Record video from webcam

Have a newbie who is not yet too an experienced computer user a problem may appear when the question arises about the need to make a video from its webcams, because just to connect the camera is not enough and you still need to find on the computer, run, and sometimes configure the desired program for video capture from webcam and If everything is simple in Windows 10, then with Windows 7 there may be truly serious difficulties.

I myself have recently got a question in Vkontakte on how to record a video from webcams. Bypassing all sorts of "heavy" video edits of type Camtasia, Vegas and others, because the editor itself is not needed, you just need to write to the Viosa webcam.

And it seems, I think, everything is simple, but with Windows 7, the inquisition itself arose, I did not even expect that I am accomplished with this question in this operating system for more than an hour in search of a suitable program! But found, thank God :)

Webcam (still a webcam is often called) - a thing, of course, is very useful, with which someone communicates around video link through Skype, someone simply writes a video for himself, someone for the channel YouTube or your blog on the Internet and since The question of writing from it is relevant, I decided to share information and with you: I will explain how to record video from a webcam on a computer with Windows 10 and Windows 7, what free software to use for this.

Together with the drivers for the webcam's correct operation, a special application can be installed just writing video through it. I will not consider this option in the article, because if this application has been established, it works normally, it would probably not turn to this article. And once they turned, it means that either did not set together with the webcam, or it is buggy or in general works incorrectly ...

Capture video from webcams in Windows 10

With this system, the easiest way is because there is already a special free camera "camera", which allows you to record video from any webcam. To open it, simply searching for a "camera" and select the appropriate result:

How to use the search in different versions of Windows, there is a separate article here "

The application will open in which (point number = number in the screenshot):

  1. Video recording. That is, if you want to remove the video from the webcam, click here and then on the record button;

  2. Screenshot - make a snapshot from a webcam;

  3. View shot videos and photos;

  4. Settings of the program where you can change, for example, the resolution of the shooting, the quality of the photo.

As you can see, the application is elementary, without problems, there is only the most necessary. But Windows 7 users are going much less ...

How to record video from webcams in windows 7

This system is already leaving the past, it is increasingly displacing a modern, more advanced 10-ka, so some functions in the 7th are missing and developers will not add them, since they have long switched to the latest version of the system.

Here and webcams it concerns. If you have not installed the corresponding software with it when installing it, allowing you to turn on the webcam and write a view from it or for some reason it is simply not installed or does not work, you will have to put a third-party software because there is no built-in webcam in Seven no.

When one person asked me a question, working on Windows 7 "How can I write a video from the webcam in the 7th Windows", I first thought that everything is elementary, right now in minutes 5 I will find the right software on the Internet, but Figures!

The goal was to find this free software and so that without unnecessary functional, i.e. It is clear that powerful video editors like Camtasia can and capture video from webcams to do, but first of all, they are almost all paid or with inappropriate restrictions, secondly are useless when a goal is to just drop video from the camera.

And for the search for a suitable software killed more than an hour until I stumbled upon the Webcam Recorder program from the FREE2X developer. It is really free, simple, in which you can immediately understand and most importantly, it works in Windows 7 (well, in the 10th, too, if anyone needs).

Now a little about downloading it and setting up onto a computer ...

Download and install Webcam Recorder

The program can be downloaded from the official website by reference:

Click on the download button "FREE DOWNLOAD" and without any probation program after a few seconds (weighs only about 3 MB) will turn out to be on your computer.

In the process of installing, nothing is difficult, everything is standard, it is not necessary to customize anything, except in the window in the penultimate window I recommend disabled the "RUN PROGRAM ON SRARTUP" item so that the program does not start after the computer is turned on. But to decide :)

Otherwise, everything is regular, and after installation, run the program.

Working with Webcam Recorder

As I said, the program is very simple and deal with it will not be difficult even without my manual :) But nevertheless, I will definitely give some briefing for beginners!

After starting the program in the main window you need to immediately click "Connect" to activate the webcam:

The program should immediately find your webcam and can already be recorded by clicking the RECORD button, well, if you did not choose something (suddenly you immediately have 2 to the computer connected), you can change in the settings (soup below).

To stop recording, respectively, press Stop [1], and to create a screenshot button with the image of the Fotik [2]:

All recorded video and captured photos are saved by default in the folder: C: \ Users \ user_name \ Documents \ Free2x \ Webcam Recorder

If you need to quickly open a folder with saved data, then click on the [1] folder, and to change the folder to save, click on the gear [2] and select the desired one.

To go to the settings, click on Settings and on the video and audio tabs, if necessary, work with the program settings, for example, change the camera shooting, switch between multiple cameras, select the microphone and adjust the sound.

That's actually, the most basic and necessary in the program.


Thus, to record video from a webcam for both recent Windows, 7th and 10th systems, there are simple programs. Of course, nothing has nothing for dozens, but also in the seven on downloading and installing a simple Webcam Recorder program, it is unlikely to leave for more than 20 minutes.

By the way, if the computer is not the most stupid and pulls Windows 10 by configuration, I recommend to go to it, the system is actually much better, even even it has more functional and compatibility with modern programs!

If you have questions, wishes or just have something to say, leave comments, I will answer all! ;)

Practichacak This is done

How to shoot video from computer screen and laptop

| 09/28/2020

How to shoot video from computer screen and laptop

Find out how to shoot video from the computer screen, what functions to pay attention to when choosing a program or service to get the best result.

The selection of the program for these purposes is relevant to many users. Following material is used for personal purposes, for example, to record e-course fragments or Skype conversations. It will be useful for blog, site or solutions of work tasks, if you need to take instructions for working with software, corporate portal, etc.

Place the video from the computer screen is technically available to each, but the approach itself depends on your device and its operating system. And besides, there may be advanced functionality for the convenience and speed of implementing ideas. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the most convenient way of the three below and today to start actions.

Shooting screen without programs in Windows 10

The owners of the Windows 10 operating system can record the laptop occurring on the screen without additional programs and online services - the new version developers specifically created the Xbox Game Bar application oriented to gamers. But let it be confused by: "Camera" here use not only during the game, but also to remove a piece of the roller with YouTube, the way to find a document, video conferencing, etc.

You do not need to configure the process - just enter "Windows Xbox" searching "Windows Xbox" or use the Win + G hot keys, after opening the window from which the record will be conducted, and the panel will appear with the "Write" button. When you click on it, you will be prompted to make a screenshot, write a video, turn on / off the microphone.

Combines hot keys:

● Win + G - Calling the Xbox Game Bar panel.

● Win + Alt + PRTSC - take a screen shot.

● Win + Alt + R - start recording

● Win + Alt + M - Enable / disable the microphone during recording.

Xbox Game Bar interface


The application has a basic feature set to capture the screen and is suitable for recording rollers or games in full screen mode. If you create video tutorials, instructions and other rollers that require material development, you will need additional services. And, of course, the XBox Game Bar is not available to users of early Windows.

How to record what is happening on the screen "Screen Camera"

This program serves for larger creative tasks: allows you to record with a sound or without and converting it into a full-fledged video. Download and install the "screen chamber" on the propcompatch is easy, it does not require a lot of space on the disk, and it is easy to master it, since the entire interface in Russian and intuitively understood. In the event of difficulties, you can always refer to cushful learning materials or technical support.


● Fixes what is happening in any part of the screen. You choose what it will be in the record - the whole screen, its fragment or a separate window.

● editing features. You do not need additional programs. You can trim the video, insert a screensaver, impose music and voice the video after completing the video.

● Catalog of music and templates for the screensaver. Accelerate the process will allow the built-in library of melodies and ready-made screensaver options where you can simply insert the necessary text. With the "Screen Camera" you can add your tracks to the video and create your own cover design.

● Export to all popular formats. You can save work in AVI formats, MP4, MPEG. And also prepare a video for publishing on the Internet for the specified parameters of the most popular resources and networks: YouTube, Vkontakte, Facebook, etc.

More about the capabilities of the program you will learn on the site

Algorithm Shooting:

1. Install and open the program through the appeared shortcut on the desktop.

2. Specify the parameters: video capture section, size and sound settings. Click the "Write" button - the screen shooting starts after a 5-second reference.


3. After completing it, click the "Stop" button - the preview window will open, where you can immediately save the video or go to edit it.

4. Add a screensaver, voice acting, audio files, selecting the desired functions in the program interface.


5. Click the Video Create button. You can convert the result to various formats, including Full HD, Flash video and TS.

How to shoot online: Benefits and Disadvantages

Alternative to pre-installed applications and individual programs - online services. They are easy to use, some have the ability to edit video and export to the desired format. They can be used on any desktop or laptop, they work without download and you are not tied to a single device. Often such services suggest a subscription, such as the ChipChamp online recorder, where you need to register and select a package of services. The cost of the most expensive - $ 39 per month. The free option has limited capabilities (for example, the conversion is not in all formats or only with a small resolution) and is convenient for those who makes rollers to watch them from smartphones. So, the free Shareit recorder writes a screen or a separate window, loads video into the cloud. The reference to the result can be shared with friends or download. And the RecordScreen service processes the material directly in the browser without downloading to the server, which ensures confidentiality. But for the design of the roller, it will still be necessary for a separate video editor. Pros: ● Do not require installation and are not tied to one computer. ● Flexible system of individual selection of functions. ● A wide possibility of post-processing rollers. ● Large audio libraries and drain access. Minuses: ● Often the interface is all or partially in a foreign language. ● Dependence on the availability of the Internet and network failures. ● Probability forget to disable subscription and lose money. ● Monthly or annual payment is inconvenient to those who use the service is inconstant. ● The need to register and specify their details, saving the material on third-party servers.


Interface online service for recording and editing video chipchamp

Let's summarize

We reviewed with you available ways to recording video from the computer screen. Each of them is comfortable in its own way.

The application for Windows 10 is already installed and started by pressing the key combination, but removes only the full screen, and additional programs are needed for mounting the roller. In turn, online services are impressive with their capabilities and do not require installation, but they will not do anything without the Internet and often the terms of payment are inconvenient or forced to overpay.

The "Screen Camera" program is the optimal option that combines all the important functions of the recorder and the editor, which allows not only to record a video, but also get a high-quality video without subscriptions and registration. Download the program on the site and write down your video today -

Software (computer)

Magazine: IT-Expert magazine, log subscription

How to write a video from a computer screen: 7 best video capture ways

Capturing video from the monitor display may be required for different reasons. For example, you want to record a learning video with explanatory comments for a video course or your colleagues. Then you can not do without a suitable software. In the article, we will tell you how to record a video from the screen and save the result on the hard disk.

Content: 1. Record the screen in the program screen22. Free programs for recording video from the screen: 2.1 SPRING FREE CAM2.2 Free Screen Video Recorder2.3 Camstudio2.4 VirtualDub2.5 EZVID3. Online recording video from the screen

Need to record the game? Then see the list of programs for recording the link

Record Screen In the Program Display Camera

The on-screen chamber is easy to learn, but the functional software for capturing actions from the monitor. It records what is happening on the computer or laptop display with the Windows system. Also software allows you to edit the created video clip. You can change the length of the roller, add screensavers, write off comments and impose music. This software can be used to create educational video courses and video studies, as well as to save the streyground.

Look at the video tutorial to learn about all the features of the program:

1. Install the program

First set the software on your PC. To do this, download the distribution from the site:

Run the unpacking with a double mouse click and follow the installer's instructions.

2. Configure Parameters

Run the application and click Screen Recording. In the Options window, select the desired mode: full screen, fragment or adjustable area. In the second option, you can manually set the size of the capture window: adjust its borders using the mouse. You can also set your own parameters in the "Video Size" item.

To record video from the screen with a sound, specify the source in the corresponding field. If you need to add a voice voice, check the box opposite the "write sound from the microphone" item. Start the grip by clicking "write down." You can stop the process with the F10 key or manually if you deploy the module.

How to record video from computer screen

Specify the boundaries of the record

3. Edit the video file

After the viewing window opens. You can immediately save the result on your computer or send it to YouTube. Or use the built-in video editor: Cut the roller, impose text, insert screensavers and titers.

Trimming. To change the length of the video clip, move the black markers according to the timeline. From the video file, plots marked with gray will be carved. This feature can be useful if the record has begun before you need, or you did not have time to stop the capture and want to get rid of unnecessary fragments.

Trimming video

You can delete all unnecessary from the video.

Screensavers. Here you can add to the roller opening intro or final titers. Select Billets from the template library or create from scratch. This option is useful if you want to create a beautiful intro for your roller.

Screensavers for video

Add screensavers to the top and end of the roller

Music. Add the background audio from the built-in collection or download the track from the computer. Also you can write offer comments through the connected headset. To do this, click "Write from the Microphone". In this way, you can add voice instructions for training rollers.


Voicate the screenwriters by voice

4. Save the video

Export the roller by clicking the "Save Project" button or by going to the "Creating Video" section. You can convert the clip to AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV and many others. There are also functions of burning DVDs and sending a video file to popular websites: YouTube, VKontakte, Facebook and many others.

Saving video

Keep video in any format

Free programs for recording video from the screen

On the network there are many free options for creating screenwrites. Most of these applications offer basic functions: capture actions and saving a video file to a hard disk. The disadvantage of these applications is the lack of advanced features. However, if you only want to quickly record a video clip without further processing, it is possible to resort to their help. Consider several popular free programs for recording video from the screen.

Ispring Free Cam.

Ispring Free Cam is a simple program for writing the screen with a built-in audio and video editor. It allows you to capture any part of the monitor, save the result in WMV, edit a video file and directly download it on YouTube.

An attractive and intuitive interface helps with ease of creating professional screen skrings. It can also be used to provide sharing to the monitor of your device. Despite the fact that this software is completely free, it does not impose watermarks and does not contain advertising. A large drawback is that the recorded video clip can be saved only in WMV. Also, problems can occur when synchronizing audio tracks.

Ispring Free Cam.

ISPring Free Cam Interface


Free Screen Video Recorder - full-featured program for recording from the laptop screen and PC from the DVDVideoSoft developer. It can record the actions from the computer display and the laptop, including it can be used to capture video control on Skype. The software does not impose a time limit and offers various capture modes, so you can configure everything flexibly.

The kit includes a convenient editor with which you can change the recorded files. The result can be saved to MP4, you can also screenshots in BMP, TGA, JPG, PNG and GIF formats. A big drawback is an advertisement that can prevent the process and a watermark that is cleaned after the license is purchased.




CamStudio is a good choice for users with minimal editing needs. This is a free program for recording video from the screen without time limit, with which you can fix the user's actions and create screenshots. The feature of the application is the ability to capture in the "picture-in-picture" mode and the illumination of the mouse cursor actions. It is simple and compact, thanks to an intuitive interface in it easy to figure it out.

Among the disadvantages, you can call frequent synchronization errors of video files and audio tracks and the fact that the clip can only be saved in AVI or FLV.


Camstudio interface


VirtualDub is one of the most famous applications that allows you to record a video from the screen of your device. You can also use it to make capture from the camera of your device. Created video can be edited: cut length, replace the audio track and embed subtitles. This application is completely free, it has no built-in advertising, no watermarks.

Among the minuses, you can call a confusing interface and minimum processing capabilities. VirtualDub also does not support many popular video formats, it will take additional codecs for full-fledged work.


Interface VirtualDub


EZVID is a simple application for removing the user's actions from the computer screen. It allows you to capture cutting and online transmission, passing computer games, video conferencing and much more. The user can configure the combinations of fast keys, which significantly speeds up the process of work.

The program has a video editor and a convenient function of creating a slideshow, as well as a collection of free music. Thanks to the fast downloads of videos directly on YouTube, this software is often used to create short training rollers. The disadvantage is a significant time limit (not more than 45 minutes) and the lack of a full-screen mode when recording.


Ezvid interface

Online recording video from the screen

If you do not want to install an additional software on your computer or not for this time, a good way to make the screen entry is to use special sites. One of the most popular tools for video capture online is ScreenCast-O-Matic. This is completely free service. However, there is a premium version that offers more advanced tools, including a video editor. The developer's website is available only in English, but due to the clear interface it is easy to understand.



To start capturing from the screen, do the following steps:

  • Navigate to the home page of the site and click "Start Recording for Free".
  • Next page click "Launch Free Recorder".
  • If a fresh version of Java is installed on your PC, the service will offer to open the utility. Click "Allow." If your PC does not support Java, you will start downloading the distribution. After the utility will start automatically.
  • The parameter window opens. Select the recording source: monitor display, webcam or both options. Also here are settings for recording sound, resolving the future video and its size.
  • Click Rec to start.

At the end of the process, you will be prompted to save the video file to the site server, send to YouTube or export to the hard disk.

Among the functions of the service:

  • Capture from a monitor or from a webcam, you can record immediately from both sources;
  • Publication in YouTube;
  • Adding metadata, headlines and tags;
  • Display of cursor actions;
  • Cons of service:

  • Watermark is removed after purchasing full access;
  • Support only MP4, AVI and FLV;
  • Time limit of 15 minutes;
  • Minimum functionality: Advanced tools are available in a paid version;
  • A high-speed connection is required.
  • As you can see, there are quite a lot of video recording movies from the PC screen. You only need to decide on the main purpose and make a choice. If you just need to quickly write a streaming from the monitor, then you can easily do with free software. However, be prepared for the fact that the created videos will not please good quality. In addition, in most cases you will not even be able to change the roller minimally.

    That's why It is better to give preference to simply in the development of software. The on-screen camera has all the necessary functional. You can independently configure the quality of the record from the screen, and the built-in editor will change the file, apply the sound and send a roller to the Internet directly from the control panel. Download the program, write down an unlimited number of videos and share them with your colleagues or subscribers:

    You may also be interested:

    How to shoot a video on a laptop?

    Need to write a video? Want to create a review of the passing game and boast friends with your achievements? We offer several ways to record video on the laptop webcam and in the future edit it, convert and download to YouTube.

    Content: Gecata from Movavi.

    The described recording methods do not require deep knowledge in the installation. The simple application interface will allow anyone with ease to remove various videos on a laptop or connecting a full-fledged chamber. Built-in tools will help edit it, impose desired special effects, add credits and inscriptions, connect several rollers into one and immediately send them to friends in Vkontakte, classmates, Twitter, Facebook.

    Recording and installation in the editor of MovaVA


    Movavi Video Suite A whole range of installation programs, including a simple and convenient video recording application from a camera or a monitor screen. It will help any user without special skills to create extraordinary rollers from the camera or screen ("Capture" function). Additional processing features allow you to edit ready-made rollers, make a storyboard, convert clips to popular formats: MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, WMV and not only. The application is not demanding that the parameters of the operating system.


    Immediately after starting the program, the user will be prompted to remove the video camera of the laptop, an external device or download ready-made rollers for mounting. By clicking on the "Record" button, you open a new window in which to start recording, you must click on the "Start Capture" key and then select the area (part of the screen). This menu can also take a photo. At the end of the video capture from the laptop cameras, press "finish" and save the resulting file in the desired place on the hard disk.

    Additional embedded programs

    With the help of additional software applications, you can not only withdraw the video through the laptop webcam in real time, but also easy to trim and connect fragments into one file with various special effects and smooth transitions, adding background music, inscriptions, titles and many other things. The finished composition can easily boast friends and relatives in social networks.

    Manica - Quick Video Record with Web Camera


    Manycam - a special program for capturing video from a webcam. An additional convenient toolkit allows you to make multimedia capture simultaneously with multiple cameras, put interesting effects, titers, to do screen screenshots, configure video resolution, brightness, contrast, number of frames per second, create streaming video, change the sound source and much more.

    How to work with utility?

    Immediately, after downloading the program, go to the VIDEO menu and make the camera setting. By setting all the parameters, click on the "Start Record" button. At the end of recording video, click on "Finish Record" and go to the installation: the program has the ability to connect several finished rollers, the pictures together and install a smooth or sharp transition. It is very easy to work, just add a little imagination and please your friends with new rollers!

    Hecate from MovaVA - means for automatic recording of the gameplay


    The GECATA program from the domestic manufacturer of software, Movavi, a faithful assistant professional gamer. A simple Russian-language interface will allow you to configure all the necessary parameters in a matter of minutes. It is worth noting that the application is able to record the video from the computer screen automatically. It is activated as soon as you go into the game. In addition, hekate can capture the sound at once from several sources: gameplay or microphone - your comments on the pins will be saved.

    Work with the application

    Remove the moments of the gameplay is very simple. All control comes down to one button. Immediately after starting the game, press the "F10" button (if the capture works only on the hot keys) to pause / restore the shooting of the "F9". If you decide to finish the record of the game, then we click on the "F10" again. Also, during the game, you can make instant screenshots, for this, the "F8" button is used. Surprise friends and game community with your achievements - pour the video on the Internet!

    Using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, Gecata or Manycam in the work of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, Gecata or Manycam, you can quickly pop up a webcam or monitor video recording, and the built-in editors will add exclusivity to it.

    Create original music cards and slideshows from photos or screenshots, connect some short rollers into one video file with the addition of titles, inscriptions and special effects, write a gameplay ... Share ready-made media on social networks and collect huskies, because using these applications you can do Really unique content!

    // ->

    jquery (Document) .ready (Function () {app.init (); //app.initscrollbar (); app.initanimatedropdown (); ivlcarousel.initowlcarousel (); //progressbar.initprogressbarhorizontal ();});

    Overheat - One of the three most common "ordinary" problems of all laptops. It happens due to the fact that the cooling system of the laptop over time is clogged with dust, preventing the output of hot air from the case.

    If your laptop after some time after switching on, it starts to warm much, noise, slow down, or even turn off sharply - all these are messengers that you urgently need to clean your Laptop from dust And change thermal .

    You can contact computer service, and you can try to make prevention Alone .

    All that is needed - a couple of simple, accessible tools, and some share of accuracy and care. Well, some kind of algorithm for action when disassembling a laptop, which I clarify for you in this article on my computer blog.

    Overheated laptop - how to check it and what to do?

    Overheating begins to manifest after 1-5 years of using a laptop, depending on the model and conditions of use. But, sooner or later, it will come, because over time on the laptop fan slowly, but the layer of cosmic dust is correctly copied.

    I will try to make your subjective Top Warning Laptop Models :

    1. HP, especially models Pavillion G6. , DV6, G7
    2. ASUS
    3. Acer.
    4. Sony
    5. Lenovo.
    6. Samsung
    7. Dell.
    8. Toshiba.

    I already wrote an article about How the laptop cooling system is arranged, and why it overheats , as well as how Check the laptop temperature Quickly and free.

    We will assume that you are already Diagnosed overheating problem. That is, they made a temperature test, and found out that under load the temperature of the processor and the video card of your laptop rises to 90 or more degrees.

    But it was all the theory and diagnosis. Now we are practicing and directly repaired - disassembling and cleaning a laptop from dust with their own hands .

    Disassembling a laptop - Not such a simple task, as it may seem at first glance, a person who never "revealed" his laptop.

    If in most system units, to access "internships" you need to unscrew 2 screws and move the lid, then everything is much more complicated in laptops.

    There are many manufacturers of laptops, and every hundreds of different models, and they all understand differently. Somewhere you only need to remove the bottom cover. For example, this is how things are Cleaning ASUS X61S. . And somewhere to get to the motherboard and remove the cooling system for cleaning and replacing the thermal paste, you need to fully disassemble the laptop housing, "before the bolk".

    But common Algorithm when disassembling a laptop , as a rule, always the same. If you briefly, you need to unscrew all the screws, disconnect all the loops, connectors, and open all the latches.

    Detail and step by step - read Next!

    How to independently disassemble any laptop and clean it from dust - universal instruction.

    Below, I drew a laptop device with the designations of all parts, whatever you need to navigate when reading this article.

    Ustrojstvo-noutbuka.(Click to enlarge)

    Next I will describe procedure which you need to disassemble your laptop.

    1. Disconnect the battery

    First of all - always disconnect the battery. Disassembling a laptop under voltage, can handle your laptop randomly damaged to the motherboard. Therefore, the first thing I pull it out.


    On some laptops, the battery is inside the housing, such as in this case . Before it is turned off, be careful in doubly, whatever do nothing.

    2. Unscrew all visible bolts on the bottom.

    Pay attention to their length and thickness. If they are the same - you can not steam. If some come across longer than / shorter - remember / sketch where they were twisted.

    Disassembly Laptop HP Overheating

    3. Remove all covers on the bottom, and unscrew all bolts under them

    IPP.We remove all the small covers on the bottom of the laptop (RAM, hard disk), unscrew all the screws, fold them in the next bunch. Disconnect all connectors if any.

    You may not have such lids, it can be solid below. Do not scare - go to 5th step.

    4. Disconnect the Wi-Fi module, hard disk, RAM, DVD.

    To disable the Wi-Fi module, first remove 2 antennas from it, pulling them perpendicular to the module. Remember where it was. Then unscrew the fastening bolt and pull the module from the slot.


    By revealing the hard disk, we look at how it is connected. You can remove it, or by moving away from the connector, or turning off the flexible wiring by pulling it.


    RAM, as a rule, not necessarily remove. But you can remove, and clean her contacts with the eraser.

    At this stage, you can most often remove the DVD-ROM, slowly pulling it.


    5. Invert the laptop, and look - whether the keyboard removal

    The removable keyboard is easy to distinguish - it is like "block", i.e. It does not constitute one entire body.

    If you were convinced that your keyboard is sewn into the top of the laptop housing (Sony, ASUS 500 series) - go to step 8.

    6. If the keyboard is removed - remove it.

    Do not forget that from the keyboard to the motherboard laptop goes plume So after the removal, do not rush to pull it, and first lift and disconnect this loop.

    Most often To remove the keyboard It is necessary to carefully pose it with a mediator or a spatula, and break off all the snaps around the perimeter.

    Hisilicon K3.

    It happens that before this you need to take off Panel OU or under the clave.

    On some laptops you can wait for another unpleasant surprise - the keyboard is additionally Keeping on glue . In this case, we carefully use it with a ruler / blade / divert, and, gradually lifting, we spare.

    7. Remove all visible bolts under the keyboard, take out all the loops and connectors.

    There are several basic types of loops. All of them are dismissed in different ways. Some are lifted, some are coming up, some are drawn.

    I will try to systematize them in one of the following articles on the

    Sometimes at this moment you will need to pull the long wiring from the Wi-Fi adapter through the case.

    8. Gently "open" the laptop on the side of the perimeter, and remove the top cover

    For me, it is most convenient for this to use a guitar mediator, preferably thickening - 0.8-1 mm.

    Also, sometimes, cuts the blade:


    Having passed on the perimeter by the mediator and folding all the latches, carefully trying to raise the lid. If you do not succumb to - once again check, whether all the screws are unscrewed. If you still do not give in - check again.

    Forces not need to apply! And not a rejected screw often turns out to be imperceptible to the housing, or hidden under the rubber rack on the bottom of the laptop.

    The motherboard can be attached to the bottom of the laptop housing (most often) and to the top (so make Sony Vaio). Be careful and not rushing.

    9. Unscut the remaining screws and disconnect the connectors, take out the motherboard

    We look at which loops go to the motherboard, pull them all.


    Next, we look at what screws the motherboard is attached - unscrew.

    Sometimes, to relieve the motherboard, you have to completely unscrew and remove the top of the laptop with the screen.

    10. Remove the cooling system from the board

    Radiator screws are usually marked with numbers - unscrew and spin in order of these numbers, so that it would accidentally damage the chip overcast.

    We work here very carefully - the screwdriver can easily slip and knock down any element on the motherboard.

    Laptop cooling system

    Having unscrewed all the bolts, carefully referring the cooling system, if not going - you can slightly turn in its plane. We try not to break the thermoseries if they are.

    11. We disassemble and clean the laptop fan from dust

    Actually this is the most important stage Disassembly laptop . It is now, actually "cleaning a laptop from dust" will happen

    Usually, to disassemble the cooling system, you need to unscrew a few small cogs on it, and tear the piece of fabric / scotch, "byverting" the fan outward.

    Clean the laptop cooler

    We see dust-accumulated on the grille - we remove it with a brush, blow it. Congratulations! The laptop is cleaned) But this is not all.

    12. We remove the old, smear a new thermal

    We delete the old thermal path with the places where it was, on the chips on the motherboard, and on the cooling system. Remove the thermal column can be a dry napkin and cotton chopsticks. If there is, you can moisten them in the alcohol, at the same time and inside accept 🙂

    Often, instead of the thermal paste you can see the thermal staples. It is very desirable if they remain integer - find them quite difficult for sale, only to order. If this gum broke hard - most likely it is already "non-working," will have to look for it and change it. Either smear the thermal stroke layer. But I do not recommend that you do. Change! Usually, thermal blocks put on elements that do not have a temperature sensor and overheating sensor, and your laptop can suddenly "die", while showing the normal temperature on the processor and the video card.

    Smear a new thermal accelerant . How to smear? Maximum thin layer . The thermalcase is not needed in order to close the entire surface of the chip, and to smooth out the irregularities of the surfaces.

    About various thermal passes I will write a short review in one of the following articles on

    A B. This video On my channel on YouTube you can see how you need to apply the thermal path on the example of the Pavillion G6 laptop.

    13. Collect in reverse order.

    We collect - just as they disassemble, carefully checking at each stage, whether all the connectors in their connectors. In theory, there should be no "extra, empty" (but they can be).

    It is desirable that there are no extra bolts, but if it remains - not scary! 😉 The main thing that the bolts would be screwed in the loop area - otherwise the laptop will fall apart.

    14. Make the temperature test - rejoice! 🙂

    The thermal paste is necessary for some time to evenly crush under the pressure of the plate. So its maximum efficiency is achieved after a couple of days of using a laptop.

    Tips, subtlety when self-disassembling laptop

    • Collect screws from each stage of disassembly with separate heaps - so you will not be mistaken what kind of cords from where, and you will not remain unnecessary.
    • Take advantage of the Internet - almost every, or similar, laptop model There are detailed photos and video instructions on disassembling!
    • Do not apply forces - if something "doesn't go," 10 times recheck, if you are unscrewed, disconnected. In case of doubt - lear on the Internet.
    • Be careful and neat, do not hurry.


    So, from this article you have learned how to independently disassemble and clean your laptop from dust.

    For the first time, perhaps it will be complicated, but in the second, I assure it is much easier! After all, neural connections in your brain will already be established. 😉

    Good luck to all! The questions remained - ask! 😉

    Mobile phone users have a built-in phone recorder. BUT how to record from the screen on the laptop ? If you have a Mac or laptop on Windows 10, you can use the built-in screen recording devices. If the system is different, you will have to seek help from third-party programs. Regardless of which program you choose, before this it is necessary to clearly define the goal and the cause and expectations from recording.

    From what you will be recorded using a screen recorder depends on which method you are more suitable. Requirements such as HD-quality video, unlimited recording time and lack of a frame lag, as well as a sound recording is especially important when writing desktops, presentations, training videos, etc. If the priority is speed and simplicity for you, some online screen recorders can already satisfy your needs, without downloading. This article presents 4 practical and fast Method for recording a laptop screen with sound on Windows and Mac .

    How to record a laptop screen and screen record McBuck

    How to record your Windows laptop screen - without download

    Depending on Windows version, there are 2 ways (without downloading) specifically to record the screen on a laptop: a built-in program and a free online version.

    1. How to burn a Windows 10 laptop screen - Xbox game panel

    Notebook users with Windows 10, you still do not know How to record your screen using Windows 10 ? You are very lucky because in Windows 10 there is a built-in free screen writing program. Xbox Game Bar is a built-in screen writing tool in Windows 10, showing the performance of your computer with different real-time parameters during the game (for example, CPU, GPU, RAM, FPS). It is suitable for recording most computer games, as well as to record basic software operations. But it works only on Windows 10 and is limited to the recording of one program window.

    Step 1: Press the Windows and G logo key to open the Game Bar, and select the "Yes, this game" checkbox.

    Step 2: Open the program window you want to write.

    Step 3: Press the microphone button to record the screen with sound. If not, skip this step.

    How to burn the screen on the Windows 10 laptop - Xbox game panel

    Step 4: Click the Entry button to start writing the screen in Windows 10.

    How to record video from the screen in Windows 10

    Step 5: Press the STOP button to complete the record.

    How to record a laptop screenTips. To record the entire screen on the PC, use the Windows + Alt + G logo key to start and stop recording. If the Xbox Game Bar does not display the program to the entire screen, try pressing the Windows + Alt + R logo key to start and stop.


    • Easy and fast

    • Absolutely safe for the built-in tool

    • without download

    • with sound (system sound and microphone sound) or no sound

    • Screenshot option


    • Capture only 1 windows

    • Unable to select the screen and screen size

    • Conclusion only in MP4 format

    2. Record the screen on Windows 7, 8, 10 with sound [recommended]

    Since in older versions of Windows (such as Windows 7 and 8), there is no built-in tool for writing the screen, for such systems it is necessary to look for a third-party tool. If you need better recording quality (which cannot be provided with Xbox Game Bar), or if you have higher video and sound recording requirements, the professional and functional program of writing a third-party screen will work better.

    This article presents you a free online screen for writing a screen, available for all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is easy to use and you will not need to download it. This is an IFUN SCREEN RECORDER.

    Record Video & Audio From Screen Free

    • Record high-quality video from your PC screen, as well as sound from a system or input device synchronously with video.
    • Simplify the number of steps and mouse clicks for more comfortable use. Manage the entire process of writing without effort.
    • Support with output into several formats and transformation using the latest compression technologies. Better quality and smaller size.

    IFUN SCREEN RECORDER - a newly appeared program for writing a PC screen on Windows. Despite its novelty, it has a variety of features and can compensate for the shortcomings inherent in many other screen recording devices. More importantly, it is completely free!

    Here are simple steps, how to burn the screen without downloading .

    Step 1: Click here to open the iFun Online Screen Recorder.

    Step 2: Press the red button "REC" or "START RECORDING NOW".

    Step 3: Click "Continue" to use the online screen recording tool.

    How to record video from the screen online

    Step 4: Select the sound resource (from the microphone, from the browser or without sound).

    how to burn the screen without downloading

    Step 5: Select the screen for recording (full screen, application window or browser tab).

    How to record video from a laptop screen in Windows 7 8 10

    Step 6: Press the Red REC button again to start, and click "Stop" to complete the record.


    ·You can select the screen area: All Screen, Application Window or Browser tab

    ·Ability to record sound (from a microphone, from a browser) or without sound

    ·No delays in recording

    ·No need to log in, you do not need to install a plugin or expansion

    ·You can save video in Webm format, which is recognized by the default Windows player.


    ·Available only for Windows

    ·Total 2 free test periods Online Screen Recorder

    Additional Free Functions and Settings IFUN SCREEN RECORDER

    IFUN Online Screen Recorder is usually convenient for one-time use. If you need additional settings to write or you often use it, download it for free to your laptop with Windows to learn about additional features and features:

    • Unlimited recording time

    • Record the entire screen selected by its part or window, a certain ratio of frame (4: 3, 16: 9)

    • recording with sound (system and microphone) or no sound

    • 12 supported output formats

    • No write delays

    • without registering and entering passwords, you do not need to install a plugin or expansion

    • Additional feature: Screenshots, Pruning or Publication in the main social networks

    How to burn the screen on windows 7, 8, 10

    How to write on the poppy with sound

    There are also 2 MAC screen recording methods on the MacOS Mojave operating system using the appropriate built-in tools.

    1. Screen entry on MacOS - QuickTime Player

    How to burn the screen and sound if you have not yet been updated to Macos Mojave? Try the QuickTime Player, the built-in screen recording program on Mac.

    Step 1: Find the application folder to open QuickTime Player.

    Step 2: Click "File" at the top of the display and select "New Screen Recording".

    How to burn the screen on a macuk with sound

    Step 3: Click the arrow (next to the recording button) to change the recording settings.

    How to burn Screen on MacOS - QuickTime Player

    Step 4: Click the Round Record button:

    Click anywhere on the screen to record the entire screen.

    Press and pull to select the write area, then click "Start Recording" in this area.

    Step 5: Press the STOP button or press Command + Control + Esc to complete the record.

    Once you complete the recording, QuickTime Player will automatically open it so that you can reproduce it, edit or share it.


    • All screen or selected part of the screen

    • without download

    • Security and easy to use

    • Pruning and the ability to share directly


    • Only the sound of the laptop system is supported.

    Do not skip: 13 best applications for writing from the screen for Android and iPhone

    Write down the screen on MacOS Mojave and in later versions - toolbar to create screen shots

    Mac comes with its own screen recording function in MacOS Mojave and later versions. This is a toolbar to create screen shots (Screenshot Toolbar). In Screenshot Toolbar, you can choose the recording time, trim the frame and share video and audio after recording.

    Step 1: Press SHIFT + Command + 5 to open the system video recorder.

    Recording Screen McBuck

    Step 2: Turn on the bottom toolbar to select the entire screen or its selected area.

    How to burn a laptop screen Mac

    Step 3: Select a place to save the video and activate the countdown timer to start recording. (At this time, decide, include a microphone or not.)

    Step 4: Press the STOP button in the menu bar (or press COMMAND-CONTROL-ESC).

    After the entry is completed in the lower right corner of the screen, the thumbnail will appear for a long time. Click it to trim or share it. If there is no action, it will automatically save.

    Pros :

    • You can record the entire screen or part of the screen.

    • without download

    • Safe and fast

    • You can cut and immediately share

    Minuses :

    • only system sound is supported.

    You may like: how to record in zoom without permission


    Screen entry on a laptop is now no longer a problem. A simple screen entry of one window with sound can be performed using the built-in system tool. QuickTime Player and Screenshot Toolbar are convenient for writing on Macos Mojave. Xbox Game Bar will be useful for writing the screen in the Windows 10 system, while to record a laptop screen in other Windows systems, a third-party screen recording device will be required. IFUN Screen Recorder and its built-in Online Screen Recorder offer more professional recording and setup features to remove high-quality video and audio without time limit.

    Record Video & Audio From Screen Free

    • Record high-quality video from your PC screen, as well as sound from a system or input device synchronously with video.
    • Simplify the number of steps and mouse clicks for more comfortable use. Manage the entire process of writing without effort.
    • Support with output into several formats and transformation using the latest compression technologies. Better quality and smaller size.

    Video recording icon

    Very often there is a need to show other users what is happening on our desktop. That is why today will be talking about how free to record video with sound from the laptop or computer screen. The instruction that you find below is suitable for any PC, including devices running the Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 operating system. We will also affect the Mac Book operating on MacOS and gadgets with Linux installed.

    This instruction is suitable for any laptop models. For example: Lenovo, Asus, HP, SAMSUNG, etc.

    Windows laptop

    Since Microsoft operating system is most common, we will begin to start your instruction from it. In order to record a video from the laptop screen to a disk in Windows 10, it is necessary to do as follows:

    1. First we go to the official website of the OBS application (Open Broadcaster Software®). This is a universal and cross-platform utility, with which you can record video from the screen and make many other useful things. Since we have an operating system from Microsoft, choose the button of the corresponding version.

    Link download OBS for Windows

    1. When the installer is loaded, run it.

    OBS installer for Windows

    1. A small window will appear, in which we need to provide administrative powers for the correct installation of the program. Click on "yes."

    Approval of administrative authority when running OBS installation

    1. Installer will start. At the first stage, you just need to click on the transition button to the next step.

    Starting an OBS installation

    1. We accept the license agreement by clicking on the button with the inscription "Next".

    Taking license when installing OBS

    1. Further, if necessary, you can change the program installation path. However, we do not recommend this.

    OBS installation path on windows

    1. Installing the tool to capture the video from the laptop screen itself.

    OBS installation process for Windows laptop

    1. After a few seconds, the program will be installed and as soon as we click the button with the "FINISH" inscription, it will automatically start.

    Installing OBS for Windows completed

    1. When you first start OBS, it will offer to choose a mode of operation. Since we need to record the computer screen, select the variant marked with the number "1". Go to the next step by clicking on "Next".

    OBS operation mode selection

    1. Here we do not recommend anything at all. Just go further.

    OBS screen resolution selection

    1. The automatic configuration wizard will start. A smart program will hold several tests that will allow you to choose the correct mode of operation to maximize the quality of the recording and minimal performance perception.

    OBS Auto Setup Wizard

    1. Further, we will only have the settings that OBS offers.

    Saving automatic OBS settings

    1. When the program starts, only a black screen will be visible. Yes, we are not for nothing that this application was chosen. It allows you to remove the contents of the screen, conduct direct broadcasts, as well as work with signal sources. That is, we can not simply write the contents of the desktop, but also add other pictures, any convenient way they are their size. For example, it turns out at the same time to record the computer screen and the image from the laptop webcam. In order to create a new source, you need to click on the icon with the image of the plus.

    Adding a source in OBS

    1. The drop-down menu will appear, where you must specify the source type from which the signal will be captured. Such options are supported:
      1. Capture the contents of the browser window.
      2. Capture output audio stream.
      3. Capture output audio stream.
      4. Capture any game.
      5. Capture an arbitrary window.
      6. Screen entry.
      7. Capture images and any other media source. For example, TV.
      8. Capture slideshows, any scene or text.
      9. Capture with embedded laptop webcam.
      10. Capture background color and so on.

    Screen capture in OBS

    1. When the source is selected, we will see another window, which already displays the preview of the future picture. If everything works correctly, click on the "OK" button.

    Confirmation of the preservation of the added source in OBS

    1. As a result, we can move directly to the record. In the future, it will not be necessary to produce all these settings. The button that runs the capture process is indicated in the screenshot below. She stops recording and saves the file.

    Start writing screen in OBS

    1. When the recording is completed, click the stop button.

    There is a screen entry in OBS

    This application is characterized by the fact that with the best quality of the recording, it has the lowest drawdown of system performance.

    The encoding is also supported using H265, which allows you to record video without the participation of the central processor.


    A huge number of users feel the need to record video on a laptop with MacOS installed. So, in order to make a screen entry on Mac Book, you can use the same program that is great for Windows 10. Let's see how it is right and, most importantly, to implement for free:

    1. First, we go to the Open Broadcaster Software® Official Website and using one of the buttons you download the application specifically for your operating system. When this is done, go to the directory with downloads and launch the file there.

    Running the OBS installation on Mac

    1. Another small window will open, in which we will see the file and folder with applications. Just dragging OBS to the Applications directory. Thus, in MacOS and the installation of programs is made.

    OBS installation on Mac

    1. After a few seconds, our application will be installed and ready to work.

    OBS installation process on Mac

    1. In order to start working with OBS on MacOS, you will first need to go to the list of all programs. To do this, it is enough to use the button indicated in the screenshot below.

    Running application menu on Mac

    1. Select the application with which the contents of the screen will be written.

    OBS on MAC.

    1. We will also need to allow the launch of the software loaded from the Internet.

    Confirmation of OBS launch on Mac

    1. As with the operating system from Microsoft, at the first stage of the program configuration, you need to optimize it for recording. To do this, we switch the Trigger checkbox to the position shown on the screen, then click on "Next".

    Select OBS Mode on Mac

    1. We skip the next step by clicking on the button with the inscription "Next".

    Configure video when starting OBS on Mac

    1. The automatic configuration wizard will start, which, producing a series of tests, selects the optimal configuration of the settings. At this point, the computer is preferably not touched.

    Automatic OBS configuration on Mac when you first start

    1. Confirm the changes proposed by the wizard. To do this, simply click on the "Apply Settings" button.

    Apply automatic settings when you first start OBS on Mac

    1. Add a source from which the signal will be captured. To do this, the OBS uses a button that looks like a plus sign.

    Adding a new source in OBS on Mac

    1. From the list that appears, select "Screen capture".

    Adding a screen capture source to OBS on Mac

    This application allows you to add several sources at once and with the help of a special framework to adjust their size. During the record, we can include or disable certain sources, thus creating the most visual video.

    1. Further I confirm the selected source by clicking on "OK".

    Confirmation of adding a screen capture source to OBS on Mac

    1. Now we can go directly to the record of the laptop screen. To do this, in the MacOS operating system, you must click on the button with the inscription "Start Record".

    Start writing screen in OBS on Mac

    This button also serves to complete the record.

    By the way, here we have noticed an interesting feature: only in the Apple operating system when writing through OBS you can use the pause button. In Microsoft Windows and Linux there is no such function.

    Linux laptop (on the example of Ubuntu)

    Consider the instructions for recording video from the laptop screen for another operating system. In order to capture in Linux, you must use the same program. To do this, do this:

    1. Using the combination of hot keys "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "T", launch the Linux terminal. Using the Sudo Apt Install FFMPEG command, we set the desired multimedia codec.

    Installing FFMPEG Codec in Ubuntu

    1. The system will ask for an administrator password. We enter it and press ENTER.

    Enter ROOT password when installing an application in Linux

    1. After that, the installation will begin, to continue which we must enter "Y" and pressing "Enter".

    FFMPEG Installation Confirmation in Ubuntu

    1. Follow the installation of the codec, and we will only have to wait for the completion of the process.

    FFMPEG codec installation process in Ubuntu

    1. Since this application is missing in the official sources of Ubuntu, we add an additional repository using the Sudo Add-APT-Repository PPA: OBSPROject / OBS-Studio in the terminal. The input must be carried out without quotes and after each operator to press "ENTER".

    Adding a new repository in Ubuntu

    1. Now update the cache of the operating system by entering the Sudo APT Update command in the console.

    Updating Kesha Linux Ubuntu

    1. After that, I also install OBS: "Sudo Apt Install OBS-Studio".

    Download OBS packages in Linux

    1. When the installation process is completed, we will be able to open the menu with applications and run the program that you have just installed.

    The utility for writing a laptop screen in Linux

    Depending on the distribution used, the OBS program may be available in the default repositories. We described the whole process only so that the instruction is the most universal.

    1. When you first start the program will offer to automatically configure yourself for maximum performance and video quality. First choose the use mode. Since in this case we want to record the screen, we switch the trigger to the second position and go on.

    Setting up OBS in Linux to record video

    1. We skip the next stage, leaving everything as the system offers.

    Getting Started Wizard Auto Setup OBS in Linux

    1. We wait until the Automatic Setup Wizard completes its mission.

    Options for automatic OBS configuration wizard in Linux

    1. The configuration that the automatic setup wizard will be prompted to us is optimal. We accept it by clicking on the screenshot on the button below the button.

    Application of the OBS Auto Setup Wizard in Linux

    1. In order to start writing the screen, we need to add a source. Click on the button designated in the screenshot below.

    Adding a source to OBS on Linux

    1. From the drop-down list, choose the type of source. In this case, it will be the screen capture.

    Adding a screen capture source to OBS on Linux

    1. Confirm your choice by clicking on the "OK" button.

    Confirmation of adding a screen capture source to OBS on Linux

    1. A preview will be displayed that we will record. In this case, this is a laptop screen with an installed Linux operating system.

    The second step of confirmation of adding a screen capture source to OBS on Linux

    1. To start writing the screen, we need to just click on the button designed for this. Unfortunately, unlike MacOS, there is no pause here.

    Start recording a laptop screen in Linux

    With the same button, the record is completed.

    Advantages of the program

    And now let's talk about why for writing a laptop screen, we chose exactly Broadcaster Software®:

    • The program is able to record the screen in the maximum quality and at the same time not too load the laptop.
    • The H265 codec is supported, which allows you to encode video without using a central processor.
    • The application makes it possible not to just capture the display, but also broadcast the signal to the network.
    • The program is cross-platform and works on any operating systems.
    • The application is 100% free and fully translated into Russian.

    Video instruction

    If written in the article for some reason it remains incomprehensible for you, we recommend to watch the training roller on the same topic. In the video, the author clearly shows the process of installing and using the OBS application on different operating systems.

    Questions and answers

    Now that our instruction has come to an end, you can proceed and install the application for writing a laptop screen to your devices. If there are some difficulties in the process of downloading, installing or using such software, write about it in the comments. We will definitely give an answer, and let's do it as quickly as possible.

    foto-s-veb-kameryiGood day!

    Today, almost every laptop is equipped with a built-in webcam. It, of course, is more designed for video calls, but nevertheless, allows you to do and photos (although it is not so obvious) ...

    For example, it can be useful when you need to quickly make a crash, register in some service when there is no hand-made phone (or there is no camera on it), etc.

    This note will offer several options as you can make a photo with such a regular webcam. (and it works, even if you do not have a special application for it) . You will also briefly consider the issue of obtaining mirror images (it can be very useful if you take pictures of some text document).

    And so, closer to the topic ...


    We make a photo camera laptop

    Check if the camera is enabled, is there a driver

    The first, where to begin the decision of this issue is to check whether the camera is included, whether it works. On a number of laptops, by the way, there are specials. Button (switch).

    Physical switch on laptop webcam

    Physical switch on laptop webcam

    I also recommend to go to device Manager and see whether the camera is involved and the driver is installed for it (just if there are no drivers - all programs for creating pictures from it will show you "black screen") .

    To open Device Manager: Press the key combination Win + R. , and in the "Run" window that appears, enter the command. Devmgmt.msc. Click OK.

    Launch Device Manager - Devmgmt.msc

    Launch Device Manager - Devmgmt.msc

    Next, expand the tab "Cameras" And see if your device is there (as a rule, the camera model should be displayed) .

    Cameras - Device Manager

    Cameras - Device Manager (driver installed, device works)

    If there are no drivers - you will see that an exclamation yellow sign will be lit in front of this device (and most likely, it will be in the tab "Other devices" ).

    How will the device look like in the Task Manager for which there is no driver

    How will a webcam will look like in the device manager for which there is no driver

    In this case, for the camera, you must find and install the driver. The easiest way to do with the help of specials. Programs (I refer to the link below).

    To help!

    Programs for automatic driver update -

    We use the camera "Camera"

    I can not not note that it is usually along with the drivers on a webcam and specialists go. Applications from the manufacturer (for example, HP has an HP Camera application, and it is quite convenient) . However, if special. There are no applications - you can do with other tools (it is for them that I will make an emphasis).

    In general, in the modern Windows 8/10 OS there is a special application for working with a webcam - it is also called "Camera" . The link to it is in the Start menu. By the way, it can also be found through the search.

    Camera in Windows 10

    Camera in Windows 10

    Immediately after the application is launched, the camera should start showing everything that happens in front of it. To create a picture - click just on the icon with a camera.

    To make a photo

    To make a photo

    Photos taken automatically in the folder "Images / Album Camera" .

    Images - Camera Album

    Images - Camera Album

    If the built-in application does not work (or it is not)

    If the application "Camera" does not work (or you work in the older Windows OS, where there is no "good") - You can use alternative ways ...

    Option 1

    There is a very convenient application for working with webcam - Mycam (Link to Soft-portal). What is its advantages:

    • This program sees and supports most modern webcams;
    • Allows you to take pictures and record video (including sound);
    • It is possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, shades, etc.;
    • You can apply different effects, etc.

    In general, this "combine" should be enough for all everyday tasks. After starting mycam - just click on the "Open Camera" button - the broadcast from the camera should immediately begin. To create a picture - click on the icon with the camera (at the bottom of the window).

    MYCAM application allows you to record video and photos from the keb camera

    MYCAM application allows you to record video and photos from the keb camera

    What is convenient : All pictures are placed in the photo album in which you can go straight from the program (see arrows-3 on the screen above).

    Option 2.

    You can also use almost any player, in whose settings you can specify the video source. In my example, I used the usual Media Player Classic (built into the K-Lite Codec Pack codecs). The screen below shows the settings window of this player.

    Media Player Classic - how to set up a webcam

    Media Player Classic - how to set up a webcam

    Next enough to click on "File / Open Device" - And the player will start playing video from a webcam.

    Open device

    Open device

    Then you can make the usual screenshot window (In essence, thus we get a photo) .

    To help! 5 ways to make a screenshot on a laptop -

    I went to a webcam image

    I went to a webcam image

    Supplement (from 1.02.2020)!

    If you have Windows 10, please note that it has specials. The Settings section responsible for confidentiality. It can disable access to the camera to various applications.

    Note : To configure privacy parameters - Press the button combination Win + I. and go to the appropriate section. See Screen below.

    Privacy - Camera (Windows 10)

    Privacy - Camera (Windows 10)

    For those who need a mirror reflection

    If you try to take a snapshot of some document webcam - almost certainly the text on this photo will be "reflected" (i.e. exactly the same as it would be displayed in the mirror) . Of course, read something from the captured - almost unrealistic.

    To fix it, the photo needs to be done with a mirror reflection. I will give below a couple of simple ways ...

    Option 1

    MyCAM program recommended by me in options contains one mega-beneficiary switch - "Mirror" (in Russian mirror ). So, turning it on, the image from the camera will automatically be "reflected" (sample on the screen below).

    On the left - the mirror option is turned off, right - enabled

    On the left - the mirror option is turned off, right - on / clickable

    Option 2.

    If you have already taken a photo, and only then noticed that something is not read on it - you can use almost any graphic editor in which it is possible to change the geometry of the picture. For this task there will be enough possibilities Paint. (A simple editor built in Windows XP, 7, 8, 10) .

    Run Paint - Windows 10

    Run Paint - Windows 10

    In Paint, click on the tool "Reflect horizontally" . See Example on Screen below.

    Paint - reflect horizontally

    Paint - reflect horizontally

    After this operation, the text in the photo becomes readable ...

    Paint - the image was changed

    Paint - the image was changed


    On this so far ... Supplements would be quite by the way!

    All the best!


    First Publishing: 3.05.2019

    Adjustment: 02.02.2020


    Useful software:

    • Video editing
    • Video installation
    • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
    • Utility for optimization
    • Computer accelerator
    • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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