Entoderma arose in the course of evolution used to Etoderma

Stages of development of the embryo
Investigation of the activities of all genes during the development of the embryo of the round worm Caenorhabditis Elegans. Revealed new ontogenetic details. It turns out that the inner germinal sheet - Entoderma - acquires its specific features before the external leaflet - Etoderma. The same procedure for the development of germinal leaves was found in other animal species. In addition, the genes active in Entoderme were on average older than genes working in other germinal sheets. This indicates an older origin of the Entoderma in the course of evolution compared to ectoderma.

How to pay phone purchases?

How to pay phone purchases?
Contactless financial payments made a real revolution in the field of mobile devices, having delivering people from the need to use cash and plastic cards. Instead, it is enough to bring a smartphone with an NFC module to the payment terminal so that the required amount automatically goes to the trade organization's account.

Potash is ... Potash formula and application

Potash it
Potash is an unofficial name of a substance that chemists is called potassium carbonate. This salt is known to people since ancient times, since it is contained in ash. Previously, this word was called a dry residue after evaporation of a solution of plant combustion products. So what is now known about Potash?

How to remove the sound in the video completely or partially

how to remove sound from video
When shooting videos, people often forget about sound: as a result, noise or other people's talks are heard on the records. Also, the original soundtroken is not always able to transfer the right atmosphere. Correct these problems is very simple: the user can remove the sound from the video completely, erase part of the audience and impose background music. In this article we will tell how to do this using the video mount program. The video show editor offers several ways to remove the original sound from the video and retreat it to your taste.

How to learn how to skate with scratch adult yourself

Experienced skaters and those who go to the ice for the first time receive pleasure from skates. Rink gives Special atmosphere of the holiday: I want to tie the laces, as soon as you imagine the cool environment on ice, pleasant music, multicolored light of spotlights, Fudcourts, hot mulled wine.

Tags for the kitchen with their own hands with patterns +50 photo examples

Square tack
Home textiles, all sorts of soft accessories create extraordinary comfort indoors. The practicality here plays the last role. Such a decorative element, like tacks for the kitchen with your own hands, will allow not only to remove the saucepan from the fire, stretch out hot pie from the oven, but also the interior will be recently decorated. Similar things are easy to sew from girlfriend, tie, weave from threads, textiles.

Feudal staircase

Give privileges of citizens
In the Middle Ages in Europe formed feudalism - Public system in which there were two classes: Feodala и Dependent peasants . The special system of the relationship of vassals was named Vassal . The relationship of seniority and subordination between the vassals and senites was like a staircase.

Candy "Rafaello" at home

Photo Shokolad I Konfety Kompanii Ferrero 5.
Chocolate and Candy Italian Ferrero SPA is successfully sold in 50 countries around the world. Favorite children Kinder surprises, chocolate pasta Nutola, refreshing the dragee Tikak and, of course, exquisite candy Ferrero Rocher and Rafaello.

How to turn the text in the Word: 90 or 180 degrees

How to turn the text in the Word
The Microsoft Word program has many features for the editing of the text available directly and as many indirect, non-obvious. Thanks to them, you can answer the question of any user about how it can be edited written. For example, among frequent questions, how to rotate the text in the Word?. And his decision lies just in non-obvious functions, which will be discussed further.

Horoscope for 2020 cancer

The astrological forecast for 2020 is calculated for pronounced (typical) representatives of the Cancer sign. If the overwhelming number of shone and the planets of your horoscope are in cancer, then you are a typical representative of this sign.

Bike do it yourself, materials, drawings, manufacturer's algorithm

The need to make a bike independently arises in two situations: the economy of finance or the desire to come up with a non-standard model. The creation of two-wheeled vehicles begins with the drawing. First you need to decide on the design and material. To assemble a bike with your own hands, it is important to understand the purpose of each component. From some items it is impossible to refuse - safety will decrease, or transport will not pass more than 2 meters at all. Some components can be collected from scratch, others are better used in the finished form.


In our menu, the carp can have a positive effect on the state of the spine and brain. It has vitamin B12, which refers to antioxidants. It participates in the metabolism of fats and synthesis of DNA. Carp soothes nerves, settles digestion and regulates blood sugar levels.
Carp is truly royal fish! There are dozens of recipes for its preparation. You can simply fry fish in a frying pan or grilled, sweat in sour cream, staring and bake in the oven with vegetables, cheese, etc. Small specimens are usually roasted with integers, and a large carp is cut by steaks or separated on the fillet.

How to treat chirry - photos, methods of treatment

Tools in the medical clinic
Chree (furuncle) is purulent inflammation of the skin, occurring when infected with the hair onion, a row, as well as the surrounding tissue. Chires most often occurs on the face, neck, head, back, honeycomb - i.e. In the bodies covered with hairproof. The accumulation of these purulent formations is called a furuncle.

Which TV is better to choose: Sony or Samsung

The material is dedicated to an important, and for many sometimes an intractable choice between the two largest TV manufacturers - Japanese Sony and South Korean Samsung. To help make a choice, it is worth understanding the main indicators of models from each brand and compare them with each other.

Without saturation. Than harmful fructose and who is better not to eat it

Fructose - Saccharide, which makes sweet diverse fruits, honey and other natural products. It is often recommended as a replacement: just white refined sugar add to baking or dessert is not too good, it will force the level of sugar in the blood very quickly and sharply, but fructose does not affect this indicator so much more useful. So for a long time American nutritionists. But it turned out that fructose is far away. It can provoke obesity and bring another harm to the body. For example, recently in the Nature magazine published the results of the study, which showed that excessive consumption of fructose can adversely affect the immune system. This conclusion came scientists from the University of Swansea, the University of Bristol and the Institute of Francis Creek in London during the study on mice. A large amount of fructose causes inflammatory reactions, they, in turn, provoke damage to cells and tissues, violate the operation of organs and organism systems.

Why Hitler hated Jews.

Taken from free sources
Most historians know that during World War II, more than six million Jews were killed. However, in fact there are several theories as to why Hitler hated Jews. What was the reason that prompted one person to try to destroy the whole race of people? Let's try to look at some of the possible reasons or factors that lead to this cold-blooded life.

How to clean the pump? 4 Basic Rules

Photo WDay.ru.
Delicious cooking depends not only on which the dish from it will be prepared, but also how it is cleaned. Take, for example, the pupil. This is a fairly tasty fish from a whale family with plenty of meat and a dense structure. From the humpback prepare both the first and second dishes.

Tablet for a good lover: Do I need to treat premature ejaculation? * Clinic Diana in St. Petersburg

The duration of the
It's no secret to anyone, many men deeply convinced that they are the best and unsurpassed partners in bed. Rarely someone thinks about what the sexual satisfaction of the woman depends: from the physical or spiritual appeal of a man, from the ability to speak and excite words, gestures or a look, the size of genitals, experience and knowledge of sexual techniques or other things.

5 ways to find out where a person is by phone number

Sometimes unexpected situations occur, requiring urgently to find a person at his mobile phone number. Most often, relatives are engaged in such things that cannot reach their elderly parents or young children in time. The situation may be serious enough, and there is no time for reading the article. Therefore, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with possible options in advance so that they are simply applied in the critical situation.