Messenger Discord is one of the most unique products used not only by gamers, but also by ordinary users. It is distinguished by a simple interface, but at the same time functionality. For him, there are additional programs that expand the options. These include clownfish - an application that allows you to change the voice. Consider how to download clown Fish for a discard on various devices.

What is clown Fish

CLOWNFISH is a program that is used to change the voice in various messengers, including the discord. This is a multifunctional service that differs from its analogues with a wide functionality and a spectrum of additional options.

The program has built-in sets of voice effects that a user can have anyone who downloaded it. Built-in tools allow you to change the sound yourself in your opinion.

CLOWNFISH FOR DISCORD is distributed free of charge, and the application interface is fully localized. You can download it from the official site, as well as torrent trackers.

How to download and install clown Fish for discord

Initially, the clown Fish was intended for Skype, but now it is possible to connect it easily to many applications, including a discard. The principle of his work is simple. It is embedded in the system and uses a microphone or any other audio capture device. Therefore, it is used with all applications that support such a function.

To download clown Fish on a PC, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the official website of the developers. CLOWNFISH VOICE CHANGER Find on this link.
  1. Go to the "Download" tab.
  2. Select the bit and version of the operating system. There is also a link to download the music player and plug-ins, which improve the functionality of the service.

After downloading, locate the installation file and run it. Run the Installation Wizard: Follow his instructions.

For Android and iPhones, clown Fish is not designed, but there are similar applications that allow you to change the voice. These include the following:

  • Best Voice Changer;
  • Robovox Voice Changer Pro;
  • Voice Changer from Androbaby.

To download a similar product, it is enough to enter a "voice change" request in the official store of Play Application Market for Android and AppStore for iOS.

How to set up clown Fish for discord

After installation, many users have a fair question - how to use clown Fish for a discord? It is simple enough, so even a beginner can cope with the settings. All applications on the PC automatically switch from the hardware microphone to the virtual, which creates CLOOTNFISH. Therefore, to activate the service you just need to run it.

But the discord must perform a few simple actions to configure the audio input devices:

  1. Run the messenger and go to the main settings.
  2. In the "Voice" section, select a virtual microphone as the main one.
  3. To save the settings, click on the "OK" button.

After the actions performed, you can open a list of available changes and activate one of them. Download clown Fish for a discard can be for drawing friends. Also, the service will be useful if you do not want to show your real voice in the voice chat, for example, during the game. Installation and setting on a PC takes a little time, and you can change the voice into several clicks.

How to configure CLOWNFISH and use it in a discard, possible errors

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Discord Messenger is a high-quality sound transmission protocol. In addition, the technology of conference work does not load the computer, which allows the gamers to use external sound processing. These treatments include changing voice timbre. The most famous software substitution software is Clownfish, which is often used for the players on the discard servers.


This utility is designed to change the audio from the recording devices in real time. Installed as a plugin for an audio code, and as a separate application. All the sounds that captures the microphone are skipped through special filters. At the exit, funny timbres are obtained, which can be used for a joke above the other, to play a character in Rhunt or to preserve anonymity.


The following filters are supported:

  • Male and women's speech;
  • Robotic voice;
  • Sound of the cosmic aliens;
  • infant voice;
  • Radio effect;
  • 8-bit sound.

Third-party VST-plugins are supported to expand the presetsset. These additions are stored in the root folder and add different effects to make the voice unrecognizable.


CLOWNFISH VOICE CHANGER contains the sound height and speech modulation settings. The application also allows you to play music or voiced speech synthesizer text during calls to Skype, Steam, Telegram and Discord.

The utility is distributed free of charge and installed on all versions of Windows (32 and 64-bit). Administrator rights are required for installation. Clownfish sets its own audio drivers and does not change the parameters of standard audio devices. The program is working in the background (a check mark that is responsible for autorun is in "Parameters").


How to connect it to Discord?

Voice Changer works in all programs that capture the sound from the microphone. The utility uses a virtual audio path that replaces the recording device with a virtual output.

To use a change in the voice in the discor, you need:

  • Run the ClownFish program.
  • Open Discord Settings.


  • Go to the "Voice and Video" tab.


  • Select "CLOWNFISH virtual microphone" as an input device.
  • Check the level of the incoming sound (color indicator).


In addition, you can configure clownfish using standard operating system tools. To do this, select a program to change the voice as a microphone by default:

  • Go to the parameters of the recording devices.
  • Select the Voice Changer microphone and click on it right-click.
  • Select the default device.


After applying such parameters, the microphone will be automatically processed by filters in all applications. The desired voice timbre is selected in the ClownFish application window.

How to start using?

After changing the sound source in the disorder parameters, the interlocutor will hear the already processed voice. Select preset or make a more subtle configuration in the program. When you start Clownfish, it turns into the taskbar icon. To configure filters, you need to right-click on the tray icon. The context menu with the plugin functions will open. You can select ready-made presets or open a window with settings.


To start changing the voice from the microphone, you need:



  • In the window that appears, select the desired filter.
  • At the request, add the effects of chorus, reverb and dealer.


The interface utility is intuitive. It will be difficult to get confused in the parameters, since all the names are translated into Russian. In addition, each effect has an appropriate icon. There are two sliders under the filter icons. The first one is responsible for the height of the voice, the other for the amplification of the microphone.

Possible mistakes

Clownfish works with a large amount of messengers. However, when used with a discord, the following problems may occur:

  • no sound;
  • artifacts;
  • Microphone clipping (too loud signal).


Solve the first two errors will help reinstall the administrator utility. Also, during the installation, you need to turn off the antivirus (some defenders sweep on the drivers you need).

Avoid clipping help the microphone gain adjustment:

  • Open taskbar.
  • Go to the "Equipment and Sound" section.
  • In the "Microphone Properties", go to the "Levels" tab.


  • Move the slider to the middle position.
  • Open Clawnfish settings.


  • Adjust the microphone level.

You can listen to the altered voice directly from the program window. The "Check Microphone" button is located next to the effects of the effects.

How to enjoy CLOWNFISH

CLOWNFISH is one of the most popular programs for changing the voice on a computer that is aimed at working with Skype. The built-in functionality of this software allows you to distort and change the microphone sound in every possible way in accordance with the user-defined settings, but it is not all the possibilities of the mentioned tool. As part of today's article, we would like to tell the most detailed about all the nuances and the principles of using Clownfish, showing the main functions and parameters.

Download Clownfish

Voice change in Skype

As mentioned above, the main task of ClownFish is to ensure voice change in Skype. For normal operation tools, the user will need to make some additional actions and adjust all the settings. Only after that you can run Skype and make the necessary calls. It all starts with the installation of software itself and additional drivers, then the embedded parameters and the Skype settings come into effect. All this is repelly painted in another material. We recommend to familiarize yourself with it by clicking on the link below.

Changing voice in Skype with Clownfish

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Translation of messages

Sometimes users have to correspond in Skype with foreigners. In this regard, periodically arise problems with the understanding of the written messages. Here, any convenient translator can come to the rescue, however, it will require additional actions - transition to the site, copying content. It is much easier to translate everything in automatic mode using CLOWNFISH. To do this, only you will need to select a pre-service translation service, input and output. Otherwise, everything will do it yourself. Settings for these parameters are carried out through the main menu of the program. Custom translation filters are also present here. This allows you to add translation types for each account in Skype.

Automatic translation of messages in the ClownFish program

Template greetings

From greeting, almost every correspondence in the chat begins. From time to time, the user is difficult to choose the right words to start a conversation or he wants to somehow the originally to make this first step. In this case, the ideal option will appeal to the built-in greeting templates in CloWnfish. Here this highlights a whole library with thematic replicas. It will only be enough to find the appropriate, select it and specify a friend to which the corresponding message will be sent.

Skype template greetings in Clownfish

Smileys and drawings of characters

Approximately on the same principle such as greeting workpieces, the catalog of emoticons and various drawings made up of characters are operating. All of them are distributed by category and when selecting are displayed in the preview window. Sending similar funny pictures is carried out in the same way as greetings - select option, specify an account and sending directly. However, you will need to take into account different versions of Skype, since some drawings on mobile devices or computers can be displayed not entirely correct due to the transfer of characters or any other reasons.

Template emoticons and drawings from symbols in the ClownFish program

Chat Bot

Chat bot - Experimental and not yet fully refined function in the software under consideration. Its meaning is that after activation you choose a user or a group of users with which the robot will communicate in automatic mode. His work algorithm is built according to this meaning that he clings the concrete meaning of messages from key phrases and tries to respond thematically to them so that the maximum similarity of the dialogue is. It is not known how this function is made for what cases, but someone will definitely come in handy at least for fun.

Activation of Chat Bota for automatic communication in the ClownFish program

Writing voice calls

Voice calls are one of the main directions of communication between the owners of the Skype application. Unfortunately, recording the current conversation for further listening is not possible without applying additional software. Clownfish is quite suitable in order to make such a record and save it on the computer. First you have to go to the appropriate section through the main menu and adjust the capture of the audio, and if necessary, click on "START RECORDING" To start recording (active this button will only be after the bell is performed).

Settings and further recording of conversations in the CLOOTNFISH program

Mass sending messages

If you are using a software for communication on working goals or you need to urgently send congratulations to all your friends, use the built-in mailing function in CLOWNFISH. It allows you to quickly make a message template and select accounts to whom the content will be sent. By using this particular tool, you will save a significant part of the time and just do not forget about someone. In the mailing window window at the bottom, the correct form of data fill is specified.

Mass distribution of messages for Skype users in CLOWNFISH

Activation of sound effects

The application under consideration allows not only to change your voice for sound communication, but also has a set of different sounds available for activation during the call. As usual, no semantic load does not carry this supplement - only entertainment goals. Those who wish to enjoy friends in voice chat strongly recommend it in advance to look into this menu and evaluate the set of sounds. If you need to add some kind of audio, just click on the button "Add Sound" .

Selection of sounds for sending during voice communication in CLOWNFISH

Solving problems with the work of CLOWNFISH

Sometimes, after downloading, ClownFish users face that this application simply does not work, because there is no change in Skype voice. If different problems occur, they need to be quickly solved with the help of well-known accessible tools. All of them are written in the detailed form by another author in a separate article on our website. We suggest familiarizing yourself with it by using the reference below.

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Now you are familiar with all the main aspects of interaction with CLOOTNFISH. As you can see, this program is quite simple and more aims to entertain. However, there are also enough useful functions that can be useful during operation in Skype.

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Will this article help you?


In this article you will learn how to download, install and properly configure the ClownFish for Skype program.

1. Download and run the program one

2.2. Install the application if necessary, then close the programs that will offer you Clownfish.

3. four five 6. 7.3. Synchronize the ClownFish program with Skype. To do this, you need to start CLOWNFISH, go to Skype and at the top of the program to confirm sensing.


If this for some kind of preinsies did not happen, then you need to do the following actions. Open Skype-> Tools-> Settings-> Additionally, there is such a link below: "Access control of other programs to Skype", go through it. If you don't have anything there, then press the "Change" button and specify the path to the standard ClownFish for Skype application (C: \ Program Files \ Clawnfish \ Clownfish.exe). If you have seen that Skype has already automatically found the CLOWNFISH program, simply click two times with the mouse over it and vary access.

Image 1. Image 2. Image 3.

4. Enjoy all the capabilities of the Clownfish program for Skype.

The accompanying software intended for interacting with messengers or social networks performs a huge amount of work. Third-party developers are performed for the curators of the project "Dirty" work, improving the object in question, therefore - increasing its popularity in the specialized market. Today we will talk about what is CLOWNFISH , Consider the characteristic features of the application, its purpose and opportunity.

Overview Clown Fish

For an unsightly name, a powerful and progressive application is hidden, whose functionality has great potential.

The range of application of the program is wide, but several frequently used features are allocated:

  • Automatic translation Text messages to the preferred language.
  • Opportunity Voice change During calls and conversation in group chats. There is a wide library of sound tracks, where everyone will select the optimal option.

In the process of the story, we will analyze the features of the installation process, the use of clown Fish, possible causes of problems. For the convenience of perception, we break a further narration into several logical blocks.

Installation on PC

The process of installing the above application does not cause special difficulties. To your attention a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download distribution for the current platform from the official website of the project (reference at the end of the article).
  2. The wizard is launched, which will require specifying the storage location of the system data and confirm the need to create a shortcut on the desktop. Installing Clownfish for Skype
  3. We are waiting for the completion of the procedure, click on the corresponding button, the icon in the form of a clown fish appears not only on the screen, but also in the tray.

Unfortunately, clownfish is compatible solely with Skype version 7 and below. In the updated program, use it, alas, will not come out. If you need recording conversations, then use the built-in tools.

. And to change the voice, it is worth downloading MorphVox Pro


Application applications

The software developers have provided rich opportunities for users, as which tells the context menu, falling out after pressing the PCM on the "Fish" icon in the tray:

  • Paragraph "Translation of incoming messages" Activates the operation of the built-in algorithm, which is synchronized with one of the online translators (Google, Babylon, Bing).
  • Parameter "Voice change" activates the function of the same name, and item Voice Offer to choose one of the templates of sound design. Additionally, you can put the background music that will be played in the communication process.
  • В "Post templates" The user forms a unique sequence from images, emoji and smiles. They form a holistic picture that can be sent to the selected recipient.
  • Function "Record voice messages" Allows you to save audio tracks completed earlier conversations. Thin setting implies the choice: storage locations, the character of the activation of the "recordfone", the quality of the recordable material.

This is a far incomplete list of CLOWNFISH features, but the available functionality shows the severity of the approach to solving the tasks.

Practical implementation of the program

About how to enjoy CLOWNFISH, we will tell us a step-by-step instruction, the points of which are presented below.

First launch application

  1. Open Skype, launch our accompanying software.
  2. The system automatically takes a synchronization attempt, as evidenced by the message of the same name at the top of the user screen.
  3. Press "Give access" .Providing access to clownfish

Change the language of the interface

To change the application interface language, you must:

  1. Click right mouse button on the tray on the icon Clownfish.
  2. Go to B. "Preferences - Interface Language" .
  3. Select the desired language from the list. Choosing a clock interface language

Translation of incoming messages

Clownfish has a function of transferring incoming messages to take advantage of it:

  1. In the tray PCM call the program menu and choose "Translation of incoming messages" .
  2. At the very top Auto Detect (by Skype) . In this case, Skype itself will determine in what language the interlocutor writes and what to translate it. If it does it not correctly, select the required language in the list. CLOWNFISH translation settings
  3. If you leave the option TRANSLATE IN CHAT DIALOG Included, then when the message is received, its translation will be sent to the same chat, otherwise a pop-up window will appear with message transfer. Translation of incoming messages
  4. To turn off the translation of incoming messages in the same menu, select Turn off .

Voting change

Everything is there in the tray in the menu choose "Voice change" and in the tab Voice Choose the desired effect. Voice change in CLOWNFISH

You can test changes using the service Sound.  Test  Service. .

If the standard set of effects is not enough, you can download an additional set of VST effects. To do this, go to the menu item that is listed on the screenshot below. Additional effects in clownfish

An official application page will open, where you can download these effects, as well as instructions for their installation.

What to do if the voice does not change

Skype developers constantly change the Voice API of the Messenger, in connection with which, with the latest versions of the application, change the voice using ClownFish is not possible. But this restriction can be bypassed in several ways.

Rename the executable file

You can try to disable the new API audio, for this:

  1. Close Skype.
  2. Go to the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Skype \ Phone .
  3. Rename file. Rtmcodecs.dll в _Rtmcodecs.dll (You can at any other, most importantly - to be different from the initial).
  4. Run Skype. We ignore the offer to upgrade.

This method can cause problems in Skype. To return everything to the original state, rename the file back.

Installing the old version of Skype

If the previous method does not work, then you can use the old version of the application. For this:

  1. We delete Skype (if you do not know how to do it, read here).
  2. We set the version (you can download here).
  3. Install the application, run, and check that the voice is changing using a call to Sound Test Service. .

Installing Clownfish Voice Changer

If none of the methods work, you can try to install Clownfish Voice Changer . This program allows you to change the voice not only in Skype, but also in popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Discord and many others.


Recording conversations

To record conversations in Clawnfish, go to the appropriate program menu item (in the system tray). Record voice calls to clownfish

A small window will open, where you can start the record, listen to existing records, delete these records as well as choose the place where they will be saved. The main window of recording conversations

Pictures from Smileykov

The application you can send various pictures from emoticons. To do this, select the item in the menu "Fun & ART messaging templates" . In the window that appears, select the destination and effect, and click Send. .Pictures from Smileykov

Mass distribution messages

The program also embeds the mass distribution function to contacts. To do this, select the appropriate menu item in the program. Mass distribution messages

In the window that appears, select Messages will be sent - everyone who is in the contact sheet or only those who are online now (choose specific contacts can not), type the required message and click Send Message. .Mailing mass messages

If you wish to the message, you can attach a file and specify a delay between messages in milliseconds.

Automatic disconnection of incoming calls

If you wish to clownfish, you can configure the automatic deviation of incoming audio calls. To do this, in the program menu, select "REJECT VOICE CALLS - Enable" .Deviation of calls

If you wish, you can ask a message that will be sent automatically after the call is deviated - this is done in paragraph Set Reject Message The same menu.

Problems of operation

Some users have unexpected difficulties in using the accompanying software. This situation, in many respects, arises due to restrictions on the joint work of Skype.

If Clownfish does not work in Skype, try the following:

1. Make sure that when installing Clownfish you have given an application. For this:

  • Go to the program settings to the tab «Additionally" and click below on «Access control of other programs to Skype " .Additional Skype settings
  • Make sure the clownfish has access. If it is absent, then issue. Clownfish access to Skype

2. Try run Skype and Clownfish with administrator rights. To do this, on the application label, right-click and select the appropriate item.

3. Try to install the earlier version of Skype.

Instead of imprisonment

The process of using ClownFish does not differ in difficulty, but it is important to check the quality of the installed connection between applications. The final result of the intended event depends on the stability and efficiency of the built-in algorithms.

Download Clownfish

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