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PG-445 Cartridge Refill (Black) and CL-446 (Color) for Canon Pixma MG2540S, MG2545S, MG2540, MG2545S, MG2540, TS304, IP2840, MG2940, MX494, TR4540, MG2545, TS204 is made similar to other Systems on 2 cartridges . It is better to make the refueling before the inks are completely over (at a level of about 30%) - this is at times extended the life of a short-lived printing head of 2-cartridge printers.

You will need:


one. Remove the sticker from the top of the cartridges.

2. Expand the holes for refueling the drill, a knife or selection so that the needle of the syringe is free to go there. You can extend anything if used to refuel insulin syringe (its needle is so thin, which is easily entered into the available hole)

3. Dial in the ink syringe of the desired color, enter the needle by 1.5-2 cm. In the hole and slowly squeeze the ink (see Figure with the color arrangement scheme). Do not hurry - ink should be soaked into the filler. If after refueling the ink will spontaneously flow from the bottom of the cartridge or start to perform from the refueling hole, press it back 0.5-1 ml. paints.

CANON PG-445 and CL-446 cartridge refill

four. Start a sticker back or use tape instead. Please note: it is necessary to glue to the same place so that the air canal on the cover (the track in the form of a snake) has a way out. If you do not stick the lid, the ink can flow spontaneously. If you make it so that the aircraft will be completely closed, the ink will not be able to flow out of the cartridge.

After refueling and installing the cartridge, the printer may not start printing, reporting that the cartridge has already been in use. In this case, you need to keep the "Cancel" button - a triangle in a red circle, after that the device will allow printing, but the ink level will not be displayed.

For a more convenient refueling, you can buy a refueling set for Canon MG2540, MG2840, MG2540, MG2940, MX494 with a special platform through which you can pump cartridges after refueling. It will also help solve the problem of entering the air or drying ink. And you can buy separately only the stand for pumping cartridges PG-445, CL-446.

Links to other models, see the general article "How to fix CANON Cartridge".

Reading the article

Reading time: 3.5 minutes

Are you the owner of the Canon inkjet printer and want to cut trips to print? Then you need to learn them. About how to do this we will tell in this article.

To refill the cartridge of the house will be needed:

  • Ink of the desired colors and type (pigment or water-soluble).
  • Medical syringes with thin needles;
  • disposable rubber gloves;
  • Dry napkins and wool;
  • Sewing needle or awl.

The process of refueling

  • Prepare the work surface - check the table with newspapers;
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer;
  • Carefully (in the future it will be used again) Discover the protective sticker; under the sticker you will see one (in the black cartridge) or several (color cartridge) circles. Each circle indicates the number of colors.
  • In each circle, a needle or seer needs a hole sufficient for the needle from the syringe and air outlet. When you try to work with the cartridge, do not touch the contacts and nozzles.
  • Dress gloves and type in ink syringe;
  • Insert the needle of the syringe into the hole and smoothly fill in the ink cartridge. The needle does not go too far. By negligence, you can damage the membrane.

Use your syringe for each color.

IMPORTANT: When refueling, we recommend keeping a syringe at an angle of about 45 degrees. This will secure the print head (if any) from damage.

What color to start in the color cartridge?

There are no clear rules to this account, but we recommend that sequence:

Yellow - Red - Blue

Color scheme refueling cartridge

The figure shows one of the color scheme options, but in your printer, it may differ, so it is better to get better with the documentation for the device.

IMPORTANT: Ink is better not to be disliked than to pour!

  • Upon completion, wipe the cartridge with a dry cloth. If necessary, if the contacts stained with their alcohol.
  • Stick the sticker back and insert the cartridge to the printer;
  • Make test print. If the results are not satisfactory, then clean the head programmate.

Sometimes cleaning through the drivers does not help. This is usually happening at a simple printer (from 2 weeks or more). In such a situation, the head can be cleaned manually

After the first refueling, the printer continues to issue an error that the ink is completed and to continue printing, it is necessary to replace the cartridge.

In the CANON printer with 2 cartridges, you can disable ink level control. For this:

  • Go to the control panel and select the "Printer" icon;
  • In the menu that opens, find "Properties" and the "Service" tab
  • In the "Printer Problem Information", click the "Parameters" button and remove the "Tick" in the "Display Warning automatically" row.

Now the warning window will no longer appear.

When the cartridges are more than two, then you can reset using the IPTool or MPToo utilities (for IP and MP printers), or the following way (for MP models):

  • Turn off the device by clicking on "Power".
  • Turn on the printer with the same button, while holding down the "Resume" button (red triangle in the circle). If everything is done correctly, the indicator will be green.
  • Release the "Resume" button, while continue to hold "POWER".
  • Not releasing the "POWER" button, click on the "Resume" button 2 times and release both buttons simultaneously.
  • After that, click 4 times on "Resume".
  • Click on the "Power" button.

Features of refueling

Since the cartridges of 445/446, which are set in the Canon Pixma budget printers (MG2440, 2540, 2450, 2550), are not initially filled with ink to all their volume, their refill is already needed soon after purchasing technology.

You can purchase original consumables with an XL mark on a label, the resource of which is enough for 400 monochrome pages or 300 color, but it is worth such a set of slightly less than the printer itself. To save, you can install CSS or learn how to fill the cartridge yourself.

If the color dye ended, and you need to print the monochrome text, you can go to the Canon My Printer program, go to "Printer Settings" - "Maintenance" - "Cartridge Parameters", choose "only black".

Such settings will print several black and white pages and extra time to learn to maintain a re-installed cartridge at home.

When you need to fill

  1. Bad color reproduction. On the printed page there is no one or more color.
  2. Low print quality. On pages are visible skipping, blurred areas. Before refueling can help in normal printing cleaning print head (hereinafter PG).
  3. Wear inkwell. Starting cartridges 445, 446 with chips can print 180-200 sheets, option "LongLife" - up to 400 pages, then a complete replacement is required.
  4. Insufficient ink level. Making refueling with the amount of dye 20-30% of the maximum volume, you can extend the service life of the GHG. When ink is enough, the cartridge overheats less.

What instruments need

  1. Syringe (10 ml) with thin needle - 4 pcs.
  2. Dry napkins or paper towel.
  3. CANON INK-MATE ink (50 or 100 ml) - 1 set.

Expansion of holes

Enlarge holes are necessary for several reasons.

  1. Little air intake size. Only an insulin syringe needle will be held in it, and the refill of Canon cartridge is carried out with a syringe for 10 cubes. The dye is recommended to pour at once to prevent additional damage to the filler.
  2. Ensuring normal air circulation. During the refueling between the needle immersed in the camera and the hole walls, there should be free space for air intake to prevent increased pressure that squeezes the paint through the nozzle.
  3. Monitoring the amount of dye fired. Through the extended hole, the level of ink flowed is visible, therefore it is easier to prevent overflow them.

Extension methods:

  • drill a drill with a diameter of 2-4 mm;
  • piercing with a sharp knife or scalpel;
  • burn a hot needle or stationery clip.

With the last method, you need to be extremely careful, there is a chance that a foam adsorber (diaper), which is inside the cartridge may be burned due to elevated temperature. When expanding, you do not need to apply great strength, since the thickness of the cover is not more than 3 mm.

How to fix the cartridge with your own hands

Refueling Canon PG-445 Black (Black)

  1. In the pharmacy buy a regular medical syringe for 10-20 cubes.
  2. You dial in the syringe paint from the can. For one refueling, it is enough to dial 8-10 ml.
  3. Remove the label from the 445 Black container housing. Under the sticker there is a factory hole.
  4. If the needle is too thick, expand the hole.
  5. Insert the needle into a hole by 1-1.5 cm.
  6. Begin slowly injected the black dye, raising the piston of the syringe.
  7. If it is too much ink, reload back.
  8. Wipe the housing with a napkin.
  9. Clay the hole with a label back.

    If the sticker has broken, you can take the usual plaster.

  10. Press the print head cartridge to the napkin. There should be a ink imprint.
  11. The cartridge is installed in the printer.
  12. Specify software through the service menu.

Refill color CANON CL-446

  1. Stop the working surface with old newspapers or paper.
  2. Place the cartridge head down.
  3. Divide the top label.
  4. If the diameter of the hole is too small, expands the tillage, knife, dump or drill.
  5. In the syringe, you dial 3-3.5 ml of dye. For different colors, use a separate syringe.
  6. Introduction to a depth of no more than 1.5 cm at an angle of 45 ° C.
  7. Take care gently pour paint. Alternately fill the capacities of each color. It is important not to confuse the location of the containers. In the colored cartridge, the hole with red paint is located separately from others (from above). Of the two holes located near, left - for blue paint, right - for yellow.

    Flower location

    Different ink can be added to each container, since the printer's operation, different colors can be spent differently.

  8. After refueling the napkin, remove the ink residues from the cartridge housing.
  9. Look at the GHG about the napkin.

How to act after refueling

  1. Wipe the heads of the heads during the installation of the cartridge in the printer. If contacts are wet, closure may occur or brave.
  2. Do not touch the contacts with your hands.
  3. Clean the nozzles programmatically via My Printer. On the "Maintenance" tab, select the Deep Cleaning feature.

Reset ink level

If the charged cartridge is perceived by the printer as empty, make a 15-20-second button plug on the body of the equipment. The button may have a red triangle icon and subscribe a Cancel or Stop.

Notifications about the absence of paint will disappear, and printer continue to print. I need to reset this way as many times as there are cartridges (in our case 2). Only after that the print will resume completely and notify notifications will stop coming. Zeroing is carried out only after the first refueling.

Video by refueling


Check the refueling kit. It costs about 1300-1500 rubles. Such a set greatly simplifies the charging of the cartridge, helps to pump the air that could get inside. The kit includes:

  • Pigment ink InkTec C5050-100MB - 1 bank (100 ml);
  • Inktec C5051 - 3 pcs 100 ml;
  • Cartridge holder for comfortable refueling and cleaning - 2 pcs;
  • Syringe with a needle for refueling through a standard hole - 4 pcs. (10 ml);
  • Syringe - 4 pcs. (1 ml);
  • Medium-sized gloves - 2 pairs;
  • Instructions with illustrations - 1 pc.

You can additionally buy a special stand for refueling, then you do not need to be stuck with the table and newspapers.

Cartridge refill 511 from Canon

How to fix the cartridge 511 from Canon?

You can also compatible with multiple models of printer printer models you can also independently. The main thing is to pre-examine the instructions how to do it right. And today we will tell about compatible with models of Canon MP250, MP280, MP230, IP2700 Cartridge 511 - how to fix it yourself.

The process of refilling cartridges 511 is to start with training. Before you fix the CANON 511 Cartridge at home, you should purchase:

  • - high-quality universal inks;
  • - ordinary syringes, respectively, the number of filled colors;
  • - Stationery knife;
  • - Gloves.

Further, in order to virtually master the process, how to fix the cartridge 511, work space should be organized. With unnecessary newspapers, check the table and then proceed to filling the syringes to fill the cartridge 511, how to refill that read below.

Use electrical appliances just as before, and pay 2 times less!

You can pay for light by 30-50% less depending on what exactly the electrical devices do you use.


Owing gloves, alternately fill each syringe. Having postponing them, remove the consuming from the device according to the instructions attached to it. Further, before referring to the CANON 511 color cartridge, you should remove the sticker with a knife to remove the sticker, under which the holes for refilling cartridges will be. Those who first are interested in how to correct the Sanon consumables, must pay attention to the location of the colors. Taking the 511 color cartridge, where the ink color will be visible in the labels (on top - red, yellow and blue at the bottom left and right, respectively).

Also to those who first clarify how to correct Cartridge Canon 511. It is necessary to independently expand the holes using a hot seer with a diameter that is slightly exceeding the diameter of the needle of the syringe. This is necessary not to be created within the reservoir additional pressure.

Now, in order to correct ink correctly, you need a needle with the paint of the corresponding color label to introduce into the hole, tilting at 45 degrees. Start the process, how to fix the cartridge Canon 511, you need from the delivery of yellow. After it, slowly devastated the syringe with red ink and only after that - blue.

Filling CANON 511 cartridges, it should be remembered that it is better to have a little disadvantaged paint. Therefore, the ink cartridges that have chopped in the process are removed using a paper napkin, and contacts in the case of contamination are cleaned with alcohol.

At the end of the procedure for refueling consumables to Canon printers, stick the sticker to the location, after which you can install the tanks into the device and produce test printing. The same technology of ink supply will be suitable for those who are interested in how Follow CANON cartridge 513 color. Let us tell more in detail how to fix the Cartridge Sanon 511, video:

Each winner of the inkjet printer is inevitably facing the need to refuel its cartridges. Of course, it is wiser to spend it once to spend on the system of continuous supply of ink (SNPH) and then just follow the presence of ink in the capacles.

Most ink cartridges, do not provide refueling after emptying. Nevertheless, this does not mean that 1.5-2 thousand rubles should be extracted from their wallet and buy a new cartridge. If so had to do - no one would buy these printers due to the huge cost of printing.

Today we will look at the process of refueling CANON MG 2540S printer cartridges. First color Cl 446, and then black PG 445.

And at the end of the article, will demonstrate all the above-mentioned video performed on my YouTube channel

How to fix cartridge canon

For this, we do not really need a lot:

- drill with a diameter of 2mm

- Drill or screwdriver

- Ink 4 Banks (colors: black, purple, blue, yellow)

- syringes 4 pieces

How to fix cartridge canon

What ink take? Better of course original. But I, honestly, did not come across. Therefore, it took from what was ... The main thing is that the manufacturer indicates that the ink is suitable for your model. Yes, the seller's advice will not be superfluous.

And so ... the choice is at your discretion ...

How to fix cartridge canon

Let's go further!

Open the lid that gives us access to cartridges. Slightly press down and pull on yourself, as in the photo below.

How to fix cartridge canon

Let's wait until the carriage with the cartridges will be released in this position (in the photo below).

Left - color cartridge, right - black.

How to fix cartridge canon

Withdraw a color cartridge.

Slightly press down on the front edge of the cartridge. Now I pull it on yourself. Extracting without effort.

How to fix cartridge canon

Without unnecessary emotions, we coolly raise the label. No need to tear off. Enough so that you can get access to three filling holes.

How to fix cartridge canon

Each hole is intended for your color: blue, purple (pink) and yellow.

How to fix cartridge canon

We recruit the corresponding inks in the syringe (from 2 to 4 ml). We refuel in colors. Do not confuse, otherwise the print result will surprise you a lot and grieved.

How to fix cartridge canon

After refueling all three colors, we return the cartridge to the place: give forward to the stop, and then raise the front part up to click.

Now remove the black cartridge. The principle of extracting the same as with color.

How to fix cartridge canon

My black cartridge has never registered yet.

To get the opportunity to refuel - you need to make a little refinement.

How to fix cartridge canon

After removing the stickers, you need to drill the hole in one of the cavities with a thin drill. I had a 2-millimeter. But you can and thin. The main thing is that the hole then allowed to enter a syringe needle.

How to fix cartridge canon

Now you dial about 5 ml into the syringe. Ink and ... fill through the hole. After that, the sticker returns to the place.

If the sticker does not stick or you somehow spoiled it, they broke - use the scotch tape or isolen. In any case, the top surface of the cartridge needs to be stuck something so that the ink does not dry.

How to fix cartridge canon

Return the cartridge to the right place, close the lid and ...

How to fix cartridge canon

.... And now you need to press this button for 10 seconds (red triangle in a red circle).

After that, you need to calibrate the cartridges in the software way. This feature is available in each to a printer. Even if you don't do this, the computer itself will notice that you have learned the cartridge and will offer to hold calibration.

Although ... I do not do that. This does not affect printing.

How to fix cartridge canon

But, in fact, the video clip is about this:

CANON cartridge refill is quite under the user, even if he has no appropriate experience or skills. Fill a color or black "consumator" of the inkjet printer is not so difficult, if you know how to do it right, how much ink is needed, have a color arrangement scheme in the cartridge housing.

From this instructions, you will find out what you need for the procedure, features and nuances directly the process itself, what actions should be performed after installing consumables in the printer. Separately, consider the ability to change the type of ink used for printing jet devices Kenon.

What do you need

First of all, you must have refueling options for consumables, because the starting factory systems may not be and have to buy new non-original so that in them can be rewritten to paint. It happens very rarely, but such cases come across.


To purchase the desired ink, it is worth learn the exact name of the model of the printer used. Such information can be specified in many places. Namely: the case of the apparatus, in the same place on the label from the back, on the box, in the instructions for the device. By model, we define the type and number of cartridges. We will not pay attention to the numbers specified on the inkwell themselves. Already according to these data, we select paint.

  • You can buy ink in any computer store. But it is not necessary to save that the print head is not "killed" the printhead or the entire printer. Carefully select only suitable high quality substitutes. We specifically not specify manufacturers not to make advertising.
  • An important point is to replace ink, or rather type, with water-soluble on pigment or vice versa. In some models it is provided, but specialists are not recommended to experiment. Specify this information for your printer on the profile forum.


For the process replenishment process in the CANON printer cartridges will be needed:

  1. Ink, about which we already told in detail above.
  2. Conventional paper white napkins.
  3. Old newspapers or draft A4 format.
  4. Silo or drill a small diameter.
  5. Stationery knife.
  6. Four syringe volume no more than 10 ml.

As an alternative, you can consider special kits for refilling CANON cartridges. It can be a syringes with already scored paints of the required volume with special devices to hold paint during refueling. It will cost it a bit more expensive than just cans with paint, but the thing is indisputable convenient.

Preparation for the process

  1. Choose a flat surface. As a rule, it will be a table or bedside table in the room. Remove from there everything is superfluous, which can prevent refueling or being blurred on time.
  2. Type to each syringe separate color ink. Black 9-10 ml, and color paints of 3-4 ml.
  3. Put them aside.
  4. To remove the cartridges without any problems, you need to know how to open the printer cover. Best of all this process is described in the instructions for your model. If, lifting the cover, the carriage will not be in place for seizure and is blocked in the corner, then proceed according to the instructions in the documentation for the device.
  5. Put the cartridges to the side, and then take one by one for manipulations.
  6. Stationery knife open the label from the case. Under it will find a small air hole. It needs to be increased with a seboard or drill until the syringe needle thickness size.
  7. Removed stickers do not throw away, because then we will refund them to place.

How to fill

Flower location in canon cartridge

For black (black) cartridge, it is almost irrelevant. Only black paint includes, and the hole is located in the center of the case under the sticker. For color (Color), the location of the shades is a serious question. If you confuse and pour not that paint into the desired compartment, it is easily possible to spoil the cartridge.

In most cases, the alignment is this:

  1. The top is red (Magenta).
  2. At the bottom left - blue (Cyan).
  3. Down on the right - yellow (Yellow).

How many paints need to pour

The usual capacity of the factory starting cartridges of almost any Canon printer is:

  • For black it is about 10 ml.
  • In the compartments for color paints, 3 maximum 4 ml of liquid will enter.

If you purchase an XL version of inks mills, then the capacity of cartridges is doubled. Factory consumables will not last long, and therefore sooner or later they will have to buy new ones. Pay attention to the option of substitutes with an enlarged volume. They are only slightly more expensive, but they will need to fill it twice as much as.


Depending on the printer model, the process may slightly differ, but mainly it comes down to such steps:

  1. Dial the required amount of paint to each syringe.
  2. Remove the sticker from the cartridge housing.
  3. Increase or drill increase the diameter of the hole.
  4. At an angle of 45 degrees, enter a 1-2 cm needle.
  5. Smoothly press the piston to drain ink inside.
  6. Once, the fluid will start going out to stop the process.
  7. Pull out the excess back to the syringe.
  8. Clean wipes wipe the housing.
  9. Capture holes with stickers that have previously removed.
  10. If the paint got on the print head, then clean it and dry or wait for drying, but only then start using.

How to start the printer after refueling

After replenishing ink, the cans with paint often occur situations when the printer shows that the cartridge is empty, although in fact we just filled it. The fact is that it worked the Fingerprint Counter. It is embedded in a special chip or is inside the printer system.

Initially, the fact that the cartridge can print a certain number of sheets on one refueling. A portion of the dye is distinguished on each sheet. And in the meter marks a decrease in paint. Even when we fused the dye, the meter does not automatically increase.

Note that disabling control over the amount of paint cancels the warranty on the device. Because, consider this time before performing the described actions.

For Canon PIXMA devices, the counter is made by pressing and holding the "Stop" or "Cancel" button by 5-20 seconds depending on the model. Another process is called "Reload the Printer". After the procedure, turn off and turn on the printing device again.

Several recommendations

When the cartridges returned back to its place in the printer, it will be useless to perform software cleaning software to the printing device software. Clean the head, nozzles and dupies follow even for prevention. To do this, follow such instructions:

  1. Go to the "Printers" section through the control panel or any other way you know.
  2. Select your printer by pressing the mouse.
  3. Open the context menu and click on the "Printer Properties" item.
  4. Go to the "Maintenance" tab and run the cleaning procedure.
  • If, after the procedures, the printer continues to print badly, you can try to rinse the print head on the cartridge on this instruction.
  • Do not let ink in the Canon Cartridges Stage, and therefore, falling down. This will lead to the failure of the print head.
  • Carefully follow a sufficient dye of each color. Its even a short absence can easily lead to overheating and combustion of nozzles. Since paint also serves as a cooler.

Individual instructions for certain models


In gratefulness, tell us about the article to your friends and acquaintances in social networks. Use the buttons on the left or bottom of the page. It does not take more than 15 seconds. Thank you!

Calon Cartridge Canon CL-511

Picture 1.

Canon CL-511 is suitable for printers and MFPs related to the class of budget, with built-in print heads (hereinafter PG) in the cartridge. When users acquire printing devices at a relatively low price, after heating ink, learn about the cost of new consumables and think how to save on printing. One way to spend extra money is to refill the CANON CL-511 cartridge at home.

Ink suitable for cartridge Canon CL-511 in our online store

For a successful refueling result, you must make sure the performance of cartridges. The most common problems, it dried up the print head or failed electronics. In the first case, it is necessary to clean the PG with a special flushing fluid, and in the second case you need to buy a new one. Canon CL-511 cartridge is not a complex process with your own hands, below we show how it is possible to do it. Flower location You can look at the cartridge below, just like to make a print on a sheet, then the color in the middle of the imprint is always at the top, and the color of the left and the right print position are respectively the print. (Figure 2)

Flower location in CANON CL-511 cartridge

Figure 2.

    1. We start refueling the CANON CL-511 ( Instructions for refueling black, you can read here ), we recruit paint into the syringes, it is better to take 3 syringe and fill them with ink (Magenta, Yellow, Cyan), you can use insulin 1 ml., or in our case 10-20 ml. Syringes.
    2. Gently remove the sticker from above, if this was not done earlier.
    3. If you are using insulin syringes, the needle can fly to the factory hole for refueling if you use others, then you need 4 mm. Drill or stationery knife to expand the hole.
    4. Insert the needle of the syringe inside the filling opening of the cartridge. You do not need to enter deeply, is enough 10-15 mm. (Figure 3)
    5. Slowly enter ink until the ink appears in the refueling hole, it is necessary about 9 (3 ml. In each color), then the unnecessary ink to pump back into the syringe is always better not to add ink than to pour. (Figure 3.)
    6. Let's fill all three colors and clean the dry surface of the surface from ink.
    7. Stick the label to the place (if necessary it is possible to use tape).
    8. We make a print head imprint on a sheet, it should be clear. (Figure 2.)
    9. We establish the filtered cartridges in the printer, we make a cleaning of GHG.

CANON CL-511 cartridge refill

Figure 3.


  • Pay attention to the contacts (Figure 4), they must be dry if you install consumables with wet contacts in the printer, you will burn electronics.
  • If you fill the first time, you need to cancel tracking consumables, for this press and hold the "Cancel" button (red cross or triangle) on the printer for 15 seconds. After canceling the tracking, your printing device will signal that the ink is over, but it will be print.

Dry contact group CANON CL-511 cartridge group

Figure 4.

 Auxiliary products for refilling CANON CL-511 cartridge

By clicking on the link, you can see the full list. Ink for Cartridge Canon CL-511 on our website.

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