How to pay phone purchases?

Contactless financial payments made a real revolution in the field of mobile devices, having delivering people from the need to use cash and plastic cards. Instead, it is enough to bring a smartphone with an NFC module to the payment terminal so that the required amount automatically goes to the trade organization's account.

How to pay phone purchases?

How does payment work?

Mobile device interaction with a PayPass support terminal occurs due to the NFC module (NEAR Field Communication). This technology is implemented in many modern smartphones (here Detailed list ) related to the average and higher pricing segment.

You can get acquainted with all the available methods for using the NFC module (data transfer, purchases, the functions of smartphone) in articles on our website. Under this reference .

How to pay phone purchases?

The execution of the contactless payment is carried out as simple as possible. All that is needed is a smartphone with a built-in NFC chip and a map of any bank with support for PayPass financial operations.

Unlocking the phone in the store, you need to bring it to the terminal to identify plastic cards and enter the PIN code. After a second, a message that informs about the successful completion of the transaction should appear on the screen.

How to prepare a smartphone for payment via NFC?

First of all, it is necessary to check the presence of a working NFC module on the phone. To do this, go to the standard settings section and activate the slider in it that is responsible for NFC. Find out if the phone supports this technology, you can on the official website of the phone manufacturer or using Our Instruction . The operation of the electronic chip does not affect the battery of the battery, so you can leave it included.

Making sure that the device is suitable for contactless payments, you need to check the map for compatibility with such operations. Almost all modern banks (Sberbank, Alpha Bank, Tinkoff) support payment through POS terminals. If the card for any reason is incompatible with payment using the NFC module, you can reassure it and get a newer sample.

How to pay phone purchases?

Now you can go directly to the most configuring contactless payments. To do this, you will need to download a special application (Google Pay for Android smartphones, Samsung Pay for - for Samsung smartphones, Apple Pay for iPhone). After starting the program, you need to enter manually or scan with the camera a set of basic information about the bank card (16-digit number, validity and CSV code).

Next, a mobile phone number attached to a bank account will come SMS with code. It must be entered to complete the setup procedure. Now it remains only to add the most convenient way to unlock the device for quick payment (digital password, graphic key or fingerprint). In more detail about the installation and configuration of the Google Pay service, you can find out in this instruction .

How to pay phone purchases?

How to pay from the phone / smartphone?

You can use contactless payment in any store where POS terminals are installed. Before completing the payment, you must notify the cashier about your intention to pay for the purchase by phone. Usually at the checkout, which supports payment by bank card, there is a corresponding plate.

After the store's employee activates the terminal, you need to display a phone from sleep mode and unlock it. Then you need to bring the smartphone to the scanner (where the mini-keyboard is located for the PIN input) is not more than 10 cm. After a couple of seconds, a check mark should appear that reports on the successful completion of the financial transaction. At this time, the right amount will be removed from the card.

How to pay phone purchases?

Read more information about contactless payment methods using a mobile device with NFC, you can Our article .


We talked about the most important aspects of the application of NFC technology and the Google Pay service on Android. As it was possible to notice, there is nothing complicated in the preparation of a smartphone, and the payment procedure itself does not cause problems. The main thing is to take care of, this is the presence of a NFC module and a suitable bank card. And if you can upgrade the last update, add NFC technology to a smartphone almost impossible .

Contactless payment with the help of smartphones and other devices is gaining increasing popularity: almost everywhere you can already pay. During the epidemic, when any touch can lead to infection, contactless payment becomes even more relevant. It's time to figure it out in detail how it works and how to configure your smartphone for these purposes.

How to find out if the smartphone supports this function

If the smartphone is a new, medium or high price category, then the NFC Middle Field Communication Module, which is necessary for contactless payment, it most likely has. Very budgetary or old models, this functionality may be absent. To check whether it is embedded in the Android device, you need to open the settings and enter the "NFC" abbrevitar. If the technology is integrated, a list of NFC options will appear. These options can be found in the "Connected Devices" or "Wireless Network" section of the smartphone settings. If NFC is disabled there, it must be enabled.

The operating system for using Google Pay should be Android 5.0 or higher. Apple NFC devices and contactless payment (Apple Pay in Combined with Wallet Applications) are available in all iPhone models, starting with iPhone 6, as well as on Apple Watch, MacBook Pro with the TouchID system and iPad models starting from 2014. Samsung Pay mobile payment system is supported by Samsung flagship and medium smartphones since 2015 (Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A, Galaxy J) and smart hours Samsung Gear and Samsung Galaxy Watch. Android version in the case of Samsung Pay should be no less than 4.4.4.

Where you can pay a gadget

It is possible to pay in this way for goods or services in almost the same places, where both the usual bank cards with the function of contactless payment. The payment terminal for this must support NFC technology. It should also contain the logo of the desired payment system.

Samsung Pay has some advantage over the counterparts, since the technology also works on terminals with a magnetic strip due to the emulation of the magnetic band of the Magnetic Secure Transmission bank card (MST). Using the magnetic field, in this case, data is broadcast in the appropriate hole. But in some new models Samsung devices there is no MST chip, as the company departs from supporting the terminals of an old type.

What is the advantage of paying a smartphone

In comparison with cards, payment by smartphone and other gadgets has a number of advantages.

  • No longer need to carry with you a shock card. You can add different cards in the smartphone payment system: debit, credit, discount, gift, as well as transport tickets, etc. For Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung without MST support, the cards added must be supported by contactless payment.
  • Bank cards can pay for purchases up to thousands of rubles without the introduction of a PIN code. And this is only on the hand of attackers, - caring your card, they will easily spend your money. And to pay a smartphone, you must first unlock. When paying by Apple Pay, you will need mandatory authentication through PIN, Face ID or Touch ID. Samsung Pay will require a purchase confirmation through the authentication on the PIN code, the eye retina or fingerprint.
  • When paying by the gadget, information on the map is not transmitted to the seller. For secure transactions, "Tochenization" is used - when you tie the map to the device, a virtual account is generated, which is used for payment procedures. When the payment is confirmed, a special token number and a cryptogram replacing the password is sent. In the event of a gadget, all three payment systems allow you to quickly delete the data of the tied cards, logging from another device.

Does the Internet need a smartphone

Connecting a gadget to the Internet is not required for this procedure. Communication with the bank in the transaction process carries out a payment terminal to which the buyer brings his smartphone. Moreover, cellular communication is not required for payment. You can even extract a SIM card and translate the device to the "Flight Mode".

Connecting a smartphone with Android Pay will be needed, but not at the time of payment, and later - to update information about the attached maps. Android Pay allows you to make 6 transactions without updating. When using Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, the network connection is required only when you add a map.

How to pay android smartphone: Google Pay

After making sure that the smartphone supports NFC and turning it on, you need to install the Google Pay application if it is not initially installed by the manufacturer. Several mandatory requirements must be met for operation of Google Pay:

  • Android version is not lower than 5.0;
  • No root access;
  • Unbounded Android-loader;
  • The lack of a beta version of the firmware (for example, not stable, and the weekly version on the Xiaomi smartphone).

When you first start Google Pay, you will need to select the desired Google account. Next, you should add a payment card to the system with contactless payment feature. It can be selected from the list if any cards are previously attached to the account. Or add a new one. You can do this, as entering the map number manually, and photographed it. You can add up to 10 cards. The list of supported banks can be viewed here.

In the future, to add new bank cards, open the "Payment" section, and to add discount or gift cards - the "Maps" section. The first added payment card becomes the main, which is used to pay. To change the main map you need to open the "Payment" section, touch the card you need to do the main, and click "Make Main".

When making a payment to a smartphone, you do not need to start the application: it is enough to unlock the device and bring it to the terminal. To use a discount card, you need to open the Google Pay application, go to the "Map" section and select the required card. A barcode will be displayed on the screen to be considered the seller before payment.

How to pay iPhone: Apple Pay

For contactless payments in Apple gadgets, the pre-installed Wallet application is responsible. Open this program by finding the desired icon on the desktop, and open the window "Adding a map" by clicking on the blue plusics in the upper right corner. You can enter the card data, as the camera is captured, hovering the frame and manually on the map. You can add from 8 to 12 cards, depending on the model of the smartphone. The list of supported banks can be viewed here (find the section "Russia"). You can add a discount card in the same way by scanning the QR code. This can also be done by clicking on the link in the received letter or SMS, by registering in the store application or automatically after payment in the outlet using Apple Pay.

The first payment card attached to the Wallet becomes the default card. If you need to change it, go to "Settings" - "Wallet and Apple Pay", scroll to the "Default Payment Settings" section, click "Map" and choose another card. This manipulation can be implemented in the Wallet program, touching the card in the list and dragging it to the beginning.

When paying the iPhone 8 or older, it is necessary not to include a smartphone to make a finger to the imprint sensor and do not release to bring the gadget to the terminal. When you pay a newer iPhone model, press the power button twice. After authentication, the map will show on the screen, then bring the device to the terminal. To use a discount card, run Wallet and select the required card. The display shows its barcode to be considered to be the seller.

How to pay smartphone samsung: samsung pay

If the Samsung Pay program is not pre-installed on the smartphone, you need to download it from Google Play. To use mobile payments, the Android system will require no less than 4.4.4., Activated NFC and registered Samsung account. After the first launch of the Samsung Pay application, we log in with the Samsung account and make an authorization setting: depending on the smartphone model on the retina, the fingerprint or pin code. Next, add a map with the function of contactless payment. The map number can be entered manually and scan the camera by clicking on the appropriate icon. Samsung Pay can add up to ten cards. The list of supported banks is presented here. After entering the code from SMS, it will still be necessary to sign on the display with your finger or stylus.

To make payment you need to spend your finger across the screen from top to bottom and select the necessary map (no default cards in Samsung Pay), then logged in to the previously selected way and bring the gadget to the terminal.

You can add a discount or gift card in the "Club Maps" section by scanning the barcode or entering the number manually. To use the discount card, you need to select it in the "Club Cards" section and show the seller displayed on the barcode screen for scanning.

Hello, friends!

The phone has long replaced most users cameras, camcorder, diary, music player and a lot more. Technologies are developing, and the wallet can also be added to our list. Today will answer the question of how to pay the phone for goods and services in one touch without bank cards.

What is a contactless payment system

Imagine that you do not carry a bunch of plastic cards from different banks, shopping stores stores. You buy goods and pay for services only with your smartphone. Just bring it to the reading device, and ready. This is not fiction, but a contactless payment system. Another 3-4 years ago only the units of it used, and in 2020 it is almost a widespread phenomenon.

After reading, you will understand how to stop working for a penny on the unloved work and start living truly freely and with pleasure!

Let's figure out how the phone's payment feature works and what you need to connect it. To do this, we will get acquainted with the abbreviation NFC. This abbreviated from NEAR Field Communication is translated as "Middle Communication". The word "neighbor" here is key.

This technology begins to work with very close contact (a pair of centimeters). In modern smartphones, it is installed by default.

To configure NFC on Android, go to "Settings". For example, on the Samsung smartphone in the "Connections" section there is a NFC function. To activate, it is enough to translate the switch to the right, then it will be painted blue.

On the iPhone, no special action to activate the NFC function is required. It turns on automatically as soon as it enters the data zone from another device. Energy consumes little, so you can not worry that the battery will remove when the contactless payment is connected.

Many of us already enjoy NFC technology because it is used in contactless bank cards. Pay attention to your cards on the appropriate Paypass icons from the MasterCard or PayWave from Visa.

It is enough to bring plastic to the terminal and will be able to instantly melt in the store or cafe. The same principle applies to social cards that are in transport of preferential categories of citizens. In all these plastic tools, the information reads a special payment terminal reads.

The same principle applies in the smartphone. There manufacturers embed the chip to which information about all your bank cards is recorded.

Smartphone instead of a card in the store - it's not all the possibilities of NFC. For example, if you want to exchange files between phones, then you do not need to connect Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is enough to bring two devices close to each other, contact between them will be automatically installed.

Contactless payment setting on smartphone

Make contactless payment by phone as a map allow Apple, Samsung and Google services.

Tell how to configure NFC technology and connect cards to the phone.

Step 1. Download the free app in Google Play or App Store. Google Pay for Android smartphones, Samsung Pay for Samsung Smartphones, Apple Pay for iPhone. Or use the recommendations of the manufacturer of your smartphone. They will help to tie your cards to the device.

For example, the manufacturer of my Samsung smartphone recommends 3 applications: Yandex.Money, Tinkoff and GPay.

Step 2. Sign up in the selected application and download your cards to the phone: manually enter the main information or scan (card number, validity period and three-digit security code). Please note that you can add not only bank cards, but also bonus or gift from stores. But only one card will be used as the main one. If you need to change to another, you will have to log in to the application again and select the necessary one.

No longer required. Modern devices allow contactless payments without access to the Internet.

How to pay the phone

So, the technology is configured, your smartphone is ready for contactless payment. How to act:

  1. Specify the seller of goods or services, whether their terminal supports contactless payment.
  2. Activate the NFC function.
  3. Make sure the screen is turned on and unlocked. Otherwise, the device will not be able to read the data.
  4. Attach the device with an NFC antenna area (as a rule, this is the rear panel) to the terminal.
  5. After payment, a beep sounds from the terminal about the completion of the operation.

PIN input is not required if the cost of goods or services did not exceed 1,000 rubles. In other cases, you need to enter the code, sometimes sellers are asked to sign on the check.

Phone owner data protection

The main question that interests many users in all innovations is safety. Unfortunately, modern technologies are developing not only large corporations, but also fraudsters. As soon as something new to developers appears, craftsmen are so instantly, who come up with ways to bypass all the protection and make money from the card. How to return the stolen money and secure yourself from scammers, I considered in a separate material.

Unfortunately, the fraudsters and the non-contact form of payment remained without attention. How do they manage to make money from the card? Using a special device - reader (reader). It needs to be almost close to the card equipped with a chip for contactless payment, and read the information recorded there.

So far, things are different with contactless smartphones. Payment for goods in the store is made from a virtual account for protected channels. The data of the bank card itself attached to the phone does not appear. Access to the virtual map is protected by a password that is unique for each operation. A set of numbers will not say anything to fraudsters.

If the phone was stolen, access to an application that binds your payment means to the device is protected by a password. For even greater safety, block your bank cards in the Internet bank or using a hotline call.

You can install additional protection. For example, unlocking the phone with a fingerprint.

Some users fear that when the phone delayed the payment terminal will pay twice. It is impossible, the translation is carried out only once, then the device is turned off.

Summing up, we can say that while NFC technology on the smartphone is safer than the payment of the bank card. Why I say so far? Scammers do not sleep. I think that work in their extraordinary heads boils in full swing. It's a question of time.

Pros and disadvantages of contactless payment

Here just summarize the foregoing. What advantages gives contactless payment:

  1. No need to carry plastic cards of banks and shops. For example, in my bag there is a separate accessory - a business card holder, which is clogged with different discount cards and, of course, banking means.
  2. High payment speed - a pair of seconds and ready.
  3. Security is higher than when paying by bank cards.
  4. Many cards - a lot of pin-codes from them. In the phone one password gives access to all means of payment.
  5. It is fashionable. The technology is not even widespread, especially in small cities. Therefore, by a person who brings the phone to the terminal, while looking at surprise and curiosity.
  6. Free app and absence of commissions for payment operations.

Disadvantages there are also:

  1. Not all terminals are equipped with contactless technology, especially in small outlets. Therefore, it's not worth going out of home without money.
  2. Technology support modern smartphones, not all they have.
  3. Concerns that with simple touch, more than needed, too, too, the lives in the consciousness of some people. It is better to write a bunch of buttons, it is possible to sign 10 times somewhere. Then, accurately everything will work out as it should.
  4. If the smartphone is discharged, then no dances with the tambourine at the payment terminal will help make a payment.


I treat all innovations with distrust. I can not care the last model of the smartphone, because I still will not use more than half of the functions. For me, the phone is primarily simplicity and ease of use, the availability of the functionality you need, affordable price.

I confess that I do not own the most prehistoric apparatus and it is even equipped with NFC. I learned about this in the process of writing the article. While I prefer to use contactless bank cards. But I am not an example for imitation. I am sure that very soon most people will pay for the purchase by telephones as easy as well as talking on them. And I also.

Have you already tried NFC technology? I sometimes watch the cafe, where I dinner, such a picture. The man is trying to pay a smartphone. Several times brings the device to the terminal, something tries to turn on on the phone, repeats these actions again and again. The queue at this time nervously shifts from foot to foot. In the end, the buyer gives up and takes out cash or card. All exhale. Do you have such incidents?

Regards, Chistyakova Julia

Why wear a wallet with cash with a lot of cards, when all this can be placed in your phone! This became possible thanks to NFC technology. And if a few years ago, such a chip stood only on flagship phones, now manufacturers place it almost on all their models.

How payment is paid and how to set the entire functionality on your smartphone - read below.

What is NFC technology

NFC is a chip built into the phone that allows you to transmit data between devices on a short distance by a radius of about 10 centimeters. This abbreviation is literally translated as "near contactless communication" or "Near Field Communication". What is NFC technology

And this technology is already used everywhere on a par with bank cards with contactless payment. That is, you can pay in public transport, and in ATMs, and in other payment terminals. Moreover, some phones already installed chips that can be applied even on those terminals where there is no contactless payment, and you need to carry out the magnetic side of the card to read.

The NFC chip itself is designed for mobile devices and can be installed in a smartphone or in hours. But that the contactless payment worked, one chip is not enough. You need to configure it. But do not worry - these are easy settings.

What phones support contactless payment

To pay for their purchases, it was possible without using a bank card, but only with the help of the phone, the NFC chip must be installed on it.

To check whether there is such a function on your device - open the specifications. If the information cannot be found is - ask your phone brand support service.

It is difficult to believe, but even in 2021, not all phones with a cost of 10,000+ rubles go with the established chip. Therefore, specify this information in advance before purchase, if you are important for you to pay for goods using the phone.

Also pay attention to the version of your operating system. Modern safety standards are not supported on phones with outdated firmware. So you may encounter problems when paying if your OS Android is below 5 version or iOS below 9 generation.

How to enable contactless payment through the phone

First you need to take care of where money will be charged. It should be a bank card or an electronic wallet. But we will write more about this below.

Now you will need to include NFC technology in the phone. The interface of various operating systems and different brand-mailer mobile phones will be different. But the overall course of action will be approximately the same.

Setting in Android

Use the following instructions for installing contactless payments through the phone for the following brands:

  • Samsung
  • Is there NFC on the phoneHonor
  • Huawei.
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi.
  • Redmi.
  • HTC
  • Nokia.
  • Meizu.
  • LG
  • Sony
  • BlackBerry.
  • OnePlus.
  • ZTE
  • Google Pixel.
  • BQ and others based on Android

Next, do this:

  1. Open the quick notifications panel by spending your finger from the top edge down. Perhaps on your phone, this feature is already displayed for quick access. Then heal the icon and hold down to appear an additional menu. Enable NFC through the quick notifications panel

If the NFC icon is not, then tap on the icon in the form of the gear to go to the settings.

  1. Open the "Wireless Network" or "Connections" section. These sections are stored for connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, as well as contactless payments. Perhaps NFC will be hidden under the "more" string.
  2. Go to the NFC settings section and move the slider to activate and allow data transmission.
  3. In some models, you also need to activate the "Android Beam" function to allow the device to transmit data. Android beam
  4. Choose an application with a map where payments will occur by default.

Setup in iOS.

For apple gadgets, you do not need to activate the function of contactless payment - it is enabled by default in the phone.

All you have to do to pay - it is to bring your gadget to the terminal for payment, and when the device requests a PIN code or fingerprint to confirm the operation, enter the desired information.

Contactless payment management applications via phone

How to enable the NFC function on the phone we have already described above. But for proper work, you need synchronization with your account. To manage your payment data there are several applications:

  • Apple Pay; Google Pay.
  • Google Pay (he android Pay);
  • Samsung Pay;
  • Huawei Pay;
  • Sberpay;
  • Yumoney and others

The first four applications from the list can be integrated with most of the Russian banks: Sberbank, VTB, AlfaBank, Tinkoff, Rosselkhozbank, Promsvyazbank and others. And Sberpay and YuMoney are examples of applications created by companies specifically for their customers.

In order for the payment to pass, in addition to the NFC chip, you can not do without such applications where you will give your card to make payments. And so how to configure them.

Apple Pay.

For example, if you have an iPhone and you want to use Apple Pay, you need to go to the Apple Wallet utility. Here you can store data not only your loyalty cards, but also bank cards.

  1. To tie your card for contactless calculations, log in to the application. Then click on "+" to add a new card. Apple Pay Add Map
  2. Now you will need to enter data cards: who is its owner, what is her number and validity period, etc.
  3. Next, the system will start moderation and, if the map is suitable for the application, it will be added to the general list.

Google (earlier android) pay

This application works just like Apple Pay. The only thing - the application requires authorization in the Google account for greater protection.

This can be a problem for Honor and Huawei phone owners, where, as you know, Google services are missing. We advise them will not suffer with this application and changing the firmware (as they still will pop up the bugs), and use another application. For example, Huawei Pay.

The process of registering a new card in the appendix is ​​the same as for Apple Pay. You will also have to fill in all fields of data about the map, but you still need to register with SMS -Code.


In fact, it is not even an application, but part of the mobile Sberbank system. Therefore, to install the Sberbank card, you will need to download the Sberbank online application, install it and register in it. Then:

  1. Go to the main page of the application and click on the map you want to use for contactless payments using the phone.
  2. Scroll through the opened menu of features and select "Settings", and after the "Sberpay - contactless payment from Sberbank" option.
  3. Follow the steps that the system offers you to activate the function. Sberpay.

Now your phone is configured to pay


If you have a wallet in the SUMAN service (previously Yandex Money), you can also pay to means from your wallet through NFC technology on the phone. To do this, you need to download the brand application, install it and register.

Now act like this:

  • On the main page of the application in the lower right corner, select the "Maps" section.
  • On the page that opens in the "Release Map" section, select the option "non-contact".
  • Follow the system prompts if necessary. Map of Yumani

The contactless card has another number than your virtual or plastic card. It will also be another PIN, which you, however, can change a day after the release.

How to pay

When you passed all settings - you can proceed and make the first purchase. How to pay through the phone

  • Go to the store, decide on the purchase and ask the seller to make payment on the map. Turn on the NFC function on the phone.
  • If you have several options for payment via the phone on your phone, select Appropriate.
  • Now bring your device to the terminal to read the data.
  • When paying for the amount of more than 1000 rubles, the system will offer you to enter a PIN.
  • Your phone may also ask for a password (fingerprint, graphic pattern, etc.)

Hooray! Payment has passed. Now you do not need to take with you all your cards - because they can be connected to the phone.

How to pay a phone without nfc instead of a card

If you hope to find a "magic tablet", which will make your phone without NFC pay your accounts contactlessly, do not look for. There are no special applications or embedded options in SIM cards or additional antennas. Everything is simple - either there is a NFC technology in the phone, or it is not.

But still there are options for payment using the phone without a built-in NFC - these are QR codes. Quairing is a new popular type of payment that many entrepreneurs began to replace the usual acquiring. For this type of payment from the seller, you will need a QR code generator, and from the buyer the availability of the camera and the bank applications for reading the QR code and payment. Kuairing

As you can see paying the phone purchases instead of a card very simple. You just need your phone to have a NFC function, and you have made a map binding to the device. The setting is done within a minute, but at the same time great simplifies your life.

Yes, my phone supports NFC, paying for the purchase


I do not know how to use this function


My phone does not support contactless payment feature.


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Imagine that you are standing in the store at the box office. You stretch the long line of buyers with loaded trolleys and baskets. The cashier voiced the amount, you take the wallet, which is packed with credit and discount cards. What exactly to pay - with the go and do not understand. You convulsely go through the wallet branch, looking for the desired card. Part of plastic credit cards falls on the floor, the queue is noticeably nervous and asks you to be launched. Of course, you find the desired card, but in the end, the goods go to the payment endlessly long minutes.

A familiar situation, isn't it? Or maybe even worse - long searching cards do not lead to anything, because you forgot her at home. This easily can happen with a bank card. But with a smartphone - hardly. Mobile phone is the first thing we check, leaving the door.

Problems with paying purchases are easy to avoid - if your smartphone on iOS or Android supports contactless payment technology. With it, you put so many payment cards to the gadget as you need. And for the very calculation, only a pair of touch to the mobile phone screen is necessary. How does payment work with a smartphone? The answer is in our material.

Features NFC technology

In order for your smartphone to transfer data from the payment card to the cash terminal, the NFC module must be installed in it. It transmits a coded signal within a radius not more than 10 cm. If the recipient device is also equipped with a similar module, they can exchange contacts, geometrs and links among themselves. This process resembles a pairing on Bluetooth, but there is a significant difference between these technologies:

  1. Bluetooth radius reaches 100 meters. In this regard, NFC wins significantly, as it practically reduces the risk of data interception.
  2. The pairing between the source of the NFC signal and the recipient occurs automatically for the split second. For a Bluetooth connection, you must find the desired device, send a request to it with a password, accept it and confirm the connection.
  3. NFC has a minimum load on the battery device. The Bluetooth Module enabled constantly scans the extensive area of ​​the space around itself and because of this intensively discharges the battery.
  4. Data exchange through NFC occurs much slower than via Bluetooth. So to send photos, video or audio files is more suitable "Sinzube".

Ultimately both technologies complement each other's capabilities. Through Bluetooth, you run from a smartphone to smartphone Volumetric files, and with NFC perform secure payments. On a note

Contactless payment is not the only scope of application NFC. With it, you can read information from special tags, just as the QR code is scanned. And the peer-to-peer mode allows you to exchange data between two conjugated devices, for example, if you need to send the Wi-Fi-router settings to the smartphone.

Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

NFC chip alone to pay for purchases with a smartphone is not enough. The second key condition is the presence of a special payment system in the form of an application. For several years of development of contactless payment technology, the top three has been determined:

  • Google Pay;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Samsung Pay.

These systems combine the overall principle of operation. You enter your card data application: number, username, validity and three-digit CVV2. The payment system translates them into the so-called token - digital code, in other words, creates a virtual map. The token is stored at the NFC chip and is protected by a complex encryption algorithm. During payment, the chip transfers tokens to the payment terminal, which writes off the desired amount. At the same time, your personal data remains in complete immunity.

The main convenience of such systems is that you can add any type of card to one application:

  • credit or debit;
  • cumulative or bonus;
  • electronic key from home or office;
  • transport travel;
  • Skip to the pool, gym or nightclub.

Mobile payment systems can be used for purchases in online stores. Instead of entering card data every time, just click on the appropriate button in the payment section on the site or in the application.

We will deal with the payment systems differ from each other:

  1. Smartphone model with NFC. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay work only on smartphones of their brand. The advantage of Google Pay is the ability to install an application to any smartphone that works on Android OS, starting with version 4.4 Kitkat.
  2. Confirmation of payment. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay implements the so-called two-step verification. First you need to unlock your smartphone using a fingerprint, pin-code, face recognition or retina. The same methods you confirm the purchase. In the case of Google Pay, it is enough just to remove the gadget from blocking, and the payment itself is not necessary to re-verify.
  3. Receiving devices. Google Pay and Apple Pay work only with terminals that are equipped with a signal receiver from the NFC chip. Samsung Pay has a wider range of applications. In the South Korean payment system, a branded technology is implemented, which generates an electromagnetic field to terminals with a magnetic ribbon without NFC. Thus, the device perceives the signal from the smartphone, as if you spend the terminal with a real card.

How to connect a card to smartphone

To explain the procedure for connecting your bank or discount card, we will analyze it on the example of the most common Google Pay system, which can be downloaded through the Google Play Application Store.

After installation, log in to the application and run NFC. You can also turn on the module pre-in the smartphone settings. On the welcome screen, the application will explain where contactless payments are applied

Click on the Add Card button    

Scan the card through the smartphone camera or enter data manually.

Confirm the card via SMS and wait for the end of the check. As a rule, it takes 10-15 seconds

Now you have to unlock your smartphone to make a purchase and bring it to the payment terminal. In the application you can withdraw a complete list of your cards and completed payments. Please note that when purchasing more than 1000 rubles on the terminal, you will need to additionally enter the PIN card.

To pay through a smartphone, a permanent connection to the Internet is not required. The virtual card code is stored in the chip memory, and it is enough to go to the network approximately every 6-7 purchases.

Even inexperienced user will be able to use payment systems from a smartphone. All setting up the application takes less than a minute, but after that you can forever forget about the column of paved wallets.

Two years ago, no one understood how to pay the phone instead of a card. Now there is nothing supernatural. Such a procedure is possible thanks to NFC technology. The card holder remains only to install a specialized application on a mobile phone. After that, you can go shopping.

Contact payment methods - what is it?

Contact payment methods

Under the contactless options of payment it is understood by the payment of the goods by a bank card without installing into the reader. It is enough to bring the "credit card" to a distance of 10 cm from the terminal and from the account will be written off the amount corresponding to the purchase. If the check is less than 999 p., Then the PIN code is not needed. Thanks to NFC technology, users can pay a telephone, clock or bracelet, in which the chip is built.

Important! Not all phones allow you to pay through NFC technology.

As for the bank card, the radio wave icon should be displayed on it, and also the inscription: "PayWave" or "PayPass".

What phones are supported

Phones with NFS

Before tie the map to a mobile device, it is recommended to know which smartphones are equipped with the NFC function. Mobile phone must have an OS not lower than Android 4.4. or iOS 8.

To brand supporting non-contact payment options, belongs:

  • Samsung;
  • IPhone;
  • HTC;
  • Honor;
  • Huawei Nova;
  • Wileyfox SWIFT;
  • Nokia;
  • Xiaomi;
  • LG.

To enjoy a smartphone to pay for goods, you need to set up a mobile device and install additional software on it.

How to set up and pay the phone

After receiving a bank card with the function of contactless payments, adjust the phone. If the smartphone is installed OS Android you need:

  1. Go to settings. Phone settings
  2. Select the section "Wireless Networks". Section of wireless networks in the settings
  3. Save to the inscription "More", and then go to it.
  4. Allow data transfer in the "NFC" section. Turning on the NFS on the smartphone
  5. Enable automatic activation opposite the Android Beam line. Enabling Android Beam

As for mobile devices running iOS, you do not need to set up. It remains only to install the application through which the card is added.

To calculate the mobile phone recommended:

  1. Purchasing goods in the store, pharmacy or other trading point.
  2. Wait until the cashier holds products through the cashier.
  3. Saving a smartphone to the terminal.
  4. Enter the PIN code on the device.

Purchase payment by phone

After 1-2 seconds, money will be removed from the account. Applying to the terminal, make sure that it supports NFC technology. For this, ask the cashier, or look at the icons glued to the banking device.

For non-contact payments

To use the phone, as a debit card, you need to install a specialized application:

  • Apple Pey;
  • Android Pei;
  • Samsung Pei.

There are also third-party programs that allow you to pay any products from the teleline from the phone.

System for Apple.

Eppl Pey.

Apple Pei is a system for making payments through a tied card. Apple Corporation was engaged in the development of the application.

Software is compatible with Sberbank, VTB and Tinkoff. To install software on your mobile device, you must have:

  • IPhone 6 or more newer;
  • Debit or credit card with NFC;
  • Account.

To bind a bank card, use the built-in Wallet program. After starting the application:

  • Click on the inscription: "Adding a map"; Adding a card via Wallet
  • Enter the number, name, year and month of the end of the card; Entering data cards on EPL
  • In the next step, the card compatibility is checked in automatic mode;
  • If the identification is passed, click on the "Next" button.

When the binding is complete, any purchases can be paid using the phone.

Payment of EPL PEY.

Android system

On android, as well as on iOS, you can use the application for contactless payments. It is called Google (previously android) Pay. You can download by Google Play.

If there is no access to the system with ROOT rights (administrator), the payment system will not work. There will also be problems if:

  • The Samsung MykNox program is installed on the smartphone;
  • Google did not approve the device;
  • OS bootloader is disabled.

To tie a bank card, follow a simple instruction:

  1. Install Google Pay. Setting Google Pay.
  2. Run the application and log in. Running Google Pay.
  3. Click on the "+" icon.
  4. Click "Add a map". Adding a map of Google Pey
  5. Fill all necessary fields.
  6. Enter the numbers from the message sent to the mobile phone. Confirmation of the card to Google Pey

Before paying contactless way, make sure that the terminal in the store is equipped with this technology.

System for samsung

This is a payment system, as well as the above. It is clear from the name that it is focused on Samsung phones. Unlike SAMSUNG PAY competitors, it is equipped with a technology for calculating through a magnetic tape.

SAMSUNG PAY Adding a Card

To add "plastic" to the application you need:

  • Run the software and enter the SAMSUNG account data;
  • decide on the method of authorization (IDU or imprint);
  • Click on the "+" icon;
  • specify the requisites of "plastic";
  • Agree with conditions.

When everything is ready, an SMS will be switched to the phone with a confirmation code. It should be entered into the appropriate field. After that, you can pay for purchases on any trading point.


Other programs

Smartphones users who wish to pay for purchase by a non-contact way can take advantage of alternative payment systems:

  1. "Wallet". The application requires a phone with NFC technology and Android 4.4. A distinctive feature of software is a limited set of added cards.
  2. "Kazkompay". The program allows you to pay for the goods only in Kazakhstan. Only Map Kazkommertsbank is available to users.


The above payment systems work as well as Android and Apple Pay. You need to download and install software, and then add available cards. Only after that, you can pay for the purchase of a touch of a mobile device to the reader.

A year later, the payment system appears in the Russian Federation, referred to as the World of Pay. Its functionality will not give up foreign analogues.

To deal with how to pay for purchases via the phone without a card is completely simple. You need to select a suitable smartphone with NFC technology support, and then install the program and add "plastic". After that, it remains only to go to the store. Despite the progress in the development of banking systems, in the provincial towns, contactless payment methods may not work.

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