We make from one room two: ideas of partitions for zoning

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When one room performs several functions at once, a certain confusion occurs and the feeling of comfort is lost. Zoning helps to distinguish between space into separate sections and it makes the room more comfortable, and the interior is elegant. There are different solutions for the separation of the room, and we will tell about the most popular ideas, the embodiment of which does not require special costs and efforts.

1. Curtains

The curtains divided the room into two zones and organically fit into the interior. / Photo: Decoratw.com

The curtains divided the room into two zones and organically fit into the interior. / Photo: Decoratw.com

The easiest and most affordable way to divide the space is to hang curtains. For attachment, only the most common eaves will need and can or "hide" it in the ceiling niche, or to decorate, making an element of the interior. Reception with textiles does not require large financial investments and complex installation, and is very convenient because it makes it possible to quickly update the appearance of the room, replacing the curtains. In addition, it allows you to vary the degree of closedness of the zone. It can be kept constantly to keep open and close, only when guests come.

Zoning Gardinov does not take up much space, and well fits into any style of the interior, the main thing, competently pick up the material and the Storm of the curtains. For example, the floral pattern cannons organically complement the modern, the blinds and curtains made of glass or metal beads are suitable for high-tech, and taffeta and jacquard are combined with any orientation of room design.

Japanese curtains are an excellent alternative to the panels with zoning. / Photo: Decoratw.com

Japanese curtains are an excellent alternative to the panels with zoning. / Photo: Decoratw.com

Useful advice from novate.ru: With zoning, the curtains should consider that mate curtains will spoil any interior, especially decorated in a restrained minimalist style. Therefore, when choosing a tissue, it is recommended to pay attention to how easy it is to iron and how long the material will maintain an attractive appearance.

2. Stellazh

The rack divided recreation areas and work. / Photo: Img.aviaryDecor.com

The rack divided recreation areas and work. / Photo: Img.aviaryDecor.com

The next popularity and simplicity of zoning is the use of racks. They are easily installed in the right place and also quickly remove when the separation of space is no longer required. This zoning option, on the one hand, is convenient because additional places for storing things appear. On the other hand, additional planes are created, from which dust will have to lunch. If I like the idea, but there is no desire to increase the cleaning time, you can use the rack, combining shelves and closed lockers. This solution allows you to find the optimal balance of openness and privacy. The shelving rack area will skip the light, and the section with lockers will partially close the overview.

The rack defines the boundaries of the zone and at the same time serves as a storage system. / Photo: Dekorblog.net

The rack defines the boundaries of the zone and at the same time serves as a storage system. / Photo: Dekorblog.net

3. Wardrobe

The cabinet copes with the role of the separator is not worse than the wall. / Photo: I.Pinimg.com

The cabinet copes with the role of the separator is not worse than the wall. / Photo: I.Pinimg.com

Another zoning reception is the separation of the room using a wardrobe. To overcome stereotypes and pull out the furniture in the middle of the room is quite difficult, but this is a convenient and practical solution. Sliding wardrobes look good in a wide variety of interiors, and sliding doors do not create "dead" zones. True, this method has such a minus as an unsightly rear wall of the cabinet. Therefore, it will be necessary to think about how to decorate it, for example, to leave with wallpaper.

The cabinet is successfully combined with a rack with zoning. / Photo: re-konstrukcia.sk

The cabinet is successfully combined with a rack with zoning. / Photo: re-konstrukcia.sk

As a rule, for the separation of space, the models are chosen to the ceiling height, otherwise the interior will look unfinished. And if zoning is planned on an ongoing basis and there is confidence that it will be needed for a long time, it is necessary to look at double-sided cabinets with doors and on the front, and on the involve side. The advantage of such a structure before the ordinary wall is obvious - this is an additional storage system.

4. Reiki

Reiki in combination with the selected area on the ceiling clearly outline the boundaries of the zone. / Photo: i2.wp.com

Reiki in combination with the selected area on the ceiling clearly outline the boundaries of the zone. / Photo: i2.wp.com

Zoning Reiki Reception is also not new, but still holding in trend and widely used in modern interiors. Such popularity is not surprising. Rakes perfectly cope with visual separation of space and are suitable for use in any rooms. Installation of such a fence is simple and can be made with its own hands from ordinary wooden bars. In this case, the material gives ample opportunities for aesthetic variations. You can play with shades of the painting of the bar, width and thickness of the rivers, as well as with the frequency of their location and configuring the elements. With a creative approach, the original architecture of the author's design may turn out, which will become an interesting accent of the interior.

Reiki look good in almost any interior. Photo: broolopvarlden.com

Reiki look good in almost any interior. Photo: broolopvarlden.com

5. Perforated MDF panels

Perforated panels give a review and visually separate zones. / Photo: I.Pinimg.com

Perforated panels give a review and visually separate zones. / Photo: I.Pinimg.com

When highlighting zones to help, perforated partitions from MDF panels can also come. This is a relatively inexpensive solution with wide decorative possibilities. You can order panels of the required size with perforation according to an individual figure. Such an openwork partition will give a special charm to the interior and it will be especially interesting to look in combination with LED backlight.

The openwork partition creates the effect of lightness. / Photo: 3dfrezerovka.by

The openwork partition creates the effect of lightness. / Photo: 3dfrezerovka.by

Installation of the panel is also easy and it can be sown to the ceiling, and attach to the floor. They work perfectly as an independent zoning element, and in combination with other options, for example, as an addition to the rack.

6. Shirma

Shirma - undeservedly forgetful zoning element. Photo: Secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com

Shirma - undeservedly forgetful zoning element. Photo: Secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com

Shirma is completely ingenious, but rarely used zoning. The most important advantage of such a decision is mobility. Shirma is easily installed and also just moves or removed. Slightly rearranged the partition - dismissed the focus in the interior, the guests came - they closed the lounge zone, they had no need - removed or even hanged on the wall. And every time the appearance of the room is changing.

Screens are suitable for almost any interior style and sold in a wide range of the most diverse design. If you wish, it can be made it possible to make it yourself or order the manufacture of an individual project.

To the main thing in everything to know the measure. And that You can overdo it, turning the room in the camork.

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Scandinavian dial with kitchen-niche

The housing area is only 40 square meters. In the original layout, the apartment was divided into a large kitchen and a living room that served simultaneously with living room and bedroom. The role of the bed was performed by a folding sofa. To get a separate room, the designer Irina Nosov suggested partially transfer the kitchen into the hallway zone.

Planning to repair

Apartment after re-planning

As a result, a comfortable one-bedroom apartment with a small bedroom, which leads the door with glass inserts. In the second room, Erker involved, turning the windowsill in a wide written table. The cooking zone was visually divided by tiled coating on the floor and ceiling slats. Read more about this project here.

Entrance hall and kitchen-living room



Double with an artificial window

The Moscow apartment of 53 square meters initially had a free layout. There was a young family with a four-year-old child. Parents sought the kid to have their own space, but also their own bedroom they wanted to see isolated. The designer Ayia Lisov was able to make one-bedroom apartment from one-bedroom apartment, aligning the space on the kitchen-living room, a children's (14 sq.m) and a bedroom (9 sq.m).

Apartment plan

Planning after repair

Between the bedroom and the nursery elevated a partition with a 2x2.5 meter windows window. Thus, a natural daylight falls into the room, and one of the flaps opens to ventilating. Due to the insulated loggia and the installation of transparent doors, it was possible to expand the kitchen and equip an extra room for recreation.

Bedroom with window

Children's room



Evrodwushka from odnushka

The apartment with an area of ​​45 sq.m, designed for the kitchen and room, has become a concrete box in a comfortable space with a living room, a bedroom and a well-thought-out storage system. Designer Victoria Vlasova managed to make a two-room one from the odnushka in just 4 months, including coordination with BTI.


Where there used to be a kitchen, planned the bedroom, and the place for cooking was equipped in the living room, attaching part of the hallway. The carrying design between the rooms remained untouched. So that the narrow space seemed wider, the designer took advantage of several receptions at once:

  • Installed built-in storage systems to ceiling.
  • Hang a wide mirror in the kitchen-living room, reflecting space and increasing natural lighting.
  • Used one-picture finish.
  • Installed sliding doors instead of swinging.

Kitchen-living room

Kitchen zone

Corridor and Sanuzel


Khrushchevka with a separate bedroom

The area of ​​this apartment that has turned out of odnushki in two-room, only 34 square meters. Project authors - Designer Buro Brainstorm. The main advantage of this knife is an angular location, due to which in the residential part it was possible to equip the living room, a bedroom and a wardrobe. Light of three windows penetrates each zone.


Kitchen-living room

To legitimize the redevelopment, the gasified kitchen separated the retractable partition on the rails with the sash from the wardrobe. The TV secured on a swivel bracket so that it can be viewed from anywhere in the kitchen-living room. In the bedroom allocated a place for a dressing cabinet with a depth of 90 cm with a mirror facade. Read more about this project here.


Bedroom with balcony


From one-room apartment 33 sq. M in two-room

The owner of the apartment always dreamed of a separate bedroom with a window, and the designer Nikita tooth managed to make the desire of a young girl. He decided to change the kitchen and bedroom in places, highlighting the room under the wardrobe. Reference to a one-room apartment in a two-room cost without bureaucratic wires - under it there is a non-residential first floor, and there is no gas supply in the new building.


Double from odnushki.

The kitchen made a bar rack, separated space for cooking and a seating area. Kitchen furniture located along opposite walls - two work surfaces and many storage places were obtained. Facades chose glossy reflecting light.

Kitchen zone

Kitchen Area



Double for bachelor

The connoisseur of simplicity and functionality and a lover of large companies asked designers Diana Karnukhov and Victoria Karyakin from Makedesign to create an interior with a large kitchen, living room and a separate bedroom. Square of one-room apartment 44 sq.m.

Diva from odds in the style of minimalism

A small bedroom with a window separated from the kitchen-living room with matte sliding partitions and a brick wall, while maintaining privacy and not too sacrifice the living room area. The interior was minimalistic at the expense of simple and clear lines, as well as a well-thought-out storage system. The monotony of the situation was diluted with natural materials: brick and wood.


TV zone


Compact kitchen

According to the plan of developers, an apartment of 51 sq.m shared on a huge kitchen and a narrow room with a beveled wall. Designer Natalia Wiper offered the owner to dispose of meters unreasonably large cuisine and highlight another room.

Planning to repair

Apartment after re-planning

Bedroom with window

Between the kitchen and the bedrooms were trained in the interior, so that daylight fell into the room. The big balcony was insulated and placed a dressing room there, separating it from the room by French doors. The living room was divided into the dining room and sofa. Despite the small size of the kitchen, it turned out to be functional - with cabinets to the ceiling and dishwasher. In the dining area also highlighted the place for the workory.

Kitchen and living room


Studio apartment for 4 people

The competent layout developed by the designer Olga Podolskaya became decisive in creating a new interior for a large and friendly family - Moms, Pope and Two Children. Apartment area - 41 sq.m. After redeveloping odnushki, a niche for the bed of parents and a small children's room appeared in it.


Niche for bed and dining area

The bedroom zone for adults was burned with dense drapery. The dining room was delivered to the living room, where they put a small sofa and chair. Cabinets with mirrored facades and dresser play the role of closed storage systems. Washing machine and wardrobe are in the corridor.

In a small children's room, which was carved by reducing the kitchen, installed a bunk bed and tables for classes. There are two boys in two and three and a half years old.

Living room



Diva from odnushki in the house of the P-44 series

Redevelopment in the apartments of this series requires a lot of hassle and means, as the wall, separating the kitchen and the room bears overlap. Therefore, the designer Jeanne Studentsova issued an apartment with an area of ​​37.5 sq.m. Maximum simply, distinguishing the room with a textile partition.

The room for an elderly woman combines a living room and a bedroom, but zoning creates an effect of private space.

Layout of the Apartment of the P-44 series

Living room and bedroom

TV zone

If a family with a child lives in the odnushka, the baby-attic will be the ideal solution. The second floor will serve as a sleeping place, and the free zone is at the bottom of the work office.

Layout with zoning

Loft bed

Here are some more examples of redeveloping odnushki into a dial without carrying the bearing wall. Architects are offered to build a partition from drywall, but one room will remain without light, and the additional opening in the overhaul will have to strengthen and coordinate. If the presence of a dark room does not suit, between the bedroom and the living room can be mounted a light wall of matte glass. Another option is a waste partition that does not reach the end of the wall.

Redevelopment with access

Option with a rush partition

Tiny one

The task before the designer of Polina Anicheeva was not easy - to make a detached room of 13.5 sq. M. Two separate spaces. All that it was before rework - two small windows, broken walls, two large niches and two protrusions.


Visually zoom in the windows helped the color solution: the window loans and the commonness were painted in white, and they refused the curtains. The narrow room was divided into two cabinets IKEA, this appeared a bedroom, living room and two places for storing clothes. Zones were divided by different colors.

Living room



View from the bedroom

Odnushka 44 squares converted into two-room

Anna Krutova designer designed this apartment for himself and her husband. The owners demolished the available walls and erected new, receiving two rooms. Only wet zones were left on the spot, they joined the loggia, and part of the kitchen were taken under the bedroom.

Layout 44 sq.m.

Living room - kitchen

Everything is focused in the living room: office, dining group, TV on the bracket and sofa. Walls are painted white for optical expansion of space. The kitchen was in a niche, but thanks to the sunny side and the big window she does not seem dark.




Unusual dial with swivel wall

The owner of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​64 sq.m wanted to be in addition to the kitchen in her fit dining room, office, living room and bedroom. Designers of the studio "Gradiz" decided this problem extraordinary: in the center of the room they set the partition that you can rotate around your axis.

Living room

Inside the design, shelves for storage of things appeared, and on it - a place for the TV. It turned out a separate small bedroom with a full-fledged bed and mirror cabinets for clothes, a room for receiving guests and an office, hidden behind dense textile curtains.




One bedroom apartment 50 sq. M.

Designer Natalia Westerns posted a very compact working surface at the entrance place to the former kitchen. The living room zoned on a television and dining area, expanding the space with the help of mirrors. The owner of the apartment is rarely preparing, so the small kitchen did not become a problem. But it was possible to highlight a separate spacious bedroom with a wardrobe.


Living room

Kitchen in Niche.



One bedroom apartment 43 sq.m

Owner Odnushka, a young girl, loves to receive guests, but needed closed from an extraneous bed bedroom. Thanks to the attachment of the loggia, Anna Modjaro designer fit not only two rooms in this space, but also a dressing room.


The apartment has placed two cabinets - one in the bedroom that took the entire wall, the other in the hallway. The door to the bedroom was disguised as artistic painting. Open space was supported by the light color of the walls and the same tile on the floor and corridor.



TV zone


When redeveloping odnushki in a two-room service, it is necessary to take into account not only the needs of all family members, but also the possibility of alteration itself, which must be coordinated in BTI. The photo and project schemes given in the article prove that thanks to the arsenal of designer ideas, you can turn a close space in comfortable and functional.

Sometimes in the conditions of one room, it is necessary to organize several rooms of different functional purposes. It is necessary to connect the living room and bedroom, kitchen and dining room and so on. Even if the places are a bit, it is quite possible to turn one room into several, competently zoning the space. Therefore, it is worth to figure out how from one room to do two.

Two rooms in one

Not everyone is given to live in an apartment where you can get roaring, place everything you want.

Pros and cons division of the room for two

Among the advantages of the decision get 2 rooms from one worth noting:

  1. From one room you can get several at once. Available space will be used more rational. Functionality in such a room is more than left only one room. If the area is large, then you can do not 2, and 3 different spaces;
  2. The space remains light. If you do not build deaf thick walls for the separation of the total area, the natural light will constantly flow into all corners of the common room; Zoning in various ways allows not to litter the area, do not take a lot of space, leaving the maximum amount of free space;
  3. The ability to budget to get several rooms with different functional purposes. Do not have to acquire a new apartment, to do expensive repair, restructuring. It is enough to correctly think about the design of the room and implement the idea.

Finding out from 1 room to do 2, you need to remember the minuses of such solutions:

  1. Danger of non-functional separation. Before proceeding with the realization of the conceived, it is necessary to carefully consider all the nuances of zoning. Otherwise, high risk of getting several littered, close spaces. It is also important to separate the area into several different segments only with valid need;
  2. The ability to emphasize the shortcomings of space. Therefore, it is important to choose the right zoning method. Otherwise, all the minutes of the room will enter the fore and become more apparent. It is recommended to take into account the features of the area and in advance to take into account the possibilities, how to hide the shortcomings or make them less noticeable;
  3. The room can lose space. Trying from one room to do somewhat possible by negligence not only visually, but also in practice to reduce your free space. The space will be close. Therefore, it is important to competently assess the overall condition of the room to select the appropriate separation option to zones.
Two rooms in one photo ideas

Even in a small space, you can organize a cozy atmosphere.

Visual enlargement options in the room

When several of the room make several, the space will become somewhat less, especially visually. Therefore, it is worth the maximum use in the interior various options for visual increases of space. This will preserve the feeling of space, will exclude square litigation.

Two rooms in one design

Quite often in small apartments you have to combine the living room and bedroom at the same time.

Using the window

It is better to abandon dense, heavy curtains. If there is no possibility or desire to completely refuse curtains, it is better to choose transparent options from light tissues. You can limit the beautiful tulle.

how to make two rooms

To date, designers offer a lot of options for such zoning, and you can choose something interesting for your person.

It is also worth placing a mirror opposite the window opening. Then penetrating the light will fall on the mirror surface, reflecting it, making the space lighter and spacious.

Two rooms in one design photo

If you correctly make zoning, and correctly arrange space, you can easily get the perfect design.

With the help of furniture

It is recommended to choose furniture of light tones. If the walls are also made in such a gamma, then furniture items should differ from them.

Two rooms in one photo design

First you need to clearly plan where the zone is for sleep, and where the living room will be located.

Additional Information! Light walls and furniture in the tone will not merge into a single whole. In small rooms there is no such effect. In addition, the difference in the invoice and small differences in shades will delimit the cladding and furniture items.

Folding furniture models and transformers perfectly saved space. It is worth choosing objects with minimal decor. The advantage of this option is that, if necessary, the furniture can be folded and freeing the place, making the space freely and spacious.

Two rooms in one design photo

Clear distribution of the place will help create a comfortable space.

It is also worth using more items with mirror and glass elements. They will reflect light and visually make the space lighter and spacious. A similar option for cabinets and tables is especially relevant. The latter can be made of glass or stylized under the glass surface. Cabinets may have mirror elements on sliding doors.

Two rooms in one design ideas

Each zone must be framed in a single style.


It is recommended to choose, mainly, a bright color gamut for cladding walls and ceiling. It is better to choose the same shade for these surfaces. Then the faces between the walls and the ceiling will not be, which will create the effect of the visual increase in area. It is not necessary to choose beige or white. Suit gray, blue or green.

Two rooms in one idea design

If the zones are contrasting, then the harmony should be forgotten, it will not be possible to fully relax in such space.

Note! From pure white color it is recommended to refuse. If you completely paint the space by a similar tone, there is a risk that it is visually narrowed.

It is not necessary to introduce too many bright shades. Juicy tones take the area. It is enough to add several bright accents. Paul can also be bred in a bright range, but the color may differ from the walls and the ceiling. Suitable coverage without drawing and complex design.

Two rooms in one design ideas

If there are guests in the house, it is necessary to highlight more space on the living room area.

From a huge amount of decorative elements should also be refused. The abundance of VAZ, statuettes and other parts will only take an excess place by depriving the placement of space and freedom. It is enough to place on one of the walls the picture or put in the corner of the room plant. It is worth noting that high items allow you to visually lengthen the room.

Two rooms in one interior

In such a room, it will not be possible to place a lot of furniture. Otherwise, the space will be just littered.

Examples of lighting in split rooms

The backlight is an excellent option for zoning the room. Suspended lamps are suitable for the lunch segment. For a bed, there will be a shed, creating a relaxed atmosphere and muffled light. LED tape is suitable for the relax zone. To enhance the effect, it is important not only to competently select a suitable lighting device, but also correctly adjust the intensity of light.

Two rooms in one interior photo

The bed is preferably located closer to the window.

You can install lighting devices whose brightness can be adjusted. It is convenient and you can change their intensity during the day. Special suspensions are also suitable for delimitation of working areas.

Design of one-bedroom apartment

The unique design of the room will really please the eye.

Options for separating the room for two

There are many ways to divide one room into several. The choice of the method depends on many factors. There are multifunctional options that do not occupy an excess place and allow you to be not only a distinction zone of several rooms, but also a place for convenient storage of things.


Most partitions are made of plasterboard. They are fixed on the ceiling and floor, closing the entire space from top to bottom. To add spaces and release a place to store things there are special partitions, inside of which niches are made. This place is suitable for the placement of the TV, various shelves for books and photo frames, figurines. You can also be made in the aquarium hole.

Arch made of plasterboard

Niche can be of different types, including closed, open, with glass inserts, stained glass windows.

Shelf or wardrobe

If you can't do without a closet, he can distinguish the room, making several separate rooms from it. The main thing is to think about the placed model. It should be not only sustainable, but also convenient to use. It is necessary to take into account the door opening system. To save space, it is recommended to choose options with sliding doors, like a wardrobe. Swing doors are suitable only if the cabinet is small.

Two rooms in one zoning

Such a partition also performs additional functions, on the shelves can be placed a lot of things.

The rear wall of the design can be reapged so that it will become an additional decoration of space. You can place the mirror on the back of the selected model, which will allow you to visually expand the space and fill it with light.

Two rooms in one zoning

An excellent option, especially if the room is small and there is no place to store things.


In addition to the described options, you can use the screen to split the room. There are folding models that are easily removed if necessary. It is convenient to use the screen to organize a secluded place to work or rest. The advantage of this option in its mobility. Shirm at any time can be folded and quickly removed by freeing a lot of space. The main thing is to correctly pick up the hue of the product and the design so that it is successful in the interior.

Two rooms in one zoning of shirma

You can choose a screen for every taste, it will not overload the room, while this partition is unobtrusive and interesting.

The easiest way to zoning is the use of racks. Advantage in the versatility of the method. On the racks it is convenient to store various minor items, books. No need to spend a place for additional cabinets and shelves. Racks have different lengths. May reach the ceiling, completely overlapping space or reach only until the middle of the wall. The advantage of the rack is also its transparency.

Two rooms in one zoning rack

This is not a deaf wall, therefore the feeling of cramped and litterness is not created.

Photos of the interior design of the room divided into two

To take into account the features of the room and possible errors, it is recommended to study the photo with examples, where one room is divided into several rooms. This will make it possible to carefully consider the future interior and take into account many nuances and features of zoning space.

Two rooms in one design

A good way to zoning space. Curtains will make their own business and at the same time will give the room with airiness.

When you need to get from one room somewhat, zoning is a suitable option to achieve the desired one. There are many ways to divide the space into several zones. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before choosing one of them, it is recommended to carefully consider the overall interior and arrangement of the future two rooms.

Video: living room and bedroom apartment in one room.

50 ideas of separation and zoning of one room for two:

Hello everyone!

Modern residential complexes are often offered to buy small apartments or studios. The area of ​​such premises can be very small - sometimes it comes to 40 or at all 30 square meters.

If you have become the owner of a similar apartment, you should not worry that sooner or later she is stronger. Once and my husband and two children lived in the odnushka! It was a compromise between beauty and comfort. Therefore, I know what I'm talking about. Often such an apartment is simply divided immediately into several residential areas, adding separate rooms in this way. This will not require a lot of money and time, because you can do without serious construction work - as always, there will be some simple and effective techniques of homestay jacks.

Glass partitions

One of the most relevant ways to divide the space - glass partitions.

Glass partition with door elements
Glass partition with door elements
Deaf glass partition
Glass partition with door elements
Partition can be any color
Glass partition with door elements

This solution involves many advantages:

  • First, it will give the room an extra air, and with competent placement - also light. In the case of the proper installation of glass walls, the sun's rays will fall on them through the window, as if spraying throughout the apartment.
  • In addition, glass partitions will not race extra volumes. So in all senses easily outline the kitchen or sleeping zone, attaching privacy. In addition to glass walls, you can install similar doors - preferably sliding. They will help to outline the area of ​​the highlighted zone and compositely complete it.
The glass door is complemented by thread curtains
The glass door is complemented by thread curtains
Partition Long a little more headboard bed
The glass door is complemented by thread curtains


Another solution to the problem of lack of square meters can be textiles. This option is more like a wallet, because it does not require the installation of massive structures. However, textiles, in contrast to glass partitions, is more demanding to the selection, because it must correspond to the rest of the interior, complement it.

White curtain merges with walls and ceiling
White curtain merges with walls and ceiling
Bright monotonous curtains always look winning
White curtain merges with walls and ceiling
The color of the curtain is displayed in another textile (in the pillows)
White curtain merges with walls and ceiling
And here coincides the color of the curtain and the couplings of the sofa
White curtain merges with walls and ceiling

Therefore, it is very important to stop either on neutral monophonic canvases, or on tissues with patterns that combine with other elements of the interior: drawings on vases, art ram or separate parts of the decor.

Both of these techniques - glass partitions and curtains - can be combined into one . Curtains will perfectly complement the glass walls, allowing the transparency of the space. If you are worried that such a reception will overload the interior, select less heavy from the point of view of fabric textures, for example, tulle. It will hide the dedicated room from the eye, but at the same time, leaves it easy and bright.


If you got an apartment with sufficiently high ceilings, think about the mezzanine floor. It is not necessary to pull it out - there is enough offerings of transformer beds in the market, designed just for the "second levels".

The second floor, and there is a bedroom
The second floor, and there is a bedroom
If you wish, even with not the highest ceilings, you can even fit the mattress at the top
The second floor, and there is a bedroom

Usually they are combined with storage steps for storage and dressing area, which is doubly comfortable. This option is especially suitable for the owners of asymmetric premises - angular or zigzag.

Furniture and decor

Another zoning method is furniture and decor. Competently distributing items around the apartment, you can distinguish all the necessary zones. For example, a functional bookcase with open shelves will serve as an improvised wall, and the composition of a large corner sofa and chairs will become the boundary of the recreation area.

But it will help to separate the cuisine from the residential area, for example, an island or bar counter. With a limited area, these designs can be combined with a kitchen countertop in an angular configuration.


Do not forget about the most longtime, and therefore, a time-tested method for zoning space - with the help of shirma. Its advantage is not only availability in price, but also mobility and compactness.

Mobile screen you can rearrange in any angle of the apartment as soon as the heart or family circumstances will require. Open space, disperse or highlight the desired zone or put to the wall with a decorative goal - options for using this design are limited only to your imagination.

In addition, the screen is made from completely different materials, from glass and wood to dense paper - it remains only to choose your own, focusing on your own tastes.

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1Cabinet or rack with a mirror surface

One of the options for the transformation of odnushki into a two-room apartment without erection of plasterboard partitions - use a high closet. Access to it will be only on the one hand, and the other can be decorated with mirror panels, it will also help visually expand the second zone. It is better to make such a mirror wall in the living area, as access to personal things in the closet is more necessary on the side of the bedroom.

Mirror panels photo

Design: Toronto Interior Design Group

2Dismantling partitions between the kitchen and the living area

The option is more for a young couple or an apartment in which one person lives. The Euro-living room, combined with the kitchen, is an excellent planning idea, which is actively exploited by designers in the West. And who said that the sofa in the living room can not be used as an additional place to sleep guests and family members who stay with the night, and during the day - as a place to collect guests?

Bar rack or low rack will be used as a partition between the kitchen and a seating area, besides, you can connect visual zoning methods, for example, a different floor finish.

Joint kitchen photo

Design: Alberto Fiermonte

If the layout is standard and between the kitchen and the room is a partition, you will have to demolish it, leaving the wall between the hallway and the room. After - to build a new one between the new kitchen-living room and the bedroom. Such an option is likely to be coordinated, even if the wall is nonsense, especially if the resale is planned.

Dismantling partitions between the kitchen and the living area

Photo: Planovlan.

3Rotary mechanism rack

If you need to make two full-fledged bedroom zones and a living room and actually turn it into a two-room apartment, a rack with a rotating mechanism will come to the rescue. In this case, for example, the TV viewing will be possible in the bedroom and in the living room.

This option does not require constructive changes of the apartment and is quite simple. The only condition is a sufficient member of the residential room in Oder: must be at least 15-18 m 2To accommodate the bed for the owners, and the sofa for collecting guests.

Rotating TV Rack

Design: Aesthetic answers

4Plasterboard Partition for Children's Room

One of the most popular targets for the transformation of odnushki in a two-room apartment is a separate space for the nursery. The best solution than the plasterboard partition is difficult to find. If in the room two windows are just luck, since both rooms will be lit by natural light. It is more likely that the window is only one thing, and then it is better to "give" a child.

Children's photo photo

Design: Leivars

In the kitchen, you can put the sofa, if you decrease the kitchen set and make it one-eye-eye.

5Odnushka with dressing room

If the odnushki is enough, from 40 m 2, There is a chance to turn it into a two-room apartment and find the place even for the dressing room. How can the side removed from the window, can be separated by a plasterboard wall, leaving several square meters for the dressing room. Such a decision will liberate an apartment from additional cabinets and leave more space for the necessary bed in an improvised bedroom, and in the kitchen-living room - for the sofa.

The bedroom is organized in place remaining after the dressing room. If planning allows, you can shift the partition between the kitchen and the room, to highlight a little more space for the kitchen and install a full-fledged sofa there. If there is no such possibility - it is better to choose a variant with an angular sofa for the kitchen.

Wardrobe in bedroom photo

Design: Creative Arch

6False window in the improvised bedroom

Another option for a family with a child or for those who want to make a living room and a sleeping area - divide one room into two small with the help of a partition and make a false window in it. Thus, in the second part of the room will penetrate a little natural light, but the privacy of both zones will not be broken.

Falsh window in bedroom photo

Design: Aiya Design

7Bedroom hidden behind the big curtain

Curtains are one of the most undervalued partition options in apartments. Perhaps the reason for this is the Soviet past, in which such a decision was used quite often and ranked the urokom. You should not neglect them, as it will definitely help turn the odds into a duplex without redevelopment and separation of the area by partitions.

Curtain as partition photo

Design: Crescent Builds

The option with the curtain is perfectly suitable if the bed is located in the niche. You can build a small podium and separate it with curtains from two sides. Curtains can be easily pushing, returning the entire area of ​​the room, or change, refreshing the interior of the apartment.

8Bed for "screen"

The curtain screen may well serve as a partition and separate the bedroom zone from the living room area. So from the odnushki will be almost a two-bedroom apartment, in which you can relax in the private zone, and arrange noisy parties.

The curtain screen is capable of performing an entertaining function if the projector is suspended above it, then you can do without a TV. I will like both family members and guests!

Schedule screen bed

Design: Chris nguyen, Analog | Dialog


One of the most common options for increasing the area of ​​the room is to attach a glazed balcony or loggia to it, and then - make a small partition and organize a bedroom by the window. True, you will first have to insulate the loggia.

Bedroom on loggia photos

Design: Siruk Design

10 Wooden Rosek Partition

Another option to divide the odnushku into two rooms is to make a partition from wooden plates. Perhaps it will have to create to order, but it is worth it. The tree always adds the heat to the interior (not physical, but sincer), and it can also be written in almost any style. Both the living area and the bedroom will only benefit with such a partition.

Wooden rails as partition in the interior

Design: Allen + Killcoyne Architects

eleven Bedroom zone

Put the bed in the corner and separate it with glass partitions - a simple but creative option. Of course, ordinary glass will not suit, a special shockproof material is necessary. Among the advantages are a feeling of the private zone, while visually not changed area. Minus - it is definitely not suitable for a family with children, as it is impossible to retire in transparent walls.

Bedroom Behind Glass Photo

Design: allartsdesign

12 Sliding doors as partition

Almost a win-win version of the separation of one room for two small rooms - install sliding doors. Such a partition option is also convenient because the day the door can be kept open and intensify natural light in both rooms, and in the evening - close. Material for such partitions, as a rule, serves matte glass or plastic, less often - wood, depending on the selected interior style.

Sliding doors photo

Design: Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

With such a planning option, you can separate the zone for the child, the privacy of both parties is guaranteed.

13 Double zoning

Among the abundance of design solutions can be found: the double zoning of a large room is two small with a wooden frame partition and a cabinet. The cabinet separates the bed from curious glances, and the frame wall visually creates two independent zones in the apartment (almost two rooms), while not stealing square meters. Functionally and stylish.

Double zoning from odnushki in two-room

Design: S + D Architectures intérieres

fourteen Zoning using books with books

This option involves the construction of a partition in the room between two zones. An interesting option is to separate this septum shelves to visually soften the perception of artificially erected walls. In the photo below there is also no partition between the kitchen and the living room, but it is not necessary to do it, it all depends on the original planning of the apartment. If it is free, leave the kitchen-living room is a good option.

Rack with books on the wall

Design: Tatiana Nicol

fifteen Transformer room

The solution is non-standard, but gaining popularity in the Russian interior market. In the West, you can already meet whole transformer apartments, in which they hide in the closet not only the bed, but also a written table. In one room, a spacious living room, a functional bedroom and a comfortable study room are combined.

Apartment transformer photo

Design: Black and Milk | Interior Design.

Most likely, this furniture will have to be made to order, and it is unlikely that it reduces the repair project of your odnushki, but will definitely make it 3 times more functional.

Bed transformer photo

Design: Black and Milk | Interior Design | London.

One of the techniques of the same series is a folding bed that opens from the wall of the cabinet. Conveniently - because the usual living room turns into a comfortable bedroom in a matter of seconds without redevelopment. Also, plus such a solution - the ability to choose a comfortable mattress: no one will argue that it is more convenient than any folding sofa.

Folded bed photo

Design: Michael K Chen Architecture

sixteen Second floor

This decision is suitable only for apartments with high ceilings, not lower than 3 meters. Less - it makes no sense, still in full growth will be difficult to walk at both levels.

As a rule, the second floor is designated for the bedroom, that is, there is no way to walk there - it is enough to crawl on the bed and take a lying position. It is convenient and functionally, as more useful space is involved, but, alas, it is not universally: most apartments of a residential foundation are built with ceilings less than 3 meters. Today, only the business class and the old fund can boast such a luxury.

Bedroom Loft.

Design: Oliver Simon Design

What needs to be considered before starting?

In order to turn the odds into the dvu, it is enough to know the rules of zoning and not limit your fantasy. We offered enough options with visual zoning and design techniques that will help, without interfering in the planning of the apartment, increase the useful area. Some of them suggest the demolition of the walls and the construction of additional partitions, and therefore, before the start, the owners of the apartments should pay attention to the following points.

  • Redeveloping an apartment should affect only your room. Not in vain in designers there is a checked rule: our rights end where the rights of neighbors begin. Any actions should not worsen living conditions in other apartments.

  • New openings in partitions and walls can entail cracks in structures on the floors above or even collapse. Use the experience of specialists and additional fortifications.

  • Before starting redevelopment, find out what walls you can touch, and which are not. The second is called "carriers", and their damage can disrupt the integrity of the whole house. It should not be indifferent to this indifferent, unauthorized disruption of redevelopment may entail problems with subsequent sale of the apartment.

  • Traditionally, it is forbidden to carry non-residential premises - in residential (that is, to make the kitchen on the site of the planned bedroom). The reason is risers with hot and cold water, sewage training, etc., which are united for all apartments of this layout on the floors of the house. Such manipulations are permitted only after agreeing in local bodies.

How to make two of the room? This question interests both the owners of large and owners of small apartments. Competent separation will make space in the room as cozy and useful as possible. In the article we will tell you how to divide the room, retaining free space and style. And at the end you will find a photo selection with interesting designs.

Rules zoning

Before rebuilding and divide the room into several zones, make up the scheme. This will help to present the result, avoid mistakes and choose the zoning option that is suitable for you.

The scheme can be drawn independently or use a special modeling program.

What you need to consider when developing a scheme:

  • room size;
  • room form;
  • Number of human;
  • location of doors and windows;
  • ventilation level;
  • sources of light.

If you do not know how to make two rooms, then here are the main points that you should pay attention to:

  • Long rectangular premises divide across, not along;
  • All zones use one style of design, adding different color accents;
  • You can not divide the partition window;
  • In the apartment with low ceilings it is better to abandon the podiums and solid partitions;
  • Furniture and racks should not clutch the room;
  • To preserve the feeling of free space, use light shades and glossy surfaces;
  • It is necessary to provide every zone with sufficient lighting;
  • If you want to divide the room on the bedroom and the living room, the bedroom should be in the far zone.

And do not forget about the main task of zoning - to provide "your corner" every member of the family. Therefore, before starting repairs, consult. How to distinguish between the room into two zones:

  1. Living room + kitchen.
  2. Kitchen + dining room.
  3. Living room + bedroom.
  4. Bedroom + Cabinet.
  5. Children's + gaming zone.
  6. Bedroom + Children's.
  7. Bathroom + toilet.

Stationary partitions

You can split the room with a wall. But to build a wall - long, expensive, and sometimes problematic. The partition will help designate the wall, but do not build it. Plus, unlike the wall, the partition can be easily dismantled.

But this option is only suitable for rooms with two windows, as it is impossible to divide the window by partition.

You can make a partition from:

  • brick masonry;
  • plasterboard;
  • foam blocks;
  • tree;
  • Glass.

The deaf partitions are not suitable for small rooms. In this case, you can make a partition with a height of up to 1.2 meters or use openwork, glass, carved options.

Mobile partitions

These are partitions that are not fixed to the walls or to the floor, nor to the ceiling. They are easy to move, they are of different forms of size and colors, and do not occupy a lot of space.

Decorative designs

The solution for those who love something unusual. It can be designs from drywall, glass shelves, fireplace and even aquarium.

How to distinguish between two zones with decor? You can use compositions from VAZ, high indoor plants, tents, columns.

Sliding doors

The mechanism repeats the wardrobes. Suitable for wide outlook and will become a suitable solution for zoning studios. But it will look at cumbersome in small rooms.

In order to save daylight lighting, install the doors made of glass or transparent plastic.


For those who want to divide the room without using bulky structures. Shirm can always be folded, remove or move. It's comfortable. The correctly selected screen will fit into the design of any room. The Mirror Shirma will make the room visually more and expand the space.


Since the fabrics absorb smells, the curtains will not fit for zoning the kitchen, but they will look good in the bedroom or living room.

To make such a partition, you will need:

  • cornice;
  • fabric for curtains;
  • Furnitura.

Dense curtains are not suitable for everyone, but you can use beads, blinds or kisines.

Zoning furniture

First of all, with the thought of "how to divide the room into two zones", a sofa with a big back comes to mind. But there are other options, such as a wardrobe, rack or bar counter.


Room zoning with a wardrobe watery is common. If the cabinet will stand in the middle of the room, it will be convenient to make it bilateral.


Suitable for any room and will not cause the feeling of cramped. In addition, on the shelves, you can arrange books and a different decor. You can choose both a high rack to the ceiling, and a small model, then it will be conditional, but still will divide the room. The rack is an alternative to the stationary partition, which can be moved at any time.

Bar stand

Suitable to divide the kitchen and living room, has several advantages:

  • does not take up much space;
  • at the same time can serve as a dining table, a working area and a place for storing things;
  • Add style to the interior.


It may be a good solution for a small room, because under the podium you can organize a place to store things.

Podium can be used as:

  • Place for folding beds;
  • place to mask communications;
  • construction to adjust the proportions of the room;
  • Game zone.

Usually on the podium organize a sleeping place or work area.


It is suitable for spacious rooms, but in small rooms it is better not to use. They will create a feeling of cramped. Arches will be a good replacement door. They are made in different styles, so they are suitable for any design. The arch can be purchased in building stores, to order or independently.

For its manufacture use:

  • plasterboard;
  • Glass (you will have an arch with stained glass windows);
  • plastic;
  • grilles.


For zoning, the color can be used both on the walls and floors and on the ceiling.

The main rule in the separation of the room with color: similar shades combine space, and contrasting - delimit. And it is always worth keeping in my head, that at least the colors should be separated by space, they must still be harmoniously combined with each other.

You can highlight:

  • gaming zone;
  • workspace;
  • place for rest;
  • Dining area.

Zoning color requires repair, each detail should be thought out. I decide how to zonate the room, keep in mind that this option for a long time. To remake something, a new repair will be required.

But if you think everything in advance, then everything will be fine. Accessories and decor will help to balance the two zones.

other methods

For separation you can also use:

  • Niche - suitable for zoning beds;
  • The second tier - you can get an isolated room;
  • Miscellaneous flooring - for example, if you want to divide the kitchen and a dining area, the part of the floor can be lowered by tiles, and the rest is laminate.
  • Textures - Use different materials to finish the walls, they are well distinguished by the zones;
  • carpets;
  • Art objects - will help to highlight the zone in any room;
  • houseplants.


The zoning of the rooms is now becoming more common, especially in small apartments or studios. The separation of the room into two zones can be done in different ways, but you must choose a suitable way for yourself. To make it easier to do, we collected a photo-selection of ideas of zoning of different rooms.

Reliefing the dwelling at which one room is divided into two - quite frequent phenomenon. Sometimes households need a little more personal space. When a family lives in a studio apartment, parents try to highlight the child a separate corner. Some of the designer aspect or functionality is interesting. There are several ways of zoning, depending on the purpose that the owners of the house are pursued. In this article we share ideas, how to make two rooms.


Pros and cons decisions

The most obvious way of zoning space. It is used in studio apartments, modern "odnushki". Usually there is a room there such an area that one overall with ease turns into two comfortable, although more modest. Most often, the wall is separated by the kitchen area from the living room, or the bedroom from the guest zone. An obvious plus option - getting two full, isolated premises. Minus - sometimes rooms are taken close, dark, as in one of the zones, most likely there will be no window.

Types of partitions

There are several options for partitions. Their material and form depend on the stylistics of the interior, the taste of the owner, the needs of households, the size of the room.


If there is no need for a periodic union of the room, set the monolithic wall. Performance options - Durable drywall, brick, special building blocks. Such redevelopment does not require legalization in BTI. In the wall you can mount a full-fledged door opening, a decorative window. The monolithic barrier sounds perfectly. It is relevant to the bedroom, kitchen, children's bedroom. An interesting method is to use tempered glass as wall. Matte translucent surface does not prevent light penetration. This is especially important when the room is zoned in such a way that the window is missing in one of the rooms. The glass partition is separated by a bedroom, an office, a dining area.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Stationary partition


Partition-compartment looks stylish and original. When it is installed on the ceiling and the floors are mounted. They join the doors with the system on the rollers. Profiles are aluminum, wooden, made of PVC. Metal is more durable, resistant to corrosion. Tree and PVC are not recommended for installation in rooms with high humidity.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Sliding partition


Portable partition - perfect option for small rooms. With it, you can arrange interior accent. The most common screens from PVC on the rails. They fit into any designer solution. Classic, modern, Japanese style - Shirma will be appropriate everywhere. However, to a greater extent, it plays the role of a decorative element, as practically does not sound. Only visually zonys the space.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Mobile partition

Figured opening

Arches, columns, any architectural bizarre items are suitable for partial separation. This is an excellent option for a room with one window. The light freely penetrates from one part of the room to another, but the separation is obtained visible, tangible. The decision is not suitable for those who are looking for privacy and sound insulation.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Figured opening


The podium is installed in apartments with high ceilings. This is a way of visual zoning space. There are a bed, a sofa for recreation. Often, the podium is chopped by a screen or curtain, combining the methods of zoning the room. This method refers to functional. Place under the level can be used to store things. There we can put seasonal or tourist accessories.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos


Decoration Materials

If the owners do not want to sacrifice any square meter of the apartment, you can work on a color decision. A variety of colors, patterns on the walls, combinations of finishing materials can visually create two isolated rooms. This way will successfully hide the flaws planning. Designers are not recommended to be carried away by excessive contrast. Such a style looks tasteless, Alyapovato. Hold harmonious color combinations. Combination options:

  • paint with wallpaper;
  • monophonic wallpapers and canvas with ornament;
  • Decorative plaster and paint;
  • Wooden panels and tiles.

The minus of this decision is obvious - the room remains all the same. This option is suitable only to those who do not seek privacy, but wants to breathe fresh notch in the interior, or distract the attention of guests from a bed to neutral objects.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Decoration Materials

Association with loggia

Balcony attachment is a full redevelopment. It will be necessary to coordinate in various government instances. However, if the permission to unite is obtained, then by dismantling the wall separating the loggia from the main premises, and the insulation of the balcony, you can equip a full warm office or a small recreation area. Place the soft sofa or chair with a table, hang a few shelves, TV. The separator can serve as curtains, translucent doors-coupe, book rack. They do not prevent the penetration of sunlight into the dwelling. Bar arrangement on loggia is an option for bold owners who love to receive guests, or bachelor. For this purpose, the concrete block does not need to be dismantled completely, you can leave the protrusion using it as a bar counter. To place a couple of high chairs near it, mount the original backlight, shelves for bottles. So a cozy minibar will appear in your home.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos



Dense curtains or weightless tulle - the original zoning solution. It is easy to install and sufficiently cheap way to make two two rooms. Of course, they will not save you from sounds that are coming from another part of the apartment. But you will hide a sleeping place from prying eyes or sternally a quiet corner for recreation. Curtains can easily change when they want to refresh the interior. Curtains can be moved into different directions, climb as the Roman curtain. At the peak of the popularity of Keese. These are curtains made of separate threads of various widths. They give design notching airiness, ease. Ideally fit into the interior of the apartments of young girls.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos




Most often, Chiffonier is installed, dividing the living room and bedroom. From the side of the bed, it is better to place the wardrobe doors. On the back of the cabinet, "looking" in the recreation area, feature functional shelves for accessories, books, magazines. This method of zoning is mainly used in small apartments.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos



Unlike wardrobe, through rack looks air. He misses sunlight well, takes less space. This is an excellent option for separating the recreation area, a working office or bedroom. The shelves have souvenirs, books, indoor flowers.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos


Transformer blocks

Gaining popularity, modern method. Furniture-transformer relatively recently appeared on the market. It is a combination of various blocks, rearning which is obtained by various sofa configurations, beds or racks. For example, the overall sofa is easily turning into two chairs and a table and vice versa. Change the location of the modules at your discretion, and turn the second room into the living room or bedroom.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos


Portable Shirma

Great for temporary separation of space. If a young couple lives alone, then guests look at the house from time to time, to separate the bed from the kitchen and the dining room will help portable shirma. It is easy to dismantle when the need for zoning disappears.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Portable Shirma


If there is very little space in the room, but I want to visually delimp it, try using a different backlight. For example, over a dining table area to place hanging lamps, near the bed lay a sconium or flooring, a kitchen or a relax zone to emphasize the LED ribbon. Choose a different lamp intensity to enhance the effect.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos


How to zonate different types of rooms?

If the owner lives one

The modern real estate market is rich in jelly and "odnushki". They often acquire young people who are not ready in the near future to enter into a long relationship and build a family. For such owners, any of the above methods of separation of the room is suitable, depending on the needs. Translucent partitions, columns or rack separated the working office. The podium set a sleeping place. The kitchen is isolated from the bedroom design of plasterboard with niches, recesses. Perfectly in the modern interior fits the walls of the matte glass, which limit the area for recreation. They are complemented by blinds, curtains.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

for one person

If the apartment lives in the apartment

It often happens that 40-50 square meters. M is a family with a child and even two children. In order for all households to be comfortable, and the room did not lose the prestigious species, it remains functional, it is necessary to carefully consider the idea of ​​zoning. Give preference to partitions of light tones, weightless textures. They visually expand the room. While children are small, it is possible to limit ourselves to zoning with a rack, shirma, curly opening, partial wall (not to ceiling). If the task is to sound a nursery, you will have to mount a monolithic design of plasterboard. However, if this option suggests that there will be no window in the children's zone, refuse it in favor of the partition from the matte glass.

Sometimes the parents face the task of creating two isolated children's. We recommend considering the option of the partition wall or a drywall wall. These are ideal solutions for different children or children of different ages. Each of them will have a personal space.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

For family with a child

Separation of a small fleet apartment

What decision to choose if you value every square meter, but I want to divide the room to separate functional zones?

Living room and kitchen

The most acceptable option includes zoning using glass partitions with photo printing. They can be sliding and monolithic. Sliding wall is preferable, it looks easier, stylish. The second most popular option is a partial wall height with human growth. If you do not care about the problem of penetration of smell from the kitchen in the recreation area, place the sofa on the podium.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Partition between living room and kitchen

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Zoning with floor decoration, ceiling and lighting

Bedroom and living room

If you do not have the task of soundproiling a place to sleep, separate it with furniture. Use transformer partitions, racks, cabinets. Stylish and weightless looks with curtains. Ropes, ropes, falling threads, curtains on the rings - choose to your taste. It is interesting to look a niche of drywall. The bed is placed there, the bras, shelves are mounted. Those who do not care the problem of concealing the bedroom from prying eyes will suit a solution with the podium. Room with a bed posted on a pedestal looks stylish and effectively.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Textile curtains between the bedroom and the living room

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Curtains-threads between living room and bedroom

Cabinet and recreation area

The perfect option is to make a workplace on a warmed loggia, breaking the concrete block between the balcony and the wall, replacing it with a partial partition or sliding design. In this case, you will work in perfectly lit space. But this option is not suitable for everyone. If there are problems with the coordination of such redevelopment, separate the workplace from the main room with a screen, rack with bookshelves, metal figure design, matte glass with blinds. Do not forget to organize the competent illumination of the zone.

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

The partition with shelves separates the workplace from the recreation area

How to make two two rooms - ideas with photos

Rack - partition between the resting place and the cabinet

Make from one room two is not so difficult. Choose any of the options proposed by us.

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