is formed by the neck, which allows him to make moving heads;
  • A membrane disappear between the fingers, the child tries to compress them in the fists and squeeze;
  • In connection with the complete absence of adipose tissue, the ultrasound shows vessels translucent through the skin;
  • fetal movements are still weak, but they are visible on the screen of the device;
  • The formation of genitals begins.

Photo Ultrasound a child at the 12th week of pregnancy

This is a very important period, because the gynecologist sends a woman to the first screening. It includes ultrasound and biochemical analysis of venous blood per hormones. Ultrasound examination at this time is very informative and allows you to identify a number of congenital pathologies.

Visually in the photo such features of the fetus are visible:

  • eyes are well viewed (they are usually closed), baby nose and other features;
  • The child can open the mouth and swallow the oily water;
  • The size of the fetus is still disproportionate, but all parts of the body are formed;
  • In the field of genital organs, the hypotrophy of the scrotum in boys or hypertrophy of the sex of the sexes occurs (on these features you can define the floor);
  • Movement of the fetus chaotic.

Screening for 12 weeks allows to determine a number of pathologies of intrauterine development. For this, the ultrasound unit conducts a range of automated measurements. Based on these measurements, the formation of the fetus is evaluated.

During this period, such parameters are defined:

  • Fetal length;
  • thigh length;
  • abdominal circumference;
  • girth of the head;
  • Copchiko-Dread Size (CTR) - Length from Temkin to Copchik;
  • Biparity size (BPR) - size from one temple to another;
  • thickness of the collar space;
  • chest volume;
  • The weight of the fetus (calculated on the basis of measurements).

Match this data and identify pathology can only doctor. If a specialist suspects a congenital disease, an additional chromosomal analysis is prescribed.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child at week 13 pregnancy

The glands of the internal secretion at this point are almost fully developed and produce hormones, in particular insulin. Cardiovascular kid system per day rolls more than 20 liters of blood.

On the instrument monitor, such features of development are visible:

  • The fetus size reaches 75 mm;
  • Parts of the body become more proportional, but the head is still larger than the body, and the hands are longer legs;
  • The face of the baby is changing, the eyes move closer to the central part;
  • Mimic facial muscles are formed;
  • The movements of the limbs are indiscriminate and constant.

Photo Ultrasound of the child at the 14th week of pregnancy

By this time, the main internal organs are already formed, bones are strengthened, the lungs are crushing. The urinary system is formed, as a result of which urine is derived directly into the oral fluid.

In photographs of ultrasound diagnostics, such signs are visible:

  • Grimacey appears on the face of the child, the expression of the face is changing rapidly;
  • eyebrows and eyelashes form;
  • The body becomes more proportional;
  • The fruit increases to 80 mm;
  • The formation of outdoor and internal genital organs continues.

Photo Ultrasound of the child at 15 pregnancy week

During this period, the brain and musculoskeletal system are active. Despite the fact that the eyes of the baby are still closed, it responds to light.

On the ultrasound, the sizes of the baby reach 10 cm. The child swallows an amniotic fluid, can suck a finger due to the formation of a sucking reflex. The movements of the fetus are active, but chaotic.

Photo ultrasound of a child at 16 pregnancy week

Due to the strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and laying muscle tissues of the fetus movement becomes more active and stronger. Most women can feel them in the stomach. Begins to fully work liver, kidneys, stomach, bladder. In a picture of the ultrasound, future parents are already seeing the face of the baby, can see individual features.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 17 pregnancy week

The development of the cardiovascular system is completed and the immune bookmark begins. Active happens Development of immunoglobulin and interferon to protect the body from infections. A big leap in the development is also a nervous system.

On the screen of the ultrasonic apparatus, the kid is well visualized, its length is 130 mm. Movements become more coordinated and clear due to brain development. The doctor may assume the pathology of the intrauterine development, to estimate the size of the baby, to diagnose the frasonal pregnancy.

Ultrasound examination for 18-19 weeks

This period is associated with the rapid development of the immune and endocrine system. The brain has not yet been applied, but there are already noticeable deep grooves. Girls have a formation of uterus and uterine pipes. The boys ends the development of the prostate gland, but the testicles still Are in the abdominal area.

By a snapshot of ultrasound diagnostics, the doctor may already have a high probability to identify such pathologies:

  • heart defects;
  • Malovodie;
  • anomalous prelation of the placenta;
  • Down syndrome;
  • Stop development.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 20 pregnancy week

This period is considered a turning point, since almost all organs and systems are formed by 20 weeks. The rest of the pregnancy occurs the growth of the body and the weight set is largely due to the appearance of a fat layer. This period is prescribed a second ultrasound study.

Ultrasound pictures at 20 weeks make such goals:

  • assessment of the development and operation of internal organs;
  • identifying the risk of chromosomal anomalies;
  • Definition of the gender;
  • Evaluation of the dynamics of development and weight gain.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child at 21-22 weeks of pregnancy

Visually during ultrasound diagnostics, an increase in the size of the fetus is noticeable. Its length on this period reaches 190 mm. You can also note more coordinated movements with limbs, the ability to turn the head in different directions. Also slightly increases the layer of fatty fiber. Otherwise, the fruit is not very different from the fact that the doctor has seen for 20 weeks during screening.

Photo Ultrasound of the child on the 23-24 week of pregnancy

During this period, the kid is very active. His muscles and bone structures allow you to make coordinated intense movements, and relatively small dimensions provide free space. Limbs and fingers are lengthened. The child performs respiratory movements, swallowing the spindle fluid. His skin and subcutaneous fat stupor thicken. Uzi on this period is prescribed rarely.

Photo ultrasound of a child on the 25-26 week of pregnancy

The main changes on this period are associated with an active weight gain and an increase in the size of the fetus. The heart rate is 130-160 shots per minute. The functions of higher nervous activity, such as memory develop.

By a snapshot of the ultrasound, the specialist can evaluate the dynamics of the development of the baby and suspect severe intrauterine pathologies. During this period, the child is perfectly visible in the photo ultrasound. Such pictures most often retain for the family archive.

Photo ultrasound of a child on the 27-28 week of pregnancy

At the final stage there is the development of all parts of the body of the kid. In the case of premature birth, he is ready for independent survival. The kid can open his eyes, feels taste, hears all the sounds, can distinguish the smells. The genital organs are fully formed, which allows the ultrasound photo to accurately make sure that the woman awaits.

Stock Foto Ultrasound child on 29-30 week pregnancy

Increased in size, the fruit already barely fits on the monitor of the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus. His movements are becoming less active, due to the closeness of the womb for the kid of this size. Usually at this time, the ultrasound is also not carried out by postponing the study until the third compulsory screening.


Ultrasound examination for 31-32 weeks

This is the time of the third screening of pregnant women. The child becomes even closer in the mother's belly, in connection with which the doctor can only see a part of his body. At this time, the kid must turn the head down and take a position convenient for the upcoming birth. This is due to the relatively large size of the baby's head in comparison with the rest of the body.

Screening is carried out to assess the course of pregnancy and choosing the tactics of childbirth. The gynecologist can recommend a cesarean section, if such conditions are revealed during screening:

  • misconception of the child;
  • premature aging placenta;
  • violation of placental blood flow;
  • Multi-way or lowland;
  • campus cord;
  • Too big weight kid.

In case of any suspicion, the patient is directed to the passage of genetic analysis.

In the last 8 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound is prescribed only to determine the position of the child, its readiness for childbirth and weight evaluation. This depends on the tactics of childbirth.

Conducting ultrasound diagnostics and decoding results should be trusted only by experienced qualified doctors. It is such specialists to receive in the clinic "Diana".

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Fetal development at the 8th week of pregnancy

From each week of embryonic development in the body of the kid, important biological changes occur. The child is growing rapidly and develops.

How do the term doctors determine?

Doctors apply in their daily practice a special system for calculating the age of the fetus. They are measured in obstetric months and weeks. Thus, 8 obstetric week of pregnancy is equivalent to 6 weeks from the date of the child's conception.

Future mothers more often use the calendar method. They calculate the age of the baby from the direct date of conception.

To determine the obstetric period, doctors apply the date of the first day of the latter before the occurrence of the menstrual cycle. This method of calculation is more accurate and has already been used by the doctors quite a lot. The entire period of tooling the baby at an obstetric calculation method is 280 days or forty-week. Futive mommies are best to use the overall system for calculating the child's age.

8 week of pregnancy is accompanied by the emergence of various sensations in a pregnant woman. She changes the mood and emotional background, there are drawing abdominal pain. Many women begin to get tired faster. Specific changes are developing not only in the mami organism. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the child actively flows the process of formation of internal organs.

Such a huge leap in intrauterine development is possible only during the first trimester of pregnancy. From the moment of fusion of the genital cells have passed several weeks. During this time, a small organism has already been formed from several cells.

What happens to the baby?

In this period of pregnancy, doctors call the child in the mother's belly, the embryo. It has such small sizes that they can be defined only with the help of a ultrasound examination. This period of intrauterine life is extremely important. At this time, the laying of all vital organs and systems is actively continuing. If it occurs qualitatively, the children's body will continue to function fully.

The dimensions of the embryo at this stage are very small. In length, it is 15 mm. The weight of the child is completely small: it is only 2 grams. In addition to the formation of the body, the embryo is beginning to actively form internal organs. The kidney is laid, liver. A small embryo has already formed pancreas and stomach.

Interestingly, even in this early period of pregnancy, the formation of gastric juice occurs.

At this stage, the child has already formed a heart. Moreover, it is already beating. A small embryo weighing 2 grams has one's own heartbeat. This is a real natural miracle.

The heart of the kid to this period of pregnancy has a four-chamber structure. A partition appears between the atria. Such a structure is normal for the whole human population.

Child heartbeat is an important clinical sign. It is determined during the ultrasound examination. For its calculation, the amount of heart abbreviations per minute is determined. If the heart of the embryo beats too fast, then in this case the doctors install Tachycardia . When a decrease in the number of heart abbreviations is determined within a minute Bradycardia.

It is important that the child's heartbeat remains within the normal range. Such a state suggests that the cardiovascular system of the embryo is well functions.

It is very important to regularly estimate the heartbeat of the baby in the dynamics. Significant deviations from the norm may indicate that different pathology of the course of pregnancy appear in this way. This stage of embryonic development is also accompanied by a bookmark of digestive and respiratory systems. Light in the future will finally form. Their full functioning is possible only after the birth of the baby.

Transformed and bronchial wood. Bronchi forming it, begin to branch. In the future, their diameter will change and lumen.

Also, on 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, the child has a reproductive system. The genitals are just beginning to be formed. But it is possible to determine the floor of the fetus later. By this time of pregnancy, the child has almost completely formed a nervous system. Also, the main anatomical elements of the brain are formed to this period.

This stage of intrauterine development is accompanied by the active formation of the musculoskeletal system. Gradually increase the mobility of small children's joints.

The muscular apparatus of the child is well developed, but it is difficult to notice in connection with the small size of the embryo. Not only the muscular body of the body is actively developing, but the smooth muscular muscles of internal organs is formed.

A small embryo has a well-developed chewing and facial muscles, muscles of hand and legs, as well as pharynx. The lower limbs on this period of intrauterine development are somewhat "lagging behind" from the upper. The increase in dynamic functions leads to the fact that The nervous system of the kid continues to form and develop . Gradually, internal organs begin to respond to the impact of nerve impulses. This is necessary so that the digestive system continues to actively develop.

The embryo gradually begins to be a diaphragm. The glands of external secretion (sweat, salivary) continue their active development.

The first auxiliary structures necessary for the development of the embryo begin to transform at this stage. Chorion's vile gradually turn into a placenta. In the future, through the placenta, the kid will receive all the necessary nutritional components for its intrauterine development. This stage is accompanied by the initial formation of the immune system. The child is actively formed by a former gland. In the future, this organ immunity will be filled with lymphocytic cells.

What does the embryo look like?

At such an early pregnancy, a small embryo in its appearance is already reminiscent of a small man. His body has an elongated shape. Even the face of the fetus at this stage of its embryonic development is changing. Become prominent eyes. They look quite large, as there are no eyelids. Also, on this period of pregnancy, the first rings and color pigments of the eyes appear. Well visible socies. The eyes are closer to the temporal zones of the children's head. In the future, the face of the child will be transformed, which will lead to an approach of the eyes.

The nose has an already clearer contour, but still remains flat. The nerve endings of the olfactory analyzer are gradually begin to form. The nostrils of the baby are covered at this stage of its development with mucous traffic jams. In the oral cavity there is an active formation of gums. Even the root of dairy teeth begin to appear. The contour of the upper lip is well outlined.

In the tongue, the kid is already forming taste receptors. In the future, these nerve endings will change and improve, but the base laying is already taking this period.

A small embryo, which is actively developing in the maternal womb, are beginning to form ears. The first routines of small fingers appear on their hands and legs. At this stage, they still do not sprive together. After a while they disconnect. The active development of the nervous and musculoskeletal system contributes to the fact that the joints become more movable.

In some kids, on this period of their development, during an ultrasound study, you can see small movements in large joints. This is usually manifested by small swinging hands.

In the future, the kid will develop and become more active . From each week of pregnancy, the number of movements performed in the child increases. The child carries out small oscillatory movements in the maternal womb, but it is so small that the woman does not feel the motor activity of his baby on this period of pregnancy. By this period, the final formation of large blood vessels occurs. They are necessary for the full nutrition of the child during its intrauterine development.

How is the diagnostics of the development of the kid?

To determine the basic parameters of the fetus, doctors use ultrasound methods of surveys. They are appointed to all future mothers to confirm the fact of pregnancy, as well as the exceptions of the ectopic form.

On this period of rather dangerous pathology is a pipe pregnancy. In this case, the development of the baby occurs in the uterine cavity, but in its appendages. In this case, the full development of the child is impossible. Pipe pregnancy ends always tragically. With the help of modern ultrasound studies, it is possible to very accurately determine the location of the fetus. With multiple pregnancy, the position of each kid is estimated separately.

Despite the tiny size of the child, the ultrasound doctors can determine the length of his body. So, Copchiko-rash size on this period of pregnancy is approximately a couple of centimeters.

For active and full-fledged development of the embryo, a water medium is required. The diameter of the gestational egg, in which the accumulative fluid is located, at this stage is about 3 centimeters. When conducting an ultrasound study, the state of the reproductive organs of the mother is also required. The structure of the uterus is estimated, its tone is determined.

Using Doppler Research, specialists can determine the main indicators of blood flow in the main uterine blood vessels. With this method, diagnostics can be estimated how well the uterus blood supply occurs. Adequate bloodstream is necessary for the fact that the kid, located in the maternal womb, has fully grew and developed.

To assess the growth of the fetus, ultrasound examination is carried out in dynamics. In this way, the doctor can appreciate how well the baby develops.

If a woman does not enter some kids at the same time, then the holding of ultrasound research can be required more. The multiplicity of their purpose is determined by an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Ultrasound on this period of pregnancy can be carried out in different ways. The most commonly used tragal method is. In this case, the study is carried out using a sensor that is entered into the vagina. Transvaginal research method on this period of pregnancy allows you to get more accurate and reliable results . This technique has a number of contraindications. If they were revealed, then in this case a transabdominal ultrasound is carried out.

Many future mothers are worried about studying whether they need any preparation. At such a period of pregnancy, as a rule, the performance of special preparatory procedures is not required. Often, future mothers begin to be very worried about the study. You can understand their excitement: they are very worried about the result and the presence of any pathologies in a child.

It should not worry: From the early weeks of pregnancy, the kid feels all the experiences of the mother. Calm and balanced mood during the diagnostic study is simply necessary.

Conducting an ultrasound in early pregnancy allows timely to identify various pathology as a future mother, so at her baby. It is very important to conduct such a survey to women having difficulty having tooling kids and various gynecological diseases. If a woman has burdened anamnesis on genetic and chromosomal diseases, then the implementation of ultrasound research makes it possible to identify their signs from the fetus.

About what is happening with pregnant and fruit at 8 week of pregnancy, see the following video.

5,6,7,8 weeks of pregnancy: what is happening, the development of pregnancy and the fetus

Week for week 5-8th week of pregnancy Elena Gevorkova Doctor Acoucher-Gynecologist, Moscow

5th week


On the 5th week *An important event is occurring - the separation of the body of the embryo from auxiliary (extraordinary) structures is an amniotic bubble, a yolk bag and chorion. The process of formation of tissues and organs actively continues: the beginnings of all major systems of the human body appear.

The size of the embryo is about 1.2--1.5 mm. It is already possible to determine the front pole (future head) and the rear pole (future legs). The body of the embryo begins the formation of the "law of symmetry": the chord is laid along it, which is the axis of symmetry. It is around her and a bookmark of future bodies, which have a paired nature. Some of them are so growing "double" (these are the kidneys, lungs, etc.). Other organs are formed from the merger of symmetric adventures (for example, heart and liver).

During this period, the embryo bend and looks like a form on the letter "C". In the very center of the embryo there is a laying of a heart, which begins to pulsate by the end of the 5th week of pregnancy. The liver, pancreas, thyroid gland, lungs, and larynx and trachea begin to form a mesoderm cell (medium germ).

The central nervous system also begins its formation at the 5th week. There is a closure of the nervous tube: the planely located cells begin to spin in the hollow tube. This is a very important process, since the viability of the embryo depends on the full closing of the tube. A large role in this period is played by folic acid that contributes to a high-quality closure of the nervous tube. Reception of folic acid preparations are recommended when planning pregnancy and throughout the first trimester, but it is especially important to take it precisely during the formation of a nervous tube, i.e. At the 5--7th week of pregnancy. With the development of the nervous tube, the formation of brain departments are closely connected, which are represented by brain bubbles - convexities located along the tube.

Future muscles have the type of processes (somites) located along the nervous tube.

At the 5th week there is another important event in the life of the embryo - the formation of precursors of the genital cells. At such an early stage of embryonic development, there are already sperm and eggs and eggs.

Future mom

External changes on this period are minimal: menstruation delay for 1 week occurs. If a woman knows about her pregnancy, it can change its emotional state: peacefulness and thoughtfulness appear or, on the contrary, excessive activity.

From the 5th week, the appearance of nausea and intolerance of odors. Early toxicosis - nausea and vomiting (more often than the morning) - most women are subject to. Its manifestations are different - from light ailment to severe forms with indomitable vomiting requiring hospitalization.

Sensitivity, the feeling of gravity in the chest is also early signs of pregnancy.

6th week


By the beginning of the 6th week, the embryo has a length of about 3 mm, and it reaches 6--7 mm to its end. During this period, it has a cylindrical shape and resembles a germs of fish. Along the body of the future, the baby appears growing - the root of the hands and legs. Moreover, the upper limbs are growing faster than the lower, and by the end of the 6th week the hands are already laid, while the legs remain at the Kidney stage. On this period, there is a complete closure of the nervous tube and bulge: brain bubbles form the primaries of the hemispheres and brain departments.

The heart actively pulsates and continues to evolve, meanwhile the processes of division on cameras - atrium and ventricles occur inside it. The reduction of the tiny heart is already possible to catch under the condition of the use of sensitive ultrasonic equipment. The heart rate is an average of 100 to 160 beats per minute.

The formation of the digestive tube marks the formation of various departments - the stomach, thin and large intestines.

Fire glands continue to develop, and ureterals are formed. An important event of the 6th week is the bookmark of the future placenta - the formation of the Vorsin of Chorion. On this time, the active growth of vessels and trial "training" of the placenta takes place. As the placenta body is not yet formed and does not fulfill its basic functions, but the "first steps" occur already now is the exchange of blood between the vessels of the mother and embryo, the predecessor of the present circulation.

Future mom

At the 6th week of pregnancy, when menstruation delay is 2 weeks, manifestations of early toxicosis can increase. Nausea is sometimes accompanied by vomiting; If this happens more often 2--3 times a day, you should consult a doctor. A periodic feeling of tingling can join the feeling of the originalness of the dairy gland: the tissues react to the fluid delay associated with the fact that due to the hormonal restructuring there is a change in the permeability of the vessels. Weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, emotional irritation - all this often accompanies the woman on this period of pregnancy. Wine all the hormones trying to ensure the best conditions for the development of the baby. The restriction of physical load and stressful states, ensuring good mood is very important at this stage: it is noted that the severity of toxicosis depends on the initial emotional background.

During this period, it is possible to form new taste addies. Trying to ensure a comfortable existence, nevertheless, one should adhere to the main principle - common sense. It should not be used by harmful products, no matter how strong the desire (smoking and alcohol, fast food, preservatives, smoked, products containing dyes, etc.). An important point is to ensure the water balance. Insufficient fluid flow can cause relative dehydration of the body, which will only exacerbate the phenomena of toxicosis. Water, juices, fruits, vegetables sometimes become the only possible food for mom on this period of pregnancy.

7th week


The length of the embryo is from 8 to 11 mm, and the weight is less than grams. The shape of the body of the embryo on this term is arcuate, and its proportions are such that the head is half the size of the entire body. At the bottom of the pelvic end there is a continuation of the tailbone, similar to a small tail.

The 7th week of pregnancy is characterized by the intensive development of the knob of the embryo. Brushes already have interfallated gaps, but there are still no separation for fingers. This time is the formation of a person; A nasal fox is formed on its surface, from which the nose is further formed. In the same period, the initial development of the ears of the sinks of two elevations is observed, and the formation of the upper and lower jaws begins.

An important event of the 7th week is the formation of umbilical umbilicals and the system of blood circulation of the fetus and mother, which, connecting, establish the uterine-placental blood flow. From this point on, the nutrition and tissue respiration of the embryo is carried out at the expense of maternal blood. Thus, the baby falls under the protection of the parent organism, since Chorion (future placenta) performs functions not only delivery of the power, but also details toxins and harmful microorganisms that can have a damaging effect on the embryo.

Future mom

Since the 7th week of pregnancy, the uterus begins to grow; The doctor can detect it in a gynecological examination. Many women are watching an increase in the abdomen and will be happy to interpret this situation as a sign of pregnancy. In fact, the size of the uterus and the embryo is not so great so that it led to the growth of the abdomen. Its volume increases due to a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and the sluggishness of the intestinal loops; The reason for this is the effect of progesterone. The occurrence of bloating and leads to a filling of the abdomen, which becomes externally similar to "pregnant".

There is an increase in the volume of circulating blood, which is manifested by rapid urination. This situation will be maintained throughout the pregnancy, and at later time - increase even more. Urination should not be accompanied by painful sensations: they should be informed about them. In this period, the situation with the intestinal work may change: it is possible both constipation and diarrhea. Most often it is associated with hormonal impact, as well as a change in the usual diet. The intestinal activity should be strictly "regulated", since the regular chair (preferably daily) provides timely removal of slags and toxins from the body, which is extremely important during pregnancy. If you have problems with defecation, advise your doctor.

8th week


By the beginning of the 8th week, the embryo length is 15--20 mm, by the end - 40 mm. His mass is about 5 g. The end of the 8th week of pregnancy is the completion of the embryonic period of development and the beginning of the fruit. From this point on, the embryo is already called the fetus; So he will be called until the moment of birth. The 8th week of the development of the embryo is characterized by intensive growth and change in shape. His body is straightened, and all distinct the division into segments - head, torso, limb.

This period marks the rapid development of the nervous system. At the beginning of the 8th week, the division of the brain on the departments is increasingly clearly, the large hemispheres are outlined, gyms appear.

The embryo face becomes more relief, the nostrils, ear shells, eyes are formed. By the end of the 8th week, the face was formed quite clearly and a complete closure of the upper lip occurs.

A feature of this period is the process of ossification of bones - upper, lower extremities and skulls. The separation of fingers begins, and the thumb brush is already fully deployed and opposed to palm. The formation of large joints, in particular the ulnash and knee begins.

The active formation of the muscle system and the structures of the brain responsible for the muscle tone allows the embryo to perform active movements. By the end of the 8th week, the development of the digestive tract is practically completed, the process of supplying the stomach and intestines and intestines walls is beginning (this is necessary for the implementation of the engineering function of the gastrointestinal tract); salivary glands are formed; The formation of the cavities of the heart, kidneys, ureters and bladder is completed.

The intensive development of the vascular system of the future placenta continues. Chorion's vapors deeply germinate into the uterus wall. Now the full-fledged uterine-placental blood circulation is already noted, the vessels of umbilical cords are functioning, providing an adequate supply of the growing organism of the fetus with maternal blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients and deriving carbon dioxide and metabolic products from it.

Future mom

At the 8th week of pregnancy in the body of a woman, there are no fundamental changes. Already existing phenomena of toxicosis (nausea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness) do not change their intensity, but is transferred easier, because by this time pregnant people have time to get used to a new state and understand what exactly provides them with comfort - walks, sleep, specific products and defined Power Mode, etc.

*In this article, pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.

Signs of pregnancy for 8 weeks

Signs of pregnancy May 8 are more than clearly noticeable. And without exaggeration, we can say that the feelings at the 8th week of pregnancy are distinguished by a great variety.

All changes in the physical and emotional psychological state of pregnant women, as well as their well-being at the 8th week of pregnancy - directly or indirectly generates and coordinates the progesterone hormone. Although the test for pregnancy, including the test for the 8th week of pregnancy, is based on the detection of another hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is produced only by the outer porous sheath of the fetal egg (chorion) after its implantation in the endometrium of the uterus, and it happens a few days from the moment of fertilization. That is, monthly pregnancy should be stopped.

But back to progesterone, which is synthesized by the ovaries and adrenal glands (and after 13 weeks and the placenta) and thanks to which the fertilized egg (blastocyst) is fixed on the wall of the uterus. The body of pregnant in the sedative effect of this hormone corresponds to an increased sense of fatigue and drowsiness, some unbalanced and "unreasonable" mood fluctuations.

The most characteristic signs of pregnancy for 8 weeks, which celebrate almost all future mothers, are associated with appetite, taste sensations and in general with all digestion. Many tormented Morning Nausea at the 8th week of pregnancy, and also often vomiting for 8 weeks of pregnancy. Obstechers call it toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy. Hormones contribute to its development. Thus, the bark of adrenal glands produces more cortisol and cortisone - to ensure optimal carbohydrate metabolism and accumulation of energy in the form of glycogen in the liver. But the release of the gastrine digestive hormone (responsible for the level of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice) can be reduced, so increase. In the first case, the pregnant woman disappears and slows down the digestion of food, and in the second, the "wolf" appetite wakes up, heartburns are tormented, and an excessive increase in weight occurs.

Packs on the 8th week of pregnancy - also a characteristic feature of this state. The fact is that progesterone relaxes the Matter's myometrium, and at the same time the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal muscles. And the reinforced generation of estrogen, aimed at the development of a pregnant uterus, at the same time reduces the motorcy of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, there is a decrease in the level of Motilin synthesized in the small intestine, which should help in moving food on the digestive tract. All these factors cause not only constipation for the 8th week of pregnancy, but also flatulence - the bloating of the abdomen for the 8th week of pregnancy.

Specialists note and an increase in the blood of pregnant levels of the adrenocorticotropic hormone, which, in addition to the fluid delay in the tissues, enhances the production of melanin. And this is the reason for the appearance of pigment spots on the face of pregnant women - one of the external signs of pregnancy.

What does pregnancy look like 8 weeks: uterus, chest, belly

The uterus at the 8th week of pregnancy under the action of estrogen increases, but still remains within the small pelvis, so the belly at the 8th week of pregnancy has not yet issued the surrounding "interesting position" of a woman. Although often pregnant (especially slender) feel a minor increase in the abdomen in the hypogastrics - between the navel and the pubic area.

Nevertheless, the uterus is already starting to pull round ligaments, which are out of pregnancy hold it in an inclined position, as well as sacratling bundles. Because of this, pregnant women complain that they pull the belly at 8 week of pregnancy, or pulls the lower back at the 8th week of pregnancy.

A gradually growing uterus at the 8th week of pregnancy begins to put pressure on the bladder, since the abnormal cover of the increasing uterus passes. So visits to the toilet are inevitably studied.

The mucosa of the cervical cervix produces a special cervical secret that prevents infection in the uterus cavity. During pregnancy, the mucus is done more thick, forming a plug, fully closing the channel. However, there may be minor bright allocations for 8 weeks of pregnancy, connected with the features of local microflora and hormone levels. On the discharges that indicate the presence of pathologies will be told a little later.

Changes that chest under the 8th week of pregnancy make themselves known, first of all, the increase in the mammary glands necessary for the upcoming lactation.

You have already probably noticed that the bra has become small and you need a larger size. The change in the hormonal level, as well as other changes in tissues, is due to the preparation for breastfeeding. The chest can continue to increase throughout the entire pregnancy.

Under the action of estor, progesterone and chorionic somatotropin in the chest, more milk poles, alveoli and output ducts are formed. And thanks to the intense synthesis of the pituitary hormone, prolactin, which begins with 8 weeks of gestation, the process of producing a colostrum is launched. All of these physiological changes cause such sensations for the 8th week of pregnancy, like tingling in lactic glands, some of their pain, increasing the sensitivity of the nipples, darkening of the nipples and the near-slip range.

Hormonal changes - in particular, a sharp increase in progesterone - may be the cause of fatigue. Nausea and vomiting also take energy. Difficulties with sleep may appear, especially if you constantly have to get up among the nights to the toilet.

The idea for the fight against fatigue "Short 15-20-minute walks helped me cope with chronic fatigue in the first trimester of pregnancy. It was the only way that I could fight with a dream during working hours" - Gabriel.

Fruit at the 8th week of pregnancy

Physical and physiological parameters of the fetus on this period of obstetrics are determined on the basis of ultrasound for 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Trusted-Source[3], [4], [5]

How does the child grow?

This week: the fingers of the hands and legs are formed, the eyelids are almost completely closed, breathing tubes lead from the throat to the lungs. Brain nervous cells are developing and combined with each other, forming primitive neural paths, but the external genitals have not yet developed to determine the sex of the child. The child is constantly moving and moved, although you can still not feel it.

Important: the development of each child is purely individually. Our information is designed in such a way as to give you a general idea of ​​the development of the fetus.

Given the characteristic pose of the embryo in the uterus, its length is customary to determine from the tailbone to the pattern. The Copchiko-Dump Size - the CTR for the 8th week of pregnancy - is no more than 2-2.5 cm, and half of this length falls on the head. Weight fluctuates in a rather wide range - from 5 to 13 grams. Also on ultrasound is determined by the average internal diameter of the fetal egg - SVD

It should be emphasized that, despite such sizes, all the fetal fabrics have already been differentiated on this period and almost all its internal organs were formed: a brain (there is a wall of hemispheres, a cerebellum and a cerebral brain, a cortex and brain layer, heart (having already 4 Cameras), stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver (with bile ducts). The eyes became closer to the nose, but not yet closed in centuries; The tip of the nose and the upper lip is highlighted. The ultrasound clearly visible the lower and upper limbs. Moreover, the fruit is already beginning to move, which indicates the functioning of neurons.

At the last stage there is the formation of a system of blood vessels of the fetus. Although his blood circulation is still chorial (the placental will begin only from 13 weeks when the placenta is fully formed), but the fruit at 8 week of pregnancy already has its own blood group. There are also first lymph nodes.

8 week of pregnancy is decisive in the development of the genital glands of the fetus, that is, in the definition of the floor of the future child. If the y-chromosome gene, potentially determining the male floor, is present in the genome of the embryo, the embryo has a "chromosomal kit" 46XY, and there will be a boy. In the absence of the Y-chromosome, the karyotype 46xx is activated, and then female genital organs begin to form from urogenital rollers of the embryo, and a girl will appear.

By the way, the twins of 8 weeks of pregnancy develops identically, one-bedless pregnancy, that's just a future mother can be sick of a little more and a little longer - not until 12 weeks, but about 16 weeks.

Pathology at 8 week of pregnancy: Tonus of the uterus, pain and various allocations

The tone of the uterus at the 8th week of pregnancy - that is, the tension of its muscle shell (myometrium) is constantly changing. And this is a physiologically normal process due to the sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation of the body of the uterus and its cervix.

Out of pregnancy, the degree of tension or relaxation of longitudinal and circular fibers, myometrium does not pay attention.

But the hypertonus - an increased tone of the uterus at the 8th week of pregnancy - causes concern, especially since the period from 8 to 12 week is considered in the clinical obstetricism by a period of increased risk. And this risk is that a spontaneous interruption of pregnancy may occur on 8 weeks or, more simply, miscarriage at 8 week of pregnancy.

With increasing the tone of the front wall of the uterus on this period, pregnant people feel like a stomach becomes hard, in later deadlines there may be pain at the bottom of the belly of a pulling nature. Treatment of this symptom is carried out by the reception of the drug Duphaston - the synthetic analogue of the endogenous progesterone (standard dosage - 20 mg per day, is taken only by appointment of a doctor - according to a special scheme); But-shpa (one tablet three times a day), as well as magnesium preparations (citrate, gluconate or magnesium lactate, magnet B6) - in an individually installed dosage doctor.

Pains on the 8th week of pregnancy can be different and have several reasons. First of all, the stomach hurts on the 8th week of pregnancy with excessive physical exertion and increase the tone of the uterus. As well as in constipation and problems with the disheve of intestinal gases, with pregnant chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, mioma, endometriosis, endometrioid cyst and other pathologies not related to pregnancy.

But most often the doctors of female consultations listen to the complaints of the patients on the fact that they have a loin hurt at 8 week of pregnancy or what spin hurts 8 week of pregnancy. What is the reason for these pain, because the term is still small, and women still do not feel the severity? And the reason is that the trophoblast of the chorion of the fetus, as well as the endometrium of the uterus and the ovaries of the pregnant woman begin to produce a special hormone relaxin, whose task is to gradually prepare a musculoskeletal system of the woman gradually prepare for childbirth. Relxin contributes to relaxation of the bones of the Lona joints of the pelvis bones, however, selectivity this hormone is no different, because of which the vertebral ligaments also weaken.

With increasing or decrease in blood pressure, with an ARVI or cold, with too long a dream in the daytime, the head often hurts 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Allocations at the 8th week of pregnancy are also different, but it is necessary to relate to them equally carefully.

So, minor yellow allocations at the 8th week of pregnancy that do not cause pain and not having an unpleasant odor are considered as quite a normal phenomenon. But with abundant discharge from the vagina, it is necessary to suspect the development of the vaginal candidiasis - thrush (thrush at 8 week of pregnancy - see further).

Monthly for the 8th week of pregnancy, in theory, must be absent: because the endometry in a pregnant uterus can not reject. However, there is a so-called Mazne at the 8th week of pregnancy, which specialists in the field of diseases of the female genital sphere belong to bleeding. In particular, implantation bleeding can be disposable pink seals for 8 weeks of pregnancy, provoked by the introduction of blatocists into the mucous membrane of the uterus. Pale pink discharges from uterus are also possible, associated with its anatomical anomalies or Misa. But the most frequent cause is a very low level of progesterone or hCG in pregnant women who do not cope with the suppression of luteotropin, initiating cyclic ovary changes during ovulation. And in such situations the only way to preserve pregnancy is hormone-corrective therapy.

Brown selection at the 8th week of pregnancy, and even more so bloody allocations at the 8th week of pregnancy - against the background of general weakness and pulling painful sensations at the bottom of the abdomen - are a sign of such dangerous pathology as detachment for the 8th week of pregnancy. And this means that the fruit egg with the embryo broke away from the endometrium. A partial detachment of a fetal egg leads to the formation of bruise. Using professional medical terminology, this is a retrohorial hematoma at the 8th week of pregnancy. With partial detachment, doctors manage pregnancy.

Intensity in the intensity of blood selections at the 8th week of pregnancy "give a signal" to a woman: pregnancy threatens the miscarriage - immediately to the doctor!

And bleeding at 8 week of pregnancy (especially if it is intense, blood clots are distinguished, and there are strong pain in the lower segment of the abdominal cavity) means that there was a miscarriage at 8 week of pregnancy, or the pregnancy was ectoped.

According to the gynecologists, an ectopic pregnancy for the 8th week of pregnancy does not have other options, in addition to the rupture of the phallopyye tube under pressure from growing blastocysts. At the same time, strong peritoneal bleeding can have fatal consequences.

In addition, there is a frozen pregnancy for 8 weeks - a particularly dangerous stage of intrauterine development. In the presence of a viral infection (rubella, cytomegalovirus, etc.), a shortage in the body of a pregnant progesterone or an excess of testosterone, as well as in the case of embryonic anomalies of genetic nature, the development of the fetus is terminated. The woman herself most often does not notice this, and everything is poured into a spontaneous interruption of pregnancy for 8 weeks.

Analyzes at the 8th week of pregnancy

For future moms, the following tests are considered to be required at the 8th week of pregnancy:

  • general blood test (with the definition of a blood group and a ray factor);
  • blood chemistry;
  • blood test on β-hgch (chorionic gonadotropin);
  • blood test to progesterone;
  • blood test on protuberine (coagulation determination);
  • blood test for the presence of antibodies to the rhesus factor (with a positive rezv factor at the father's father);
  • blood test on RPR (syphilis), HIV, HBsAG (hepatitis B), Anti-HCV (hepatitis C);
  • blood test for antibodies to rubella;
  • blood test for herpes (Anti-HSV IgG and Anti-HSV IGM);
  • General urine analysis and urine analysis for protein;
  • Calais analysis;
  • Common smear on the microflora.

Normal indicators of HCG at the 8th week of pregnancy, more precisely from 7 to 10 week, are 21000-291000 honey / ml. Such a wide interval of this indicator is explained by the fact that from the moment of fixing the fetal egg in the uterus, up to 10 gestational weeks for every 48 hours, the content of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood in the blood is practically dying. Therefore, the deviation from the HCG standard is regarded by doctors as a dangerous symptom, which can be associated with the threat of spontaneous interruption of pregnancy, ectopic (ectopic) or frozen (undeveloped) pregnancy. Naturally, twin 8 weeks of pregnancy will show twice as high level of hCG.

Progesterone at 8 week of pregnancy is considered normal with indicators that fluctuate in the range of 9-468 nmol / l (in other units of measurement - 30-39 ng / ml or 4.7-34 μg / l).

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Prenatal diagnostics at the 8th week of pregnancy

The doctor can recommend various tests for passing during pregnancy: from genetic screening to diagnostic tests. Some of them are simple blood tests, while others consist of a larger number of invasive procedures. Before you agree to the analysis, ask the doctor to explain to you its need, potential risk and possible results. Many prenatal tests are intended for screening, not diagnosis. Samples for identifying hidden forms of diseases also make sense under certain conditions. But only a diagnostic test may say for sure if a child has health problems.

During the first trimester, can be assigned:

  • Combined screening test: This relatively new sample for identifying a hidden form of the disease, consists of viewing a collar zone and blood test for determining the level of proteins. The analysis is performed between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. Combined screening test will provide information on the likelihood of the presence of Down syndrome, as well as other violations and problems.
  • The sample of the festive chorion: one of the main methods of prenatal cytogenetic and molecular genetic diagnostics, includes taking a small piece of (biopsy) of chorion tissue using a transvaginal plastic catheter. The sample of the village chorion will help reveal chromosomal disorders and other genetic disorders. This analysis is carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy, usually between 11 and 12 weeks.

Abortion at 8 week of pregnancy

Abortion at the 8th week of pregnancy is an artificial interruption of pregnancy - can be held in a medical institution if the woman does not want to give birth. The deadline for such a "problem solving" is not more than 12 weeks. Since 2004, in Ukraine, the possible period of abortion is reduced to 22 weeks, but in the period 12 to 22 week gestation, pregnancy interruption is considered a medical abortion. His holding, in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (No. 144 of February 15, 2006), must have certain medical prerequisites.

The list of such indications shows: tuberculosis (all forms), syphilis, heavy forms of viral hepatitis, rubella (including contact with it), HIV (AIDS), cytomegalovirus infection, leprosh (leprosy), the presence of cancer, severe heart failure, aneurysm Aorts, acute and chronic renal failure, rheumatoid arthritis, hemolytic and aplastic anemia, purpura, psychosis, epilepsy, chronic alcoholism, toxicizing, etc.

It should be borne in mind that the artificial interruption of pregnancy at 8 week cannot be carried out by the method of vacuum aspiration, since it is carried out only under a period of no more than 5 weeks. Therefore, abortion at the 8th week of pregnancy can be carried out either with the use of drugs (permissible period of conduct - no more than 8 weeks) or by the usual surgical method.

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Well-conditioning at 8 week of pregnancy: cold, thrush, herpes

Unfortunately, not always well-being at the 8th week of pregnancy pleases future mothers. The hormones mentioned above, among other things, perform an immunosuppressive function, the innted ability of the body of the woman to resist infections. And this is necessary - to prevent the embryo rejection.

So the complaint, they say, sick at the 8th week of pregnancy, sounds of the mouth of many women: during the cold season, ARVI or a cold for the 8th week of pregnancy is more than half of pregnant women.

The obstetres assure that the temperature of 37 at the 8th week of pregnancy is not a reason for concern, since such an indicator on the sidewater gives all the same progesterone. But the subfebrile (37.5-38 ° C) and the increased temperature at the 8th week of pregnancy (more than 38 ° C) require special attention and mandatory appeal to the doctor. During this period, the high body temperature of the pregnant woman threatens the normal development of the future child due to hypoxia. And the subfebrile can be not only with a cold, but also with the damage to cytomegalovirus, urogenital infections, disorders of the thyroid gland.

Although the cold for the 8th week of pregnancy is not so harmless: according to the results of permanent obstetric monitoring, on average, 15% of pregnancies in terms of up to 12 weeks ends popping out due to colds or influenza.

And there is a problem: there are practically no drugs in the first trimester for pregnant women. Therefore, during fever, you need to make wiping with cool water or a mixture of water with a table vinegar (in proportion 2: 1). Despite the content in the raspberry of salicylic acid during a cold, you can drink tea with raspberry jam - not abusing, two teaspoons of jam per day at temperatures are enough. And the runny nose at 8 week of pregnancy is recommended to be treated with rinsing of nasal strokes with a solution of table salt (dessert spoon on 200 ml of boiled water) or sea salt (which is sold in all pharmacies). With a strong runny nose and laid nose, you can sniff the cut-off bulk or lubricate under the nose of the "asterisk" balm.

When the throat hurts at the 8th week of pregnancy, the warm water-alcohol helps (3: 1) the compress on the neck, rinse the throat with a warm brine, decoction of calendula (tablespoon of flowers on a glass of water), a solution of furacin (on a glass of water 1 tablet). Removes pain and inflammation in the throat rinse with warm boiled water, in which it is necessary to place a tea boat of natural honey and 50 ml of apple vinegar (which can be replaced with fresh lemon juice).

Remember that the use of pupin and lollipops from the throat and cough, sprays and a drop from a cold in the first three months of pregnancy contraindicated. This also applies to such a cough medicine as Pertissin: due to the content of licorice root. By the way, such popular medicinal plants like mint, chamomile, sage, soul man, nine, yarrow, St. John's wort, a chamber and even aloe during pregnancy fall under the ban.

Thrush at the 8th week of pregnancy

The thrush at the 8th week of pregnancy (vaginal candidiasis or candidalosic vulvaginitis) is a fungal disease that manifests itself in the form of discharge from vagina resembling crumbs of cottage cheese with a characteristic source, itching and redness of the skin and geometal mucosa.

Obstetricians warn that thrush at the 8th week of pregnancy, as other infections of external genital organs and sex tract of pregnant women, are dangerous to what they can lead to:

  • infection of amnion (inner aqueous octoplate shell), which is accompanied by the formation of adhesions that impede the normal development of the fetus;
  • Infectness of chorion (porcecable octoplodic shell) and inflammation of its walls;
  • reduce body weight of a child;
  • spontaneous interruption of pregnancy;
  • Infecting the generic pathways during childbirth.

The drug appointed by most doctors for the treatment of thrush during pregnancy is pimafucine in the form of vaginal candles. According to the instructions, it is necessary once a day (lying, before bedtime) to introduce one suppository in the vagina. The standard antifungal therapy rate is from 3 to 6 days; It is recommended to use pimafucine within three days after the discontinuation of the discharge and itching.

We want to remind you that during pregnancy, any health problems can not be solved on their own.

Herpes on the 8th week of pregnancy

Simple herpes virus - Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) - is not completely simple, because, existing only in the human body, the right moment waits when his host or hostess will weaken immunity. That is why Herpes at the 8th week of pregnancy, as, however, and throughout the gestation - it arises quite often, against the background. But in the first trimester it is especially dangerous.

Herpes HSV-1 is manifested on the lips, the genitis "chopped" herpes type HSV-2. Of course, the genital herpes is more dangerous, but in any case, Herpes at 8 week of pregnancy can cause a medical recommendation to interrupt pregnancy. The defeat of the future mother of this virus in the early deadlines may cause: the death of the fetus and miscarriage, infection of the fetus (neonatal herpes) and neurological pathology, congenital malformations, the birth of a premature child.

Wherever the herpes appear - the itchy "roll" on the lip or the strong burning diseases painful bubbles in intimate places - immediately to the doctor!

Herpes HSV-1 Troops Acyclovir (Herpevir, Zovirax, etc.), which is considered safe for pregnant women. In the treatment of urogenital herpes, pregnant women under 12 weeks can be applied the following algorithm: acyclovir (intravenous drip infusion), human immunoglobulin (three intravenous injections every other day); Diamond green (externally).

Some doctors prescribe pregnant patients with a drug viriferon (based on interferon-α2), produced in the form of ointments, gel and vaginal candles.

Food at the 8th week of pregnancy

How to eat and what to eat at 8 week of pregnancy - current issues for many future mothers who are afraid to gain extra kilograms.

Recall that for 20 weeks since the beginning of pregnancy, women add 30% of the total weight, and the weekly increase is an average of 300 diet, on which you "sat" before pregnancy are excluded!

Power on 8 week of pregnancy should provide the body with everything necessary: ​​proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins. The energy value of the diet at such a period should not be below 2000 kcal per day.

If you start the listing of all products for pregnant women, then you just don't have enough strength to read this list ... So we will be brief: you need to eat meat, fish and seafood, cereals (cereal and grain bread), dairy products (not very fat) , vegetable oil (raw spin) and, of course, vegetables, fruits and berries - in any form. As they say, nothing new. And you note, no nutritionist will recommend when pregnancy of cakes, candies, ice cream cakes or hot dogs. Yes, still - sweet carbonated drinks!

In general, it is necessary to eat for 8 weeks of pregnancy, you now know about approximately. And we will shortly focus on what food can help in solving such problems of pregnant women as constipation and meteorism (abdominal bloating).

In the first case (during constipation) necessary: ​​fiber in the form of whole grain cereal dishes (buckwheat, oatmeal, well-strained pearl cereals), bread with bran, legumes (peas, beans, etc.), fresh kefir (on a glass every day) , Cabbage (any) and all our usual seasonal vegetable set, starting with beets. Do not forget to eat apples, pears, plums (prunes) and citrus fruits, as well as nuts and seeds (quite gradually).

And now, which is not worth it, so as not to torment the scrawl of the abdomen at 8 week of pregnancy: animal fats; rye and freshly plated white bread; millet and oatmeal; beans, peas and other legumes (including peanuts); cabbage (any); milk (fresh and dry) and ice cream; potatoes (especially roasted); radish and spinach. And also grapes, even in the form of a raisin.

Now - the comparison method - you can easily make your own list depending on the presence or absence of constipation and meteorism. But what needs absolutely everyone, so this is vitamins for the 8th week of pregnancy.

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Vitamins for 8 weeks of pregnancy

Vitamins in a state of pregnancy does not happen much. So, the use of products containing their products, as well as the reception of vitamin preparations appointed by the doctor, should be enough to cover the needs and moms, and a child growing in her lap.

At any time of the year, vitamin C, which contributes to the resistance to any microbes and the virus, is actively regulated by lipid metabolism (reducing cholesterol content), it has a positive effect on hemopoies (blood cell formation process) and hemostasis system (providing normal blood coagulation).

The most necessary for pregnant women are vitamins of group B: folic acid (vitamin B9), pyridoxine (B6) and cyanocobalamin (B12).

Thanks to Vitamin B9, the likelihood is reduced not to convey the child with nature, with his participation, the process of forming neurons in the future child passes normally, and it means that the risk of developing innate anomalies of the trunk nervous system of the fetus (nervous tube) and the CNS of the newborn is reduced. Folic acid is particularly effective during pregnancy in combination with Vitamins B6 and B12.

In addition, Vitamin B6 improves well-being at the 8th week of pregnancy, reducing the intensity of nausea and vomiting. And Vitamin B12 protects the liver from any negative impacts, which it is often exposed during the baby tool.

To assist vitamin B12 - that is, for the benefit of your liver - you can attract the inosit (vitamin B8) and choline (vitamin B4). Contained in beans, solid gruses, grapefruit, sesame seed vitamin B8, as well as vitamin B4 (which are rich in cabbage, leaf greens, rice, oatmeal, egg yolk, dairy products) not only help the liver stay healthy, but also take care of the skin and hair , On the normal operation of the heart muscle, about the elasticity of vessels, and certainly activate the intestinal motor.

In conclusion, it remains to answer two frequently asked questions: is it possible to have sex on this period of pregnancy and ... fly by plane?

As obstetrician-gynecologists assure, sex at the 8th week of pregnancy in "moderate doses" and "without excesses" does not have contraindications - in the absence of complications (bleeding, hypertonus of the uterus, etc.). It should also be borne in mind that intimate proximity can disrupt the normal process of nourishing the child in women who have spontaneous interruption of previous pregnancies.

Flight for the 8th week of pregnancy - with similar nuances of its flow - can also lead to undesirable consequences. So better ... go on foot.

8 week of pregnancy - a difficult period, try not to complicate it, because you still have a whole 32 (± 2) weeks. Take care of yourself!

On 8 week, the adaptation of the female organism to new conditions of existence continues. This process can go quite difficult and accompanied by toxicosis.

The fruit at this time becomes more and more like a person. With the help of ultrasound, you can already see involuntary movements that the child makes.

What happens on the 8th week of pregnancy

The growth of the uterus continues. On the eighth week it reaches the size of the apple. A woman at this time can feel small cuts in the uterus, this is normal.

The placenta continues to develop, with the help of which the child is already quite soon, it will be able to receive the nutrients they need from the organism. The body continues a hormonal explosion. Progesterone, prolactin and estrogen expand the arteries of a pregnant woman. It is necessary in order to strengthen the bloodstream and deliver more blood to the fetus.

In addition, under the influence of hormones, there is a relaxation of pelvic bundles, which allows the abdomen to grow.

Toxicosis on the eighth week is still quite strong. The woman is sick in the morning, the salivation is enhanced, vomiting is observed.

The chest continues to increase in size, it is heavy and strained. The area around the nipples becomes darker. Also around the nipples appear nodules that are enlarged sweating glands.

Fetal development at the eighth week of pregnancy

This week the fetal length is 22 mm, and its weight is already equal to three grams. At the eighth week, the embryo begins to grow intensively. His body ceases to be arcuate and straightens. It becomes more pronounced on the head, body and limb, the tail disappears.

The child at the 8th week of pregnancy begins to actively move and change its position in the uterus, but because of the small size of the fetus, the mother of these movements does not feel.

This week, the baby has ear sinks, eyes, nostrils, the features of the face continue to form. The language is beginning to form taste nipples, the receptors responsible for smell are formed in the nose.

There is a separation from each other's fingers in the hands, the process of ossification of the bones of the skull, legs and hands begins.

For the eighth week, the active development of the child's nervous system is characterized. The brain is separated into sections, the hemispheres begin to form gyms.

Suitable by the end of the formation of heart cameras, bladder and kidneys. The digestive system is almost completely formed, the formation of salivary glands begins.

The formation of the placenta continues, the external genital organs of the fetus develop.

Fruit size for 8 weeks of pregnancy8 weeks Your child is the size of the beaw

Symptoms at the eighth week of pregnancy

Most often, the future mother this week complains of toxicosis. The woman constantly spins his head, her sick and tear. If vomiting appears more often than 3-4 times a day, it is necessary to seek advice to your doctor.

In addition to the symptoms of toxicosis, a woman in the eighth week constantly feels fatigue, she is annoyed all the time. Due to the small sizes of the fetus, the weight of the woman is not significantly increasing. On the contrary, with severe toxicosis, it even decreases.

The uterus on the eighth week begins to put pressure on the bladder, in connection with which the woman is experiencing constant urge to urine. However, it should not be painful. The presence of pain can talk about the development of a pathological process in the urinary system (most often pyelonephritis or cystitis). Due to the disorder of the digestion, a pregnant woman can periodically arise a heartburn.

Bleeding at the eighth week of pregnancy may indicate a threat to miscarriage. In addition to bleeding, a woman can feel pain in the back and spasms at the bottom of the abdomen. In this case, it is necessary to immediately cause ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctors, a woman must comply with bed and try not to be nervous.

The stronger and longer bleeding, the higher the probability that the process has already begun. If the bleeding is constantly increasing, and together with blood bunches and pieces of fabric come out, most likely the fruit egg has already separated from the uterus and the miscarriage is inevitable. In this case, after a while, the cervix is ​​revealed and begins to shrink. Fight begin, and the fruit is pushed out.

The temperature of 8 week is the symptom of any infectious disease. A pregnant woman should not be frightened, because speech is most likely a banal cold, which arises as a result of the weakening of immune defense.

In this case, you need to visit a specialist who will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment, given the fact that a number of familiar drugs cannot be prescribed pregnant women.

Feelings at the 8th week of pregnancy

At this time, the woman feels constant weakness, she can have problems with sleep. At the eighth week, as a result of the pressure on the area of ​​the pelvic of the growing uterus, a pregnant woman may arise a pinching of a sedlication nerve. It is manifested by painful sensations in the buttocks, hips, lower back.

If a woman has problems with thyroid, it is necessary to report this to doctors. After all, to the eighth week, the formation of its own thyroid gland from the fetus and the problems of the mother will definitely affect its development.

This week women who have the likelihood of a conflict reserves, prescribe special drugs that prevent the fetus rejection by the maternal organism.

On 8 weeks the main tasks of ultrasound research are:

  • Clarification of the exact place of attachment of the fetal egg to the wall of the uterus.
  • Detection of possible obstetric complications.
  • Studying the structure of the fetus to exclude the pathologies of its development.
  • Determination of multiple pregnancy.
  • Evaluation of the sizes of the fruit egg and embryo.
  • Confirmation of normal development of pregnancy.

The most optimal one is to carry out a transvaginal ultrasound, with which you can get the most complete information about the state of the fetus.

At 8 weeks, the second month of pregnancy ends. No external sign does not hint around the fact that a woman is preparing to become a mother, but she probably has already managed to face many symptoms and fully feels his new state. The term of 7-11 weeks of pregnancy is a time when you need to visit the gynecologist and other specialist doctors, pass many different tests. Significant changes continue to occur in the body of the future child. The first trimester of pregnancy is the time when the embryo is actively forming internal organs. By the beginning of the fetal period, it will be already actually fully formed miniature child: it will only rush and grow his body to childbirth.

Symptoms and symptoms of 8 weeks of pregnancy

The symptoms of the first trimester arise from different future mothers in different times, are expressed in different ways. In some women they are very bright, it comes up to toxicosis, while others may not experience them at all. For 8 week, a woman may face the following manifestations of pregnancy: ·         Small blood discharge from the vagina . You can detect her traces on the underwear. Most often there is nothing terrible in this: just the neck of the uterus has become a softer, gentle, vulnerable. It easily begins to bleed after sexual intercourse. However, if there is a lot of blood, as during menstruation, it may be a sign of miscarriage. If any doubts, it is better to immediately consult a doctor. · Strange dreams . Many future mothers in early pregnancy begin to see strange dreams, because hormonal changes occur in their body, and they are still psychologically get used to pregnancy, feel fear, anxiety. · Constipation . In the first trimester of pregnancy, they are encountered about half of pregnant women. This is also the result of hormonal effects. The hormones slow down the movement of food on the digestive tract so that the body can extract the maximum of the valuables required for the embryo. · Spasms at the bottom of the belly . These are normal sensations, since your uterus begins to increase in size, which is why her ligaments stretch. But if spasms are very strong, painful, you need to consult a doctor. · Strengthening smell . Smells that you have most likely not noticed, now begin to feel very acute. They seem very sharp and unpleasant, cause nausea. The most effective way to deal with this symptom is to try to avoid odors that cause you an unpleasant feeling. · Nausea . Sometimes this symptom is called "Morning Nausea," but in fact he can disturb at any time of the day. Some future mothers do not feel it at all, and others have vomiting - in this case, most likely, the doctor diagnoses early toxicosis of pregnant women and prescribes treatment. · Constant fatigue . First, the growing uterus begins to take over all the blood, so the blood pressure of the woman is reduced. Secondly, the level of sugar and other nutrients decreases in the blood, because they are actively consumed by the body of the embryo. All this leads to the fact that the woman constantly feels tired. · Increase and soreness of the chest . In the mammary glands, the fabric is already beginning to grow, which in the future will produce breast milk. · Frequent urination . Despite the fact that your stomach has not yet increased, the uterus has already grown noticeably, and continues to grow. She puts everything stronger on the bladder.

Pregnancy at 8 week twins

If you are pregnant twins and are on the period of 8 weeks, most likely you still do not guess that you will have two kids. This will probably become clear only after the first ultrasound screening. The symptoms of the first trimester in your case will be more pronounced, but everything is individually.

The eighth week of pregnancy is how much?

When an obstetrician-gynecologist diagnoses the eighth week of pregnancy from the woman, most often we are talking about obstetric period, that is, about the one who is counted from the first day of the last month. It is convenient, although in reality the conception occurs about two weeks later. Thus, 8 weeks of obstetric period correspond 6 weeks of the embryonic period. In turn, 8 weeks of the embryonic period correspond to 10 weeks of obstetric period. If you translate weeks in months, then you are pregnant almost 2 months. Calculate what period of pregnancy in weeks, and calculate the date of birth according to the last menstruation

What happens to the embryo on the 8th week of pregnancy?

At the 8th week of pregnancy, the size of the embryo is compared with the bean, olive, the berry of the raspberry.

The length of his body reaches approximately 1.6 cm, the mass - 1 g. The head has about the same dimensions as the rest of the body. With such small sizes, the future kid is characterized by high activity: it constantly jumps, tumbling in the tummy at Mom, but the woman itself does not feel.

The body of the embryo is increasingly reminding the child in miniature. He disappears a tail (which is actually no tail is - this is the final spine department, which comes from behind due to the fact that the body is too short: then the body is lengthened, and these vertebra are inside), fingers appear on the handles and legs which are still connected by membrane. Forms are formed - they almost close their eyes. Lips and nose are becoming noticeable. The skin is almost completely transparent, because it still does not have a pigment, there is no layer of subcutaneous fat. Through the skin can see the blood vessels, internal organs. The embryo is actively developing a nervous system. Nervous cells that are in the brain are actively branched, new connections are constantly being formed between them. Many taste receptors appear in the mouth. The brain is divided into three departments: front, middle and rear. Probably you no longer wait to find out what sex is your future child? Its floor is already predetermined at the genetic level, but the genitals are not yet developed, so it is impossible to say who it is: a boy or a girl. The active development of internal organs continues. The bronchi embryo branches and connect with the meetings of future lungs. A diaphragm is formed - the muscular partition between the thoracic and abdominal cavity, the movement of which is ensured by breathing. Pigment begins to postpone in the eyes, but their color will still remain very defined. The heart of the future kid consists of four chambers (two atrials and two ventricles - just like in an adult), is reduced with a high frequency - 150-170 beats per minute, which is about twice the mother's cardiac frequency. On the limbs of the 8-week embryo, the knee joints, elbows, wrists can be distinguished.

Ultrasound at 8 week of pregnancy

Until the first planned ultrasound, at least three more weeks. It remains to be lost quite a bit - and you will see your future baby. If the ultrasound study was completed at 8 week of pregnancy (sometimes it is carried out on this period, if there are special testimony), then a small "man" bent in the form of the letter "C" could be seen on the screen. Here's what it looks like:

What happens to the uterus and stomach at the 8th week of pregnancy?

At the eighth week of pregnancy, the uterus achieves grapefruit sizes. It becomes about two times more than before pregnancy. Some women do not feel this, their stomach has ordinary sizes. Some begin to notice that jeans, trousers and other clothes began to converge on the belt worse. This can be due to both the increasing uterus and with the common symptom of the first trimester of pregnancy - bloating.

If you are pregnant twins, then you will most likely begin to notice the increase in the abdomen earlier than women who wear one kid. However, it varies from a woman to a woman: all moms and all embryos are different. Women are of different growth and physique. The volume of blood in the body of the future mother for 8 weeks of pregnancy increases by about 50%. In order for it to fit in the bloodstream, the hormone progesterone relaxes the walls of the vessels, as a result, the width of their enlightenment increases. Cardiac frequency increases. On average, in the first trimester, the future mother adds a weekly 450-900 gram in weight. The average increase of 8 weeks is 1800-2700 grams. However, it is not necessary. If a woman is often concerned about nausea, toxicosis develops, then the increase may not be at all. Calculate weight gain in mom during pregnancy for weeks

Tips for women at 8 week of pregnancy

· Try to eat more products rich in fiber, and drink more liquid - it will help to cope with constipation. Move more. If these measures do not help, visit the doctor and ask him to recommend you a safe laxative. · With nausea will help to cope with abundant drinking and frequent meals. · Eat more fruits. They are useful for any person, at any age, and during pregnancy are especially necessary. · Stay physically active - of course, within the limits of reasonable. It is useful to perform special gymnastics complexes, squats. There are special Kegel exercises that will help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

· Embryo growing organism needs nutrients, vitamins, minerals. At the same time, for the future mom, it is not always easy to provide a full-fledged diet, given that nausea arises from one type of some products. You can replace the products that make you experience disgust, on other, equivalent. For example, if you are sick of broccoli, instead you can eat apricots. · Think about acquiring a special bra for pregnant women. And in general it would be nice to visit the clothing store for future mothers. · If you have not visited the gynecologist in a female consultation, it's time to do it. Up to 11 weeks of pregnancy, you need to pass a lot of analyzes, pass the inspection of specialist doctors who will appreciate your health. · Visit the dentist. You need to make sure that your teeth are in good condition, heal patients. Infectious-inflammatory processes in the oral cavity is bad for the future mother, and for the body of the embryo. · In the early period of pregnancy, many women feel tense, often experiencing stress and elevated concern. This is a normal phenomenon, but sometimes it is worth "to release steam". The best way to relax and charge positive emotions is to periodically indulge yourself. Sign up for a manicure or pedicure. Go shopping. Arrange walks in parks, beautiful places.

What studies need to go?

From 7 to 11 weeks pregnancy, you need to visit the gynecologist in the women's consultation. For someone, it will be the first visit to the female consultation, for someone - already the second. The doctor will conduct an inspection, prescribe the necessary analyzes, will send to other specialist doctors. You can get acquainted in more detail with the Survey Program in the article on the seventh week of pregnancy.

In what cases do you need to consult a doctor?

First of all, you should not worry if you had any symptoms of pregnancy, and then they disappeared. This often happens. Often the symptoms are growing, they go to the decline. The reason for anxiety should be such manifestations like: · Abundant discharge of blood from the vagina, as during menstruation. · Strong, painful stomach spasms. These signs may indicate miscarriage. In general, the miscarriage in the early deadlines ends approximately every fifth pregnancy - there is nothing exclusive and supernatural. If this happened to you, firstly, it is worth remembering that you are far from alone. Secondly, you should not blame yourself. In most cases, the cause of miscarriage in the early periods of pregnancy becomes serious chromosomal disorders in the embryo, its unvisability. This happened not because the woman did something wrong.

Frequent question of women in early pregnancy: Are the microwave ovens dangerous for the future mother and child?

Among future mothers often run stories about the fact that microwaves are a source of some "bad" radiation that can harm the future child. In fact, this is nothing more than a common myth. Microwave ovens do not produce ionizing radiation in quantities that could cause any harm. So, you do not need to leave the kitchen and close the door when the microwave works there. Although, if it makes you feel calmer - you can use this ritual as a means for complacency.

8 Week Physical Culture for Pregnancy - Video Guide


Externally, the changes at the 8th week of pregnancy are not yet visible.

There is an eighth obstetric week of pregnancy, and therefore from the moment of conception has passed for 1.5 months. The first trimester in full swing, and the future mother is already probably knowing about his interesting position. The baby inside is growing not by day, but by the clock, but it is still too small, so that others may notice any changes in the appearance of a woman. Many pregnant women, fearing to jiggle, try as long as possible not to tell others about the accomplished miracle, so for such an early term, as a rule, only the closest is known about the coming replenishment in the family.

The first movements of the fetus, of course, to say it is still early, but the body of the future mother is sensitive to the changes occurring in it, and its reaction is not always a positive effect on the well-being of "hostess".

We talked with a permanent expert Fan candidate of medical sciences, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecologist-an endocrinologist Maria Prokhorova And they learned about how the mother feels, what new stages take place in their development kid, and also found out what should be feared on this period and what to do to look and feel at 100.

Physher-gynecologist Maria Prokhorov

Child development

Maria Prokhorova says that on the period of eight weeks, the embryonic period of the child's development is completed. Now it is officially referred to as an embryo, but a fruit.

At this time, the characteristic features of the face and body begged at the small little man. Already now you can see the outlines of the nose, lips, jaws. The bones of the hands, legs and skulls are becoming stronger and gradually acquire hardness. We gradually draw up to future wrists, bends of elbows, knees, ankles, shoulders, fingers are formed on handles and legs, ears are developing, neck, and with it, the respiratory tract disappears the "tail", and the limbs, on the contrary, are increasingly distinguishable. Eyelids are almost formed, but not yet functioning in full. There are already taste nipples on a tiny language.

By the end, the process of structuring the kidney, gastrointestinal tract, bladder and hearts is coming to an end - it is now four-chamber, valves are formed in might and main. The nervous system is actively improved. The baby begins to make his first movements, but it is still too tiny so that they are at least any feeling. The size of the fetus on this period is about 2 cm, and the crumble weighs about 3 grams. To make it easier to imagine how much your future son or daughter is small, imagine the beagle or berry grapes. Nevertheless, the growth rate of yesterday's embryo is striking the imagination - for some two weeks he "washed" four times!

Also, just a week ago, the germin was constantly in the pose of an embryo, that is, the head was pressed to future knees, and the spoon would be curly. Now the fetal body began to straighten up, and he is increasingly reminiscent of the baby.

Girls form ovaries, and the boys are testicles, but to see the floor of the future kid on the ultrasound until the most experienced specialist and modern equipment. You have to gain patience and wait a bit.

Display the floor of the future baby on the ultrasound until the most experienced specialist and modern equipment

Mom well-being

As mentioned above, surrounding suspecting that the woman is at the eighth week of pregnancy, it is almost impossible, although especially vigilant and attentive friends and colleagues can still note some changes - for example, the future mother is more often overwhelmed into the toilet and sometimes suffers from sudden attacks Poor well-being and mood.

"Because of the growing uterus, there is a minor pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, more frequent urinary cues, in some cases dyspeptic disorders may be observed," explains Maria Prokhorov.

In addition, Maria Viktorovna says that this period is characterized by some changes in the emotional background, as a woman is usually psychologically configured to the role of a future mother. Even in those cases where an unplanned pregnancy became a surprise, by this deadline, the first shock from joyful news retreats, giving way to completely different feelings - the realization that the small life is growing in a growing, for which it is necessary to bear responsibility not only after birth, but also all subsequent Months. Nevertheless, the mood can still remain unstable, delivering it to her the most surrounding inconvenience from excessive impressionability, irritability and plasticity, characteristic of some pregnant women.

Despite the fact that the belly is unobedient while, some changes in appearance are still occurring. Already at such an early time, the chest under the influence of a rapidly changing hormonal background begins to prepare for subsequent breastfeeding, and many women notice that the usual underwear is a little taking, because the dairy glands increase in size and become more sensitive.

However, for most such changes in appearance - for the better. What you can not say about the faithful companion quite a large percentage of pregnancies (but, fortunately, not all) - toxicosis. Excessive susceptibility to smells, the rejection of before the favorite flavors and tastes, the attacks of nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, increased salivation - all these unpleasant symptoms sometimes accompany future mom throughout the first trimester. Maria Prokhorov soothes that the toxicosis in a light form does not pose a threat to a mother, nor for the baby, but advises to consult a doctor if its manifestations are increasing, and vomiting becomes a multiple, depriving the body of the opportunity to receive all the necessary substances with food.

Another pregnancy rather common "symptom" is a constant feeling of fatigue and drowsiness during the day, even after a long and full night sleep. Future mom literally falls asleep on the go. This condition is also a consequence of hormonal restructuring and should not be caused for concern. If there is such an opportunity, you do not need to oppose the desire to take off. Day rest will only benefit the body and with a lot of probability will help avoid dizziness and weakness.

According to experts, future mothers are not worth worrying due to a minor temperature increase in the absence of other SMI symptoms. Active hormonal restructuring and reinforced work of all organism systems can lead to the fact that the thermometer instead of the usual 36.6 will show 37 or even 37.3. At the same time, this jump will not affect the well-being. If the cough is joined to the rise of the temperature, the sore throat, runny nose, headache, lubrication in the body, then the doctor should seem as early as possible and in no case do self-medication. It is especially important not to take any drugs before consulting a specialist, since many drugs during pregnancy are contraindicated!

Reception of any drugs without prior consultation with a doctor is prohibited!

The nature of the selection and drawing abdominal pain at the 8th week of pregnancy

This item relating to the well-being of a pregnant woman was not randomly decided to discuss separately. The fact is that spontaneous interruption of pregnancy most often happens just 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. The obstetrician gynecologist Maria Prokhorov explained that this phenomenon is due to the formation of the so-called "progesterone window" - the moment when the placenta has not yet managed to form and take on the function of protecting the fetus, and the yellow body does not produce a hormone in the amount of sufficient to save pregnancy. In addition, there is a risk of undeveloped or measurable pregnancy, often caused by the presence of some incompatible with the life of genetic pathologies.

It is impossible to determine how the baby stopped developing, unfortunately, it is impossible, so it is important to register in the female consultation on time and regularly observe the doctor.

In the norm, the allocation on this period should be transparent, but the appearance of brown masses and drawing pain in the abdomen associated with the natural increase in the uterus is still possible. In any case, just answer the question, everything is in order with my mother and her crumb, only a specialist will be able.

Surveys and analyzes

If a woman who has made a pregnancy test and received a positive result, this time has not yet reached the doctor, now it's time to do it. An obstetrician gynecologist will visual inspection, assign all the necessary analyzes and, if necessary, will send it to the ultrasound. It is impossible to identify any anomalies in the development of the fetus at the eighth week of pregnancy (this is done on the first screening in 11-13 weeks), but the study will help make sure that the baby has a heartbeat and will exclude a frasonal pregnancy. Perhaps you will even give the first photo of your crumbs, but it is hardly possible to see the details on it.

When registering for pregnancy, the future mother will be necessary to pass a number of laboratory research. The mandatory list includes smear to the diagnostics of the vaginal microflora, urine analysis, general and biochemical blood test, blood for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, determination of a blood group and a ray factor. In addition, the doctor who will keep pregnancy will offer to make an ECG and pass inspections from narrow specialists: an oculist, a dentist, an endocrinologist and others if such a need is revealed.

On the period of 7-8 weeks it is extremely important to exclude a frasonal pregnancy.

Recommendations of the doctor

Pregnancy - in no way illness, and the future mother may well continue to lead a normal lifestyle. However, it is necessary to understand that now the woman is responsible not only for himself, but also for the kid, who is growing every day and is growing in her stomach.

For example, Maria Prokhorova allows his patients to play sports, but recommends to revise its workout plan and give preference to yoga, pilates, swimming in the pool and aquaaerobic. Power and too active cardiovers are still defined for some time to avoid overloads.

The most positive way on the well-being and state of health affects the walking in the fresh air, and from visits to the massacre of people, it is worth refraining, since the immunity of pregnant is more difficult to reflect the attack of viruses, and the extra infections of the crumb to do nothing.

Emotional background is of great importance. A pregnant woman is more important to feel the care and support of loved ones. The house should reign an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding, and stressful situations need to try to avoid every way.

Separately, you should talk about nutrition. It must be full, regular and balanced. Some women due to toxicosis completely lose their appetite, depriving themselves and the child of the necessary substances. You can not allow attacks of hunger because they will only exacerbate the situation. But the overeating will not lead to anything good. The story about "is for two" - no more than obsolete and dangerous misleading, which will subsequently fall into a set of weight, swelling and increased pressure. Eat as usual, observing the usual mode, do not skip meals, follow the volumes of portions. The basis of the menu should be vegetables rich in fiber and protein. Try to exclude rapid carbohydrates, smoked meats and other types of recycled meat. The best dessert is now fresh berries.

Active workouts are better to temporarily replace with more calm yoga and pilates


Many future mothers are concerned about the following topic: what temperature is normal during pregnancy? He originated in no empty place. The fact is that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the temperature in the "interesting position" may be higher than the established norm of 36.6 degrees. In 8 weeks of pregnancy, it is also absolutely normal.

It will not be superfluous that the body temperature of the woman slightly rises before pregnancy. In all three phases of the menstrual cycle, including in the lutein phase, when a yellow body is formed on the place of the egg cell, the temperature can reach 37 degrees. An insignificant jump already during pregnancy is explained by the natural processes occurring in the body of a woman: a global hormonal restructuring, the intensive work of all internal organs that are now working for two. Thus, the temperature of a pregnant woman can increase to 37.5 degrees.

Of course, it is not necessary to beat the alarm and fall into a panic, if suddenly it turns out that the temperature deviates from the secreted norm. However, it is not necessary to completely ignore such a fact. After all, sometimes the temperature leap can speak of infection in the body. In this case, the absence of timely measures for its decrease can lead to very serious consequences:

  • underdevelopment of the nervous system of the kid;
  • damage and hypertrophy of muscle tissue;
  • Defects manifested on the face of the child (wolf sky, hunger lip);
  • Fooling, or interruption of pregnancy.

The temperature of the pregnant woman can increase to 37.5 degrees.

The future mother should be remembered, the intensive development of the fetus at the 8th week of pregnancy continues, this is the time of the formation of the internal bodies of the child. Therefore, if weakly begged, weakness occurs, and the temperature continues to rise, overcoming the threshold of 37.5 degrees, under no circumstances it is recommended to make independent measures to reduce it. It is worth aware of the benefits and dangers of some medical procedures during pregnancy:

  • wipes with cool water - one of the effective methods in the fight against high temperatures;
  • Abundant drink will help improve the painful condition and avoid dehydration of the body;
  • Foot and drink the antipyretic doctors cannot be categorically impossible without a recipe.

The best solution will be the immediate appeal for qualified medical help.

Allocations on the eighth obstetric week

Attentiveness and ability to march the slightest changes in their body's work is an indispensable quality of the future mother. During the end of the fetus, it is especially valuable, because it is often precisely this observation affects the prosperous course of pregnancy.

At the eighth obstetric post, it is especially careful to monitor the discharge.

If everything is fine, then usually highlights have a light shade.

In the event that the selection has become abundant, they purchased a brown shade with an admixture of mucus, pus or blood, it will be best to immediately turn to the gynecologist. These symptoms can talk about infection or the threat of miscarriage.

Pain and gravity in the stomach

Moderate pain in the hip area and in the abdomen is not a reason for the strong concern of the future mother. The reasons for such discomfort may be several:

  • The impact of the uterus, which has already increased in size, on the sciatic nerve;
  • false contractions - the consequence of hormonal perestroika;
  • Disorders in the digestive system.

In the event that pain sensations increase and additional alarming symptoms appear, you do not need to pull a long time, it is better to call an ambulance to the house.

The doctor will be able to accurately determine the source of pain and possible consequences.

Stay aware of all changes at each month of pregnancy

Get letters about the development of the baby and the condition of mom once a week.

Sex at the 8th week of pregnancy

Intimate life is another point that cannot but disturb future parents. So, many are wondering: Will the sex harm in the intrauterine development of the baby? Is it possible or better to wait? Doctors adhere to different points of view, but most assured - it is possible if intimate life does not cause discomfort to the future mother.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications: if a woman has a multiple pregnancy or there is a threat to miscarriage, it is better not to risk and wait for the most unpredictable period of pregnancy - the first three months.

How externally changing the body of a woman

The belly at 8 week of pregnancy is not yet strongly allocated, changes in size can only feel the future mommy. For example, during this period, it will suddenly become uncomfortable to wear tight and narrow pants, want to put on something more spacious. Dairy glands are prepared for future breastfeeding: breasts increase in size, nipples swell, subcutaneous veins become pronounced. Gynecologists are recommended in this period wearing special underwear for pregnant women.

Pregnancy affects skin in different ways, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the hormonal background of each woman. For someone this period - the time of flourishing and beauty: the skin becomes elastic and silky, hair and nails are strengthened, the face looks fresh and rested. And someone, alas, early gestation will not be able to call pleasant memories. For example, the skin can be spoiled with the appearance of acne or pigment stains, peeling and swelling are possible.

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