8 step-by-step recipes

Hello, my dear readers! I can not imagine a single festive table without a delicious, headland, cooked at home. And, of course, we will talk about it today.

It is preparing most often from pork, beef or chicken. And sometimes combine meat in one dish. Get acquainted with my recipes and you can also cook it and please our guests.

I, as always, try to take into account the tastes of each of you. Therefore, I try to represent various recipes so that everyone can find a suitable option. I hope that today I have pleased my readers.

By the way, an interesting fact! In addition to the fact that the keet is a permanent dish on all holidays, it is also very useful for hair, nails, joints and bones. So, it can be prepared on an ongoing basis and on everyday days.

How to cook pork chill at home?

The chill of pork is obtained more budget than from beef. In general, somehow all the time it turned out that we had according to tradition, he was preparing exactly from this meat. Since this is the first recipe, I described it literally on small suggestions so that you all clearly.


  • Pork legs - 2-3 pcs
  • Pork head - 1/4 part
  • Onions - 3 pcs
  • Carrot - 1 pc
  • Garlic - 5 teeth
  • Pepper black peas - pinch (to taste)
  • Salt
  • Bay leaf


1. First you need to clean the pork pieces from dirt and hair. Rinse them under cold water and lay like a knife to remove all unnecessary.

2. Put ready meat into the appropriate pan and fill with cold running water so that it completely covered it. Put a saucepan on fire.

3. Now we are waiting for a foam and broth almost boiled. Then it should be completely drained all the water, rinse under water meat and a saucepan.

It must be done in order to subsequently the broth remained transparent.

4. Refill the saucepan with meat with water. Put there also peeled onions with carrots. Put on the fire and bring to a boil. Then remove the foam, make a small light and cook for 3.5 hours.

5. After the past time, a salt, bay leaf and black peas should be added to the saucepan with helmets. Now you also boil 2.5-3 hours.

6. When the right time passes, remove the saucepan from the fire. Pull out onions from there, it is no longer needed. Carrots pull out and set aside aside, we will decorate our dish. In the dish, put meat, let it stand be cooled a little (about 1 hour).

7. Broth also retain until the side. After about half an hour, strain it through a sieve or colander so that there are no small bones, laurels and pepper pepper. Put it on fire before boiling.

8. And at this time we will take meat until meat. It should be separated from fat and stones. Then cut the meat into small pieces.

9. Cut the carrot with circles and straws. It is clean for the decor, you can not put it at all in our dish. Also, do not forget to clean garlic and grate on a shallow grater or skip through the press. It should be added to the broth and mix.

10. Now take a deep dishes for the formation of a cold. Put the meat and pour the broth. Leave cold at room temperature until it cools off at all. Then put it in the refrigerator at least 4 hours (until it turns out completely).

11. You can put a ready-to-wear on the table right in the forms, and you can gently turn it onto a serving plate. In any case, it will not affect his taste. If you wish, you can remove the top layer of fat, but I do not do that.

Homemade pork legs and knuckles on a festive table

And now let me tell you about another way of cooking swine meat. Instead of head, we will take the knob. By the way, I am even soups with her sometimes, they are very welded and delicious. And when I put a saucepan in the refrigerator, he frozen like a jelly. And no gelatin is needed here, everything works naturally. That's so.


  • Pork legs - 2 pcs
  • Pork steering wheel - 1 pc
  • Onions - 1 pc
  • Salt - 1 tablespoon (or to taste)


1. Meat rinse and subduct in cold water. Slipped with knife all dirt and hairs. Put it in a saucepan and fill with cold water. Leave for one hour, and then drain it.

Why do we do it? I explain - in order to leave all the blood.

2. Then again place in a saucepan with water meat and put on fire. When the driver boils, remove the foam. Then get the fire and cook for 5 hours.

3. After 5 hours, add a purified bulb and salt. A still approximately 2 hours, then remove meat and bulb from the pan. Leave the pork and the broth cool somewhere for an hour.

4. When cool down, it's time to get into the separation of meat. Free it from the bone and remove unnecessary skin. Cut it into small pieces.

5. Now decompose it in deep bowls, dishes or other containers. Then pour all tanks with broth. Leave cool first at room temperature, and then rearrange in the refrigerator.

Before throwing broth, try it on salt. If required, then discharge.

6. In the refrigerator in a few hours our cold will reach the desired state of frozen. And how to serve it on the table, you already think for yourself. It is possible right in tanks, and you can carefully remove it and shift to the flat dish.

By the way, the Council - if you want to shift it and serve on a plate, then use silicone forms to frost it. They are very easily removed without damaging our meat dish. Only when you put it there, put the form flat on something and in this form, then move into the refrigerator.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking chicken in a slow cooker

Chicken meat is not so fat like pork. Therefore, in order for us to have a very tasty colder, you will have to use gelatin. I present a recipe for multicooker users.


  • Carcass chicken - 1 pc
  • Onion - 1 pc
  • Gelatin - 20 gr
  • Garlic - 2-3 teeth
  • Salt, pepper - to taste


1. And so, proceed. Rinse a carcass and cut into separate parts. Then put pieces into the bowl and fill it with water. Leave for 1 hour to leave blood.

2. After she stood 1 hour, drain the water. Once again, rinse the curren under running water and fill it on the top tag in the bowl. Put the bowl in the slow cooker. Close the lid and turn on the extinguishing feature for 5 hours.

3. For a whole 4 hours you can safely do your affairs. And in 1 hour to the end, add a purified bulb, salt and pepper into the bowl. And again you are free one hour.

4. When will be held 5 hours, the multicooker will complete the program. Get chicken pieces and bulbs from it. Onions can be immediately thrown out. The meat should cool a little to make it easier to remove it from the bone and cut. Boulevard Also leave for 30 minutes to cool.

5. Pull the gelatin in the dish and add a pair of broth spoons. Stir until it dissolve and leave a little sweep. And during this time, skip garlic through the press and add it to the broth. Mix well. Now do the cooled meat. Clean the bones and cut into small pieces. Dissatisfied gelatin pour into the rest of the broth.

6. Broth drain through the sieve to another pan so that nothing excess in it is left. Now decompose chicken meat in the prepared capacitance and burst there with a lecked broth. At your discretion can add some fresh greens to them. Leave the future cold to cool, and then remove the fridge.

7. As a result, after everything freezes, we have a very tasty transparent chicken carcass. Help health.

The delicious chill of pork legs and chicken in a bottle: super simple, but the original recipe

Have you tried to ever do the keet in a plastic bottle? I think that for the upcoming new year, whose symbol is a pig, this option will be particularly relevant. Such execution you should like.


  • Pork steering wheel - 1 pc
  • Heart shin - 2 pcs
  • Chicken wings - 2 pcs
  • Onion - 1 pc
  • Carrot - 1 pc
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper peas - pinch
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs

Since there is a steering wheel, we will not need any gelatin. It also gives enough stickiness for the subsequent thickening. But first put it in a saucepan with cold water for 1 hour, and then rinse and twist from dirt.


1. Put the prepared meat into the appropriate saucepan and fill with water. After boiling water, drain it and rinse the meat and a saucepan. Then fill the water again and put on fire. When the broth boils, make a weak fire and boil within 5 hours.

Why merge water? And so that our keet becomes transparent.

2. After 5 hours, put carrots into the broth and the crude bulb so that he will acquire a golden color. Boil another 1 hour. 10 minutes before the end, spill, put the pepper with a peas and a bay leaf.

3. When you finish cooking, pull meat from the pan and put it a little cool, so as not to burn it when you cut it. Bulb throw the bulb, and let the broth through the sieve, so it will become cleaner. After cooling, freeze meat from bones and skins, and then cut it into pieces.

5. And now the most interesting thing begins. Take a clean and dry plastic bottle, preferably with a wide neck (it may well come out of the milk or kefir). Lay into it meat and pour broth. Close the lid and leave cool, then put in the refrigerator a few hours before full of frozen.

6. After a few hours, when the chill will fully freeze, get a bottle of the refrigerator and remove the lid. Further it is necessary to free it from the bottle with the help of scissors. For example, cut the bottom first. Then cut the bottle along to the neck. This is a very fine work, so do it carefully. Better originally take a bottle of thinner.

7. Put it on the dish in which you want to serve on the table. It remains only to decorate. Cut from the boiled sausage ears and patch and attach to the pig toothpicks. Eye can be made of dried carnations. And the dish can be decorated with fresh greens and salad. And this cool pig should have such a cool pig.

Video on how to properly weld the keeper from beef at home

And now I want to offer you a video recipe from your favorite culinary blogger Grandmother Emma. It is very clear and explains everything in detail. This time our colder, or rather the jelly, will be from beef meat.


  • Beef legs - 1 kg
  • Carrots - 1-2 pieces
  • Onions - 1-2 pieces
  • Parsley root - 1 pc
  • Lavar leaf - 1 pc
  • Pepper fragrant - 2 peas
  • Black pepper - 2 peas
  • Water - 2 liters

When I want a keeper from beef, I make it for this recipe for several years. My households and guests always pulled him very much. So try and delight your own.

Simple pork and beef recipe and beef in a slow cooker

Try a super fast way to cook as cold. You will spend no more than 3 hours on his cooking, since the laying of meat in the bowl and ending with the bulb in the container with meat. Plus 3 hours for frozen. After cooking and froze, it does not melt at you, just for this we will add gelatin.


  • Pork steering wheel - 1 kg
  • Beef - 0.5 kg
  • Hoof - 1 pc
  • Onion - 1 pc
  • Carrot - 1 pc
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs
  • Pepper peas - 10 pcs
  • Garlic - 3-4 teeth
  • Salt - 4 teaspoons
  • Gelatin - 50 gr


1. To begin with, rinse and clean the knob, plug on it with a knife to get rid of dirt. The hoof also squint. Well, the rest of the meat as it should be rinsed. All fold into the bowl. Next, put a peelled bulb, carrot, bay leaf, peas and salt pepper. Fill water to the top mark. Put a bowl into a multicooker and turn on the "Baking" mode by 1.5 hours.

2. When the right time passed, get all the meat from the bowl. If you have cold enough on the street, put it for a while on the balcony for cooling.

3. And in the broth skip the purified garlic through the press and mix. Then send meat to the balcony for cooling, about 20 minutes. Gelatin is in bulison when it is still a bit warm and should be mixed until complete dissolution.

4. Now that the meat has cooled, separate it from the bones and remove the skin. Cut it into pieces and decompose on dishes. Boulevard pour through the siete so that everything remains all.

5. Put the filled containers in the refrigerator or on a balcony for several hours until it is frozen, about 3-4 hours. Well, then you can already put it on the table as a snack or main dish, it is already to decide.

The most delicious chicken chicken without gelatin

And now I want to introduce you to the recipe for a dietary chicken of chicken meat. It does not contain fat, and the stickiness gives chicken legs no worse than pork legs. Therefore, it works well, and cook it needs less in time.


  • Chicken necks without skins - 1.4 kg
  • Chicken legs - 600 gr
  • Chicken legs or hips - 1.5 kg
  • Celery stem or root - 2 stems add optional
  • Garlic - 4 teeth
  • Onions - 2 pcs
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs
  • Fragrant and black peas


1. Clean your neck and legs from the skin, rinse all meat and put in a saucepan. Fill with water and put on fire. Wait for when boils. Join the 1-2 minutes, foam will appear and then drain the water on the colander.

2. And rinse the meat itself and rinse under water. Then pour clean water into the pan, put meat again and put on fire. When water boils, remove the foam. After that, make a small fire, close the saucepan with a lid and cook for 3 hours.

3. 30 minutes before the end of the cooking, add celery, garlic, onion (right in the husk), salt, pepper and bay leaf. Then close the lid again and continue to cook on slow fire.

4. When it takes the right time, remove the meat from the heat, get meat and let it cool to warm state. Then clean the paws and neck from the bones, finely chop out and spread in deep bowls. Fill them with broth through a sieve. And the paws, bulb, celery and other can be thrown away.

5. Put the cold to stick into the fridge for several hours, you can night. And on the festive table, he will delight you with his unforgettable taste.

Video Recipe Cold from Turkey for Holiday

For the last, I really want to show you another great recipe for our meat dish. Turkey is much less likely for chilts than other meat. But, nevertheless, he will be very tasty and you should try it.


Turkey Wings - 1.5 Copper Petrole Peas - 8 Clear Peppers Petrobe - 8 Flushed List - 4 Stem - 1 Dining Room Plug - 1 Golk Solkovkov - 2-3 Flea Strip 1 Sweat - 2.5 liter boiled (for decoration) - 1 Strellen - for decoration

For those who do not like very bold meat, this option is just suitable. Moreover, on holidays and so grabs fatty, calorie dishes. And guests will not even understand a special difference.

In conclusion, I want to wish you a successful cooking of the cold on your festive table. Although, I am preparing it not only for the holiday, sometimes I want this meat dish on ordinary days. Moreover, we now know that it is also very useful. So choose the way you like and cook.

Good appetite! Until!

Practically no feast is without a cold. This is a saturated and useful dish of meat and pupils of broth. Is in the traditional treat in our country.

The most common keeper of pork legs, many love from chicken, it turns out more dietary.

To prepare a delicious and transparent chore, it is important to know certain subtleties and secrets of the cooking process, then the dish will become a truly decoration of any table.

Today I want to reveal all the secrets and the subtleties of cooking delicious and properly chill on a festive table. It can be served both in the tray and portion. As a rule, it is served with mustard and horseradish.

Secret 3.

How to cook the keeper to be transparent and frozen

It is believed that the properly prepared cold is transparent with a dense, elastic consistency and a rich taste.

In order for the dish to work, you need to follow simple rules:

So that the decoction turned out to be transparent and the jelly, respectively, too, all meat ingredients must be preloaded. For 4-6 hours spent in a cold bath, blood remnants will come out of them. Then they need to rinse very thoroughly, raise.

  • For good gelation, articular and bone areas, which contain a greater number of collagen fibers.
  • The first broth after cooking ingredients needs to be merged, rinse meat and pour clean water.
  • Cooking follows slow heat, approximately 7-8 hours. The duration of preparation depends on the type of meat.
  • The resulting layer of fat is recommended to remove the spoon so that the finished dish was homogeneous in color.
  • For transparent broth, it is desirable not to take a pork, preference should be given to beef and chicken.
  • Use not only fat, but also lean pieces of meat.

Secret 4.

Observing these not difficult rules, you can easily prepare a delicious and transparent jelly, which will freeze without any problems in the refrigerator.

Secrets and subtleties of the preparation of delicious homemalls

For cooking at home appetizing and tasty jelly, you need to know some subtleties and secrets:

  • Meat for chill should be selected fresh, one type or various combinations.
  • It is impossible to pull water in the cooking process.
  • Prepare the dish is needed on slow fire.
  • Be sure to use spices and seasonings, also vegetables for better taste.
  • Solo only at the end, to avoid reconciliation.
  • When cooking broth, it is recommended to put a complete crude bulb. She gives the dish a pleasant gold color.
  • The first water is important to merge, then the jelly will be transparent and beautiful.
  • To frozen the chill, the plates are placed in the refrigerator, in no case in the freezing chamber.
  • It is necessary to remove the fat layer in the broth, then the finished dish will have aesthetic and appetizing appetizer.
  • A more successful option for grinding meat is his disassembly on the fibers. You can also twist on the meat grinder and cut into small pieces.
  • The egg, greenery, carrots, garlic, lemon and pickled cucumber are used as decoration.

Also, many merge the first water immediately after boiling, and then pour clean. This also has a positive effect on transparency. In addition, such manipulation helps reduce the fattyness of the finished dish. Thus, there will be no white thick crust on the filler.

The duration of cooking dish is at least 5 hours. In order not to kill the taste of meat, spices and vegetables are added at the end.

Selection and preparation of meat

For the preparation of the chill, it is allowed to use various types of meat and their combination. The traditional dish is prepared from pork, beef, chicken. You can also take turkey, rabbit and game.

Secret 5.

So that the jelly grab well, had a dense consistency without tanning additives, preference in choosing meat should be pork or beef heads, legs or tails.

Pretty tasty and nutritious cold is obtained from the shekes, wings and naps chicken. In these parts of the carcass contains more binding components.

Meat for jelly should be used from different sites. For example, 700-800 g of legs or heads, and 1.5-2 kg of a knuckle or a lord. It is important to remember that the pork dish is less transparent than beef.

Also, you should not take extremely satisfying pieces so that the finished dish is not very fat. It is recommended to combine with dietary varieties, preferably with chicken or turkey fillet.

Another secret of transparency and strength jelly - slow cooking. Namely, the fluid almost should not be brown, but only occasionally slowly "worrying." Slow tomorrow will determine the beautiful amber brawl color and make it more sticky.

And most importantly, the meat should be fresh. Ice cream is better not to buy. But if you bought it before, and frozen in the freezer, then it should be disappearing before cooking.

What to take seasonings and spices for cold

Give the choke sophisticated taste and fragrance helps spices and seasonings.

In the process of cooking, it is recommended to add dry peas, a mixture of peppers, bay leaf, carnation and many others, depending on taste preferences. From greenery - parsley, dill, but in small quantities.

Secret 6.

In addition, vegetables are used. They are saturated with an extra taste and attractive color.

The broth is laying carrots, onions and celery in solid form. These ingredients are used as Navar, and before the formation of a finished dish is removed.

Also, you can not forget about salt. The keet should be salted at the end, because in the cooking process, the fluid will gradually evaporate and you can easily reduce the dish.

The dish must not be saved, but a little stray taste, so it will not be fresh. We love so much, but this is a matter of taste.

Important moment - how much time to cook the cold?! Definitely at least 4 hours. It also depends on the type of meat. Chicken, for example, enough to break 4-5 hours, pork - 5-6, and beef - 6-7. Here, as they say, the longer, the better. The main thing is not to forget about the Secret number 5!

How to cook transparent broth for cold

1. To achieve maximum transparency of broth for a chill, you need to soak meat in the water in advance for 3-4 hours or better for a whole night. This will make it possible to cleanse pieces from the remaining blood and make the skin on the legs and other parts softer.

Also, many merge the first water immediately after boiling, and then pour clean. This also has a positive effect on transparency. In addition, such manipulation helps reduce the fattyness of the finished dish. Thus, there will be no white thick crust on the filler.

2. The next step is the washing of meat under running water. Some parts, especially pork, can be crushed by a knife. Then everyone is placed in a large container, poured with water at the same level and put on fire.

3. Liquid after boiling must be merged. It is this rule in the process of cooking a jelly, helps to achieve a transparent broth and eliminate an unpleasant taste.

4. After meat, rinsed again and poured with clean water at a level more than bones and fillets by 2-3 cm.

Also, many merge the first water immediately after boiling, and then pour clean. This also has a positive effect on transparency. In addition, such manipulation helps reduce the fattyness of the finished dish. Thus, there will be no white thick crust on the filler.

5. Also, it is not necessary to allow strong boiling fluid, the cold dish need to be cooked on average 6 hours. The longer, the better. Then the texture will be more shapeful, and the taste is rich.

What to spill the chore and how to form

The keel will appear aesthetically look only if it is correct to arrange it.

To create a dish, it is desirable to take the container of medium depth - a bowl or a regular plate with a direct bottom. Then meat and vegetables will be clearly visible, and they will be beautifully lying.

Secret 7.

Forming the jelly is needed as follows:

  • On the bottom of the dishes lay the fibers and pieces of meat.
  • The next layer impose vegetables around the perimeter. Their choice is to taste and desire.
  • Gently pour the chill with broth and send to frozen.

Salt is best added at the end of cooking. After all, the fluid has the property to evaporate in the process of boiling, and the salt - no! Therefore, your dish risks to be saved. Spices in the form of laurels and peas peppers are also introduced at the beginning. Ideally add them for half an hour to completion of the cooking.

In the refrigerator, we put after everything cools at room temperature. But we remove in the refrigerator. If you put on the night in the room, everything can be scaled.

How much time to cook keet

The duration of cold preparation directly depends on the type of meat and the kitchen devices used:

  • On the plate dish cooked from 5-6 hours on slow fire. Then, vegetables and spices are added to the base, and they prepare for another 2 hours.
  • The pressure cooker simplifies and speeds up the process of cooking a jelly. This will require about 1.5-2 hours.
  • For cooking in a slow cooker, it is enough 6-7 hours. All ingredients are immediately laid in the container and include extinguishing mode.
  • Beef dish is recommended to prepare at least 6 hours and another 1-1.5 hours with vegetables and spices.
  • A treat from chicken is boiled quickly. In slow fire, the components are prepared for a maximum of 2.5-3 hours.
  • For the preparation of pork jelly, you need 4-5 hours for meat and 3 hours for seasonings and spices.
  • The chiller from housing or ratty is prepared for about 7 hours. And about an hour for vegetables and spices on slow fire.

Secret 5.

This dish is usually prepared every year. All the cold for the New Year is a real tradition for many families. And they are preparing not often because of the time that takes the whole process.

How to add gelatin in the keel so that he froze

For a specific pouring of a jelly from any variety of meat, many hostesses recommend adding gelatin. It shortens the seizure of the dish in the refrigerator is approximately twice.

The amount of gelatin depends on taste preferences. As a rule, from 20 to 60 g per liter of fluid.

Also for aroma and saturated color, for the watch before turning off the plate you can put a crude bulb, carrot, celery stiff and white root.

The chloride with a gelling component is prepared as follows:

  • In the glass of broth, the desired volume of gelatin is divorced, thoroughly mixed.
  • The container put on a water bath for a slow fire.
  • Cooked, stirring to dissolve gelatin. It is impossible to bring the mass to a boil.
  • Meat and vegetables decompose on plates.
  • In the overall broth, pour the gelling mixture, mix and pour into forms.
  • Keep to put in the fridge for frozen.

But what should I do if the keet is not frozen in the refrigerator? Is it possible to digest it? If he is not a scene, then you can easily throw it and add gelatin, then pour into forms again.

Secret 3.

It will not be so transparent, but you will save your dish. And he does not have to pour it. With the gelatin, the colder will freeze.

How much the keel is frozen in the refrigerator without gelatin

To completely grasp the chill without adding jelly-like components, it will take at least 5 hours in the refrigerator. This is the optimal time for pork and beef.

A jelly from meat chicken, turkey, goose and duck freezes 7-8 hours. The dish of rabbit is checked about 8 hours.

Secret 8.

When adding a large number of vegetables during the decoration of the choke, it follows to the total time of frozen add 1.5-2 hours.

Is it possible to digest keel

If suddenly the colder turned out to be shifted or poorly freezes, re-digestion will save the dish. But this can be done if gelatin has not been used. Then the jelly is placed in a saucepan and put on a slow fire, not allowing a boil.

After the meat takes out and continue to cook the broth, check it on the stickiness in the usual way - a small amount of fluid is dripped on a plate and put in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. If the keeper is badly free, gelatin is added.

Secret 5.

In case of reconciliation, you can do the following:

  • Pour water and add a gelling component for better frost.
  • Cook a new portion of a jelly and mix it with a salty option.
  • Place rice or buckwheat in a gauze bag and peel along with the broth.

Cooking the cold is not difficult, the main thing to adhere to the general rules and apply the secrets of cooking. Then it will be possible to cook perfectly transparent and tasty jelly from any meat.

Knowing the secrets of cooking delicious chill, the more it will not be a problem to weld the right cold for the New Year holidays. Cook with pleasure, and please your loved ones. Enjoy your meal!

It is difficult to imagine a real jelly without garlic! But it is not added without cooking. In order for him to give his fragrance, it is either squeezed into a hot decoction and give to strengthen some time, or mixed with meat.

Soon the new year, which means there will be a brewer - the recipe classic step-by-step will now give. And in order for your business, you have less surveys, I will share some observations and "branded" secrets. Knowing them, you prepare an ideal snack.

The keeper is a central dish of the Russian feast. This is an unchanged attribute of the festive menu along with Olivier and Napoleon. Its base is a strong meat broth, which freezes when cooled. This requires special substances that are in bundles and tendons.

Jelly and keet are the same thing. In Russia, in the course of both names. From the potion, the recipe is distinguished by the degree of grinding of the ingredients, and from the filling - the absence of jelly-forming additives.

Delicious cold: secrets and subtleties

There are several important points that should be taken into account in order to get an appetizing dish at the exit. Before you start cooking, find the saucepan of suitable size.

From a small broth "will run away." And if you take too wide, it will take a lot of water to cover the ingredients. As a result, the colder will turn out with a thick transparent layer, and I do not like it. I have a 7-liter tableware for 2 pork legs and 1 steering wheel.

Selection of products

The colder is made of pork, beef, birds, offal, such as chicken stomachs or hearts.

Sometimes it is prepared from 2-3 non-burning products at the same time. The main thing is that the broth quickly hardened when cooled. Everything is ideal for this, where there is a connecting fabric, collagen and tendons:

  • beef tail
  • legs with hooves
  • Neck bird with leather,
  • ears
  • Chicken legs.

I am not a supporter of the last option. Manually separate a huge amount of stones - then the "pleasure".

How to make a broth transparent?

For this there are several techniques. The first of them is separately welding separately beef bones, and then combine the liquid with the other ingredients (ready).

Well, in conclusion one of the most frequently asked questions! What if the choke is not frozen? Most likely, the products were incorrectly chosen or something went wrong during the cooking process. How to be? Here you will come to the rescue. Just dissolve it, according to the instructions on the package, pour into the ground and mix.

Another recipe - protein clarification. Wake up a 1 chicken egg protein, add it to a warm broth. Heat to a boil, constantly stirring from top to bottom. Continue 2-3 minutes, and then remove from the stove. After a quarter of an hour at the bottom, the sediment is formed. It must be left, and the transparent part to pour into another dishes.

Some authors advise pushing the bones before cooking. Do not share such enthusiasm. It is enough to rinse well and merge the first water when boiling. Boil on slow fire. Boiling barely noticeable - then you do not have to resort to additional tricks to make the broth transparent.

Additional Cold Cooking Tips

Here are 10 successful recipe rules:

  • Use only fresh or fresh frozen foods.
  • Follow patience. Cooking the cold takes the whole day. Make it in advance, start a day before the filing. At cooking will leave 4 to 8 hours, on grinding - 1 hour, for cooling and cooling - time until morning.
  • Do not exhibit the cold for frost. Ice crystals will break its delicate structure. In the room, the protein product does not harder and quickly deteriorate. The optimal temperature range gives the refrigerator chamber - plus 5-10 degrees.
  • In the process of cooking, do not tighten the water so that the broth does not climb.
  • Carefully remove bones. One small solid inclusion completely spoil the impression.
  • Add gelatin to the classic colder at cooks is considered a bad tone. Corrected correctly, it freezes without "assistance". And to progress, I always put two pork legs.
  • Grind the ingredients. This gives tenderness, a homogeneous structure. I use a meat grinder. I do not like the presence of fibers or large untreated pieces.
  • Solit at the very end. When cooking, a lot of fluid boils, easy to make a mistake. In addition, salt makes meat fibers tougher.
  • Pour into special enameled trays (not plastic!). The lid do not cover until it cools. Otherwise, condensate is formed that reduces the shelf life.
  • If you have detected a layer of fat before feeding, remove it with a heated spoon. Polish the surface with a napkin moistened in boiling water.

The density of the finished chill depends on the ratio of the liquid part to solid products. I love the "rubber" so that the slices can be cut with a knife and lay on toast. "Drawn like jelly" - this is not about my recipe

We can cook for so long for the softness of meat (it falls off from the bones after 2, -2.5 h.). This is done that Collagen switched to the decoction and gave it gelling properties.

Classic recipe chulp - from pork legs, steering or beef tail

The convenience of cooking the cold is that it is for a long time to boil by itself, without our participation. Minus recipe - requires exposure. To remove the sample, you need to wait when the snack will take the desired consistency.

There are dozens of options how to prepare a chore. I will give my favorite recipe. It always works well. To submit on New Year's Eve, it should be started on December 30 in the morning.


Prepare the following set of products:

  • Two pork legs,
  • beef tail or steering
  • carrot - 1 pc.,
  • garlic - a third of a small head,
  • Bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.,
  • Black pepper ground - 0.5 h. l.,
  • Carnation - 4-5 inflorescences,
  • Salt - tablespoon without top,
  • Water - 6 liters.

Onions I do not put here. He is in the choke completely nothing, like greens. Leave dill with parsley for soup or for decoration.

How to cook the chore - a step-by-step description of the recipe:

  • Wash the products thoroughly, lay the sharp knife.
  • Cut extra fat.
  • Fold in a saucepan, fill with cold water.
  • Put on a strong fire, bring to a boil.
  • Liquid drain, rinse the contents of the pan, remove the foam remnants with a paper napkin.
  • Pour clean water so that it covers the steering wheel by 10 cm.
  • Add a whole carrot, parsley root. Wait for boil.
  • Reduce the fire to the minimum and boil 5-6 hours. The fluid should not boil, and hardly "move".
  • Cover cover, leaving a small slot to exit steam.
  • If foam was formed, remove the spoon.
  • An hour before the end, throw the bay leaf, pepper.

In this place I take a pause. Before acting on, the contents of the pan must be cooled.

The final stage of cooking

I like to leave the broth overnight so that in the morning does not rush to remove the fat and grind out the surface. To speed up the process, on the same day they catch the digested meat on the same day, lay out on a plate, put to cool in a cool place (for example, on the balcony).

The right cold is when there is a lot of meat and a transparent strong jelly. All this is a piece of mustard and suck with bread. For me, you can't think so better!

After 20 minutes we do this:

  • Roots with laurel remove and discard. All that could, they have already done.
  • Meat fibers, skirt, tendons carefully separate from bones. With the knob, everything is simple, but with legs should be attentive to miss anything.
  • We skip through the meat grinder. Cut the knife for a long time, boring and not convenient.
  • We place mince in a saucepan, mix, turning into a uniform suspension.
  • Solim.
  • We put on fire, bring to a boil, throw the crushed garlic and turn off.

Spill in prepared (clean and dry) enameled containers. In no case do not flow hot in plastic! Cool to room temperature. Cover the lids, we clean in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours.

I do not like when the chill is divided into fractions. I like when it is homogeneous. If you want to get a layer of broth at the top, the recipe is different:

  • Remove the skin and tendons;
  • Disassemble meat into pieces, divide a sharp dry knife across the fibers;
  • Put half or 1/3 of the height in the dishes;
  • Fill out through the 3-4 layer of gauze boulevard.

Do not reduce! The taste of salt in the warm state is expressed weaker than in cold.

For beauty, put on the bottom of the pan's curly rugs of boiled carrots, a spoonful of canned peas or half boiled boiled eggs (quail, it is elegant 😉). Corn looks pictorially, but with meat is badly combined. It is better to decorate the chill with pickled cucumbers, grenade seeds or berries of cranberries.

What to file?

The classic "company" to the colder is grated horseradish. Seasoning can be bought in the store or make yourself. Recipe simple: Grind the purified crude root and mix it with a grated boiled beet. For taste, add a dropper of vinegar or lemon juice.

But that it turns out exactly such, the formulation should be observed, know the main subtleties. I tried not to miss anything that I myself know about this wonderful dish. If I forgot something or you just want to share your experience, waiting for you in the comments!

And even by the idle "asks" mustard, but not sweet European, and our poorest. But most of all I love him with Adzhika, which was preparing back in August!

How and how much can I keep the keet?

If you moved the pieces with your hands, the bundles were passed through the meat grinder, spices and greens were added, it was very short ... Skin food - a favorable medium for microbes reproduction.

To minimize their presence, boil once again before pouring into containers and cover with covers. This trick in the recipe will additionally strengthen the transition of gelling components in the decoction. The colder will rather grab and certainly hardens. Keep it in the cold no more than 3-4 days. If you do not have time to eat, get cold and cool again.

What is the colder?

The dish absorbs the beneficial properties of the feedstock. Its components determine the composition and calorie. Pork is rich in thiamine, cobalt. Beef is saturated with vitamin B 12, which stabilizes the work of the nervous system, prevents the development of anemia. Chicken fillet contains a lot of protein, chromium, niacin, and navels have good gelling properties. Use various types of meat in the recipe, as well as by-products (except liver).

The main useful component is collagen protein. He gives the skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, strengthens the nails and hair. And he supports the health of the joints and the growth of muscle tissue.

Adding different spices to the recipe improves digestion, activates metabolism. The colder slows down the absorption of alcohol, so he is considered an ideal snack on a festive table.

Kholotel is one of the best food sources of glycine. Amino acid has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain, stabilizes sleep and emotional state, helps to adapt to new conditions.

Can the chill harm?

It all depends on the state of health and individual characteristics. I have cold food causes a migraine attack, so I eat a chore just with potato mashed potatoes, little by little.

If you have gastritis with increased acidity, problems with liver, pancreatitis or cholecystitis - I advise you to refrain from such delights.

Abused dish is not recommended even healthy. It is heavy food for the stomach. One or two pieces is enough.

I told how to boil the keet correctly, the recipe is classic step-by-step. It remains for small: stocking products and start. I wish you to do!

In order to prepare a transparent chore, you need to remember a few simple rules, sticking to which you can easily create this culinary masterpiece
In order to prepare a transparent chore, you need to remember a few simple rules, sticking to which you can easily create this culinary masterpiece

Rule 1.

Choosing the main ingredient - meat. You can cook the choke from any meat (from chicken, from pork, from beef, from pork legs, etc.), the most important thing is to choose the main product correctly.

Buying such an important component in the colder, like meat, best in the market, because it is not guaranteed to be prohibited. Pork legs, which are the key to frozen dishes, it is necessary to clean from the bristles well, and, if necessary, burn on fire, then rinse. You can add any meat at your discretion. It will be chicken, beef or all the same swine keepen - the hostess decides, but pork legs (if more specifically, the part that ends with the hoofs) is necessary, then there will be no gelatin.

If the meat is with a skirt, then this will also play a good role in the frozen of the jelly. The magnitude of pieces of meat for chill does not play a big role. Breast and shin can be destroyed into several parts, and leave the large and central bone entirely. In order not to be small bones, pork legs need to be cut along in half, and then again in half down the joint.

But, oddly enough, it is impossible to overdo the meat. It is necessary to observe some proportions, otherwise there is a risk that the dish still does not freeze: a few pork legs weighing approximately 700 grams can be taken no more than one and a half kilos of other meat composites.

Rule 2.

Before cooking, you need to soak. This procedure is needed in order to remove the remains of curved blood from meat. In addition, the skin after soaking will be much softer and tender. Taking a saucepan and placing meat ingredients into it, you need to fully soak them in cold water, and leave for several hours (or better all night).

In the morning, the meat can be rinsed again, thorns pork legs thoroughly, to remove wrapped places. Also clean the skin on other meat composite. Little "vegetable" knife is suitable for this task, like nothing else. Then you can put meat into the Casanes and start cooking.

Rule 3.

First water need to merge! The belief of some owners is that the removal of scum will quite allow all tasks - not quite right. The first water after cooking meat is better to drain, because along with it all excess fat and other unwanted components will be removed. Moreover, the view of such a cold will be much more attractive, its calorie will noticeably reduce, and the smell will become much more pleasant. Ideally, you can merge and second water, then the jelly will be clean and transparent as a tear of a baby.

Dummy broth, it is necessary to wash the contents of the Kazanka under running water, which will remove the small adhesive residues of the curved protein. After that, you can put meat back, for final cooking. The amount of water should be above the meat level of about 2 centimeters. If the amount of water is more, it will not pop up, as it should be. Consequently, the jelly may not frost. If there is less water, then in the process of cooking it will be necessary to add it from the kettle, which is also not very favorable on the final result.

It is also necessary to consider that in order for the chloride to be transparent, it is impossible to allow the boiling boiling of the contents of the Kazanka. Cooking a jelly need on a small fire, about 6 hours, and then the result will exceed all the expectations.

Rule 4.

Spice and seasonings also have their own turn. After 5 hours have passed since the beginning of the cooking, you can add a whole bulb and carrots into the broth. If you do it before, then all the "charms" from the addition of these ingredients will be destroyed along with the woven water.

Salt in the colder should also be added in 4-5 hours, because in the process of watering water, the broth becomes more concentrated, and there is probability simply to reduce the dish.

Easy pepper, laurel and other spices to taste better to add minutes in thirty until the end of the cooking, then the bouquet of aromas will conquer the hearts of even the most scrupulous critics.

Rule 5.

How much time you need to boil the cold.

  • The chill of pork (pork legs, rolls) 5-6 hours;
  • chicken keet 3-4 hours;
  • The keeper of beef is 7-8 hours.

But the best thing to cook the keet from assorted meat, then it will turn out to be more delicious and weld.

Rule 6.

Bones are cleaned with their hands, not a meat grinder. After the jelly finished brewing, it is necessary to withdraw meat from the pan. It is most convenient to do this noise. Broth must be strain through the colander, and better through a clean cloth, removing the bulb, carrots, pepper peas and bay leaf.

A little cooled meat should be carefully hammered with hands, separating it from the stones (can be helped with a small knife). It is better to cut the meat, and not with the help of a meat grinder, as it will be a key to the fact that even the smallest bones, which are very easy to break your teeth, will not get into the plate of anyone from the guests.

Shkins and cartilage is better not to throw away, because they will give the cold the fortress. On the bottom of the plate, in which the keeper will stick, you can lay out greens or cut various carrot figures - it will be an excellent decoration of such an interesting dish. After that, laying out the meat mass in the prepared container, you can pour it with broth.

Rule 7.

The correct temperature is the key to success. The best place to froze the choke is not a windowsill and not even a cold balcony. The most "correct" temperature for the studio temperature is on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. After all, if the idle is not enough, it will not freeze, and if, on the contrary, it will be zoomed, it will lose all its beautiful taste. You will stick this culinary masterpiece for 5-6 hours.

Rule 8.

If the jelly does not froze (the keeper with gelatin). If the keet is not frozen, it is not worth worrying. The dish can be easily saved, pouring it back into a clean pan and boils for a few minutes. Next, it is necessary in a separate dishes to drain gelatin according to the instructions on the package (the dosage should be looked there. Pour the gelatin in the cold and mix well, pour around the plates. After such a procedure, the jelly will find exactly, no doubt.

Recipe chulp

For the preparation of the delicious chill, these products will be needed:

  • pork steering wheel weighing near kilogram;
  • 0.5 kg of pork;
  • one bulb;
  • 2-3 laurel sheets;
  • 5-6 peas of fragrant pepper;
  • 2-4 cloves of garlic;
  • 2.5 liters of water;
  • salt.

Cold cooking:

  • Prepare meat: rinse and pour water, soak for a couple of hours.
  • After that, it is good to clean the steering wheel and cut it into two parts.
  • Pour cold water into the pan and put all meat into it.
  • After boiling to drain the first broth and add 2.5 liters of cold water to meat.
  • Bring to a boil and reduce the fire to the maximum (so that the broth barely boil). Cook the cold for 5 hours.
  • Next to the broth should be put on a bulb, pepper, salt and bay leaf. Give copplating another hour.
  • Remove meat from the pan, and put a crumble crushed with a broth with a broth.
  • Meat split into small pieces. Broth strain through fine sieve or clean fabric.
  • In the shape for the chill, put meat and pour the broth. Write to frozen (better in the refrigerator on the middle shelf).
  • Serve a jelly, pre-decorating greens, with mustard or horseradish.

Blitz-Tips for Cold Cooking

Based on the foregoing, you can formulate several main tips to help correctly, and most importantly delicious, cook the jelly.

  • Meat should be fresh.
  • So that the keet is better frozen, it is better to take a pig and the legs of the animal for cooking.
  • To the jelly be nice to taste, the meat must be pre-stolen in cold water.
  • The first broth is better to merge.
  • Spices and seasonings should be put shortly before the end of the cooking chill to keep their fragrance.
  • Bones of meat need to carefully choose with hands.
  • Fucking the chill must at the right temperature - on the middle shelf of the refrigerator.
  • If the keet is not frozen, you can simply add gelatin, pre-boil the jelly.
  • Do not add too much water, as the chill may not be frozen. Too little water is also not the best option.
  • Solish the chill need at the end of the cooking, so as not to reduce the dish.

That's all, the jelly is ready, and there is nothing superpower. You only need to carefully choose meat, and carefully treat his cooking, and then the keet is doomed to success

Perhaps students and in the company Hipster Kholotel is not the most popular dish, but for everyone else it is still - almost the king of a homely feast. Carefully examine this material and possibly one of 11, in our opinion, the best recipes in the cold will become your brand.

Let's start with the accuracy of the wording. We identified this selection as a collection of selected recipes. chill . "Why is the keen, not a jelly?", "You ask. We answer: In our opinion, a popular Russian cold snack is called in Russia most often called it as a church (with the exception of some areas and regions, where the word "jelly" is still triumph).

Before the revolution, we would definitely not understand. In Russia, a dish, cooked from meat, litter with Lanspik (frozen broth), called the "jelly". The colder was a berry or fruit dish, close by meaning with jelly. This is already at the beginning of the XIX century, the French chefs who came to the capital, brought gloss on it: brightened (pulled) broth, added polka dots, carrots, boiled eggs and got a galantine. He in the 20th century, in Soviet times, and turned into our usual, favorite and traditional cold for winter holidays.

В Cooking chill There are several important points, they must be taken into account before starting directly to cook.

Selection of products. In addition to beef, the keeper boils from pork, lamb, chicken, turkey or ducks. You can prepare from two types of meat immediately - from pork and beef or pork and chicken. The main thing is that at the same time the broth turned out with good gelling properties and transparent (this can be achieved in several ways, read about them at the very end of this material, after recipes). Therefore, if a chicken, for example, chicken legs and chicken legs together with chicken meat.

The right choice of pans. If it is too small, the water will "run" through the edge. If you take too wide a saucepan to cover meat and bones, more water will be required and the broth will be less concentrated. In this case, it will have to use gelatin - soak it in cold water, breed in hot broth, pollnate liquid and only then pour boiled meat. And finally, the choice of tank for molding of the chill. Ceramic, as for the preparation of pate, or ordinary faience plates are suitable. Enamel dishes carefully inspect: if the enamel is shaved, it is impossible to use it.

Cold of meat

Kindle of pork legs, beef blades and vegetables

If the meat is too finely, the colder will be very dense, almost opaque. We advise you to chop meat with pieces of 0.5-0.7 cm. From how the meat is differented, the final form will depend Kindle of pork legs and beef

Pork legs and beef

Lamb and pearl cereal

You can call it a dish with a cold or jelly - no difference. The most important thing is: Here the lamb is used, which is not as often as beef and pork for such dishes. Do not be afraid of a cold lamb and, if you love the cold and jelly, check our recipe (see here ) on practice.

Study from lamb

The keeper from the beef poles and pork hoofs - in detail with step-by-step shooting

Probably in more detail and wheels to describe the cooking of the chill, it is simply impossible (see the recipe here ). You can use this recipe as an alphabet, if you have never prepared a popular Russian snack. And do not be afraid of the ingredient "Pork hoof" - now there are no problems with such pieces of pork, they are sold in the markets, and in large supermarkets.

Cold of beef steering wheel and pork hoof

Swine legs and pork pulp and pulp

For many, this is one of the most traditional chille recipes. So it is preparing grandmothers and mothers, and it turns out from excellent, tasty and satisfying with transparent jelly (or Drygalka , as the transparent part of the cold is called some comrades).

Kindle from pork

Beef of beef with gelatin

Usually the chill consists of two parts: meat and broth. Vegetables, spices and seasonings only complement them. In order for the broth alien to almost always use the natural properties of some parts of meat filled with collagen. But there are exceptions, for example, Kesette cooked with gelatin . To consider it a real idle or not, your will.

Heat with gelatin


What is special in a bull tail to spend on its preparation of power and time? There is no meat at all, some cartilage! So this is its indisputable advantage. Broth welded on a bullish tail is so saturated that to forget his taste is simply impossible. It is naturally chosen and retains transparency during cooking. And what else is needed for cooking chill? And the amount of meat can always be increased if adding the flesh of beef or pork. Recipe see here .


Head from beef

The recipe of this cold is normal, but the feed is non-standard. As it turned out, nothing is impossible. Wanted grace and feeding the keeper from beef in glasses.

Beef beetle in glasses

Cold of bird

Cold of turkey on chicken legs broth

Now in supermarkets among the usual legs, huge legs and chicken legs come across and chicken legs. Now we will all know why they lie there and who are waiting for. Us - lovers of chill of birds! Chicken paws miraculously gel the broth and no gelatin for cooking chill from turkey No need to use.

Chill from turkey

Chicken stomachs and hearts

Chicken stomachs and hearts have recently won their place on the chicken sky, because many have trigounced how tasty and simple in preparation can be kebabs of them. But the summer ended and what: from chicken offal do you need to refuse? Not! Prepare with them the cold. Just do not forget to add wings or other chicken pieces. Still, everyone got used to the abundance of meat in the chill, even in chicken from chicken offal .

Chicken Pulling Jelly

Cold of meat and poultry

Kindle of pork legs, chicken and beef on the bone

This is a cold (watch recipe here ) Not only prepares from different meats, but also boiled in a slow cooker. As it turned out, a modern household appliance as if specially created for cooking. It is a pity that no device is capable of separating meat from the bones, lay it out in forms, pour the broth and clean it in the refrigerator, but maybe all the charm of the choke in the abundance of the man-made work.

Cold of meat and chicken

Options for filing any cold

Due to its consistency, the chore can take different forms when frozen - this can be remarkable. And its feed can be very original and elegant. For example, with bright additional ingredients in a deep ceramic plate, which usually serves cream soup, paste or risotto.

The author's feed in the style of modern kitchen

Here is another variant feed. Here the jelly is cut into small cubes, imitating the ice, and laid out onto the coat for the cake. Nearby - the keeper cooked in small molds. Such a feed, we increase the status of cold snacks, because usually - on ice - Delicatesses are served, for example, oysters.

Cold feed "On Ice"

Here and words are not necessary: ​​the next 2019 on the eastern horoscope will be the year of the pig. It can be different in different ways to horoscopes and predictions, but cute pigs will like many. Especially for children.

Cold for New 2019 - Year of Pig

The colder (jelly) is a traditional Russian dish, which is a frozen broth with pieces of meat. Choose any recipe, take to create! See you soon!Unlike the filler, no jelly-forming substances are required for the chill. So that the keet turns out to be fame and delivered the pleasure of your home and guests, it is enough to know some subtleties and secrets of its cooking:

1. Cold can be prepared from one type of meat (pork, beef, birds) or from a combination of several species (cold-assorted). 2. So that the keet froze, Broth boils from pork or beef legs (and more specifically, the lowest part of them, the one that ends with the hoofs) , ears, lips, tails and rolls.


It is these parts of the carcass that contain a collagen that gives the stickiness broth. And in chicken or turkey - paws, wings. But since meat pulp in these parts is a bit, so meat pieces (soup pulp, tongue, beef on the bone, chicken chicken or turkey are added additionally - to their taste) It's better that the meat is with veins and with a skin - it also contributes to the best frosting of the chilly . It is necessary

comply with certain proportions . For a pair of pork leg weighing about 700 grams, take no more than one and a half kilograms of other meat parts. Too much meat, oddly enough, can harm your idle - it simply will not freeze. 3. Best if the meat for the chill will not be frozen, but fresh (even better - pair).


Before cooking meat necessarily soam.

This procedure is necessary in order to remove from meat the remains of rolled blood. In addition, the pre-wigure of meat softens the skin, which can then be easily cleaned. To soak meat, take a saucepan in which you will cook your delicious chore. Fill meat with water so that it is completely hidden by water and leave to twist at least three hours, and even better for the night. After changing the meat, thorns the pork legs thoroughly, removing wrapped places. In the same way, clean the skin (if it is) and on the rest of meat parts. It is more convenient for this purpose to use a small "vegetable" knife.

5. Cooking meat in large capacity

, permanently by choosing a foam. The saucepan for the chill should not stuff a lot with meat. Water should completely cover meat.

Drain the first water after boiling the chill.

Cool transparent

Some hostesses neglect this procedure, believing that the removal of scum is quite enough to obtain a transparent broth. However, the plums of the first broth, you will not only provide the transparency of the cold, but also reduce the amount of calories in the finished dish and get rid of a specific soul lift. After the neck is the first broth, rinse the contents of the pan under running water - it will remove the minor fastened residues of the curved protein. Pour the washed with water again. 6. So that the keet was transparent and frozen well, It is impossible to top up the water, interfere with the cooking process Therefore, it is better to immediately determine the amount of water and not to give a broth strongly repurchase. Pay attention to the amount of water - it must be Above the level of meat for two centimeters . Nallet more - the colder will not have time to throw out during the cooking, respectively, may not be frozen. Nallet less - you have to pour extra water in the process of cooking, which, again, will adversely affect the frozen of the chill. 7. Cooking the keet should be from 5 to 10 hours at low heat. It all depends on the number of broth and the quality of meat. By the way, so that the keet is transparent,

Do not allow intensive boil Pan content. Cooking the chiller needs six hours on quiet fire, no less, only in this case it will turn out to be delicious and perfectly freezes without adding gelatin. 8. Solo need only at the end of cooking If salting at the beginning of cooking or even in the middle, then the salt will stop the gelation of the broth.

chill from the neck of the turkey and the steering

In addition, in the other case, the colder can be easily reduced, because in the cooking process, the broth fuses and becomes concentrated. Solish the keet need somewhat stronger than ordinary broth, otherwise, after frozen, it will be tasteless. 9. Add seasonings and spices correctly In broth for cold Morkov and other roots are added

(Parsley root or celery). Some throw them away, while others use to decorate.

Khildren from turkey wings

After your future delicious colder breathes five hours, add to it a whole cleaned carrot and a bulb. Previously add vegetables. It makes no sense - all their fragrance will disappear in the cooking process. By the way, do not clean the bulb from the outer husk, and just rinse well - it will give the finished broth a pleasant golden color. 10. In the colder traditionally do not put a lot of spices

not to score natural meat fragrance. Usually use pepper peas (white or black, green rushes at the beginning and removed along with science and at the end), bay leaf (you can put in the beginning of cooking literally for 5 minutes and then pull out, add a few more pieces together with salt shortly before the end of the cooking - And be sure to take out). Somewhere 30 minutes before the end of the cooking, it is good to add dry dill umbrellas, which then take out. This will give the church a special fragrance.

11. Very convenient and fast Cook the keet in a pressure cooker . To do this, wash the meat and vegetables and fold into the pressure cooker. Add purified onions and carrots; Add bay leaf, pea pepper and salt. From the moment of boiling, cooking colder is 40-50 minutes. 12. To make a ready-to-wear It was not covered with a layer of fat , it must be previously removed. It is most convenient to do it with a wide flat spoon, you can simply dining. Fat can be poured, or then you can use vegetables for frying.

Cool with turkey

From the broth you need to maximize fat. You can, strain, fill the broth into a wide dishes and take it out on the cold. While you will deal with meat, fat will freeze, and it can be easily removed by a spoon. thirteen. Grind meat for chill

You can in several ways: you can disassemble with your hands, finely cut into a knife or skip through a meat grinder (this method is especially applicable in the family where there are small children).

After you finish cooking your delicious cold, remove the noise of the bulb meat. The broth itself strain through the colander. Roll into the bulb, carrots.

Meat gently separate from the bones with his hands, helping himself with a small knife. Cut meat with a knife - so you definitely do not miss small bones.

Do not throw out the skins and cartilage - they will give the fortress to the end of the cold, cut them finely and mix with the "good" meat.

Meat for chill



Cut the circles or straws,

put directly in the form before filling


Vegetables for chores

In my opinion, garlic is better not to cut, but to skip through the press. In this case, it will be distributed in meat more evenly.

If you do not like, when garlic comes across, it can be put in the broth immediately at the end of the cooking, and when polling it will completely disappear.

15. Decaying the meat mass in trays, fill it with broth. Stir very carefully, in order not to stir broth.

Decorate chokal

  • You can slices of carrots, boiled eggs, lemon, green onions and a thin sliced ​​cucumber.
  • 16.
  • Provide the right temperature.

Sea salt with water

In order for the chloride to froze well, he needs a "correct" temperature. In the kitchen, even on a cool windowsill near the window, the chore will not freeze. To the balcony / loggia in winter, it is also possible to carry it out too - the frozen colder is irrevocably losing its delicate consistency, as they say "bouncing" (exception is a glazed insulated loggia).

  • Taking into account the above, the best place to frost the chill is the middle shelf of the refrigerator. Things with a colder to save space can be put on each other, of course, pre-cooling them at room temperature and embroider each tray with a cutting board. If you did everything right, the keet will freeze in four to five hours.  By the way, if you cover the kelid, wait until it starts to "capture", otherwise the lid sticks to the frozen idle and remove it without disturbing the integrity of the finished dish, it will be impossible.
  • And further. From the surface of the finished chill, do not remove all the foam fat immediately - it will protect the cold from the "Testing". In principle, these are all the basic rules following which you will be able to cook a delicious cold. As you can see, they are a little and all of them are quite simple.
  • Cooking: Good luck to you in the development of this delicious dish! And to relieve it offer you a proven recipe for cooking cold
  • Recipeted Recipe - Home Cold The delicious transparent chicken made of pork, beef or chicken, with a horseradish or mustard - even those who consider each caloria in a plate from such a dish.

Cold Recipe from turkey wings

However, not every mistress will be able to cook a delicious chore. Some are afraid that he will not freeze. Others tried to boil the cold, but instead of a tasty, appetizing, transparent it is turned out to be unspoic in appearance and a little.

  • Nevertheless, knowing and fulfilling the above rules, you can easily welcome the delicious homemade cold. So let's get up! The eternal question for cooking the chill "will freeze or not", since adding gelatin is a sign of bad tone.
  • Jokes of jokes, always pouring. Even if there is no beef component. And how can the chill of pork legs may not be frozen if the spoon is calmly swimming in boiling vesaw? The process of cooking high-quality chill is very laborious and long. Especially if it is a keeper of pork legs. How to cook keet? I will answer - long.
  • Three subtleties, family, so to speak. Instead of preface. Considering that the family in the chiller loves a lot of meat, the houses are not very much welcomed by the head of the pork. You have to add veal.
  • Jokes of jokes, always pouring. Even if there is no beef component. And how can the chill of pork legs may not be frozen if the spoon is calmly swimming in boiling vesaw? We have never added chicken into the chicken, and the bird in general.
  • Jokes of jokes, always pouring. Even if there is no beef component. And how can the chill of pork legs may not be frozen if the spoon is calmly swimming in boiling vesaw? Historically, it happened that we have a transparent chiller is considered not particularly honorable.
  • Jokes of jokes, always pouring. Even if there is no beef component. And how can the chill of pork legs may not be frozen if the spoon is calmly swimming in boiling vesaw? About recipe
  • Exit: Cook the keet in a pressure cooker
  • 6-8 plates Training:

8 hours (on average)

7-8 hours

Turkey chill in the refrigerator

  1. Preparing for:
  2. 1 day (including frozen)
  3. Ingredients
  4. 2 pcs
  5. Pork legs


1 PC

Pork shin

chill from turkey

1-1.2 kg


Properly welded chill in a glass container


Cubes in chille with grenade grains

Petrushki root

Pork legs and knuckles cooking sequenceBulb Ready in the pan

1 head

Cold and mustard sandwich


Black peas pepper, fragrant pepper, bay leaf, salt

Cooking method:

3720816_Holodec_1_ (639x350, 49KB)

Buy meat better in the bazaar. There it was guaranteed not freezed.

Legs, shin carefully clean from the bristles, if necessary, to monitor on an open fire. Clear and rinse.

Pork legs cut the knife along in half, and once again in half down the joint. You shouldn't cut the ax, there will be a lot of small bones.

The shin is cut into several parts, the large central bone can be left the whole, not to chop.

Breast cut into several parts. Strictly speaking, the magnitude of the pieces of meat for the choke is not sufficient.

All meat should be rinsed and soak in cold water, at least 2-3 hours, and it is better to leave for the night in a cold place. The second option is preferable, because the colder is preparing for a long time, and it is better to start in the morning.

Khotel17 (640x447, 168Kb)  

In the morning, rinse meat again, folded into a saucepan or cauldron, pour cold water. Water should be higher than meat level by 5-7 cm.

3720816_HOLODEC (640x356, 44Kb)

Put a saucepan on fire and bring to a boil.

It is important not to skip the boiling moment. There will be a lot of foam. It must be deleted. A spoon collect all the foam that is continuously formed. After 5-10 minutes, foaming will stop completely. From this point on, the saucepan is covered with a lid and fire to fall to the minimum. The liquid in the saucepan should not even boil, but a little "move". In no case to prevent stormy boiling. Only weak boiling.

3720816_Holodec20 (640x428, 34Kb)Leave meat boiled for 4-5 hours. However, you can sometimes mix. Water in a saucepan not add !!! Even if it partially popping out. Kholeset19 (639x438, 201kb)After 4-5 hours in a saucepan, add black and fragrant pepper peppers, bay leaf, 1 tsp. Stone salt and washed crude bulbs, carrots, parsley and celery roots.

If the liquid has flick very much, you will have to add boiling water from the kettle. Although it is not good, but the fluid is needed.

Cover the saucepan with a lid and cook, with weak boil, another 1-1.5 hours.

Remove the saucepan from the fire. Select noise all meat. Meat decompose on plates and make cool. Onions, carrots, roots - throw away, although the carrot can be left for decoration.

Small retreat. Many prefer the chores are transparent. For this, the broth must be lit. How? Look for yourself, they say that the squirrel of eggs is good. I will not say that I got transparent as glass, let's say - the transparency of amber. And without clarification.

Broth salted to taste and just a little. It should seem slightly straly, literally a little. Pipe with black ground pepper and add garlic shredded to the state of Cashiana. Mix broth, cover with a saucepan with a lid and leave for 20-30 minutes

Next broth must be strain. Do it better through the fabric, naturally clean. The fabric filters small bones, pepper peas, garlic, bay leaf. All this in the colder is superfluous. Leave broth cool. After 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to remove excess fat from the surface of the broth. You can simply collect it with a spoon.

And you can napkin. The usual paper napkin, thrown on the surface of the broth covered with fat film, is removed and ejected. If you repeat it several times, you can almost completely clean the surface from the fatty film. Yes, by the way, leave a little fat, then the surface of the finished cold will be with "frosting".


  • You can do the test that will answer the question "freezes or not." Cap the broth to the index and thumbs fingers, and make sure that your fingers glued well. If you do not glue, then you can coils from broth cubes.
  • The cooled meat to go through with his hands, separating and throwing all the bones. This is important because you can easily break the tooth. The meat can be cut into small pieces, can be divided into fibers, you can use as it is, pieces.
  • Prepare a few deep plates or molds for the chill. It is very convenient to use large enameled rectangular containers, by type of trough, or deep soups.
  • On the bottom of each plate, we can put the greenery of parses, a piece of welded boiled eggs, carrots extracted from the broth.
  • Put in the meat plate. Better a lot, and tastier.
  • Pour the cooled broth so that the meat is completely or almost completely covered with broth.
  • Put the cold in a cold place, better in the refrigerator, and not on the balcony. On the balcony, it will simply be covered, and will not freeze. Now it is necessary to arrange patience and wait a few hours.
  • During this time, you can prepare a grated horseradish or mustard, which are rightfully considered to be the best addition to the cold.
  • Before serving, you can warm the plate with a chill before the table, literally for 5-10 seconds, lowering it in boiling water, then the kelp layer, in contact with the plate, will fall, and the kelid can easily lay out on a large dish, where it can be pouring and decorated . Although the plate in which the colder froze, looks on the table more than appropriate.
  • Here you go! Plate of chill, horseradish or mustard, fresh bread and pleasant appetite!


www.djurenko.com. Hosts:

Are you going to cook the chore? Then you just looked at the address! Today your attention is the best recipes for home jelly. Well, or the bay ... Call how you want. The result is still the same.

On any feast, meaty, strong jelly will always be in demand. Especially often they are preparing for the new year, it was so dealt. Among all New Year's salads and festive snacks, he proudly sends in the center of the table! Yes, and is eaten one of the first. The principle of preparation is usually one - the meat is boosted, then lay out in the trough and poured with the same broth. In order for it to froze himself, without gelatin, pork, beef or chicken legs are put in cooking. After all, these parts of the carcass contain collagen, so necessary for the stickiness.

However, every hostess prepares it in its own way. Everyone has its own design technique, the method of cutting, decorations and other secrets. In my selection, I prepared a wide variety of choke recipes. Choose anyone who has come to your shower.

Pork leg homemade - delicious recipe To jelly froze himself, swing legs are used during cooking. They contain collagen, which gives the broth the necessary stickiness. Such a colder quickly freezes in the refrigerator without adding gelatin. I offer you this simple and affordable recipe.

Pork legs - 1.2 kg. Beef (you can take and pork) - 1.5 kg.

Drinking water - 3 liters.

Carrot - 1 pc. Onions - 1 pc.

Black pepper pepper to taste

Garlic - 10 poles or taste

Lavrushka - 4-6 leaves Easy pepper - 10 peasors

Salt to taste one.

So that our keet turns out transparent, raw materials need to be properly prepared. The legs are pretty screamed with a knife, removing all the pollution. If they are required to fall - do it before. Pretty rinse legs and put in a saucepan. If you do not fit, you can nourish.

2. We rinse beef. Cut with large pieces, send to the same pan. We pour cold water.

If meat products have been frozen, they must be defrosting at room temperature. Only then you can go into the move. 3.

In this form, we leave for the night. During this time, blood will come out of meat. So, the finished jelly will be transparent. Therefore, do not neglect the soaking procedure, it is very important!

four. Then we drag the water, the meat ingredients are rinsed again. Return to the saucepan. Pour clean cold water. The liquid must completely cover the contents. In this case, about 3 liters took place. Put on fire.

When the broth starts to pour, foam will be formed on the surface. Be sure to get rid of it using noise. After all, if the composition boils with this foam, it will fall on the bottom of flakes. See them in our bay - not the most pleasant, isn't it?! five.

After all stably rolls, we reduce the fire to a minimum. We cover the lid and boil 4 hours.

All this time it is very important that the broth does not boil, namely tomboy. This is another secret of transparency.

Also during cooking, remove the yellow fat that is going on top. After all, it will then form a white crust.


When the composition copplains for 4 hours, we send a purified bulb and carrot here. Together, we cook with the same slow straignment for another 2 hours.


  • Then salt to taste, put pepper peas and laurel pea. Cooking 15 minutes.
  • 8.
  • At the end, we enter here through the press garlic. Mix and give boil 2-3 minutes. This will be enough for garlic to hand out its fragrance.
  • 9.
  • Remove from the stove. Let meat, legs and vegetables from the pan. The broth will be filtered through the gauze so that no extraneous pieces fall into the jelly.
  • ten.
  • When the meat cools a little, separate it from fat, bones, leather. Selective product with arms or knife.
  • Skin and fat, if you want, can also be crushed and included in the dish.
  • eleven.
  • On the trudes, we declare meko.
  • 12.
  • Fill with broth. From above, at will, you can decorate carrot circles.

We remove into the refrigerator until the mass is completely frozen. Then cut and apply!


www.djurenko.com. Source - https://youtu.be/zej2ketmojw.

On any feast, meaty, strong jelly will always be in demand. Especially often they are preparing for the new year, it was so dealt. Among all New Year's salads and festive snacks, he proudly sends in the center of the table! Yes, and is eaten one of the first. Good appetite!

3. Cooking a jelly from pork steering wheel and beef

Pork legs - 1.2 kg. The pork steering wheel is great for the blurred. It is quite fleshy, while it gives a broth to frozen alone. I offer you such a recipe from beef and pork. Delicate indescribable!

Carrot - 1 pc. Ingredients:

Pork legs - 2 pcs.

Pork steering wheel - 1 pc.

Lavrushka - 4-6 leaves Beef - 500 gr. (can be more)

Pork - 500-700 gr.

Salt to taste Garlic - 1 head

So that our keet turns out transparent, raw materials need to be properly prepared. The legs are pretty screamed with a knife, removing all the pollution. If they are required to fall - do it before. Carrot - 2 pcs.

Onion - 2 heads

Water is about 7 liters.

2. Lavrushka - 5 leaves

Black peas - 15 pcs.

Fascinated peas - 5-7 pcs.

Salt - about 5 tbsp.

Cook in a saucepan, a volume of 12 liters.

Pork legs thoroughly roll with a knife. If there are hairs on them, they must be turned. We destroy into several parts to make it convenient to put in a saucepan.


Onions, carrots and garlic cleans.

  • All meat products are legs, pork and beef, rinse well. Fill with cold water for at least one hours by 5. After that, the meat will become lighter, then the broth will be more transparent.
  • 8.
  • Exhaled raw materials shift into a saucepan, pour clean drinking water.
  • Put on fire. Be sure to remove the whole thick foam, which will form before boiling. From the moment of boiling we cook on the smallest fire of 4 hours.
  • If the contents of all this time will be actively brown, then the transparent fuel will not work. Therefore, the flame of the plate should be weak.
  • On the bottom of each plate, we can put the greenery of parses, a piece of welded boiled eggs, carrots extracted from the broth.
  • Periodically lift the lid and remove the foam and yellow oil from the surface.
  • Here you go! Plate of chill, horseradish or mustard, fresh bread and pleasant appetite!
  • Now, for brightness and fragrance of broth, drove in vegetables. Earlier, we already cleared onions and carrots. After 4 hours of cooking meat, send them to the pan. Add laurel, peas pepper and salt. Who likes the aroma of cloves - put a couple of boutons here.


www.djurenko.com. Cook for another 2 hours on the same low power.

For 6 hours of fat, meat literally moves away from the bone. Now all products need to be shifted into a separate plate. Onions can be thrown away, but to leave the carrot for the decoration.

When the meat ingredients are a little cool, disassemble them from all unnecessary - fat, leather, bone. Grind your hands or a knife. We declare about deep bowls.

This is evenly sprinkled with a naked or missed garlic press.

On any feast, meaty, strong jelly will always be in demand. Especially often they are preparing for the new year, it was so dealt. Among all New Year's salads and festive snacks, he proudly sends in the center of the table! Yes, and is eaten one of the first. If you want, you can decompose here beautifully pieces of boiled carrots, greens, polka dots or boiled egg.

Pork leg homemade - delicious recipe The broth is filtering through gauze or fine sieve. We do not need to make pieces of bones, spices or other unnecessaries.

Pork legs - 1.2 kg. Pour them meat. We remove into the fridge for the night, until it is frozen.

That's all! Cut, serve and enjoy!

Classic homemall recipe without gelatin

Carrot - 1 pc. To prepare the most real cold, you need to choose pieces of meat with a large content of collagen. Perfect pork legs, tails, ears, knobs. Then, we do not have to add gelatin to thickening, because everything will occur naturally.

The bay on this recipe is obtained very tasty, dense, with a large number of meat. Admire! You will get as tasty!

Lavrushka - 4-6 leaves On a 6 liter pan:

Salt to taste Meat (beef or pork) - 300 gr.

So that our keet turns out transparent, raw materials need to be properly prepared. The legs are pretty screamed with a knife, removing all the pollution. If they are required to fall - do it before. Pork legs - 3 pcs.

Fragrant pepper to taste

2. Garlic - 5 polek

If meat products have been frozen, they must be defrosting at room temperature. Only then you can go into the move. Onions - 1 head

Lavrushka to taste

The legs are pretty clean with a knife, removing all the peels and pollution. Wash the knob thoroughly, make shallow cruciform cuts, so that we need gelatin better stand out into the broth.

You can also add clean pieces of tails and ears.

Also during cooking, remove the yellow fat that is going on top. After all, it will then form a white crust.

As a meat, you can take clean cut, without bones and fat. Ribs and other fleshy parts of the carcass are also suitable.

All prepared products fold in a cook for cooking. They should be the most clean, otherwise the broth can be muddy.

We pour meat ingredients with water so that they only have been covered with it. Do not leave too much, because then the jelly will not be strong.


  • Put on fire. In severe power, bring broth to a boil. Be sure to remove the foam - it is very important!
  • After boiling, we reduce the slab to a minimum. Cover the saucepan with a lid. In such conditions, Tomim meat is 3 hours.
  • It is important that the broth does not boil, but only slowly submissive. Then the liquid will be transparent and enough adhesive.
  • At the same time, the entire period of cooking should be ensured that there is no foam and fat at the top - if they are removed.
  • Now, for brightness and fragrance of broth, drove in vegetables. Earlier, we already cleared onions and carrots. After 4 hours of cooking meat, send them to the pan. Add laurel, peas pepper and salt. Who likes the aroma of cloves - put a couple of boutons here.
  • After 3 hours of tom, add vegetables to the composition. Onions, not cleaning, cut into 4 parts. His husk will give broth brighter and fragrance. The carrot needs to be cleaned and too large to cut. We send them to the pan, attacking.
  • We also introduce pepprint and laurel to taste.
  • We communicate under the same conditions for another 1 hour. In total, the composition is boiled 4 hours. During this time, the meat literally disappears from the bones.
  • Give the contents of the broth, let me cool a little.

Separate the flesh from the bones. We divide the fibers. Skin and vein, if you want, can also be sent to the composition.

Solim Meko, add here through the press garlic. Mix and shift in the dishes, where you plan to form the fuel.

The broth is filtering through the two-layer gauze. Win again so that there are no microbes in it, and our colder is not sacce. You can save a little.

Pour them meat. We give to cool the contents to room temperature on the table.


  • Then cover the lid or foil, remove into the refrigerator. The next day your jelly will be ready!
  • On the bottom of each plate, we can put the greenery of parses, a piece of welded boiled eggs, carrots extracted from the broth.
  • Here is a strong, meaty colder turned out. If you like more "yeast", initially pour out a little more water in a saucepan. Just do not tighten it at the end of the tomturation, then the broth may not be frozen.
  • Source - https://youtu.be/q6dvwwbzjuw.
  • Video recipe Cold from beef legs
  • From beef legs, too, it turns out a very strong and resistant jelly. At the same time, we do not even need gelatin, because the limbs are enough collagen for the stickiness of the broth.
  • In this video clip, the author will prepare a beautiful and delicious colder in his recipe!
  • Here you go! Plate of chill, horseradish or mustard, fresh bread and pleasant appetite!
  • Beef legs - 2 pcs.
  • Meat - 300 gr.
  • Water - 3-4 liters.


www.djurenko.com. Black pepper

On any feast, meaty, strong jelly will always be in demand. Especially often they are preparing for the new year, it was so dealt. Among all New Year's salads and festive snacks, he proudly sends in the center of the table! Yes, and is eaten one of the first. Garlic - 3-4 slices

Dill and parsley

Boiled carrots

Pork leg homemade - delicious recipe Salt - 2 tbsp.

Pork legs - 1.2 kg. Read more from the video! Enjoy watching!

Carrot - 1 pc. Delicious chicken chicken with gelatin - recipe in a slow cooker

Lavrushka - 4-6 leaves If you do not like fat, I suggest you such a recipe. We will prepare it from chicken meat, and so that the jelly froze, we will add gelatin.

You can boil it on the stove. But I suggest to do it in a slow cooker, because it will take such a process much less time. Here is such a beautiful and tasty fuse. We will succeed!

Salt to taste Chicken - 1 kg.

Onion - 1 pc.

So that our keet turns out transparent, raw materials need to be properly prepared. The legs are pretty screamed with a knife, removing all the pollution. If they are required to fall - do it before. Lavrushka - 2 sheets

Black Pepper - 6 Peas

2. Easy pepper - 2 peas

Water - about 1 liter

If meat products have been frozen, they must be defrosting at room temperature. Only then you can go into the move. Garlic - 4-5 polek

Gelatin instant - 40-50 gr.

four. Green peas at will

When the broth starts to pour, foam will be formed on the surface. Be sure to get rid of it using noise. After all, if the composition boils with this foam, it will fall on the bottom of flakes. See them in our bay - not the most pleasant, isn't it?! The chicken we take without bones and skin. In this case, there is a breast and hips. We rinse pieces, send a multicooker in the bowl.

The bulb is pretty rinsed and cut off a small part from the tops, to the melt. We do not remove the husk - she will give a special color and taste.

The root part also do not remove, there is a lot of aroma in it. It is enough just to cut hanging roots. We send it to the chicken.

My carrot is mine. Not cleaning, add it next. Solim to taste. Per 1 kg. Chicken usually add 1 tsp. Salt. In any case, then you can try the broth to taste and resolve it.

Put the laurel, pepper peas. Their number and availability can also be adjusted to themselves.

Fill with water so that the liquid covers chicken for about 2 fingers.

Determine the amount of fluid yourself, depending on whether you want to get so much jelly.

The bowl is installed in the multicooker processor. I exhibit the "quenching" mode for 3 hours.

After the expiration, we see a similar picture - a transparent broth, and the meat is literally falling apart from touching.


  • Get the chicken and carrot. We lay them on the plate, cool. The bulb is also removed, but it can be thrown away, it will not be useful for us.
  • The broth itself is filtering.
  • We prepare the troughs or other dishes for the bay. Here you can immediately lay out meat, but I offer a more festive option. From boiled and pending carrots, cut out flowers, asterisks, hearts - all that your heart. Put on the bottom of the dishes.
  • You can also decompose the canned peas. The main thing is that all these additives are thermally processed.
  • The chicken is disassembled on the fibers, lay out on top.
  • Remove from the stove. Let meat, legs and vegetables from the pan. The broth will be filtered through the gauze so that no extraneous pieces fall into the jelly.
  • If you love, so that in the choke there was more meat, then put it more. If the jelly is for you in priority, then the chicken, respectively, add less.
  • From beef legs, too, it turns out a very strong and resistant jelly. At the same time, we do not even need gelatin, because the limbs are enough collagen for the stickiness of the broth.
  • Gelatin is poured with a small amount of cold water, mix it.
  • In the hot broth with a thin flower, we pour dissolved gelatin, constantly stirring the composition with a spoon.
  • Here you go! Plate of chill, horseradish or mustard, fresh bread and pleasant appetite!

The broth must be hot. Therefore, if he cooled you, you will need to warm up.

  • thirteen.
  • This is also adding garlic through the press. Mix well. Pour this liquid chicken. Cover the lid.
  • 14.
  • Let it cool to room temperature. Then in the refrigerator until it is frozen. If there is a cool balcony, you can immediately carry there.

When it freezes, you can serve. First, along the edges we pass a knife, then cover the plate and turn over.

  • Source - https://youtu.be/3trmqzoapv0.


www.djurenko.com. Here is such tasty and beauty. Good appetite!

Jelly in a bottle - Original feeding the cold for a festive table

On any feast, meaty, strong jelly will always be in demand. Especially often they are preparing for the new year, it was so dealt. Among all New Year's salads and festive snacks, he proudly sends in the center of the table! Yes, and is eaten one of the first. Do you cook the cold for a festive table and do not know how to apply it original? I suggest you this option in the form of cute pigs. Looks very interesting and unusual. Getting ready at all. And how delicious!

Pork leg - 1.5 kg.

Pork - 700 gr.

Pork leg homemade - delicious recipe Carrot - 1 pc.

Lukovitsa repressed - 1 pc.

Pork legs - 1.2 kg. Celery Stem - Half

Lavrushka - 1 leaf

Black ground pepper - ½ tsp.

Carrot - 1 pc. Gelatin - 50 gr.


Lavrushka - 4-6 leaves Boiled sausage - 4 mug

Salt to taste Carnation (spice) - 12 boutons

So that our keet turns out transparent, raw materials need to be properly prepared. The legs are pretty screamed with a knife, removing all the pollution. If they are required to fall - do it before. Green olives - 6 pcs.

2. Sheet salad - 1 beam

If meat products have been frozen, they must be defrosting at room temperature. Only then you can go into the move. Also:

One liter and two half-liter plastic bottles with a wide neck and lid.

four. One pork leg and 700 grams of meat are rinsed, lay in a saucepan.

Pour the products with cold water so that their liquid is completely covered. We leave at least 4 hours, and better until next morning. So the whole remaining blood will come out of meat. Then the jelly then will be transparent.

When the broth starts to pour, foam will be formed on the surface. Be sure to get rid of it using noise. After all, if the composition boils with this foam, it will fall on the bottom of flakes. See them in our bay - not the most pleasant, isn't it?! Then we drag the water, the skin is pretty well with a knife from the remnants of the soot, contaminants. Put into a spacious pan.

Fill with water, put on the fire and let me boil. As soon as it happens, we drain the broth. Make a saucepan and pork.

Thus, we get rid of the "superfluous" protein, which makes the liquid muddy.

The root part also do not remove, there is a lot of aroma in it. It is enough just to cut hanging roots. Pour a new portion of pure water. It should cover pieces of about 2 times higher.

After the broth boiling, we make the most minimal heating, close the lid (leaving a small hole to exit steam). Cook 4 hours. At the same time, the fluid almost should not boil, but only quietly languish.

After 4 hours of cooking, send carrots and onions here. You do not need to clean these vegetables, just rinse thoroughly.

Also, for transparency of broth and aroma add celery. We are preparing for another 1 hour, under the same conditions.

Next, we introduce the peas of fragrant peppers, laurel. Protet 1 hour. In total, the composition was cooked for 6 hours.

From the pan get meat and vegetables. Broth salt to taste, add black ground pepper.

Please note that it should be slightly saved, because the extra salt is then absorbed into the pork.

Here we introduce garlic, through a press or a small grater. Mix, let it brew about 20 minutes.

Also during cooking, remove the yellow fat that is going on top. After all, it will then form a white crust.

When the meat is slightly cool, separate it from bones, fat and everything unnecessary. We disassemble the fibers. After a long cooking, make it very simple.

In a clean and dry plastic bottles, we unfold the separated twin, almost toast.


  • With the implant broth, we remove the fat layer from above, with a spoon. Fix it through a sieve lined with a paper towel.
  • In a bowl, we embarked as gelatin, we pour about 1 cup of the fluid. Mix, let it stand a few minutes before swelling.
  • We will need a total of about 2 liters of branch. If you have turned out more, surplus drain.
  • Nobuch gelatin slightly heated in the microwave, we pour into the main composition.
  • Put in the meat plate. Better a lot, and tastier.
  • We mix well and spread on the bottle, to the very top, flush with the neck.
  • Tightly tighten with covers, slightly bother them. We remove into the refrigerator in a horizontal position until the next day.
  • Here you go! Plate of chill, horseradish or mustard, fresh bread and pleasant appetite!
  • Then we get, carefully cut off the bottom of the bottle first, and then cut it along. Try not to affect the jelly myself.
  • Give the "figurines of pigs", put them on a flat dish - large in the middle, and two small on the sides.
  • Final stage - decoration. We will need 2 mug of sausage of the thorough for the ears and 2 plates are thickening for heels and tail.


www.djurenko.com. Thin circles cut into 4 parts. Each quarter we add three times in the form of an ear and fasten the toothpick. Thus, we make all 6 ears. We put them in places.

From olives, cut off about 1/3 of the part, insert the carnations on the center. It turned out cute eyes.

On any feast, meaty, strong jelly will always be in demand. Especially often they are preparing for the new year, it was so dealt. Among all New Year's salads and festive snacks, he proudly sends in the center of the table! Yes, and is eaten one of the first. Nose car wash with a round shape, made of thick circles of sausages. You can use the container from Kinder Surprise for this. Nostrils are made from the carnation.

Cut the long strips, twist and install as tails.

Pork leg homemade - delicious recipe We decorate the lettuce leaves, carry to the table.

Source - https://youtu.be/jlixrhe6lry.

Pork legs - 1.2 kg. Admire what beauty! At least in the composition and were products with a high content of collagen, we still added gelatin. Otherwise, the keel will not keep such a form!

Beef, pork and chicken precast

Carrot - 1 pc. Delicious, rich ash of three types of meat. Ideal both for a festive table and for family trapes. Now I will show how easy it is to quickly cook the perfect cold!

Beef - 700 gr.

Lavrushka - 4-6 leaves Pork legs - 3 pcs.

Salt to taste Chicken legs - 5-6 pcs.

So that our keet turns out transparent, raw materials need to be properly prepared. The legs are pretty screamed with a knife, removing all the pollution. If they are required to fall - do it before. Pork - 1.5 kg.

2. Celery - 2 cuttings

If meat products have been frozen, they must be defrosting at room temperature. Only then you can go into the move. Carrot medium - 1 pc.

Lavrushka, pea pepper to taste

Garlic - 2-3 slices

Water - 5-5.5 liters

All meat products are good, where you need to clean. We put in a saucepan.

Fill with water, put on the stove.

After the composition boils 2 minutes, remove from the fire, we drain the whole liquid. Pan and pieces rinse.

Also during cooking, remove the yellow fat that is going on top. After all, it will then form a white crust.

Pour clean water so that it covers meat products by about 2-3 fingers. It takes about 5-5.5 liters, depending on the volume of the pans.

We install on the stove again. As soon as everything is re-clogged, remove the foam.


  • Put here crude, but washed with a bulb. Following a few pepper laurel leaves and peas, for fragrance.
  • Fire twisted to the minimum. Cover with a lid, leaving a small hole to exit steam. Cook 4 hours, on such a slow fatman.
  • We have never added chicken into the chicken, and the bird in general.
  • After laid time, we introduce a purified carrot and celery car in the pan. Solim to taste (in this case, this is a complete tablespoon of salt). On the same slow heating, we continue to tomorrow 1 hour.
  • Turn off the plate, get all the vegetables from the pan.
  • Carrot can be left to decorate our dish, and the bow with celery can safely throw away.
  • Cook the keet in a pressure cooker
  • I put me in a bowl, let him cool a little.
  • Meanwhile, in hot broth through the press we skip garlic. Cover the lid, let's breed for about 20 minutes.
  • Cooled chicken, pork and beef separate from all unnecessary - bones, leather, fat. We deal with hands or fork on small pieces.
  • Salt

Separate the flesh from the bones. We divide the fibers. Skin and vein, if you want, can also be sent to the composition.

By that time, the broth had already fully satisfied with the aroma of garlic. Now it needs to be strain.

When everything is ready, go to the formation. You can prepare the filthy in the portions of the bowls or big sudies - as you are comfortable. Just choose deep dishes, preferably with a lid.

On them lay out the shaved meko. Fill with a leaky racer.

Before this, be sure to try the decoction on the salt - it should be slightly saved.

Optionally, you can decorate the boiled carrot on top, cutting out the figures. You can also put the branches of greenery. But this is optional.

As soon as the composition cools to room temperature, it must be rearranged into the refrigerator until it is frozen. For the first 2-3 hours, let it stand without a cover, and then you will need to close. If you do not have covers from this dish, you can use the foil.

Then cut and feed! With mustard - the most!

Source - https://youtu.be/da6fhpxtbpc.

Castle from beef transparent, like a tear (video recipe)

Transparent, not fatty and indescribably delicious bay. A large number of meat in a dense jelly is perfect! The author of this video will show you your recipe!

Beef Golyashka

Bakucky Beef.



Spicy pepper


Stems greens


Secrets of preparing the right cold

The keet is a favorite dish of many generations. In the old days, as a rule, they prepared it in winter or closer to the cold. At this time, the cattle was scored and to attach the "illiquid" in the form of tails, ears and hoofs, began to cook the kelid.

To this day, the dish does not lose relevance. Thanks to the rich content of collagen and vitamins, it is also very useful.

But so that your journal is exactly the way you have conceived - strong, transparent, tasty - you need to know certain subtleties. Now we will consider them!

Secret 1.

The composition, as you already understood, take a large number of cartilage and joints, which contains a lot of collagen. It is he who contributes to the natural frosting of the beard. For this use pork or beef limbs, as well as ears and tails.

If you do not have the opportunity to get such ingredients or you simply disagree them (and it happens!), It is necessary to add gelatin. Such a recipe we also reviewed above!

Secret 2.

In the filler you can send anything - a chicken, pork, beef. The main thing is that the amount of pure meat (cut, fillet, and so on) does not exceed the number of collagen ingredients (the very thing we spoke about in paragraph above). After all, otherwise, the jelly may not frost.

So, by 2 kg. Motheshes recommend to take no more than 1-1.5 kg. Pure meat.

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