Tariff Very Black Tele2: Detailed Description

One of the advantages of the telecommunications company Tele2 is a wide selection of tariff plans. A subscriber with any intercourse needs will find among them the mobile service package that will answer his budget and needs. So for 69% of the company's clients, the most acceptable tariff plan was "very black". It chose active cellular network users. It includes a large amount of Internet traffic and free minutes to conversations with subscribers of other operators. What else is the "very black" tariff from the tele2 company? How to connect it, turn off?

Description of the tariff "Very black"

The tariff plan is designed for people actively communicating not only through calls, but also social networks. He is also interested in those who are in search of interesting information, entertainment or music often use the Internet.

Since the beginning of the spring of 2017, "very black" is archival, but the subscribers connected to them continue to use it.

Tariff Description Very Black Tele2

The tariff offers:

  • 500 minutes of free conversations with subscribers of other mobile operators of the Russian Federation;
  • 500 free SMS messages to customers of other Cellular companies in Russia;
  • 10 GB - Internet traffic package provided for by the plan;
  • TELE2 TV and ZVOOQ applications are free.

Important! The user activity in the network from month to a month may be different. Like the intensity of communication in conversational mode. If the currently paid month of minutes and gigabytes of traffic provided for by "very black" were not fully spent, then their residue is automatically transferred for the next month. Additional charge for this is not charged. Surplus spent without restrictions.

The tariff "very black" is prepaid. The subscription fee is debited from the account monthly in a fixed volume - 399 rubles. The specified amount varies by region. You can clarify the cost of TP "Very Black" on the operator's website or by calling 611 (telephone customer support service). The first time the subscription fee is debited at the time of the tariff activation. In the following times exactly a month - the number of the month corresponding to the number of connection of TP.

Important! If the SIM card is not required during the SIM card debt on the SIM card balance sheet, access to activated services and data transmission is suspended. Basic conditions are automatically activated.

When describing the Tariff "Very Black" from the company Tele2 it is worth mentioning about the cost of services when freeing free packages. They are shown in the table below.

Call and Message Directions Cost
Tele2 subscribers2 is free
Customers of other cellular operators 1.5 rubles / min
Rooms of Europe and the Baltic countries 49 rub. / Min
CIS numbers 39 rub. / Min
In the rest of the countries 69 rub. / Min
MMS. 6.5 rub.
SMS in home region 1.5 rub.
SMS abroad 5.5 rub.
SMS in Russia 2.5 rubles.

The volume of gigabytes and other package conditions are valid both in the Connection region "very black" and traveling in Russia. Exceptions are Crimea and Sevastopol. On the territory of these areas there is a roaming tariff.

Additional options and other conditions

After activation of the TP, the Subscriber will automatically access:

  • call forwarding;
  • informer;
  • Holding-waiting for calls;
  • USSD commands and SMS requests;
  • Transfer of residues and national / international roaming;
  • voice mail;
  • number determinant;
  • Notification of missed calls.

The listed services are included in the price of the tariff on the TV2 "very black", but there are also paid. The option of additional Internet traffic is automatically connected. When spending the declared gigabyte package for 50 rubles, the operator connects 500 MB. If you spend the funds for an additional traffic volume not included in plans, the option must be disabled. For this there is a USSD command * 155 * 291 #.

Connection and shutdown

Subscribers who are interested to know how to connect the tariff package "Very black" on tele2, this question is more irrelevant. Since the spring of 2017, "very black" is translated into the category of archival. Subscribers who used them earlier have the opportunity to stay on it. But new users can no longer be.

If the package conditions will eventually seem unfavorable, you can easily change the tariff plan to another. Those subscribers who are looking for ways to disable the tariff "very black" on tele2, you need to know that there is no special USSD team for this. Deactivation of the service package can be performed only by the transition to another tariff. It is more convenient to do this in the Personal Account on the cellular operator's website.

Tariff Very Black Tele2 - Description, Connection, Cost

Tariff "Very Black" - This is one of several batch tariff plans of a telephone mobile operator, which includes a certain number of minutes of calls, GB of Internet traffic and SMS for the established subscription fee. Tele2 tariff is very black, in our opinion is optimal, it will suit both users who speak a lot on the phone, and those who spend a lot of time on the Internet, uses messenger and makes Internet calls.

The tariff is closed to connect

See also:

All tele2 tariffs change according to the cost depending on the region, the case with the tariff "very black" is no exception. To clarify the tariff information in your region, you can use the official website of the TV2 or call the short number 630. In the event that you all arrange you, you can go to the tariff with the help of a voice assistant. As a rule, in the regions, the cost of Telight tariffs2 is somewhat lower than in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In this review of the tariff "Very black", we will consider the conditions of the tariff for Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

Included in the tariff subscription fee is very black

Moscow and Moscow region

Subscription fee - 430 rubles / month. The price of the subscription fee on the tariff is very black:


  • 500 minutes on all phones of Russia
  • (unused minutes are transferred to the next month)


  • 500 sms on all phones of Russia
  • (unused SMS are transferred to the next month)

The Internet:

  • 10 GB of Internet traffic
  • (Unused Internet traffic is postponed for the next month)

Call cost over the package

If you spent very black 500 minutes of calls included in the tariff, then all calls to telephones tele2 remain free, and calls to other rooms (Beeline, MTS, MegaFon) - 1.50 per minute.

Cost SMS over the package

If you spent very black 500 sms included in the tariff, then for each subsequent SMS message will be charged in the amount of 1.50 rubles / SMS - in the home region and 2.50 rubles / sms throughout Russia.

Internet cost over the package

If you spend all the Internet traffic included in the tariff is very black, then tele2 will simply suspend access to the Internet for your SIM card. In order for the Internet again, you can connect an additional Internet traffic package of tele2 or wait for the next billing period (next month)

The tariff is very black

St. Petersburg

Subscription fee 250 rubles / month.


  • 400 minutes to all phones of Russia
  • (unused minutes are transferred to the next month)


  • 400 sms on all phones of Russia
  • (unused SMS are transferred to the next month)

The Internet:

  • 3 GB Internet traffic
  • (Unused Internet traffic is postponed for the next month)

Call cost over the package

If you spent a very black 400 minutes included in the tariff, then all calls to telephones are tele2 - 1.95 per minute, and calls to other rooms (Beeline, MTS, MegaFon) in the home region - 2 rubles / min. and 9 rubles / minute to other rooms throughout Russia.

Cost SMS over the package

If you spent a very black 400 sms included in the tariff, then for each subsequent SMS message will be charged in the amount of 1.50 rubles / SMS - in the home region and 2.50 rubles / sms throughout Russia.

Internet cost over the package

If you spend all the Internet traffic included in the tariff is very black in St. Petersburg (3 GB), the tele2 operator simply pause access to the Internet for your SIM card. In order to start the Internet again, you can connect an additional Internet traffic package of tele2 at the "still" tariff or wait for the next billing period (next month).

The cost of international calls

In the Telight Tariff Plan2, there are very black calls and SMS messages to other countries. For subscribers of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the following tariffs operate:

  • In the CIS - 30 rubles per min.
  • Baltic countries and Europe - 49 rubles / min.
  • Canada and USA - 69 rubles / min.
  • In the rest of the countries - 69 rubles per min.
  • Satellite communication Tele2 - 249 rub. / min.

SMS messages to any international numbers - 5.5 rubles / min.

Tele2 roaming in Russia

TEA2 tariff plan is very black working throughout Russia, except for the Crimea and Sevastopol. When departing from the home region, all connected Internet traffic packages will also be available, the volume of the remaining minutes and SMS will also be available. Tariffs with excess packages will be the same as the home region.

Tele2 in Crimea

In Crimea and Sevastopol, tele2 subscribers are not available connected packages of minutes, Internet traffic and SMS messages. All calls, SMS and Internet traffic is paid for roaming tariffs Tele2:


  • Incoming / outgoing calls (on tel. Russia) - 5,00 rubles / min.
  • CIS - 30,00 rub. / Min.
  • Europe - 49.00 rubles / min.
  • The rest of the countries - 69.00 rubles / min.


  • incoming - 0.00 - 1 / sms
  • Outgoing in Russia for all bodies - 3.00 - 1 / sms
  • International SMS - 5.50 - 1 / SMS

How to connect the tariff very black tele2

In order to connect the tariff very black tele2, you must use one way:

  • Dial on your mobile device USSD command - * 630 * 2
  • Connect the TELE2 tariff "Very black" in the Personal Account, for this, go to the official website of the TV2 - my.tele2.ru and log in to your personal account. Next, simply change the tariff, following the prompts.
  • Go to the tariff, you can also call the short number - 630 (free call).

How much is the connection of the tariff is very black

Connection and transition to the tariff plan "Very black" is absolutely free. When switching to the tariff with your account, only a monthly subscription fee will be sprinkled, which will continue to be written off every 30 days after the transition to the tariff.

How to turn off the tariff is very black

In order to disable the tariff very black tele2, it is necessary to simply go to another TELE2 tariff plan. By choosing a suitable telephone tariffs suitable from the list. You can connect another TELE2 tariff as in the Personal Tel2 personal account, via USSD code or call at 630. After switching to a new tariff, "very black" will be disconnected automatically.

How to check the balance of the tariff

In order to find out the residue of minutes, traffic and SMS messages on the tariff are very black from your mobile device command: * 155 * 0 #. A few minutes later, the phone was sent to the phone will receive an SMS notification that will contain detailed information about the traffic residue, minutes and SMS messages.

How to find out the balance of the tele2

In order to find out the balance simply dial on your phone * 105 #.

Also for monitoring the state of balance, the distance residue, minutes and SMS recommended using the personal account and the My Tele2 mobile application you can download for free in Google Play and AppStore app stores.

The tariff from tele2 "very black" is one of the proposals of the cellular operator, which included in the line of tariff plans "Black". The tariff is beneficial for subscribers, many communicating inside the network, as the calls of tele2 subscribers are free not only in the home region, but also throughout Russia. In addition to such benefits, calls to customers from other operators are also available at low prices. More information about the cost of services, the starting package of options, methods of connection and deactivation, you will learn from this article.

Description of the tariff "very black" from the tele2

The initial kit includes:

  • 10 GB traffic to enter the Internet,
  • 500 minutes for conversations and 500 posts for all Russian numbers,
  • Unlimited to tele2 numbers.
The tariff plan is closed to connect

The advantage of this offer is the ability to transfer balances in packages for the next month. Such an opportunity is available only with the timely write-off of the monthly payment, and therefore with timely replenishment of the account.

Attention! Unsumed remnants in packages can be transferred only for the next month. At the end of the next month, unspent minutes, SMS and traffic transferred from the previous month are burned.

Accrual of subscription fees

The monthly fee at the rate is 399 rubles. When switching to TP, the complete subscription fee is sprinkled immediately. Next, the fee will be charged next month per day corresponding to the day of transition to TP. For example, when switching to TP on June 5, the next board is spiked on July 5.

If a day, the corresponding to the day of the write-off of the subscription fee, there is not enough funds on the balance sheet, then until the amount of funds for the balance sheet, the Internet connection is suspended, and the following prices for services are operating on the tariff:

Service Cost, rubles
Calls to tele2 subscribers in the Sim-Ki Activation region and throughout the country 1,95
Calls to customers of other cellular networks in the Sim-Ki Activation region and throughout Russia 1,95
SMS in the Sim-Ki Activation Region 1,95
SMS in all regions of the Russian Federation 2.50

If the subscription fee was not made to the account, and no other paid operations on the SIM card were not made during the 4th months in a row, then since the 121st day of the use of TP, the daily fee, component of 3 rubles / day, will be filmed. Such conditions will be valid until the means of making funds to the account. With the future lack of actions on the number, the SIM card can be blocked.

If the subscriber's balance has remained equal to zero or minus, on the 181st day, the contract for the provision of services for this number will be terminated.

The cost of services for TP "Very Black" in the home region

If the payment is made on time and the operator can write off the fee on the appropriate day, then after the end of the main packages, the following prices for services will be operated on the "very black" TP.

Included in the subscription fee

Cost of calls (rubles per minute):

Calls inside the network in the Sim-Ki Activation Region 0,0
Calls to the numbers of other cellular networks in the activation region 1,95
Calls to subscribers of the CIS 30.0
Challenges to subscribers in Europe and the Baltic 49.0
Calls to all the remaining states 69.0
Satellite network calls 399.0

Cost of messages (rubles for SMS):

SMS in the Connection Region 1,95
MMS RF subscribers 6.50
SMS abroad 5.50

The cost of Internet traffic (rubles):

After the starting packet is completed, the additional packages "500 MB" cost will automatically be automatically activated by the value of 50 rubles until the next subscription and the accrual of the new traffic volume of the "10 GB" will be activated. After charging the new traffic next month, the additional reports will turn off.

Using the "Tele2 TV" and "sound" applications, traffic is not charged. Such conditions operate in the territory of all regions of the Russian Federation with the exception of Norilsk, Crimea, Sevastopol.

Prices for services in intercity roaming

If the payment is made on the subscriber's account in a timely manner, the cost of calls within the tele2 network will be 0 rubles per minute. That is, subscribers of this cellular operator can communicate with each other without any additional charge both in the homeland and throughout the country.

The cost of calls to customers of all other cellular networks is 1.95 rubles per minute of conversation, regardless of the region.

Incoming calls on the tariff

All incoming calls are made free. With outgoing challenges, minutes from the package are spent.

As for sending SMS messages, their cost is 2.50 rubles throughout Russia. On trips to the Russian Federation SMS messages are spent from the SMS package.

Prices for services in the Republic of Crimea and in Sevastopol

In this region there are the following rates for communication services:

  • Incoming calls - 1 r / min,
  • Outgoing calls - 3 r / min,
  • Sending messages and MMS on the Russian Federation - 3 rubles,
  • Sending SMS and MMS overseas cellular operators - 5.5 p per SMS and 3 p for MMS,
  • 1 MB of traffic - 3 p.

Additional options to optimize expenses during their stay in this territory, there is no telephone operator.

Important! All rates mentioned above are relevant only for subscribers of the capital and the Moscow region. If you are connected in another regions of the Russian Federation, you can clarify the cost information from the operator by calling by phone 611. , on the official portal or in the TV salon2.

Starting services when switching to tariff

When you go to this tariff offer, you will be connected to the following options:

  • Services based on batch data transfer,
  • The possibility of sending SMS and USSD,
  • Transfer of residues in packages,
  • Intercity and international access,
  • Roaming abroad
  • Trips in Russia,
  • Who called,
  • Access to content
  • Informer
  • Waiting and holding calls,
  • Voice mail,
  • Call forwarding,
  • Number determinant,
  • I'm on.

Useful teams on the tariff "very black"

You can find out the residue, SMS and traffic in packages by sending a USSD request: * 155. * 0 # .

Check the balance of funds on the balance sheet: * 105. # .

Find out the characteristics of the activated tariff: * 107. # .

Forced to turn off the automatic activation of additional packages with the "500 MB" traffic after the end of the main traffic: * 155. * 291. # .

How to connect the tariff "very black"

The connection of the tariff plan is currently impossible, since the offer is in the archive of the company. The entire line of tariffs "Black" was transferred to the archive as a result of the emergence of new proposals. The tariff "very black" can only be used by those customers who managed to activate the proposal during its action.

How to change the tariff "very black"

If you are a user of this sentence and want to change the tariff, then this can be done in the following ways:

  • On the official website of the TV2 in the "Tariffs" section, select the appropriate option and click on the "Go / Connect" button.
  • In the mobile application "My Tel2" in the "Tariffs" tab, there is a list of all current proposals. Select the appropriate option and click on the "Go / Connect" button.
  • Call the reference service of the company, connect to the consultant, let him know what you want to switch to another tariff plan. An employee will help you choose the appropriate option and will activate TP.
  • Visit one of the shopping salons of this company and consult an employee with a request to translate you to another tariff plan. In this case, you must provide your passport worker.

Attention! When moving from the archive tariff, it will not be possible to return to this proposal again.

Previously, connect the TP "Very Black" could be USSD request: * 630. * 2 #. Commands are available only when TP is not transferred to the archive.

How to disable the tariff "very black"

Disable the tariff plan without switching to another proposal, will not succeed. To ensure the full operation of the SIM card, you must activate any tariff proposal. Accordingly, cellular operators have no special USSD command or SMS request to shut down. Select on the official website, in your personal account or in the telephone application a tariff plan that comes under all your requirements and switch to it by the above instructions for changing the tariff plan.

Reviews of subscribers about TP "Very Black"

Clients of the company that previously connected to this proposal and tested it, allocate the following positive parties:

  1. The ability to transfer the remaining minutes, messages and megabytes for another month,
  2. Low prices for calls in Russia,
  3. No imposition of additional services.

The subscribers attributed to the disadvantages of the tariff plan for the proposal in many regions of the Russian Federation. This proposal works only in a number of regions.

At one time, this operator had a "color" line, separate offers from which were particularly popular with subscribers. And the tariff is very black tele2 - no exception. It is not surprising: its conditions are very attractive, especially for those who call inside the network.

Terms of Service

This tariff is prepaid, write-off occurs once a month. Amount - 399 rubles . This cost includes:

  • Unlimited on tele2 of all Russia.
  • 10 GB Internet traffic.
  • Package 500 min. On other operators within the country.
  • Package 500 sms On tele2 and other operators within the country.
  • Preferential conditions on trips within the country (more about this and generally about the tariff is very black on TV2 tell below).

All traffic, minutes and messages that are unspecified during the estimated period will be transferred to the next one. The remnants in such cases are spent first, and only according to their exhaustion, the expenditure of current packages begins.

Briefly on the topic

The tariff is very black from the tele2, the description of which we give in this article - prepaid, batch, with unlimited calls inside the network. At the moment is in the archive and it is impossible to connect it.

Over subscriber board

Calls on other operators of Russia are calculated at the base value of 1.95 r. / Min. Outgoing calls to other countries also have a basic tariff:

  • Europe and Balticism - 49.00 r. / Min.
  • CIS - 30 r. / Min.
  • Other countries - 69.00 r. / Min.
  • Satellite phones - 399.00 r. / Min.

And about Prices for outgoing SMS over a package + MMS:

  • All rooms of the home region - 1.95 r. / PC.
  • All rooms in Russia connected in other regions - 2.5 r. / PC.
  • MMS on any phones inside the country - 6.5 r. / PC.
  • On international cellular suppliers - 5.5 r. / PC.

Important! In this article, we indicate the cost and size of the packages in relation to Moscow and MO. In other regions, these parameters will differ. For comparison: the subscription fee for the tariff for Tula is 199 r. / Month, and the volume of Internet traffic is 2 GB. And for Penza, it is 150 r. / Month. and 3 GB, respectively.

The newest TELE2 Tariffs on Mobile Communications are on the link, see and choose.

How to connect the tariff very black

And now about how to connect the package is very black on the body 2 for 190 rubles per month (or for 199, 399, etc., depending on the region). Unfortunately, this product is in the archive and closed to connect - the SIM card will not be sold with him. However, it works, and those subscribers who have not yet had time to translate from this product can continue to use them. True, there is a chance that later the use of the product will be changed.

For example, a subscription fee may be increased or some of the packages are reduced. So, by the way, it happened with infinitely black: initially as part of this proposal it was possible to use unlimited Internet around the clock. Now infinite traffic is provided only at night, and a 30 GB restriction is set to the network to the network. The most detailed information on the tariff plan "My Tel 2" in another article.

How to go to the TELE2 tariff very black

Speeches on how to change the tariff on the body 2 on very black is also not going, even if you are using something of the same "color" line. All products transferred to the archive are not available for connecting.

Some no longer act, but very black is still in use in many subscribers who did not want to change it at one time for something else.

How to disable the tariff very black on the TV2

There are the same rules that apply for all products of this and other operators: the use of communication services is possible only within the framework of the tariff plan. That is, it is necessary to turn off very black. You can only shift it to another.

Additional information: how to turn off the "Super" tariff, tell all the ways in another article.

This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Through a personal account on the site or in a mobile application. Select the "Tariffs and Services" section, then decide on the appropriate offer and click on the "Go button".
  • Take advantage of the telephone application to change the plan from the phone.
  • Use the services of a consultant in the cabin of the operator.

Also suitable to disable the tariff plan very black on the tele2, any command (USSD) to go to another product. Combinations for requests are in the description of tariffs.

How to add traffic to Tele2 tariff very black and other information

As in other batch products of this operator, you can add additional Internet packages to very black. In total, 3 options are available: 3 GB - 130 r. / Month, 5 GB - 200 r. / Month And unlimited to access the navigator and cards - 2.5 rubles / day.

In some regions, you can add 1GB or 500 megabytes: check according to your location. Connect these volumes in two ways. The first - short USSD team to extend the Internet, which can be sent for free, from the phone:

  • 3 GB - * 155 * 181 # .
  • 5 GB - * 155 * 231 # .
  • Unlimited for navigator and cards - * 155 * 531 # .

Second way - Connecting packages from a personal account on the operator's website. For this you need:

  • Log in your personal account.
  • Select the section "Services" on the panel at the top of the page.
  • Switch to the "All Services" tab.
  • Expand string "The Internet" .
  • Press "Connect" opposite the desired service, and then "Connect" again in the window with a request for confirmation.

On how to take additional traffic on tele2 in the tariff "Black", look in another article.

You can learn the balance of traffic on the team * 155 * 0 # . The subscription fee for the service spikes at the time of its activation. No car distance.

Additional Information

The tariff is very black TELE2 in roaming in Russia allows operator subscribers to use communication services on preferential terms:

  • All incoming for free.
  • All outgoing - minutes are spent from the package included in the subscription fee.
  • Outgoing SMS are spent from the package included in the subscription fee.
  • The use of the Internet continues on the conditions for the home region.

These facility parameters of the body 2 are very black do not apply to the territory Republic of Crimea and G. Sevastopol .

Please note: the number of free services on very black includes most of the options that are in products available for connecting. Including unlimited traffic on mobile applications from the operator - ZVOOQ and Tele2 TV.

The tariff "Very Black" Tele2 was very popular with subscribers since 2016, when the company launched a whole line of this series. For the symbolic 200-600 rubles, it was possible to get a huge number of free minutes, SMS messages and traffic.

In 2019, the tariff was closed to connectivity in connection with the launch of new lineacks and updating the pricing policy of tele2.

Description of the tariff "Very black" from the tele2

When connected, the subscriber receives a package of 500 free minutes, 500 short SMS messages and 10 GB of Internet traffic that is valid until the end of the month.

Minutes are written off when calling inside the tele2 network, on any home area numbers and subscribers of other cellular operators.

The key advantage of the "very black" tariff plan from tele2 is the automatic transfer of the unspent residue of minutes, short messages and data packet for the next month.

IMPORTANT: Unused balance of free calls, text messages and GB, transferred from the previous month, burned at the end of the next settlement period and are not transferred to the new one.

Accrual of subscription fees

The first subscription fee in the amount of 430 rubles is written off on the day of connection. The estimated period is the calendar month. Therefore, the following write-on will occur at the date of activation of the plan. For example, if "very black" was connected on July 3, the subscription fee will be paid in automatic mode on August 3 in the presence of a sufficient amount of funds.

If the money on the balance is not enough, restricted access to the Internet. Outgoing calls, messages are paid according to the basic rates:

Name of service Cost, rub.
Calls inside the telephone network2 0,0
- // - home region 2.0
Outgoing call to customers of other operators in Russia 1,95
Short SMS messages on any connection region 2.0
- // - Tele2, subscribers of other mobile operators in Russia 2.5

Similar conditions operate on "very black" after using the package of free minutes and messages.

It should be borne in mind that the room is preserved for the client in the absence of money on the personal account within 120 days. Starting next day, a subscription fee of 3 rubles is charged daily. If the SIM-card client does not use more than 180 days, the contract is divided unilaterally.

Prices for services on trips in Russia

After canceling a long-distance roaming on September 1, 2018, all incoming calls regardless of the residence region are not paid. At the same time, short SMS per all rooms are written off from the package of free.

Outgoing calls home or other areas of Russia are paid 5 rubles per minute and 3.5 rubles per message.

When traveling to Crimea or Sevastopol services there are special rates.

Prices when finding in Crimea and Sevastopol

For the guests of the region, the following prices are valid:

Name of service Cost, rub.
Incoming calls 1.0
Outgoing calls to customers of any operator, in stationary numbers of Russia 3.0
SMS and MMS messages 3.0
Short messages to international operators 5.5
MMS - // - 3.0
Transmission of data on the Internet, MB 3.0

No options for saving funds, the provision of free telecom packets is not provided.

The cost of subscription fees and services is indicated for Moscow subscribers. The size of the monthly board and the active rates for calls, short messages and traffic for other regions can be found on the official website of the TV2 or from technical support operators 611. .

How to connect "very black" on tele2

At the moment, the tariff is archived, and its activation of its television conditions is not provided.

Use the services in accordance with the rates of this plan can subscribers who connected to it earlier and did not move to another tariff.

How to change the tariff

Go from the "very black" to another plan can be standard ways:

  • through the personal account on the official website of the tele2;
  • using a USSD request;
  • by calling the operator of technical support of tele2;
  • in a mobile application.

To change through the personal account you need to go to the site www.tele2.ru. .

First of all, it is necessary to undergo authorization in the telephone, specifying your phone number and password, if you do not know the password then by phone number, then the password will come by SMS.

In the top menu, select "Tariffs" section "Mobile Communication".

The new page will display a list of packages available for connecting. You can clarify the transition conditions and the tariff information by clicking on the "Connect" button.

Next, the subscriber will be invited to replenish the balance if the available means are not enough to activate the selected tariff, or detailed information about the USSD request codes for switching to a new plan.

Also ask a question and make an application for connecting a new tariff through a specialist technical support by calling by number 611. .

How to disable the tariff "very black"

You can disable the tariff, only by selecting the new ways proposed above. It should be remembered that it will not be possible to return to it. Before making a decision on a change, it is recommended to compare the conditions for connecting and the cost of services.

How to connect the tariff is very black on the tele2 - command for the phone. Transition to the tariff is very black tele2

Mobile operators offer several service plans at once so that a person has a choice. Many Tele2 subscribers like the tariff description is very black from this company, so it often arises the question of how to activate this package? As a rule, the transition is free, but in some cases the fee is charged for changing the tariff plan.

How to connect very black on tele2 through your personal account

Regardless of the region, each company's user has the opportunity to register in the Personal Account. The service is available on the official website, nothing needs to pay for use. To make the transition to the tariff very black tele2, you must first register in the office. Instruction:

  1. Load the main page Tele2.
  2. Look at the top link "Personal Account".
  3. On the page that opens, click the "Login" button.
  4. Enter your phone number. You will be sms with a password.
  5. In the next field, enter the resulting code.

You will open a powerful tool to control your tariff package, making changes to the service settings, options and functions. You can independently activate or deactivate any bonus. You need to go to the Tariffs tab, you will see all possible and available options for you. Find the offer and activate. If there is a need for a change in the account and the switching conditions are met, the change in the plan will occur instantly. Here you can see what is included in the subscription fee.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

How to go to the tariff is very black tele2 with a free room

If you do not have access to the network, that is, the possibility of tele2 go to a very black tariff, using the help of the Customer Support Center consultant. You need to make a call to the operator, the call center staff will help solve any problem that is associated with the tariff package. You must do the following:

  1. Immediately prepare your copy of the contract, passport. They may need.
  2. Take a call to number 611. You will hear the autoinformer that will tell about all the virtual menu items.
  3. Press the key that will translate you to a conversation with a specialist of a cellular company. When calls too much, you have to wait 2-10 minutes until one of the employees are free.
  4. After connecting to the operator, you should say that you would like to activate another package of services, voice it.
  5. Sometimes it is necessary to provide passport data or the contract number to prove the rights of the possession of this SIM card.
  6. After checking, the employee will report the success of reconnection, you can start using the new tariff plan.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

How to change the tariff for tele2 on very black using USSD commands

Another available way, how to connect the tariff is very black on the tele2 - use short requests. The command is sent directly to the database using a combination of characters. They allow you to connect the desired service, increase the connection speed, get additional traffic and much more. To activate, you need:

  1. Open the dial menu.
  2. Enter USSD request: * 630 * 2 #.
  3. Press the call button.
  4. After a couple of moments, you will receive a message about the success of connecting the new tariff. You will immediately start receiving bonuses, traffic and minutes included in the package for this month.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

How to switch to the tariff is very black tele2 through the operator's office

Mobile companies are trying to discover their offices in all cities of the Russian Federation to cover the maximum amount of consumers. A visit to the operator's separation is another convenient and easy way to connect the tariff very black on the tele2. You can chat with the representative of Tele2, sophistication from him all the details of the plan, find out the features, advantages and disadvantages. To connect the package:

  1. Find the address of the representative office closest to your home (or work).
  2. With you, you need to have necessarily either a copy of the contract or passport.
  3. Tell me the specialist that you would like to connect another tariff, specify its name.
  4. An employee may ask to provide passport data to make sure your SIM card hold right.
  5. After checking, it independently activates a new tariff package. You will not need additional actions.
  6. You can start using the services plan immediately.

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Tariff "Very Black" Tele2

Do you want to get a maximum of your operator for a small amount? Then you exactly at. We will tell you all the features of the tariff "very black" Tele2, which is a golden middle between the price category and the needs of subscribers.

Why choose these conditions? 250 rubles per month for communication can spend almost every person, especially if you consider that it can enjoy free traffic, make calls and write SMS. That is, no longer expenses foreseen, it is possible only in extreme cases.

Tariff Description Very Black Tele2

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

The tariff plan involves replenishment of the balance by the client every month at least 250 rubles. This amount will be filmed from the phone every month in the same day and the account of the subscription tax.

And in return, you will get the opportunity to communicate with Tele2 subscribers throughout Russia, and not just in the homeland, as well as spend 300 minutes and 300 SMS per month to communicate with customers of completely any cellular companies in the country.

How to subcont or go to the tariff very black on the tele2

It's easier to go to any communication salon and purchase the starting package "very black", which will help you to activate representatives, but if you already have SIM cards from tele2, you can simply change the conditions of your old tariff for any new.

All possible tariff options can be found on our website or official Tele2 web page. Connect "Very black" by three main ways:

  • In the Personal Cabinet Tele2 by selecting "Tariffs" and then name,
  • call to short number 630,
  • By sending a short team with a mobile middle a middle between the price category and the needs of subscribers.

Tariff value

The tariff works on the "All Included" system, but, of course, there are limitations. So, on day you can approximately spend 10 minutes on conversations with subscribers of other operators and send 10 sms. Many people this is quite enough.

While the price of such services is fixed and will be only 250 rubles per month. In addition, you can additionally order SMS packages, minutes and traffic, if you consider that you are not enough, or go to the "most black", which offers even more services for 400 rubles.

Calls and SMS in the home region

In the home region you can communicate almost without borders. With the clients of your own operator at all, you can not consider the duration of conversations, as they are free, and you have up to 300 m for 30 days on the city rooms and phones of other cellular companies.

The text messages also do not have to spend money from the balance, there are 300 available, which is approximately 10 per day. And you can use them at your discretion.

Starting with 301 SMS, 1.5 r. and from 301 minutes 1.5 r. / m. 1 MMS will cost you 6 r. Regardless of the recipient operator.

Intercity calls and SMS

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

Remember free minutes, which are 300 for 30 days. In the event that they end, from the balance will be charged by 3 r. / M. For conversations with customers of the other cellular digins.

On Tele2 other regions, call as much as you like, because the cost of a minute of 0 rubles. Cases with text messages are so: after 300 used each charged at a price of 2.5 p. for a unit. 1 mms costs 6 p.

International SMS and Calls

International relationship still remains unexpected. For a minute of communication with relatives and donguses from the CIS, you pay 25 rubles, from Europe and the Baltic countries 45 p. And in other directions 65 p. The cost of 1 SMS is more democratic - 5.5 p.

How to disable the tariff very black on the TV2

Just turn off the subscription will not work. In order not to pay 250 rubles every month for your tariff plan, you can go to another.

Select suitable easy with our site or official web page. The simplest embodiment of the transition is through your personal account. Log in and in the "Tariffs" point choose the right one.

Internet on tariff

You can use your 2 GB traffic throughout Russia. If you are not enough internet, you can order "Add a speed of 100 MB, 1 GB and 3 GB".

This tariff package is designed for those users who from time to time make calls throughout Russia and love to correspond through text messages.

Also, most likely, it will be appreciated by those people who spend on their way to work for a long time and may take themselves with the Internet at this time. Just traffic quite enough for these purposes. Of course, it will not replace home internet, but as a mobile will be quite a good option.

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How to connect "very black" on "Tele2"? Tariff Description

October 21, 2016

Today it is necessary to figure out how to connect "very black" on the "Tele2". In addition, it is worth understanding which conditions is provided by this tariff plan. After all, before connecting, each subscriber should know what to count on. This is quite normal interest. Fortunately, the modern user has the right to get all the information about one or another proposal in several ways. Just like the connection / transition to the tariff plan. It all depends only on personal preferences. Many are trying to actively use Internet technologies to implement ideas in life. And they have such a chance. So how to connect "very black" on "tele2"? What conditions of use does he offer?

It is worth paying attention to one nuance - the cost of the service may differ in different regions. This is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, if you want to get the most accurate information for a particular city, it is recommended to use the official website of "Tele2". How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

What can offer "very black"? This offer that allows for free to talk in Russia for 500 minutes a month, and also provides 500 free SMS and 10 GB of Internet traffic. In Moscow and the region for such a service will have to give 399 rubles. This is a monthly fee per month.

The main advantage of the proposal, due to which users think about how to connect "very black" on the "tele2" - is that 500 minutes apply to all numbers around the country. Next, the subscribers of the specified organization can be accepted within the home region for free. And throughout Russia too. With the other operators, a minute of conversation is 1.5 rubles, SMS - as much as we are talking about home region, and 2.5 rubles in the country. A fairly favorable offer for sociable customers.

Personal visit to the office

How to connect "very black" on "Tele2"? The first version of the development of events is a personal visit to the mobile operator's office with a request to transfer to this offer. It is enough to take a mobile device, as well as an identity card. In the office "Tele2", employees will quickly help go to the selected tariff plan. Actually only for subscribers of this cellular operator.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

If a person is just going to get acquainted with "Tele2", then it is enough to buy a SIM card of the specified type to use the tariff offer "very black". Nothing hard or special. Just a few minutes - and the case is done. Nevertheless, not everyone tasted like this offer. Most often, users are interested in more versatile methods for transition to tariffs.

How does a proposal called "Very Black" ("Tele2") connect? USSD commands are a common way to change the tariff, but a little later about them. First you should pay attention to a fairly simple and attractive method.

We are talking about the use of the official website "Tele2". There is a "personal account". With it, you can easily implement the task. The proposal is relevant for citizens who are already subscribers "Tele2".

You need to visit the operator's page and log in there. Next, find it among the proposals, at the same time noting the region of residence, the tariff "very black" and familiarize yourself with the terms of use. After that, you should click on "Connect" and follow the instructions on the screen. It is usually enough just to confirm the idea.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

How can I connect the tariff "very black" on "Tele2"? The USSD team is the simplest, fast and right solution. True, for this you have to use the phone. Just a few minutes - and the case is done. It is recommended to have money on the SIM card to be written off as a subscription fee for the coming month. Otherwise it will not be possible to realize the idea of ​​life. The user will receive a message about the impossibility of transition to the tariff proposal.

What command to use? Tariff "Very Black" ("Tele2") Connect from the phone is not difficult. It is enough to dial on your mobile phone * 630 * 2 #, after which "call" a dialed combination. Request processing will begin. After some time (usually 1-2 minutes, sometimes more) will come SMS alert. It will report a successful change of the tariff plan. Or on the impossibility of connecting for one reason or another.

But that's not all! How to connect the tariff "very black" on "Tele2"? To embody the idea of ​​life, subscribers of the specified cellular operator are able to send a voice request. This is another way to independently transition to one or another tariff plan. For each sentence there are their own combinations. The principle of operation is simple - the user calls at a specific number, as a result of which the query processing is performed.

What number is invited to use? "Very black" on the "Tele2" is connected through a call to a combination of 630. It is this number that makes a request for a change in the change of one or another tariff plan. How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

Operator on line

How else can you go to the specified offer? Not the most popular, but sometimes used in practice method - the call to the operator. It is required to call and inform the employee of the call center tariff that I would like to connect. A little expectation - and the subscriber will receive a message about a successful transition. True, as practice shows, usually customers send detailed instructions with commands for independent reconnect.

How to contact "Tele2"? To do this, call the number 611. Next, wait for an answer or independently connect the tariff using a voice robot that informs caller services.

On the Internet

Promotional attention is paid to the network to the network from the mobile device. Some are interested in how to connect the Internet on the "Tele2". "Very black" is an offer that allows 10 GB of traffic to use per month.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

In the home region, the downloaded amount of data is free. But when spending the specified traffic, you will have to connect additional options. For example, a package of 5 GB for 250 rubles. To do this, you need to dial * 155 * 231 #. More accurate information can be seen on the official website "Tele2". And there you can choose the appropriate additional offer regarding the use of the Internet. There are a lot of packages. In fact, connecting additional options and the transition to "very black" is not as difficult to implement. Even a novice user will cope with it.

How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

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How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

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How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

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How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

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How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

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How to switch to the tariff very black tele2

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