What caviar is better: nurses or ketches, cozy or challenge, in size and taste, which is more expensive than different

Red caviar is a useful, nutritious and tasty product. It is used in pure form, as a sandwich mass or as the ingredient of salads and other dishes. Today it is unusually requested, which affects the cost. However, in nutrition and unique composition, this product may compete with other, which are considered the most valuable. The article presents the comparative characteristics of the icon of various representatives of the family of salmon, their calorieness, useful properties.

Differences Fisies Fishing Family Family

Mostly fish caviar was divided into color: on black and red. The first is mined by catching sturgeon fish. And the second - salmon (better known as red fish).

Did you know? Mistakenly considered the most expensive black caviar, because in fact, today It is golden. It has unsurpassed taste qualities, to evaluate which will be able not only to Estet, and it is mined from sturgeon fish who have reached 60 years and more. Salmon fish dwells mainly in the cold waters of the quiet and Atlantic Ocean, in the White and Baltic Sea. Every year from June to October, there is a hunt for fish going to spawning. During this period, large-scale work is carried out when a large number of people and techniques have been involved.

Salo fish

Often caught:

  • salmon;
  • Gorbow;
  • squad;
  • Sim;
  • Ketu;
  • Channel;
  • Loha;
  • salmon;
  • Kungju.

Important! In an industrial scale, the caviar of humpbacks, kits and nurses mining. But the cochochy or a cupllic product is not isolated in a separate appearance and can be attributed to the nerve and ketov, respectively.

In most supermarkets, there is a red salmon caviar on sale, but the manufacturer very rarely indicates the product which fish sells. Each species has individual taste and some other characteristics with which it turns out to determine which product in front of you.

Icra from supermarket

In appearance and size of iconic

The view and the fact as far as the large caviar of the family of salmon, is determined by the type of fish.

The most popular the following types of caviar:

  1. Busy . The inhabitant of Pacific waters is floating along the coast of the American continent and is considered the most valuable breed of fish of the salmon family. The product is small, about 3 mm in diameter, because the nice is a small fish in length not more than 70 cm and weighing up to 2.5 kg. This kind of fish begins to make some of the first, fishermen at the end of May are already starting to hunt. And in the first month of summer, the fresh product gets on store shelves. Icra of Narki.
  2. Gorbushi. . It is the most common and desired on the tables from many. It is easy to distinguish it from others, it has a saturated-orange color, 3-5 mm icers. The main distinguishing feature of the hubby product from others is "Ichor Juice". If mixing eggs, they burst due to the fact that the shell is not dense. The fish sails on a spawning in the first 2 months of summer, doing the only way for life a long way with cold Pacific waters in the River Primorye and the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Ikra Gorbushi
  3. Keti. . Her people call the tsarist. It deserves its name due to the size of the iconic: they usually reach 5-6 mm, but sometimes 9 mm. Each has an ideally round shape, as on the selection. Color varies from amber to light orange and impressive uniformity. Keti caviar
  4. Trout . It is gaining popularity annually, hears shelves in supermarkets, crowding out other varieties. It is in demand, even despite individual shortcomings. The main: considered the smallest in the salmon family. Irk size - up to 2-3 mm in diameter. The color can be: yellow, dark gold, red or brightly. The shade depends on many factors: from the place of catch, time, age of fish, etc. Caviar trouta
  5. Kizhi . "Silver salmon", "White Fish" is all the names of such a water inhabitant. The major representative of the salmon family reaches a length of up to 98 cm, weighing up to 15 kg. This is not all the achievements of the spokeswoman, it is also famous for delicious meat and unsurpassed caviar. The latter is dark red or even saturated burgundy. Ikrinka small, about 4 mm in diameter. The described product of this fish breed is the most valuable and useful, it is recommended to use pregnant women, because it contains such a valuable element as folic acid. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac: raises the level of endorphine ("hormone joy") and serotonin in the blood of men. Kizhuhu in the waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, unfortunately, the number of fish is small. Kizhi caviar
  6. Chaviki. . It is considered the most expensive among other types of red. It can be very rarely found in shop windows. Ikrins have a saturated red color and reach 7 mm in diameter. Chavich is the largest representative among red fish, reaches about 1 m in length and has a weight of 20-30 kg. Caviar Chavika

Useful properties and calorie

The benefits of the product is huge, and it is explained by a unique composition. Each Ikrinka contains vitamins A, D, RR, vitamins of group B, calcium, organic iodine, phosphorus, proteins about 70% and 15% fats, intended for optimal growth and development of the future fry. In addition to the above components, red caviar is even rich in polyunsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are so necessary for our body for efficient work and maintenance. Also, regular use of such a product contributes to the prevention of various diseases.

  • Other positive properties include:
  • Prevention of rickets. Red caviar can be given to children (over 3 years old) for the prevention of this disease. It will replace pharmacy fish oil, besides, the kids will eat it with pleasure. The content of vitamin D is very high, and it is produced only when the sun's sungite appears.
  • Stabilization of the nervous system and mental activity. As mentioned earlier, the red caviar includes polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which positively affect the work of the brain and acceleration of thinking. And lecithin, which is also contained in the product, maintains nerve cells in working condition and has a beneficial effect on their work. With regular use, the tide of the strength and the vigor of the Spirit feels.
  • Strengthening immunity and restoration of vision. Red caviar has these healing properties, and all thanks to the vitamin A contained in it, which is so necessary for the health of the eyes. In combination with vitamin C and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is an excellent prevention of many forms of cancer, as well as improved immunity.
  • Strengthening potency. The use of the product has a positive effect on the health and restoration of the male sexual system and stimulates the production of genital hormones.
  • Positive cosmetology qualities. The modern beauty industry is well developed so well that with ease will offer many procedures with red caviar. This is a mask, and wrapping, and many other services that return the youth and elasticity of the skin.

The benefits of red caviarDaily use of caviar in the amount of 1 h. per day helps enrich the body with useful minerals and vitamins. And it also contributes to the slowdown of aging.

Despite all positive properties, red caviar has a number of restrictions for use.

  • It is necessary to refuse if you have the following diseases:
  • hypertension;
  • Problems with the genitourinary system;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • Disorders of the kidney function.

Did you know? The highest grade of red caviar does not exist. The first is assigned to that product, which is insulated within 4 hours after catch, and in the composition should be up to 5% of the salt.

Because of the increased salt content, health condition may be aggravated. Of course, this is possible with excessive product consumption. It is the opinion that people sitting on a diet should be kept from the use of red caviar due to its high calorie content. In fact, it is nothing more than a myth.

Red caviar sandwiches251 kcal is contained in 100 g of the product, no carbohydrates, and if compared with white bread, in which 242 kcal per 100 g and 49 g of carbohydrates, then not such a big difference. Nutritionists argue that the use of a product in pure form on a weight gain will not affect, but if you will complement it with such products as white bread and butter, then your fears are justified.

According to taste

The caviar of red fish largely has similar good taste characteristics, but there are differences.

Did you know? The taste of the product depends on the location of the catch. The most delicate is the product produced on Sakhalin, perhaps due to the production directly in the salty sea, which does not give the cheekbones.

Taste the following caviar:

  1. Busy . It differs from others not only in a saturated-red color, but also an extraordinary taste, she is inherent in a slight mustard.
  2. Gorbushi. . Each Iikrinka is amazing, or, as experts say, universal taste.
  3. Keti. . Soft, gentle cream taste. Ikrinka do not need food in the mouth do not need products that follow the taste (can be served without butter).
  4. Trout . The product is inherent in an unusual taste with light mustard and fish aftertaste.
  5. Kizhi . She is inherent in a bitter taste.
  6. Chaviki. . It has a delicate taste, with a light shade of bitterness.

Red caviar of different fish


The price policy on the world market depends on the type of fish, volume and containers in which the caviar is sold.

The prices below are exemplary, and running can be 2-3 times:

  • 250 g of the pink salmon described product will cost 690 rubles, and for 500 g, you need to spend 1600 rubles;
  • Keta caviar, the same weight, will cost 800 rubles, and a jar weighing 500 g will cost 2430 rubles.

Did you know? Every year, about a million tons of red caviar are sold on the world market. This is especially a great revenue brings the coastal regions, including Russia.

What caviar better

What caviar is better - this is a controversial question. How many people, so many opinions. One like a gentle-creamy taste of the kace, another likes will have a light shade of bitterness inherent in trout, a quiz or the cholar.

Eats caviar

The article presents a comparison of caviar of several fish Family Family in different characteristics. Each person chooses suitable for himself in size and taste. Many noted that it is good and expensive not always connected. Someone is important than iconic size, other smell, third - aftertaste. The main thing is that this delicacy has a special taste, and it is not difficult to choose a preferred option.

What fish is better than a busy or quiet

Family of salmon fish species includes many varieties that have their own names. Each representatives of this family has both advantages and disadvantages. Despite this, salmon are of great interest to humanity, since they are a source of food. They are caught in huge quantities, and on an industrial scale. This article will talk about the Kizhche and Nark. Here, the features of each of them will be described in detail.

What is the difference between Kizhuhu from his host?

Kizhuhuy is considered to be a huge representative of Pacific salmon and is able to gain weight up to 15 kg, with a length of up to 1 meter. This fish has a characteristic bright appearance, which provides her bright scales of a light shade. At the same time, it has a big head, where the large top of the mouth and the high-raised forehead stands out.

Moving in the thickness of the water, the quirium radiates bright white and silver tones. The upper area of ​​the head is characterized by a bluish or greenish tint. On both sides of the body of the fish are black spots, slightly incorrect configuration.

The squad is also a representative of a family of salmon fish, but has a smaller weight and a smaller size in length: the length can reach 80 cm, and the weight is not more than 5 kg. The appearance of the narki is closer in shape to such fish as a ket, but it has a smaller number of stamens located on the gills.

Where are Kizhche and Nerki dwell?

Cy quian habitat area:

  1. One of the varieties of Kizhi, as a rule, prefers the Asian continent, or rather the Anadyr River. In addition, this fish is found to Hoydako.
  2. Another of the varieties of the cozy, in huge quantities is closer to the North American coast, namely - in the Pacific Ocean. Here he prefers a plot from the California coast and to the Alaska itself. At the same time, it should be noted that North American Kizhuhu is a few more than its Asian fellow.
  3. It will spawn spawningly only on the fourth year of life, but freshwater representatives are sent to sporsleys already on the 3rd year of life.
  4. Kizhuhu is sent to freshwater rivers at the beginning of June and lasts this period until December of the month. In this regard, it can be divided into summer, autumn and winter. Summer Kizhuho spawn in August, the autumn - in October, and the winter - in early January. Kizhuho spawn only in rivers and in no case in the lakes.

Habit Network Area Next:

  1. Very often it meets near the shores of Eastern and Western Kamchatka.
  2. Alaska, the River Hunting and Tuy, are also favorite places of nurses.

Catching a busy is possible and amateur gears, but only after the permissions received for it. The fact is that due to non-controlled catch of this fish, its reserves decreased significantly.

Useful composition of cozy meat and nurses

Useful composition of cozy meat and nurses

The composition of Kiju meat includes the following useful elements:

  1. The presence of vitamins as B1 and B2 makes the meat of fish twisted indispensable for any rations.
  2. It also includes trace elements, such as potassium, calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, fluorine and sodium. Without such trace elements, the normal life of the human body is impossible.
  3. Kizhi meat can use everything from Mala to Great, but in certain doses. Despite this, Kizhi meat is not considered dietary.

The meat of one is distinguished by the presence of such beneficial substances:

  1. The following vitamins were found in the meat of society: A, B1, B2, B12, E and PP.
  2. In addition to the presence of vitamins, in the meat of societies contains trace elements: chrome, zinc, potassium and sodium.
  3. When the meat is used, the state of the skin, the nervous system and the digestive tract is optimized. This meat is useful for diabetics, since its use leads to a decrease in blood sugar.
  4. The composition of the meat of the society includes fluorine and phosphoric acid, which contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Taste Characteristics Kizhi and Narki

  1. Kizhić meat is considered the most delicious and sophisticated. In this regard, it is used in various culinary dishes of high kitchen, as well as in the recipes of home owners.
  2. The meat of one is characterized by peculiar, bright taste, especially in conditions when it is prepared with an increased salt content.

Contraindications to the use of Kizhi and Narki

Contraindications to the use of Kizhi and Narki

Despite the exclusive benefits, Kizhi and Narki meat, it is not recommended to eat some categories of people who have health problems. For example:

  1. In the presence of gastritis.
  2. In the presence of cholecystitis.
  3. In case of stomach diseases.
  4. With hepatitis.
  5. In the presence of renal failure.
  6. With liver diseases.
  7. When allergic and personal intolerance of fish meat.

It is not recommended to use fatty fish to women in the last period of pregnancy, as well as when feeding a child with breasts.

Kizhcho or Nerque: What kind of fish is fat?

100 grams of Kiju meat contains up to 48% fat, and in the same 100 grams of narki meat - 40% fat, which is slightly, but less. Therefore, we can safely say that the meat of the Kizhi is fat.

Ikra Kizhi and Narki: Which one is tastier?

Coin Kizhi and Narki

Narki Ikrinka have an average value and is characterized by the presence of a bright red shade. If the caviar of the bus is sleeping, then it will turn out quite tasty, but bitterness will be present in it.

Kizhi's eggs have smaller sizes and in the raw form they do not have a pronounced taste. If it is sleeping, then with salt, caviar gets a gentle pleasant taste. Outward cazyuch cawrore is more pale and does not differ in bright color. Based on the opinions of lovers and connoisseurs of this product, Kizhi's cawrore is more pleasant to taste, compared with the caviar of the bus.

Recipes of making Kizhi and Narki

Recipes of making Kizhi and Narki

Kizhuhuh is preparing for the following technologies:

  1. It can be frying on fire on the semblance of kebabs. Many fans of kebabs, trying the kijuch prepared by such technology, prefer not to kebab from meat, and kebab from the coach.
  2. Preparation of steaks from Kizhi in the oven or grilled.
  3. In addition, the Kizhuhu is pretty tasty in salty form, pickled, canned, smoked and just boiled.

Cooking Narki is possible in the following ways:

  1. Nerka is extremely tasty if you jump.
  2. No less tasty it is in salt form. At the same time, the amount of salt should be optimal and strictly fit the recipe.
  3. Nerque is subject to baking.
  4. It is recommended to cook for a couple.

Grilled beef steaks

Grilled beef steaks

To do this, you need to stock in the appropriate ingredients. For example:

  • It will take a white dry wine or champagne.
  • The cozy steaks will be required.
  • Salt.
  • Red pepper.
  • Seasoning.

How preparing:

  1. Prepare steaks from Kizhi, cutting it across the carcass. The thickness of them should be at least 3 cm, otherwise they will not be juicy. From the head and tail of the Kizhius, the delicious and useful ear is brewed, so it should not be thrown away.
  2. The steaks are gently and carefully rubbed by seasoning, after which they are laid out on the grill.
  3. Steaks are preparing about 10 minutes. In the process of cooking, fish meat regularly turns over.
  4. After cooking, the steak is irrigated with lemon juice, which refreshes the taste of the fish.
  5. To the table this dish is served with greens and vegetables. In addition, it is recommended to drink wine of the brand that was used in the cooking process. It is preferable to eat steaks in warmth, so they are much tastier.

Ear from Kizhi

Ear from Kizhi

As mentioned above, the head and the tail should not be thrown away, because they can be added to the ear. This dish is cooked from the whole fish: there is no different difference in cooking technology. Just when using a whole carcass of Kizhić in the soup there will be more meat.

For cooking, you need to have:

  • Carcass Kizhi.
  • Potatoes.
  • Onion.
  • Pepper.
  • Salt.
  • Semal camp.
  • Bay leaf.
  • Carrot.
  • Parsley.
  • Dill.

How to cook the ear: a sequence of actions:

  1. Carcass can be seed and washed with flowing water.
  2. The carcass is divided into suitable pieces.
  3. It takes 3 liters of water, put on fire and is brought to a boil. After that, fish is placed in a container with this water and cooked on a slow fire for about 30 minutes.
  4. While the fish is brewed, vegetables are prepared: 3 potatoes are taken, three bulbs and one carrot.
  5. Potatoes and onions are crushed into cubes and added to the broth.
  6. Carrot is crushed on the grater and also falls asleep there.
  7. For a legend of the dish of greater delicates and the shade to it is added half a cup of mankey.
  8. The ear will pepper and salts to taste.
  9. 5 minutes before complete readiness, a bay leaf is added, as well as chopped dill and parsley.
  10. As the ear is welded, most lovers of this dish are recommended to leave it for half an hour so that it is blown.

The ear is consumed in food with greens and only in warm form. So it is the most delicious.


The Kizhuhi fish uses much greater demand, rather than nurses, as evidenced by prices in the fish markets. As a rule, Kizhuhu is more expensive than the bus in almost three times. Therefore, choosing a fish product for yourself, you should stop your choice on the qizhuh. In addition, most nutritionists claim that Kizhuhu is more useful than society.

If we speak in general, especially about the use of fish dishes, then they must be present in the human diet constantly, regardless of whether the Kizhuch is either nurser.

On New Year's holidays, it is customary to decorate the table with a red caviar. However, do not everyone know that the beautiful name on the label "Callery Salmon Grainy" is only a common name for caviar of different fish species. To make it easier for you to make a choice, tell me today, what caviar is considered the most useful and tasty.

What is the callery caviar

We understand in red calamity: how it differs and how to choose the most useful and delicious

Perhaps someone may seem that the whole red caviar is the same. However, it is not. Each species is different: starting from taste and ending with the color and size of the cheek.

Ikra Gorbushi

Most often you can find on sale. She has Delicate taste With barely catchy notching bitterness. Ikrinka medium size (3-5 mm), bright orange. Thanks to the gentle wall, the eggs are easily bursting in the mouth. It is worth noting that too big eggs say that caviar Overrearia And is not the highest quality.

Icra of Narki.

It has Spicy taste with mustard. Ikrinka are small enough (only 2-3 mm). Due to the predominance in the diet of a certain crayon, her caviar and meat have a bright red-orange color.

Kizhi caviar

The taste of caviar is distinguished by special piquancy, as in it Mustard prevails. Due to the fact that the catch of Kizhi is limited, caviar is not easy to meet on sale. Therefore, the price is appropriate. The color of the iconic closer to the burgundy, the density is average.

Caviar trouta

Since the trout is now actively growing, the caviar of this fish is not a scarce product, so it can often be found on store shelves. The size of the iconic is the same as in the bush (2-3 mm), the mustard is also dominated in taste.

Keti caviar

Delicious product creamy taste without any bitterness. Icres Keta are the largest eggs (5-6 mm), which means that it is more juicy, literally melting in the mouth.

What caviar is the most delicious and useful

We understand in red calamity: how it differs and how to choose the most useful and delicious

Red caviar has the following beneficial properties:

  • Immunity increase: Red caviar is rich in fatty acids Omega-3 and 6, which are saturated and strengthen the body. All this forms the protective functions of the body and helps it cope with various infections.
  • Strengthening the nervous system and brain: Red caviar is rich in such a trace element as lecithin, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain and the nervous system.
  • Rejuvenation: Microelements contained in Icrea contribute to the development of collagen, which is involved in skin regeneration and improves its condition.

It is believed that the most delicious caviar must have the largest eggs, because they have a lot of juice. That is why many choose Keti caviar. In our assortment Online store Fish2O.ru Presented a magnificent caviar Keta. It has a delicate creamy taste, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

At the same time, Kizhi's cazhur is the leader in the usefulness and content of vitamins. It has the greatest number of different useful trace elements. For example, it is especially rich in Vitamin D. which is necessary for the development of bone tissue, normal operation of the thyroid gland and control blood pressure. However, the taste of cazyuch caviar will appreciate the connoisseurs, because not everyone likes the mustard characteristic of her.

Speaking about what caviar the most delicious, the exact answer is unlikely to succeed, because there is no taste and color - no comrades. If we talk about benefits, all kinds of red caviar are rich in vitamins. But still the maximum benefit from cawrous caviar. In taste, the caviar of the Keti leads.

What red caviar do you like?

We understand in red calamity: how it differs and how to choose the most useful and delicious

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The benefits and harm of rabbit meat

Icra - the product is not only delicious, but also useful. Possession of the nutritional value, excellent qualities of taste and rather rather big value refers it to the category of delicacies. The regularity of its consumption will provide the human body with the substances and microelements for it, will have a fascinating effect.

To determine the question - what caviar is the most delicious and useful, make a comparison of oscra of kaces with caviar of humpback, narki and cozhi.

You can purchase Icra Salmon  и Ikra Gorbushi  On our product database. 

Differences of caviar of different fish

The most famous and favorite species of delicacies from salmon fish are red caviar from Keta, humpbacks, societies and cozhi. Any of them has a number of their features - size, taste, value. Having understood in this in more detail, you can see what their differences consist.

Keti caviar

Ikrinka of this type of large size. Remind balls of the right shape with a diameter of up to 7 mm. Orange color, usually homogeneous. The shell is strong. It is necessary to make an effort to break it, therefore the product remains for a long time. Changer Keti distinguishes the tenderness of taste. It may lightly feel bitterness that does not spoil her taste at all.

The nutritional value per 100 g of the product is:

  • Calories - 249 kcal;
  • Proteins - 31.5 g;
  • Fats - 13.2 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 1 g;
  • Food fibers - 1 g;
  • Water - 46.9

The benefits and harm of rabbit meat

The composition is rich and diverse. These are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, E, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, iodine.

It benefits for the human body:

  1. enhances immunity
  2. is the prevention of atherosclerosis,
  3. makes tight bones
  4. restores eyesight
  5. reduces the risk of thrombosis, heart and vascular diseases,
  6. Red ketto caviar enriches blood hemoglobin,
  7. The body leads to the tone.

It is recommended to use after diseases or operational interventions to accelerate recovery.

At the humpback caviar, the middle size, reaches 5 mm in diameter. The color of the light orange, the shell is thin and weak. The taste is universal, has a barely noticeable taste of bitterness.

The nutritional value per 100 g of the product is:

  • Calories - 230 kcal;
  • Proteins - 30.6 g;
  • Fats - 11.5 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 1 g;
  • Food fibers - 0 g;
  • Water - 49.7 g

The benefits and harm of rabbit meat

Amino acids and fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the main components of caviar. Iodine and lipids, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, group vitamins B and A, E, D, K are substances with which it is rich.

  1. The original composition of the humpback caviar favorably affects the main systems of the human body.
  2. Proteins are fully absorbed, exchange processes are improved by their account, the rate of cholesterol in the blood is regulated.
  3. The rich content of vitamins leads to improved vision, the vessels become more elastic, the blood circulation increases.
  4. With regular use of the product, the nervous system is strengthened, stress resistance increases, brain activity and memory improves.
  5. Accelerated the action of skin updates, it becomes younger and healthy.
  6. Immunity increases.

Icra of Narki.

Ikrinka Neri small, up to 4 mm. Have a rich, bright color. Usually it is dark red nuclei with a soft shell. To taste - bitter, has a distinct smell of fish.

The nutritional value per 100 g of the product is:

  • Calories - 245 kcal;
  • Proteins - 32 g;
  • Fats - 13 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 0 g;
  • Food fibers - 0 g;
  • Water - 0

The benefits and harm of rabbit meat

In its composition it is characterized by a huge set of vitamins and minerals. It includes iron, fluorine, zinc, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, RR, C, D, K.

  1. Isra of Narki is a natural antioxidant.
  2. Of particular importance is for the proper functioning of the nervous system and the digestive system.
  3. Rights the amount of glucose in the blood.
  4. Phosphoric acid and fluoride are involved in the formation of enzymes affecting a human skeleton, the composition of its tissues.

Kizhi caviar

The diameter of the oscillage of the cozy 3-5 mm. The color is sharply different from other species, it will not be confused with nothing at the expense of a bright burgundy color. Notice a taste of bitterness.

The nutritional value per 100 g of the product is:

  • Calories - 166.2 kcal;
  • Proteins - 24.2 g;
  • Fat - 8.2 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 0 g;
  • Food fibers - 0 g;
  • Water - 0

The benefits and harm of rabbit meat

It is enriched with a set of vitamins, especially vitamin D. is saturated with folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, fatty acids, iron, iodine. It affects the production of hormones - endorphine and serotonin. And this is the key to a good mood and a positive life mood.

Useful functions for the human body:

  1. Enhances protective functions,
  2. improves blood circulation
  3. normalizes metabolism
  4. affects the formation of bad cholesterol, serves as prevention of atherosclerosis,
  5. activates the brain work,
  6. reduces the possibility of oncology,
  7. Healing effect on the skin and eyesight.

What good and more useful?

People tastes vary. This also applies to what caviar will be tastier for each individual. In order to make a choice, you can compare all types of product among them by their taste properties.

  1. The product from Keta has a wonderful taste and aroma. Its distinctive quality is that it contains a lot of fat, which cannot but affect her taste. Ikrinka dense and rigid, do not spread when used. They have the property longer remain fresh.
  2. At caviar humpback taste - deep and easy. The most significant difference is the absence of a characteristic bitter taste. Grains smaller cake icons.
  3. Narki caviar has an ordinary taste, a light mustard is felt in the aftertaste. Can push the consumer with its sharp odor.
  4. Kizhi caressing caviar. It has a pronounced bitter taste.

If you compare all kinds, then we can conclude that the calf and pink salmon caviar is considered the delicious. The reason for this is their universal taste. At the same time, they do not have a bright taste of bitterness. For these reasons, Keta and Gorbushi caviar are the most popular species, they are most often used by covering the table during holidays and celebrations.

When question - what caviar is more useful, the answer is unequivocal. The most useful can be called Czyro caviar. It is richer to saturate useful substances. Her eggs have a small size, so the fish supplies each grain with a maximum of useful elements. This is a rare kind of caviar, takes a leading place in the ranking.

Today in Russia there is practically no festive table without red caviar. Demand traditionally gives rise to an excuse, and the choice of this product in stores is simply huge, for every taste and wallet. The only nuance is that you need to learn how to choose this delicacy, because not all the products presented in the modern market has excellent quality. In addition, not all even high-quality caviar has the same nutritional value, therefore it is important to understand, the caviar of which fish is better and more useful.

Caviar Which Red Fish is better and what the differences of species

Not all caviar connoisseurs are aware of how much of its varieties exists in nature. And, of course, they all differ among themselves by the type of "carrier", under which the spawning fish is meant. And yes, it is worth reminding once again that salmon is not a fish, but the conventional name of all kinds of salmon family, which there is a lot.


One of the most delicious types of caviar at Keta.

The distinctive characteristics of this variety - a rather large size, often reaching 6 mm in diameter, amber-orange color with a visually pronounced spot-embryo and a dense shell, because of which not all lovers choose exactly the ketto caviar, although it is not inferior in taste quality Not another.

Keta red caviar

Ketty caviar large, saturated orange color. To taste, she will give odds to the calas of any other salmon fish.


Perhaps one of the most common types of caviar with a pleasant, closer to the neutral, taste, medium size, most often not exceeding 5 mm, and saturated orange. It is noteworthy that the shell of this variety is less dense that, on the one hand, adds points to it, and with the other, it helps the formation of the Jus (flowing from the burst contents of contents).

The widespread distribution of the delicacious product is due to the fact that the pink salmon is considered to be the most fruit fish in the family.

Pinkish caviar in a wooden spoon

Caviar at the humpback is less dense, as well, and bad at the same time. On the one hand, it is softer, and on the other, the fragile, because of what the eggs are bursting and forming a JUS


Seeing the fine-grained caviar of bright red color, you should not hurry with conclusions, suspecting a fake, because, most likely, in front of you, the product obtained from the bus. By the way, this is one of the rarest guests in the Russian market, as this cold-water fish is found predominantly off the coast of Alaska and its importance to the territory of Russia is punished by law, being officially prohibited.

Icra of Narki.

Caviar Narki is a rare guest in the Russian market. Its distinctive characteristic is a rich red color and small caliber


A very good caviar and this kind of salmon - rather small (up to 4 mm), saturated red (closer to burgundy) color and tangible spicy mustard. At the same time, this species is the most useful, nutritious, and because in demand among the experts.

Cy Ukralish Caviar in Plastic Tare

Caviar at the Kizhi small, saturated ruby ​​color, with a light mustard. But its main advantage is not in taste, although it is also good, but in the composition that is rightfully considered the most useful


The most budget, but this is no less interesting option. The size of the icon is completely small - every single pair of millimeters in diameter, and there is such a caviar of two colors - yellow and saturated ruby. Among other features are a specific bitterness in taste, although this circumstance does not specifically spoil the product, consistently having many admirers.

Caviar trout in cast iron coxnot

In its own way, the caviar trout. And despite its inherent bitterness, many connoisseurs prefer precisely this kind

How to choose the most delicious and high-quality caviar

As they say, there is no taste and color of comrades, but you can try to choose the best caviar. And here, rather, it is not in the form of fish, but in individual preferences of buyers, as well as manufactured by product manufacturers.

Some secrets on choosing this delicious delicacy still have.

And this is that it is strongly recommended to pay attention to the purchase:

  • Production date. It is important to remember that salmon-shaped spawn from May to November (less often December). And only an indication of any month from this range may say that the caviar was preserved in a freshly plenty. All the rest of the freezing is different and can not be. And such a caviar is very inferior to the summer (ideally of the August), often losing its integrity and highlighting a large number of Jus.
  • Tara. The best option is, of course, a glass bank, provided that it was not stored under the influence of direct sunlight, fully neutralizing useful properties. Iron banks are also nothing, however, through them it is almost impossible to estimate the quality of the content (except the approximate volume of the juse) by ear. But in the plastic it is better to take only freshly-walked wearing caviar, because long in such a container seafood cannot be stored.
  • Marking. It is important to check all the data starting from the date of manufacture and expiration date, ending with the manufacturer, composition and production standards (GOST or TU).

The composition is especially an important point, because high-quality products must contain only two components - actually the calves itself and salt. Well, maybe another 1-2 famous preservative, but nothing else! As for the sample, it is usually such an opportunity only when purchasing a commodity product.

Samples of red caviar in numbered plastic spoons

Rating of the best red caviar 2021 in Russia

Everyone knows that the caviar must be a whole, have the same size and allocate the minimum amount of JUS. At the same time, these knowledge is clearly not enough, and in order to understand which caviar to choose, so that it is not only delicious, beautiful, but also useful, safely, it is worth studying buying feedback from Ozzovik and a rating of independent expertise Roskontrol, who recommended For acquisition, only the 4th brands of the manufacturer known in Russia.


Price - 564 rubles. For 100 g

The first-class humpback caviar, which in the course of the study completely proved its safety, without having in the composition exceeding the normal toxins and other potentially hazardous substances. It was not here and frequently used in the preservation of urotropin caviar, as well as excess of harmful acids.

The experts and taste qualities of caviar were quite high, as a result of which she was assigned 72 points out of 100 possible.

Red caviar "Meridian"

Chang Grainy Red "Meridian"


  • Delicious natural caviar;
  • High-quality packaging - medium icers of the same size;
  • Reliable packaging and price.


  • Light mustard in the aftertaste.

"Russian Sea"

Price - 451 rubles. For 100 g

And again Ikra Gorbushi, according to experts, the organoleptic qualities of which correspond to the I grade. Products were also recognized as completely safe, useful and rather tasty. Full compliance was demonstrated and marked with the composition - everything is how it was indicated by the manufacturer. As a result, this caviar 72 points received.

Red caviar "Russian Sea"

Caviar Grain Salmon "Russian Sea"


  • delicious caviar;
  • The perfect size of each eggs, a total consistency;
  • the optimal ratio of the amount of salt to the calamity;
  • Affordable price tag.


  • Sometimes there is a light bitterness in taste;
  • Someone the product seems saved.

"Red Gold"

Price - 456 rubles. For 100 g

This product was able to score 68 points out of 100, which is explained uncharacteristic to caviar hubby taste of bitterness and a rather high content of potentially harmful acid fat. In general, this did not prevent experts to recommend delicacy, as a safe, non-toxic natural product without urotropin and other preservatives. Yes, and the species of fish corresponds to the label.

Caviar Red "Red Gold"

Caviar salmon grainy "Red Gold"


  • Pretty tasty caviar, if you do not pay attention to the mustard;
  • relatively natural composition;
  • hermetic jar with a convenient key;
  • Low cost.


  • The inconsistency of the mass fraction of acid fat is given in marking;
  • There are not in all stores.

"Made in the sea"

Price - 393.5 rubles. For 100 g

Ends the rating of the most affordable caviar of the humpback, which was supplied 67 points for its 100% security and excellent organoleptic qualities. To the measure of salted, without dyes and preservatives, with the appropriate actual mass of the net, this product has only one disadvantage - a large number of juse and crushed eggs.

Red caviar "Made into the sea"

Caviar salmon grainy "Made in the sea"


  • Delicious natural humpback caviar;
  • optimal ambassador;
  • External attractiveness of the product.


  • Once at times you do not have, and it is often encountered by poor-quality products, and even falsification;
  • Small size of iconic;
  • Sometimes caviar acquires too stray taste.

It is worth noting that the choice of products in the segment under consideration is not so impressive as it could seem initially. At least, with high-quality positions, it is in this way that, although, from a small amount of quality products, you can choose the one that will perfectly complement a festive lunch.

Comparative characteristic of red caviar.


  • Red caviar: what happens and how is different?
  • What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?
  • What red caviar is better: big or small?
  • Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?
  • Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?
  • The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?
  • Video: Red caviar

Red caviar - Delicates, which is valued with its chemical and energy value. Now in stores a huge amount of such a product, and caviar differs not only at the price, but also to taste. The chemical composition is also distinguished. In this article we will tell, what caviar is the most delicious and useful.

Red caviar: what happens and how is different?

Now on the shelves in the shops of the most delicious and useful, red caviar is considered. It has a pleasant delicate taste and a small bitterness. The cost of the product depends on the variety of fish and taste. Also on the price of the product affects the amount of fish caught. The more rare species, the more expensive the caviar.

Red caviar get from the fish family of salmon. Now about 6 species that are used for product production:

  • Chavilla . This is one of the most expensive varieties of red caviar. This is due to the fact that the fish is listed in the Red Book. The size of the iconic is the largest, about 7 mm. In this case, the product is characterized by light bitterness. Find goods on store shelves is almost impossible due to limited quantity. You can find this kind of caviar in Primorye.
  • Pink salmon. The most common view in Russia. It is found in any supermarket at a fairly democratic price. Taste neutral. The ikrinka themselves differ in the oil structure and burst with stirring. Product color bright orange.
  • Keta. In our country, the caviar of this fish is considered to be festive. It is believed to the class of suite, as the balls hold the shape and do not burst with stirring. In this case, taste can be with light bitterness.
  • Red salmon. In Russia, there are not so many caviar of this fish. This is due to a small amount of transportation. The taste of caviar is spicy enough. It is distinguished by bitter and slightly sharp taste.
  • Kicheh. Inexpensive caviar, as the size of the icon is small, and the taste is slightly grieved.
  • Trout. The caviar of this fish is distinguished by a pleasant bitter taste and a small size. It is found for sale often at a democratic price.
Red caviar: what happens and how is different?
Red caviar: what happens and how is different?

What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?

All red caviar is obtained from fish species of salmon, that is, from red fish. As for taste, there is a controversial question here, because everyone likes his own. The most interesting thing is that the whole salmon caviar differs in size. Icra Chavochi is considered the most expensive, because the fish is very rare and its catch on an industrial scale is prohibited. At the same time, the size of the cheek is the largest and reaches 7 mm. The taste of this caviar is neutral.

The benefits of red caviar:

  • Enhances immunity. This product contains unsaturated fatty acids. They help improve immunity, increase hemoglobin and organism resistance to various infections.
  • Improves skin condition. This product is ideal for fine sex representatives. The fact is that caviar improves the condition of the skin, making it more elastic and young. Promotes the restoration of normal skin fat.
  • Prevents the appearance of Rakhita. A lot of vitamin D is a lot of vitamin D. It helps better assisted with calcium, preventing bone fragility. It uses the product, women after 50 years.
  • Improved vision. Icra contains vitamin A, which helps people who have bad eyesight.
  • Improves the nervous system. Due to the high content of fatty acids, the caviar helps to cope with stress and nerve disorders.
What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?
What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?

What red caviar is better: big or small?

It all depends on the preferences of the buyer. It is believed that the most delicious and expensive caviar with the large size of the eggs. The most popular can be considered to the Keta caviar. It is not the cheapest, but it has a neutral taste and a pleasant aroma. Does not grieved and perfectly holds the form. Irk size of such fish 5 mm. The smallest - trout, but not everyone likes her taste, as bitterness is often observed.

What red caviar is better: big or small?
What red caviar is better: big or small?

Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?

Of course, the cost of hostility above, rather than caviar humpbacks. This is due to the fact that there are not so many product in Russia. At the same time, the cost of transportation costs are reflected. But the pink salmon is more neutral to taste, and does not have a bitter taste. But the ICC is a spike - spicy, is distinguished by a little sharpness and bitterness. Regarding use, the energy value and the composition of the products are similar. Icra has a smaller and useful. Due to the small size of the grains, the fish is forced to saturate each eggs with a mass of the useful substances.

Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?
Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?

Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?

The taste and cost of these types of caviar is different. For the inhabitants of our country, Keta caviar is more familiar. Its taste is neutral, without a pronounced mustard. At the same time, the size of the eggs is large, but the shell is solid. Despite the small grain size (2-3 mm), the cazyuch caviar is more useful. It has more vitamins and minerals than in the Keta Icre. This is due to the small size. The taste is quite piquant and bitter. If you are looking for a product for a feast, the perfect version will be the Keta caviar.

Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?
Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?

The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?

The keys and keti caviar is considered the largest. Ikrine size reaches 7 mm. It is customary to consider Kichuga and Trouta caviar itself. Grain size is 2-3 mm.

The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?
The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?

As you can see not all red caviar is the same. It is characterized by taste quality and nutritional value. It is recommended to eat no more than 3 sandwiches with a product for all feast.

Video: Red caviar

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