DIY socks with their own hands - a selection of master classes for beginners with photos of ideas

Light socks


Now we can make a simple, but an interesting handicraft from ordinary sock. Even a 8-year-old child can cope with the task, it is not necessary.

For a cute bunny we need:

  • sock;
  • cereals;
  • Strong threads;
  • Lace and markers.

We put a glass of cereals in the sock, and drag it with a strong thread. Please note when trying to create ears, abdomen and head. Cut the triangles with scissors so that the hare gets long ears.

Finally, we draw him a pretty face and taped Bantian lace. Such a toy can be thrown and mig.


To create it, we will use old unnecessary tights. Cut off one shed, sew the resulting side with a thread. We return our toy to the outer side, stuffing the filler and drag in some places with a thread. Round shapes of the caterpillars are obtained, the area of ​​the tail we convey the edges and sew them. Eyes and mouth can be performed from any materials.

Cat socks do it yourself

For the head of the cat, it is necessary to choose a sock of one color, a face creates from the heel, do not forget to carve out the ears. The firmware goes on the internally side, then turn the sock and pierce it with the existing filler. Create this item can be cord or elastic in the neck. Make a bright torship from a bright sock, also we flash it and fill the crop.

The next step will be the design of the face of the cat, for this we take string of fabric and tighten the filler by forming the nose. The mouth indicates the stitching of the thread in the middle, from this face a little hits, and the eyes will be buttons.

Tail we make out of the remaining sock and sew where it is a place. For hands, you can use a cunning version, with the help of two seams, it seems that they are in his pocket.

Complex crafts

Wonderful dog of two socks

This snience will be a little more complicated, but no less attractive. To start a creative process, you need to cook 2 socks, syntheps, a needle with thread, flaps and ribbons, scissors and a marker.

The process will start with the creation of the body, the front of the sock will become head, and the heel will be booty. From the remaining sock we produce legs. On the wear, we clearly apply the felt-tip pen of the contours of the figure and we flash along them, we remove the rest with scissors. To remain the ability to turn out the sock, it is worth leaving the hole on the spot of the seam, and after filling it to sew

There is still a sock, of it we prepare the paws, face, ears and tail. Finding small details will help any wand. Now we collect a cute dog from the details, do not forget to sew your eyes and spout. And it remains to carve the hanging ears, you can add the lining, and at the end of the defects they sew them to the head. You can decorate the toy decoratively, it is already at the discretion of everyone.

Theatrical doll

This doll will help to make children a puppet theater. It will only remain invent a storyline and scenery.

With a rubber band, separate the gulka from the head, stuffed with a synthetic tube, and then it puts on the head on the head of a colored sock. We also form a synthetic tube and invent the eye and nose doll. We will make a mouth from the heel, we fold in half an oval piece of felt and glue it into a removal heel.

So you can create any heroes of fairy tales and cartoons.

Singing caterpart with your own hands

To create this wonderful toy, we will use:

  • terry bright socks;
  • felt and foam
  • cardboard;
  • Foam ball;
  • Mishur and eyes.

First, I will place the mouth of the caterpillar, cut down a pattern from the cardboard, put it in half and glue to the twisted front of the sock. Cut from the foam rubber two semicircles and apply glue to the cardboard. Now we go to the appearance of a cheerful caterpillar, red, cut by the felt, create a mouth. Eye, we make a foam ball, divided in half, with him we cut off the top. And also make a super lush hairstyle from Mishura.

Crafts from gloves and socks

Take old woolen socks, cutting the front of the sock, and we will make holes on the heels, so that the threads are not separated, you can flash. And wonderful gloves are ready.

Also from gloves you can make amazing children's toys. For example, gloves are filled with syntheps, and fingers will turn the monster in the tentacle. And only remain sewing, decorated with eyes, teeth and bows. You can even create a whole series of such monsters.

Tank on February 23

To please your beloved, or dad, brother, a matchmaker, often you have to think about the originality of the gift. Now you will learn how to make a fast and unique gift. To create it, you will need four pairs of black socks, one red, ribbon and beautiful handle.

It is necessary to make beautiful rolls from dark socks and secure them with a rubber band. Place the red sock, the heel to the top, decompose the rolls on it, tightly pressed to each other. Row of black socks wrap and can be fixed for reliability.

The second sock will be the top of our tank, and in it insert a blow to which the handle will become. In order for the tank to be more, it is worth just to increase the amount of socks. Such a gift will be taste to any man.

Christmas Snow Snowman on Christmas Tree

Take the white sock and divide in half, from the bottom we make a hat, and from the top - the body. Fill the toy will be any cereal, close the shoes with a hat. On the neck we will give a beautiful scarf. For the finished look, add your eyes, nose and buttons.

Old gloves as a useful thing

If you have lost one glove, do not worry ahead of time, you can create a soft toy. Cut from the glove on the ring finger and the little finger, and instead of the little man, the trick is unnamed. So you will have the second paw toys.

Fill the toy filler, make the top of the gloves in the form of ears using a needle thread. Take the neck from the toy, having threw the area between your head and body. Misina make a tail. Eyes and nose for the cat make embroidery, draw a beautiful ribbon on the neck.

Dolls from Kapron Tights

When making dolls, you must have:

  • bottle and scissors;
  • bodily categories;
  • the cloth;
  • wire;
  • two eyes;
  • foam and sintepon;
  • braid and rope.

The size of the internal container will depend on which gift bottle you want to put inside. The top of the canisters must be trimmed, put inside the bottle, this is to see whether the bottle looks out. The foam rubber is robbed from the bottom to the top, and in the upper part it is stitched. The place of the waist of the doll is tightened with a rope. On top of the entire foam rubber, it is put on a stocking, to create the volume of abdomen and priests, place the syntheps.

From the wire we make hands, also wind their foam rubber and syntheps. Pictures of the palms are made of tights, the long strip of Capron sew two edges together and put on hand. We attach hands to the body of the doll. White fabric use as sleeves, make 2 identical patterns, and we will make one pattern for the shock torso.

Cut out a rectangle from a blue fabric, the width of which should be like that to make the trouser assembly and then put on the bottom of the bottle. After put the pants on the bottle, glue the red ribbon on the belt.

Face for toys

Instead of the head, we will have the neck below shoulders from the bottle-to-one. Wrap a foam rubber and stitch, after the same actions with a syntheps. Cut from tights to the cloth and stretch on the head. To express the face, we will make doll tuments with threads.

In order to do everything right and beautiful, you will need to watch video lessons or photos from the site. To give the volume of cheeks, lips and chin, it will be necessary to add a synthet board. The upper and lower lips separate from each other, making a fold inside, you can make sniffs. The ears are made by adding a synthetone under the Capron, we also make the abnormal arcs, and a soccer.

Final stage

The top of the stocking taped, cut off what sticks out, sew the backbone on this place. We make the same mustache, sew your eyes. The shirt is made up of braid, slippers or bots made from fabric and syntheps.

There are a lot of options for using socks, gloves and tights to create toys. Such work does not care with your own hands, the creative process will tighten even lazy. And how many gifts can be created from these remedies. You can not throw a thing if it remained without a pair or suddenly straightened.

Working with your own hands is developing motility of hands, fantasy, thinking and imagination. Children who are engaged in the work of the house, in the lessons technology will be able to cope without difficulty.

Photo of homemade socks

If you find a couple of socks left in the far corner of the lounge box that remains without a pair. Do not hurry to throw them out. After all, this is an excellent material for creative crafts! Of these single socks, you can sew a wonderful toy for a child.

Even if you are not very friendly with a needle, the process will not seem difficult to you. Turn on inspiration, study a step-by-step master class - and go bunny!

  1. Remove the sock inside out and scalulate the pin. This will help the items not to disperse during stitching.
  2. Make an incision for future ears. What he deeper, the longest ears.
  3. Sew the details of the ears.
  4. Cut the heel on the sock and squeeze the resulting hole.
  5. Determine the size of your toy and fill the sock with holofiber. If there is no special filler at hand, you can do the usual cotton. The denser of the filler, the more stable and the future toy will be more beautiful.
  6. Sustrate the bottom seam.
  7. Tighten the ears by paving the line at their base. Secure the thread.
  8. Lose eyes, mouth and nose with contrasting thread.

Just a couple of hours - and the new toy is ready! For the kid, it will be valuable doubly, because made by her mother's hands.

If you decide another toy from the sock, we have collected for you great ideas.

Please note: the pesting sock, the brighter toy.

... Other hares

... cats




... snails


... Porosha


... Sovuki

... horses

... Lionok

... Elephants

... Pups.

And what toy do you save your baby?

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Photo: Instagram.

Crafts from socks are extremely simple and positive. Ideas are embodied in five minutes, the necessary materials are always at hand, with the work it will easily cope and the pupil of kindergarten, and the result is a funny and rising mood. Pretty bauble is not ashamed to hand as a gift.

We offer a selection of six schemes, choose what kind of likes it.

Bunny- "Antistress"

Such a toy can be made simpler or more complex way (a complex path is also quite a sat down, you will now make sure).

Simple option (without sewing)

It will take no more than ten minutes to make the toy. No skills are required for this, do not even be able to sew. This bunny is good to do with a small child - work to him just on the shoulder.

Collect materials and tools. It will take a little:

  • sock. Gray or white - if you want the hare gets similar to the present. But you can take a color or even striped - the toy is not obliged to meet the requirements of the zoology textbook;
  • 200-250 grams of cereals, buckwheat or rice;
  • Thick threads;
  • a piece of lace;
  • Feltolsters, you can markers;
  • scissors.

Five steps sock

All manipulations are extremely simple.

  1. Squeeze the cereal inside the sock.
  2. Take threads and form a bunny. You need to drag the sock twice - so that the future toy will have a torso (more), head and billet for the ears.
  3. We make ears from the upper third of the sock. There are no cereals in this part. We take scissors and cut in the center of the triangle. We had two ears from the free pieces of the fabric.
  4. With the help of a felt-meter, we draw a "face" hare.
  5. Tie a bowl of lace on the neck.

Crafts ready. It turned out soft hare-"antistress". It can be migted, compress, throw it will not be anything. And inside the cereal is a useful massage effect on the hands.

Complex (with sewing)

If the first hare can do a child independently, then the help of the master - Moms or teachers may already be required.

Materials and tools:

  • couple of socks;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • Sintepon, wool - any material for packing;
  • Two beads.

Hare from socks step by step:

  1. On the first sock, make a blank for the head. To do this, cut the scissors rounded part, and on the neck, make a triangular cutout. The two remaining triangles will be ears.
  2. Remove the workpiece, witch the edge of the former neck.
  3. After the remaining free part of the head. The heel has become a muzzle hare. In the ears, put the material with a pencil.
  4. We begin making the body. Cut the second sock from the opposite rubber, forming legs. They should turn out rounded and not very long. On this billet, the heel of the sock will become a filleic part of the toy.
  5. Remove the workpiece, sew, type via a free neck.
  6. Sust both parts of each other.
  7. Of the cut parts form the front paws and the tail of the punch. We connect them around the edges and stuffed how it was done with a torso and head.
  8. Send your paws and tail.
  9. Make a hare eyes from beads. Attention! If this is a toy for a small child, better than those details like beads, do not use - they can be dangerous for him. In this case, the eyes and mouth hare can be simply embroidered or draw.

Toy ready!


Here you can play with color. If you have unnecessary striped socks, then for such a craft, they are suitable as it is impossible, but a monophonic couple will also need. It will take about 40 minutes for all work.

Cat from socks for nine steps:

  1. We take a single sock. This is a future head, the heel will become a fruit. Cutting it from the neck of the neck, forming small sharp ears.
  2. We turn out, we flash the edges, fill it, near the neck we grab a rubber band.
  3. From a striped sock forming a torso. The neck he will lay down to the head. Cut in the area heels, stitch, fill in any cereal.
  4. Connect both details.
  5. The next stage is the design of a feline "face". First nose. We take a button, we are tightening with her cloth (play with color, let the nose contrasts with the muzzle) and fix it.
  6. Under the nose we flash the fabric vertically book and tighten - the chubby cheeks.
  7. For an eye, pick up merry buttons.
  8. Front paws will be "single". Make two sutures on the torso, retreating on the centimeter on the right and left. There will be a complete illusion that the hooligan cat's hands in his pockets.
  9. The final stage remained - the tail. Cut a narrow billet from the remaining long part of the sock, remove, sew, type and attach to the desired location.

Our cat is ready. At will, on the neck, he can tie a bow or make a simple pattern from beads on the chest.

Caterpillar: Polly and Sing

This toy can be done in five minutes and practically nothing, but you can spend more time, but at the output to get a doll on your hand.

For the smallest

With the manufacture of the first caterpillar, a very small child will cope. The source material will serve old tights.

  1. Cut off the face, turn and sew on one side. Must get a screed.
  2. Soak back, press the caterpillar, sew.
  3. Thinking the body with threads in several places to form rounded "sectors".
  4. Eyes make from beads or buttons, embroider mouth.

All! The simplest caterpillar is ready.

For older children

There is a more complex version of such a craft - a funny singing caterpillar, putting on hand.

Materials and tools:

  • old terry socks, the brighter, the better;
  • felt or velvet;
  • a piece of cardboard;
  • Foam ball;
  • Buttons (you can finished eyes, if you find);
  • Mishur, which will become a fashionable haircut.

The work is also simple, although it is more though than in the previous case. Total need to make 4 steps.

  1. We start with the mouth (this is not just a caterpillar, but a singer). Turn the sock inside out. Cut the circle from the cardboard (or any other tight paper) and glue for thoughts. Soak back and fold the cardboard inside the sock so that the mouth opens.
  2. Cut the two semicircles from the felt and we glue the mouth from the outside of the sock. You can cut a whole circle and fold it on axial.
  3. Go to the eyes. We cut into two parts of the ball from the foam, glit to each of them pupils in the form of buttons, plant in place.
  4. Glue on the top of the head hairstyle from tinsel.

All, you can survey your hand inside the caterpillars and arrange a master class by singing. By the way, there were two socks. Do not be lazy, make the caterpillar to the girlfriend and create a duet.

Tank: Adult Toys

This exercise can be a good design for a gift dad or grandfather. In addition to fantasy, it is not necessary for her, and the original form will give the opportunity to please a close person even classic socks.

We proceed to assembling the tank.

  1. Take several pairs of black socks, roll them with rollers and secure with rubber bands.
  2. One red sock decompose flat, heel up. Place it black and wrap the design with a red scarf. So that the composition is not collapsed, you can catch with its clips.
  3. From the second red sock, roll the tank tower. Install it on top of the "caterpillars" and tie a ribbon.
  4. As a blow, stuck, for example, a beautiful (expensive) handle.

The gift is ready. This is the "Light" version. If you want to give a larger object, in proportion to the basis (10 pairs of black socks are also useful in the farm). It will be possible to hoist on it no longer a handle, but a bottle of good wine or any other object. The main thing is that he can have a cylindrical shape and reminded the gun.

We presented not all possible crafts from socks. There are more options like snowmen, dogs, dolls, chickens. The main techniques of work are described above, so, boldly combining them, you can invent and make a craft, even without detailed instructions, and the photo is found on the Internet.

Greetings to all again on my blog! I love to sew very much from early childhood and one of my first sinks were one of my old socks. In my childhood, there was no such a wide variety of fabrics as today and had to do what it was. And it was not so much, for example, my mother gave small trimming of the fabric, and even allowed something to make something from our socks on which there were already holes or had to appear. But for us and sister it was for the joy, because so much interesting could be made of them! Although today there is no deficiency in the tissues, but the toys of socks do not lose their relevance so far.

Crafts from socks are made easy and simple and no need to possess special skills in sewing, they can do as novice needlewomen, and even small children.

Since socks are usually enough elastic, then they can easily give the necessary form and depending on their coloring toys of them are fun and intricate.

If you have an unnecessary pair of socks, then be sure to turn them into a funny toy, and I gathered for you 11 step-by-step master classes that I hope will raise your creative mood)

To create such toys, you will need: - a pair of socks; - needle with a thread; - scissors and synthesis; - You can still use any goals, beads, ribbons, but it is already at will.

Toys of socks do it yourself. Ideas for children and beginners

Look at what cute bunnies can be done. Such crafts can be done as for children's games, so create together with children.




Dog socks do it yourself easy and simple



Cat socks step by step guide


Bears from socks for children



Sleeping elephant - Photo Master Class for Manufacture


Owls from socks


Kitty toys from socks do it yourself


And in continuation of the topic of soft toys I recommend to see the article "7 Ideas of Fabric Toys"

That's all. I wish you a creative mood and fruitful day!

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Socks are the most mysterious thing in the wardrobe of every person. They can disappear without a trace at the most inappropriate moment, then appear back. Therefore, each of us has unpacking of socks and the best option here will make interesting crafts or soft toys.

Crafts of a piglet made of old socks

To do this, we need only one old sock, but that the pig turns out to be pretty, you need to choose a female or children's. Also necessarily need:

  • needle with suitable threads;
  • filler in the form of a synthet board or soft foam;
  • one-color fabric that will go for the legs of the pig;
  • Glue-pva, butchers and scissors.

After all materials are prepared, you can proceed to work in the following sequence:

  1. The sock is cut into two halves and cautiously cut the heel.
  2. For the formation of the body of the future piglery, feed the bottom of the bottom of the sock.
  3. Next, in the sock part it is necessary to sew a slice and the resulting workpiece to tighten onto the body.
  4. Using small butchers, imitate eyes, more large buttons use for nose-patch.
  5. From the trimming of the sock form the ears and the tail. Animal legs make from one-color flap flap.

All! Our piglets are fully ready. So that it turns out to be more funny and cute, it is recommended to choose a pink sock in a pea.

Smiling kitten

If you have no kitten at home, and it is not possible to start it, you can make a toy. It will not feed and be sure to decorate your pet.

For this we need:

  • sock of any light shade;
  • filler;
  • Threads, scissors, needle and the required buttons.
  • Thick thread of wool for the future bow.

Next, follow the following instructions:

  1. Socks with a prepared filler.
  2. On the sides of the sock we bring the edge, forming the ears and the place of bending we are experiencing an imperceptible seam.
  3. The kitten's body in the neck area is tightened to the woolen thread to the required size, attach a large button and tie a bow.
  4. With the help of black threads, we flash eyes, mouth and mustache.

Eye can also be made of small butchers or embroider from a large bead.

Snowman Snowman

Snowman is a great option for crafts from socks for the New Year. For its manufacture, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • white sock;
  • threads with needles, scissors;
  • Five buttons (2 black and 3 light);
  • a piece of terry fabric for shaping scarf and hats;

Below are various photos of socks in the form of snow.

Skink horse

Wooden race horse is a toy from our distant past. However, it does not prevent us from making it from sock and girlfriend, just a few simple steps:

  1. sock tightly stuff filler;
  2. on top we form ears by dragging the thread at their base;
  3. With the help of large beads or buttons, we make eyes;
  4. The mane can be made from the strip of artificial fur of the desired length;
  5. The bridle is made from the leather belt strips, which can be decorated with beads;
  6. The head dresses on a wooden pole up to 1 meter long.


This craft will rather not be a toy for children, but a real decor of any room where there are window sills.

The handicraft will take only 15 minutes of free time and does not require great effort.

  1. In the sock, begging fine-grained ceramzite with a thickness of about 4 cm and form the hedgehog muzzle.
  2. The seeds of lawn grass mix with the ground and completely fill in the remaining part of the sock. At the end, be surely tied firmly.
  3. We remove everything unnecessary with scissors and decorate the muzzle to eyes from buttons or large beads.
  4. The workpiece put on the plate of the desired size and leave on the windowsill.
  5. Every day it is necessary to rustle the hedgehog and turn his sides to the sunny side.
  6. In just a few days, the hedgehog will begin to grow to grow green, but all the same needle.


If your family has a very small baby, you can make it possible to make it possible from the sock and the owl rattle.

  1. From the contrast shade of the felt, cut the blank in the form of a beak bird, tail and two wings.
  2. Cut the heel from the sock and tighten the thread.
  3. Inside, we leave something rattling (for example, a capsule from the kinder, filled with balls) and stuff filler.
  4. The sock is again tightened on top of the thread before the formation of a ball and remove unnecessary.
  5. On the forehead we form the ears and flashing their filament, fix the ears. Next, adapt the beak, tail and wings.
  6. On the forehead in the birds over the eyes, we draw 4 lines over the eyes and tighten their thread with a needle before the formation of roller-eyebrows.
  7. Eye make out of dark buttons or large beads.

Gift tank

To do this, we will need not one sock, but as many as five steam and it is desirable that they are completely new and only from the store. We also need:

  • bottle of 0.33 l;
  • Colored paper, red ribbon, thin tape, rubber bands and twine rope;
  • Cork from under wine bottle, superchalters, several speakers and clips.

In order for the gift tank to be glory, follow step by step instructions:

  1. We take 3 pairs of dark socks and gently stroke.
  2. Next, you should tightly twisted from the sock to their upper part, fixing each time the stationery elastic band.
  3. A pair of light socks wrapping the resulting "husli". For a holistic design, light socks should be inserted into each other.
  4. The remaining fifth pair and the bottles of improvising the tower. Bottled originally robbed with black paper and wear a spatty rope in the center.
  5. One toe put on the bottom of the bottle to the rope. The residue of the sock is winding the hidden part of the bottle and fix it with the help of a clip.
  6. The last toe also turn the bottle, hide the tips and fix the clips again.
  7. We mount the tower on the "Gusli", in advance by placing a tube, wrapped in black paper under it.
  8. In the right place we strengthen the flag of the spedes and paper of any colors. At the end of the tank decorate the gift ribbon and hide in the box.

It is some of many ways to make socks. To do this, you will need a creative approach and just 15-20 minutes of free time, and the crafts themselves will not be worse than the shop.

Photo of socks

It would seem that you can think of crafts from children's socks? Absolutely not an interesting piece of clothing, which is used daily. Still, it is from the socks that can make a beautiful and interesting handicraft.

The advantage of the material is that even a small child will be able to work with him. If you do not know how to make a sock craft, this review is for you.


To make a sock craft, you need only a few tools that are in every home:

  • scissors,
  • adhesive gun
  • needle and threads of different colors,
  • beads or buttons
  • Satin ribbons,
  • socks of different sizes and colors,
  • Crupes, syntheps, cotton wool or other filler.

What crafts do from socks

Of course, the most often made of socks make soft toys. But the little crafts made of socks, made with their own hands, will become an excellent gift.

For example, for the new year, cute snowmen will turn out of a pair of white socks. Needlework can be attracted to kids over three years.

Sock is a kind of fabulous character. It disappears, it is lost, and sometimes even travels. So why not make a crawler out of it?


To make a cute bunny, you need one sock, a cup of rice, thick, strong threads, markers on fabric, ribbons and lace.

How to make a hare

We cut the sock from the fingers to the heel and sew the details. Thus, the bunny will have ears. Rice smeared into the sock and tighten the thread.

You need to drag in such a way that there are ears, belly and head. Ears are flashing at the base. Send beads or buttons instead of eyes and nose, draw a smile and decorate a toy bow or flower.


Craft Snowman from socks is made on the same principle as a bunny. The only exception is not necessary to sew anything. This product can be done in conjunction with children, starting with a three-year-old age.

We will need: white sock, rice, thick white thread, adhesive gun, buttons or beads, ribbon or contrast slice of cloth for scarf.

How to make a snowman

We smear a glass of white rice in my sock so that it filled the heel, and tightly tie the thread. The top of the sock cut off and lay aside. She will still need it

The workpiece from the sock and rice is gently dragging again to separate the head. From bead or buttons we make eyes and nose. They are enough to glue on the adhesive gun. The mouth can be drawn with a marker or lay out from rhinestone with an adhesive substrate. Ribbon or cutting fabric we are taking around the neck.

Now we take the remaining part of the sock, we associate white thread on one side and turn. Dress in the resulting hat on the head. Snowman ready.

This is such a simple handicraft from the sock for the New Year will be an excellent gift to relatives and family friends.


Surprisingly, on the principle of bunny and snowman can also be made of a pig. It is enough to choose the blanks of a gentle pink color and set a large button instead of the heel.

In addition, another filler can be used to handle a pig from the sock. For example, cotton. You will need: wool, pink sock, buttons, piece of fabric, scissors, threads, needle and adhesive gun.

How to make a pig

The first thing from the sock cut off the heel so that two blanks come out. Put a cotton one that with a sock and firmly sew thread. We take the second piece, turn and stitch on one side where there is no gum. Soak back and put on the billet.

From the heel or sections of the fabric make small ears and legs. The latter is also recommended to fill with cotton. So the craft is stable.

Attach all parts to the workpiece using a glue gun. Eye, nostrils and tail make from buttons. The resulting swine can be decorated with a bow, lace or rhinestones.

Such socks from the socks will become an excellent gift for the holidays in 2020.


To create the caterpillar, you will need a golf or old tights. As a filler, you can use a cereal, cotton wool or syntheps.

Cut off one pant, styling it with syntheps and firmly tighten at the end. Then, in several places, intercept so that there are round part of the caterpillar. For tightening, you can use woolen contrasting thread.

Then secure the eyes and the nose with the help of a glue gun and draw a smile.


To make such a crawler, the sock must be uncalled. For the head you need a heel. Sut it from the main part of the sock so that triangular ears come out. Put a syntheps and sew together.

For the body we use the second sock. Sut off your paws and tail and sew from the inside. Then fill the workpiece by syntheps and tightly tighten. The base of the limbs and tail we flash thread into the sock color. And sew the body with your head.

For eye and spout, you can use beads of different sizes, which are fixed using a glue gun, or separate pieces of fabric with a solid filler, such as a cereal or peas.

On the neck of the animal pinch the scarf, we decorate the bows ear.

Crafts from socks can make every needlewoman. This is a great way to leisure with children on a rainy day or a cold evening. It is often in order to figure out how to do it, just enough photo of socks from socks.

Photo of socks

I continue the topic of toys from socks. I also found a lot of simple and interesting toys and master classes. We will draw and sew toys of socks with their own hands for beginners and not only.

toy sock do it yourself master class


See what cute and funny raccoons!

Raccoon of sock Raccoon of sock Raccoon of sock

What makers:

  • From children's socks;
  • From the fabric or felt of white and gray;
  • From buttons - 3 pcs. (2 smaller, 1 - more);
  • Threads;
  • Moulin
  • Wat, Sinyppon.

How to do:

A source


Elephant of sock Elephant of sock

What do we need:

  • High sock or golf;
  • Fabric, felt or thin felt;
  • Threads for sewing and embroidery;
  • Buttons.

Master Class:

  • Using the template, cut the details: head, torso, ears, tail. Pattening elephant of sock
  • We stitches on the wrong and stuff your body and head.
  • To the head sew the details: eyes, ears. Before the sewing, it is better to schedule their locations. Eyes slightly "Top". It is possible to do this if you pull the thread at most and sewing with one thread both eyes. That is, we sew one eyelane, then stretch the thread inside the head, we take off the opposite side and sew the second eye.
  • Due to the fact that the sock sock falls on the lower part of the body, our handicraft will be stable when sits. Send your head.
  • Top paws make it easy. They are obtained due to the fact that the side parts of the body are stitched. So separated by the "hands" of the elephant. Send tail.
  • Paws are decorated with felt. Elephant of sock



  • Golf,
  • Buttons
  • Threads and for embroidery and for sewing
  • Singrytegone or cotton. Dog of sock

We gradually do:

  • Future dog is reproduced by stencil.
  • Details are sewn and filled.
  • How to sew a dog to get with hanging ears? Any place of bending is almost not filled with Selikon. Then it will be free to bend.
  • Send all parts of the toy.
  • On the muzzle embroidered the nose and the eyes-buttons are sewed.
  • Figners are separated on the paws. For this, the thread is drawn through at a distance from the edge of several centimeters; And tightly stretched.



  • Socks - 2 different (from one we will make the most teddy bear, from the second - to decorate it);
  • Button and 2 beads;
  • Sealant;
  • Threads.

Teddy bear


  • You need to cut simple details: head, torso, paws. From another sock - a muzzle and breast.
  • Sew and fill all parts.
  • Connect each other.
  • On the head to put an oval. Above it to sew buttons, and on the oval button. Under the button to make embroidery - a bear mouth.
  • On the body to make a semicircular breast from another material.


Sock Dragon Toy Sock Dragon Toy Sock Dragon Toy Sock Dragon Toy

A source


  • Socks - small (multicolored) and more (monophonic);
  • Felt;
  • Buttons and beads - 2 pcs.;
  • Moulin;
  • Threads;
  • Sintepon.


  • Cut. Download and print template. Dragon sock pattern
  • Connect the edges of each detail. Leave a small hole to fill the shape. Fill every detail of Sintepona and close the hole.
  • On the head with the help of a needle and threads to make an ears, protruding the face, tongue, embroidered mouth, eyes and nostrils. how to make a dragon of the sock
  • On the paws felt feet. On the body - spikes, abdomen and wings. Attach to body wings paws sew a toy

Still master classes

Let me remind you that last time I invests master classes, if you like, click on the picture and go through the link to master classes:

Soft toys from socks

toy + do it yourself + from kitten socks

Cat from fabric



Our new video:

  • What toys can be made of sock? Any, the main thing is to accurately build a scheme. Newcomers are better to do it first on paper, and then transfer to the fabric
  • The density of the sock is the most important thing. Stretched and loose knitwear will not fit. Only dense, which, when tensile, will keep shape.
  • To score "stuffing" not in large parts, but small pieces.
  • Constantly massage to tightly fill and give the form.
  • Too tightly do not fill out, the hands, head and legs can bend. Then the animals will sit, rotate and walk.
  • Always take into account the existing drawing! Monitor the symmetry pictures on the toy.
  • Available any color variations.
  • The contours of the details are applied to the wrong side.
  • If you are selayed in the company with your babies, find a job for children.
  • Fly in inside, you can small cereals: rice, buckwheat, millet, and you can fill with cotton, silicone, pieces of felt or foam rubber, small balls, etc.

Each mother, and especially Mom's daughter who herself loves to do needlecorating, of course, wants to introduce a child with a wonderful world of Hendmade. Most often, the first creative work of the baby becomes a kolobok, a pear, an apple or a sun, blinded with small fingers and rolled out palms from the dough.

Children grow quickly, and here the daughter can already be trusted not only safe plasticine and paints with pencils, but also such an interesting and not a simple thing as a needle.

In this small selection, I want to share with you funny and cute toys, stitched from socks, many of which are quite suitable for the first experience of sewing with children.

Enjoy your viewing!

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 1

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 2

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 3

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 4

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 5

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 6

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 7

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 8

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 9

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 10

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 11

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 12

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 13

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 14

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 15

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 16

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 17

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 18

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 19

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 20

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 21

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 22

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 23

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 24

Funny soft toys from socks, photo № 32

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 26

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 27

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 28

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 29

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 30

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 31

Забавные мягкие игрушки из носков, фото № 32

The house, decorated with her own hands, looks very comfortable, there is no unique atmosphere, and cute belligers make glad. And it happens that the child brings a task from a school or kindergarten, and make the crawl as quickly as possible and from the girlfriend. In such a situation, you can make original crafts from ordinary socks with your own hands, even novice needlewomen will cope with them.

Socks instead of rose

Such an original bouquet is not ashamed to supplement the main present - this is not only the necessary gift, which can be used for its intended purpose, but also a beautiful and unusual addition to the interior. It is so universal that, depending on the filling and design of registration, he will be glad everything from Mala to Great: Men, women and kids will appreciate such a non-standard approach.

Necessary materials:

  • 10 pairs of socks;
  • sewing pins - packaging;
  • Long wooden skewers for kebabs;
  • satin ribbons of different colors;
  • corrugated paper;
  • beads or rhinestones;
  • scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • glue pistol;

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Lay out socks one by one. If you use short socks - it turns out an undisclosed bud, out of the socks of medium size or golfs, the opened flower will be opened. If two socks are rolled at once, then the flower head will turn out to be larger.
  2. Watch the bud starting on top of a sock snail. Having reached the heel, we twist the material and continue to twist until we reach the end of the sock.
  3. The base of the booton is fixed with the pin. We do it carefully not to leave hooks on the material.
  4. In the middle of the wooden wand, it imitates the stem and serves as a bouquet.
  5. We repeat the procedure with the rest of the socks.
  6. We connect the resulting roses together and rewind the spatsch scotch.
  7. Cut the piece of packaging paper in size and wrapping a bouquet into it. The base is intercepting satin ribbons.
  8. With the help of a gun in random order decorate the gift packaging selected decor.

Tip: Beautiful bouquets are obtained when using socks of various colors, pastel tones look especially interesting.

Snowman in kindergarten

The simplest handicraft of socks for children, which will not leave indifferent and adults. Together, you can create a whole family of snowmen and decorate their home on the eve of New Year holidays. On the site you can find many more original step-by-step master classes for New Year's crafts.

For one snowman you will need:

  • Sock for adult white color;
  • rice cereals;
  • threads for sewing or subtle gum;
  • glue;
  • Red thin tape;
  • Beads, rhinestones, buttons for decoration;
  • Flomaster black and red color.

We do together:

  1. We lay out the sock on the table and cut into two parts - cut out the heel part, it turns out two parts, one end-to-end is the body of the future snowman, the second one with one closed part (thought) - from it we will make a headdress.
  2. We take most of the (body) and on the one hand are tightening with thread, like a bag.
  3. Soak inside out so that the threads and tail remains inside, and fill rice to the top. The amount varies in the process of work, but some free space should be left to be able to bandage.
  4. The upper edges also bandage, closing the resulting bag.
  5. Pass the bag with rice slightly above the middle: The head should be less torso. In the selected place tie a thread.
  6. The second part of the sock (with a closed part) wear a snowman on the head, converting the edges to the desired size.
  7. Seer butchers, imitating Tulup along the body.
  8. Ribbon tie around the neck on a scarf manner.
  9. Beads and rhinestones glue the torso.
  10. With the help of a black felt-meter, we draw eyes, and the red is a smile.

Soft pig

Make such a toy every child will be able to make a minimum of time and materials, and as a result, a pretty pig and happy kid. And in this way, you can utilize socks that have lost your own pair.


  • 2 socks can be different;
  • buttons of different sizes;
  • wool or foam for filling;
  • threads;
  • needle needle;
  • scissors;
  • Glue "Secund".

Master Class:

  1. We make two cuts on the unfolded sock, one - to the heel, the second - above: two approximately the same details are obtained, unless of course the cinema is not golf.
  2. The bottom is fill in the selected stuffing so that the Taurus turns out round and volumetric. Top tightly sewn thread so that the cut did not break during the operation.
  3. We stretch out the second part with a rubber band on the body of the pig, but not to the end, a small distance should remain from the edge of the sock to the beginning of the gum - it will be an animal muzzle.
  4. From the reverse side, the free part is sewn to the calf so that one thing happens.
  5. Cut off the gum from the second sock and cut the ears in the form or sew together two triangular pieces, a little spinning a sharp corner.
  6. Send in the right place.
  7. Two small buttons glit before the start of the gum - these are eyes, and one large in the very edge of the face, where it is put to be a patch.

"Male" gift

It is easy to give socks boring and uninteresting, but manifesting fantasy and putting a little effort, you can create a thematic gift that you can and just put on the shelf.


  • Men's socks - 8 pairs;
  • Ribbon Satin Green 5 cm width;
  • Elastic Stationery;
  • red cardboard;
  • double sided tape;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step instruction crafts from socks:

  1. Socks do not share one by one, leave folded pairs.
  2. Cool the product towards the sock to the gum so that it turns out a dense tube. Thus, we turn six pairs.
  3. Each in the middle is dragging with a rubber band so as not to be promoted.
  4. Put five pieces in a row - it will be the base of the tank, the sixth will remain for the gun.
  5. Cut two pieces of ribbons. Each of them is wrapped with weaver caterpillars tank, retreating in a centimeter from the edge. It turns out two green lines.
  6. The deferred pair is brappy from above with a tape, imitating tank weapons.
  7. We divide the last pair one by one and lay out each other, slightly in the back. Starting from the start of the product twist into a wide snail.
  8. We laid sideways on a free space next to the gun, it is a hatch.
  9. Cut from the cardboard of the sprocket of different sizes. We decorate with them and ribbons the resulting homemade tank.

This is only a small part of what can be made of sash products. Do not rush to throw out one of the pair, it is better to look for a fresh idea and find a worthy application. It is enough to have some girlfriend, desire and fantasy to create not only beautiful, but also the necessary things with their own hands.

Photo ideas of socks

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