Why can there be a temperature - 37, 37,5, 38, 39 ° C

Heat - A typical symptom with many diseases. It is focusing on the temperature, we often define, a man is sick or not. But this is not quite right, because the temperature is only a manifestation of the disease, and not the disease itself. Therefore, knock down the temperature - does not mean to recover. It is necessary not only to fight with a high temperature, but to determine which disease it caused, and to treat it. And for this you need to consult a doctor.

Kogtechka for cats do it yourself: schemes + photo?

For cleaning and sharpening claws, pets will drupt all things in the house suitable for this purpose. Kogtetochka is an indispensable device, saving furniture, carpets and wallpapers. Of course, the owner is easier to come to the pet shop and buy a finished product. But cheaper, although more difficult, make the original cat scratch on their own.

Exercises at home and in the gym

Wings are the widest muscles of the back. This name is assigned to them due to the fact that the developing muscles, the more like the bird's wings in the folded state. Pumpped wings visually make shoulders wider, and waist is already. Without pumped wide back muscles, the shape is difficult to call proportional and beautiful.

8 week of pregnancy: what happens to the fruit and what feels a woman

At the eighth week, the child inside the womb is growing rapidly. All internal organs of the future infant are already laid. For crumbs is important every day of its development. All systems of his small organism will have to undergo changes and improve. The future mother remains outwardly the same, although this miracle is located inside it. The woman's uterus by the 8th week reaches the size of a small orange. The pregnant woman begins toxicosis, abdominal pain appears, the emotional background is changing.

Drawings for drawing boy and girl (29 photos) 🔥 Funny pictures and humor

Draw a simple pencil, pen, markers or a boy or a girl's paint - this is not always a simple task. This requires preparation, you need to properly determine the proportions, and so that in the end you want to see on a sheet of paper. However, not everything is so difficult. Everyone can learn to draw with simple pictures. In this selection you will find the most beautiful drawings for drawing a boy and a girl.

How to quickly pump chest at home

Mind on the crossbar at the moment when the assistant from the back will keep you behind the hips and reduce the load. But this does not mean that the partner should do everything - attach maximum effort to pull up.

How to fix 100% Disc boot in Windows 10 - 2021

If you are a user of the Windows operating system, you may have had to deal with the situation when your disk was loaded at 100%. Looking at the numbers in the task manager, it can be assumed that it is doing hard work, although in fact you did not launch anything other than the media player, which is unlikely to be able to take all power to your process.

Video signal splitters: when and who needs HDMI splitters

Sometimes there are situations when you need to display a picture into several screens from one source. Whether it is a presentation in the office, the demonstration hall of the electronics store or bar - does not play a special role. It is important to the quality of the final image and sound, and the connectors under all devices may not be enough. Exit this situation is to use splitter.

Hidden threat: what are the rootkits

Uncomplicated viruses, from the harmfulness of your files, long ago in the past. The current attackers need complete control over the computer. Such controlled machines can even be combined on the network and serve as a tool for various perlerts, such as DDoS attacks and spam mailing. But to access your computer, you first need to integrate some controlling software into it. This makes modern viruses. And, cultivating, they learned how to do it around Antivirus. Help them in this rootkites.

Replacement SIM card on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Replacing the SIM card on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - an ordinary business. This process does not take more than a few seconds and can be executed by the user of the device without assistance. This requires only a special tool-clip included with the phone. By the way, if it is not at hand, the usual stationery is suitable.

How to get rid of the screen of shoes when walking - we share tips

When buying new boots, leather boots or shoes, you need to pay attention, is there a shoe creaking when walking. Usually, the shoe creak attracts unnecessary attention, delivers discomfort, makes you go with the caution. Already at first fitting, go through - melodic shoes will immediately show itself outsiders. To get rid of the screen of shoes in a timely manner when walking, it is necessary to deal with the reasons and eliminate them, or replace this model to another pair.

Surpantine ideas - New Year's music fairy tale "Like Santa Claus I was looking for a wife" // Author's New Year's fairy tale with full musical design

The program of any New Year holiday: friendly, corporate or family - will decorate a small theatrical setting, a comic scene or a fairy tale-expression, and if it all makes a suitable musical passage, then there will be a fun and spectacular entertainment from which positive emotions and spectators receive , and participants.

8 ways to solve the problem!

Instagram, which now belongs to the social network Facebook, works reliably and flawlessly. But sometimes it still delivers users unexpected trouble and gives errors. Some complain that they do not work Instagram: it does not start or works with failures.

How to salt fish for drying at home: delicious recipes

It would seem that it is easier to sleep, and then put the fish, but also there are their subtleties. Now, many practiced independent preparation of various dishes and it is not surprising, since the purchased does not always meet quality indicators, as the rignets of various chemistry. There are several well-known recipes used for fish ambulance, with its further drying.

How to insert sim card in iPhone 5S

The owners of expensive smartphones do not always know how to insert Sims in iPhone 5S, which leads to difficulties when it becomes necessary to replace the map of the new one. It is possible to do this at home, contact the service center is not necessary.

How children behave before birth: chapels in the fights, activity before childbirth

Before childbirth, changes occur not only in the parent organism, but also in the behavior of the fetus. The baby has already grown and his weight in recent days before childbirth stands still. Very soon the child will begin to breathe, eat, report to mom about his needs. Before the very kind of child in his belly, the mother calms down, the woman notes the movement of the frequency of the movements, he as if protects his strength for the upcoming birth. In addition, the fetus head is tightly adjacent to the entrance to the generic canal and is reliably fixed in it, which does not give the child to move, as before.

How to Enlarge or Reduce Screen Screen on Computer With Windows 7/10

For modern operating systems, it is very important that their interface is as simple as possible, understandable and convenient. And he must be customizable. The interface setting includes many aspects, such as scaling and changing the screen resolution. Why is it necessary to explain too much. Everyone knows how tiring can be reading a small font, the same applies to small interface elements - buttons, icons, panels, menus, and so on. The opposite situation, when inconveniences deliver too large interface elements. That is why in Windows Microsoft developers have provided with the ability to change the scale of the screen and individual components.

How to transfer the table to the Word from Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool with a richest functionality, which is not better suitable for performing various actions with the data presented in a tabular form. In Word, you can also create tables and work with them, but still, this is not a profile program in this case, because it is still designed for other tasks and goals.

11 best milling mills - ranking 2021 years

Any joiner or host interested in the individuality of the home environment knows that woodwork is impossible without a special tool. The best milling mills are indispensable for receiving direct, figure grooves, drinking holes of complex shape, lamellae and other works on solid materials. Types of hand mills on wood differ depending on the result: vertical, edge, lamella, additives. Decent nominees were selected for each category and are represented in the ranking.